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To be quite honest, I always knew it would come down to this. No matter what, it was always going to get to this point ; it was always going to be Bart or me.


I think a part of me knew the moment I met him, a part I had buried deep down and didn’t want to let out. There was something about him, something that made me feel like we were two sides of the same coin. And t the same tme, I somehow felt terrified sometimes when I was with him, as if I knew what lied ahead .

Yet even now, as the end is near, I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret meeting him, befriending him and having him in my life, having him become part of my family and him welcoming me into his. I was lost before he found me. I didn’t know who I was anymore. Everything I used to believe in, everything I used to be had been lost . I didn’t know what path to take, and I was so scared of literally everything, afraid of the world, of how the world saw me, of not being good enough, strong enough.

But Bart came in, and he brought the only thing I truly needed back into my life, the thing I had lost so young : hope. I didn’t even realize how hopeless I was until he came to show me.

People usually say that Bart is like the sun, shining brightly upon us and keeping us in the clear and warm. But to me, he’s different. Bart is like the fire in the fireplace we light up during a rainy day. The sun can always be eclipsed by clouds of grey, but when it happens, Bart is still there to remind us that it’s okay, it will pass, we just need to stay in for a while and gather in front of the flame.


I remember him telling me I was going to do great things, things that mattered a lot more than I even realized. And he was right.

Today I’m going to save the world.

Today I’m going to save Bart Allen.

Today I’m goind to die, and he’s going to live.


Despite it all, I’m smiling. It was always going to be him or me. And I would always choose him. I’m happy.