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A Few Moments More

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In another life, Cal Kestis would have had less time. There would be an Inquisitor Squad lingering in the Bracco system, able to respond quickly when they felt someone connect to the Force nearby. In that other life, he lost Prauf right in front of his eyes, and was goaded into running for his life and on to a quest he would not have otherwise chosen.

But in this life, Cal made it back to his bunk that day he saved Prauf. He was able to collect a bag of the few belongings he had scraped together over the years. He was able to get passage on a supply ship that night, working across the stars to Nar Shaddaa.

Once there, Cal Kestis, one time Jedi Padawan apprentice to Jaro Tapal, set about reinventing himself, again. Starting with finding a way to support himself. He had a connection – a scrapper named Tabbers had owed him a favor, and that was where he started. Sadly, the Force was done lying quietly.

There was even less mercy on Nar Shaddaa than there had been on Bracca - and far more predators.