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How to Hide Another Cat From Your Parents (or not)

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Hitoshi shushed CatZawa as the old black cat meowed in curiosity. PresentMew, ShiraKitty and MeowNight stalked closer to see what Hitoshi was putting beside the grumpy cat. The purple haired boy gently placed a small grey colored kitten next to CatZawa’s side.

Hitoshi had found the kitten abandoned while on his way home. He couldn’t just leave the poor helpless thing out in the cold! So Hitoshi had scooped the shivering mess of fur up and continued on his way. 

Hitoshi knew that they already had four cats. He also knew that it was unlikely that his parents would want a fifth. But the boy was weak , okay?! 

And, apparently, so were the other cats.

CatZawa immediately took to the kitten, purring the cuddling the tiny ball of fluff. He started to groom the shivering floof ball as a certain blond cat bounced forward, joining the cuddle pile. 

It’s times like this that Hitoshi really understood the cats names.

MeowNight and ShiraKitty moved forward as the kitten let out a tiny meow. The four cats surrounded it, purring happily at the new addition.

Hitoshi looked at the cats seriously, “This is our little secret, okay? You can’t tell my dads.”

Hitoshi will never admit it, but it always freaks him out when the quartet of cats nodded at him in understanding, as if they were humans.

Hitoshi had been acting weird lately. Shouta had seen him sneaking around the house in the dead of night with the cats following him. Hizashi had been no help when he brought up the topic.

“Maybe they’ve started a cult!”

Thanks Hizashi.

Shouta was going to find out what Hitoshi was hiding, even if it meant stalking his child for a couple of days.

Hitoshi had been doing well at hiding the kitten - who he had appropriately named NyaToshi - and the bigger cats were a big help during the times when he’d almost slip up.

One time, Hitoshi had been watching NyaToshi chase a laser pointer when his bedroom door had suddenly started to open. He buried the pointer under the blankets on his bed as CatZawa had scooped up NyaToshi and scramble under the bed, muffling the kittens confused meow. Hitoshi whipped out his phone and quickly unlocked his phone, pretending to scroll on it as his dad walked in.

There had been multiple incidents where that happened.

But Hitoshi knew his parents were getting suspicious. He didn’t know how much longer the five of them could hide the kitten.

Turns out, it wasn’t very long.

Shouta walked into the house earlier than expected. He had gotten off of patrol early and decided to spy on his son again because the kid couldn’t lie for shit . He knew Hitoshi was hiding something and somehow the cats were in on it.

He didn’t expect to find Hitoshi asleep on the couch with five cats sleeping on him. Last he checked they only had four

The small grey kitten -which wasn’t theirs - woke up and looked at him curiously. It jumped down from the pile of older cats and stalked up to the older man. 

Shouta tried (really) to be upset that Hitoshi was hiding a random cat and somehow got the other traitors to join him, but the kitten was just too cute.

He bent down and picked up the messy ball of fur. It cuddled into him, causing his heart to melt.

He hoped Hizashi wouldn’t mind another one.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! Another one?!”

Hitoshi laughed. His parents ended up saying that he could keep NyaToshi. He got his way, except-

“You’re grounded.”

“Aww come on, dad! Really ?!”