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Prince Charming

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You remember the tales of unconditional love your mother used to tell you when you were just a small child. About brave knights, beautiful princesses and happy endings.

Your life wasn’t easy, so you did yourself a favor of holding onto those stories even as a teenager. Believing that someday, far away, fate would throw such a prince charming onto your way. There was nothing wrong in hoping for that to happen, even if it was unlikely to happen.

Years passed like mere minutes, and you were stuck in this dull life. It sometimes felt like you weren’t actually living, but just carrying on as a lifeless ghost of what you used to be. Childish beliefs long abandoned, along with a hope for a better life. That’s until he appeared. And all of those stories you threw away were proven to be true.

Your knight in shining armor gave you a hand, and with the strength, you never knew you had, you took it. Just to prove to everything bad that was thrown your way that you still have it in you.