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Life Of A Palace Pet

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Merlin draws a bath for prince Arthur and works on cleaning Arthurs room as usual.

Arthur was stressing about the big Fencing tournament, and looking for an outlet to relax.

Arthur climbs out the tubs eying idea setting into Arthur's mind.

"Merlin strip your clothes."

Merlin turned and stared at Arthur in shock..

"what?" Merlin stammered.

"I said i want you to get naked right here right now."

Merlin swallowed Arthur was A Prince, Merlin had no choice but to follow orders.

Merlin dropped his clothes as told.

"now get on my bed, and lay on your stomach."

Merlin thought Arthur was going to flog him for some fault.

Arthur instead rubs Merlin's back kissing over his neck.. Then whispers in Merlin's ear.

"how about helping me work out some of this stress im under so i can go out on the field with less stress?"

Merlin swallowed as Arthur messages Merlin's ass cheeks.

Merlin clinched the sheets as he felt something breach his opening sliding into him.

Merlin bit his tongue to hold back the moan that threatened to surface.. He was just mearily the lowly servant..his pleasure didnt matter only Arthur's did.. Although the way Arthur's fingers fucked into him felt good it wasn't meant for him to acknowledge this.

Arthur continued working him for about twenty minutes before the preassure went away..

Merlin relaxed thinking it was over but then something much larger plunges deep into Merlin.

Unprepared Merlin gives a slight whine and then an uncontrolled moan before quickly biting his tongue cutting off any more.

He felt Arthur pause a moment then grabbing Merlin's hips Arthur started pounding into Merlin rough, and hard Giving into the stress with in him.

Merlin looses control of himself and deep uncontrollable moans leak out as his head gets tossed back.

Arthur grunts as he pounds Merlin hard and roughly, his thrusts growing rougher by the minute.

Merlin was shocked to find that he liked it rough.. He liked the sensation of the Prince pounding him so hard.

All to soon Arthur thrusts deeper still filling Merlin with his essence.

Merlin on the other hand was stuck on the brink left unable to come now that Arthur had already reached his own orgasm.

Arthur withdrew and washes off in the tub again, meanwhile Merlin gets up and redresses himself trying very strongly not to let on that he himself was at all uncomfortable.

At least Arthur now looked more at ease and less stressed.

Merlin left the room to go do his other chores. He ducked into an empty never used room and gives himself a few jerks with his hands until he got his own release.

Cleaning up he goes out to muck the stalls.

Merlin buried his face into one the horses necks crying quietly. It wasn't what Arthur screwed him..but rather deep in Merlin's mind he wished he Could get Arthur to repeat the performance.

Merlin didn't want to be the one to admit that he wanted to be a pet.

That he wanted a dom to make him their pet.

But not just any dom would do.

Merlin wanted to be Arthur's sub.

Complete with a collar that would claim Merlin as Arthur's palace pet.

He knew Arthur could never marry him cause of his rank..but couldnt a prince have a pet?

Why oh why couldn't it be Merlin?