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Bubblegum bitch

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The sound of an alarm awoke Yuta from his peaceful slumber. The young man groaned as he twisted in his bed to turn the continuous beeping off. He then slumped back onto his back, hands joined behind his head.

His ass still hurt from yesterdays clients. Mostly old men, like usual. They were all there for the same reasons. Maybe their wives no longer wanted to have sex, so they came somewhere like this for a bit of relief, or they secretly liked guys, and their wives weren't enough anymore. Yuta could usually tell which one it was.

He'd worked here for a long time now, it was the only thing that got him through school costs. His boss gave him somewhere to sleep, minimal but he had a bed at least, and he got fed. Although the work was disgusting, yuta always knew that it could be worse. Maybe not much worse, but still worse.

His silent thoughts were disrupted by his door swinging open and his boss, well pimp, walking in. Yuta pretended not to see the way they dirty older man licked his lips when his eyes raked down yutas naked figure.

"Get dressed, kid. Be in my office in no more than 10 minutes." With that he left.

With a sigh, yuta pushed his sore body off the bed and walked towards his mirror. He looked down at himself in dismay. There were bruises and bite marks everywhere, from all his clients. His ears were littered in piercings, from before he started working, they reminded him of home. He also had a few extra. Both nipples had dainty rings adorning them and his belly button was decorated with a sparkling diamond. He couldn't deny that he was beautiful. And his clients seemed to think so too.

Yuta left the mirror alone to get some clothes. He threw on a crop top and some extra shot denim shorts, that only just covered his ass. He always liked to dress to suit his job. Lastly, he threw on his thread bare white converse. He left the room, and headed towards the small office.

As soon as he knocked the door, he was called in. He found the old man was not along. On the chair opposite his boss, there was another man. So much younger than all the men he ever saw. He was hot too. With a jawline that could cut stone and eyes that looked deep into yutas soul, the young man couldn't help but think, he wouldn't mind if this guy was his next client.

"Yuta. This man here would like to buy you. Permanently. And as much as I dont want to give you up, he seems to be paying lots of money for you. You dont mind, do you?"

Yuta knew he wasnt allowed to mind so he shook his head. The boss smirked at him before turning to the sexy, young man. "He's all yours. I hope you'll have fun with him." The younger man chuckled at that before handing over a briefcase. Yuta simply thought about how shady this seemed, before remembering everything happening here was shady.

The briefcase was filled with money. More than yuta had ever dreamed of seeing. He didnt know why this man was paying so much for him, but he was curious to find out.

The young man stood up and began waking out, then gestured for yuta to follow him, which he did.

"Sir, can I please collect my things before we leave?" Yuta asked, the man replied with a smile, "of course, lead the way dear." That pet name made yutas heart flutter.

He walked to his room, with the man following close behind him. They both entered the small room, and yuta began picking his things up.

He didnt have much, but he might as well keep it, everything had memories attached to it. The other man, started to pick things up without a word, gathering his things into his arms. He smirked when he opened the bedside drawers and found various dildos and vibrators, that yuta used to pleasure himself with or without clients. He took them into his arms while wondering how the younger man would look with them stuffed inside him.

He also helped yuta collect his clothes, and chuckled at what was in his cupboard. The young man seemed to have a lot of panties instead of boxers, not that he minded. He also had a lot of other feminine clothes.

Once everything had been collected they left the building and walked towards a car.

"You're going to love it with us yuta."