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‘God, could this night get any worse?’

Aizawa sighed internally, wishing for his shift to end so he could sleep. Sleep sounded amazing. But unfortunately, he still had another 30 minutes. He crouched on the edge of the building he sat on, looking for anything that looked remotely suspicious. Being an underground hero meant you could notice things other couldn't. After a short while, Aizawa carefully, and silently, stood and leapt from building tops, as he had seen nothing. This went on for about 20 minutes. Just as he was about to leap to another roof, he noticed something. Something moving. His brows furrowed, and he slowly crept closer to the edge to look over.

A petite figure had crawled out from behind a trash can and into the alley way. The figure had on a dark green, almost black, hoodie on, and ratty jeans and shoes. The hood was up so Aizawa couldn't see there face. Based on the size alone he assumed it must have been a kid, either young or malnourished to the point of stunted growth. The kid looked around the ally, then slowly walked towards the opening. Aizawa tailed the kid, silently watching as the small figure crept through the streets. it was 4:53 am, and it left Aizawa wondering why exactly the kid was wandering at that time. He watched as the child ducked into another alley and crept over to the door. The kid sat down next to it and waited. Two minutes later, the door opened to reveal a young woman, around late high school age maybe. She smiled at the kid, handing him a small backpack.

"Here Izu, it's got food for another week and some new clothes for everyone. I couldn't get much this time around, but I managed to make some plushies for the others." The small figure pulled down their hoodie, revealing a boy with dark green hair. "Thanks Honami-chan, we appreciate anything you give us. Sorry we can't give anything back…" The boy looked down as he said this, making the older girl huff. "Oh shush with that bunbun, I would give you guys a world if I could and you know it. You kids are amazing, and unfortunately this is the only way I can help." The boy smiled slightly and the girl, and gave her a hug before putting on the backpack. "Thank you, Nami-nee!"

With that said, the small boy put his hood back up and ran back out of the alley. Aizawa followed the small boy through the streets, intrigued by him. eventually, the boy reached small, worn down house. The boy picked up a small pebble and carefully threw it into the open window on the second story. Aizawa watched in confusion as a second boy with wild purple hair crawled down.

The two boys sat down, and the green one pulled out the contents of the bag. "Nami-nee said she couldn't get much this time around, but she said she made plushies for us." The purple boy broke into a grin once he saw the plushies. "Wow, she really made an Eraserhead plushie...And she put tags for which is for who…" The green boy giggled. "I guess so. She made me All might. Ooh, and she made Vlad King and Stain. Wah, she made Ten-nii a plushie of To-nii!"

Aizawa watches the two boys look in excitement, smiling slightly before looking concerned. Why would the green one be getting supplies from someone? Why did their clothes look ratty? He decided to take a chance seeing as there was a plushie of him, and slunk down to the grass. He carefully approached the children, then paused a few feet away until they noticed him.

They sat clueless for a couple minutes, before the green one realized he was there. The purple one was putting the items back into the bag, and realized the other boy staring wide eyed at someone. He looked over, and gasped at seeing the pro hero. He shoved the rest of the items into the bag, zipped it, then stood up quickly. Aizawa sensed how the two boys looked panicked, and took a step back. "Sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you. Can we talk?" The boys looked at eachother and glanced at the older man.
Aizawa could see how young they were now that he was close. They couldn't be older than eight year olds.

He could see how their faces were slightly sunken in, like they had eaten but not enough to be healthy. He could only assume the purple boy was older than the green, but that was on their height alone. The purple one kept his gaze on the older male, but when he spoke it was directed towards the smaller boy. "Usa-chan, go and get Soen. Now." The smaller boy nodded and climbed up to the second story window, and crept inside. Aizawa looked at the boy that was left. He looked so tired, much like Aizawa himself. Why would this young of a child look so tired? The smaller boy climbed out of the window once more and onto the grass, followed by an older, taller boy. This one had black hair, and striking blue eyes. But what struck Aizawa the most was the purple scarring. It ran under his eyelids, over his lower jaw, down his neck, and on his arms. How the hell did that happen? He struck back to attention when the scarred boy spoke.

"What do you want, Eraserhead." The way the boy phrased it made it seem not like a question, but a tired statement. Aizawa sighed. "Not gonna lie or sugar coat it. I get worried when I see a small kid who looks homeless and malnourished coming out from behind a dumpster. In fact, all three of you look like you haven't had a home, or at least a good one, in a while. I want to know if you need help."

The purple boy scurried behind the tall boy, the green one following suit. The scarred boy sighs, looking down sadly. "Izu, Hito, it's ok. We can trust him, at least for now." The purple boy looked slightly panicked at that. "B-but he's a hero!" He questioned. "Why should we trust him?" The green one didn't look panicked, if anything he looked at the pro hero in awe. In a small act of bravery, the small boy slowly walked towards the man. The other two boys watched as the small child took Aizawa's hand and led him closer. Aizawa sat down when he was prompted to by the small boy.

"If To-nii says we can trust you...then we can…" Aizawa nodded, and held his hand for the small boy to shake. "I'm Aizawa, a.k.a Eraserhead. What's your name?" The small boy giggled and shook his hand. "I know who you are! I'm Izuku, and those are my niichans." Aizawa smiled softly. This little green bean smiled and spoke so preciously. The other two boys made their way over and sat next to Izuku. "I'm Touya, and purple bed head is Hitoshi. I know you want to ask some questions, so go ahead." Touya looked at Aizawa with a calculating gaze, gauging how he viewed him. Hitoshi looked at him in awe but with distrust at the same time, and Izuku, of course, looked at him with curiosity. Aizawa sighed slowly, and nodded. "Is there more in your group?” Touya nodded and went to speak, at seeing Izuku’s questioning glance, he motioned for him to speak.

“Mmhm! There are five of us. We have me and Hito-tan, and To-nii, and Ten-nii, and Himi-tan! We are all a biiiig family!” Aizawa smiled softly at the childish boy. “Wow, that is a big family. How old are you all?” Hitoshi was the one to speak this time.

“Un…Izu-chan is 7, and me and Himi-chan are 8. Ten-nii is 13, and To-nii is 15...How old are you?” Aizawa took in the information sadly. So young. He turned to Hitoshi. “I’m 23. Hey Touya, do you guys have an actual home or are you just using this place for now?”

Touya thought for a moment before responding. “Hmm...All five of us are in foster care. This shi--rundown place is our foster parents’ house. They make us share one room and only pay attention to us once a month to make sure we haven’t died. If you take that into account, then no, we don’t have a home.”
Aizawa’s eyes hardened at the information, and he thought for a moment. He didn’t think he himself would be a good parent. But Inko and Yagi have wanted to foster more kids. Especially Inko, she would wrap these kids up in care immediately.

“What if...What if I said that I knew someone who fosters kids? An actually good person who cares? Would you be willing to see them?” Touya’s eyes widened, shock on his face.
“ you--do you mean to foster us? Why would you offer that? You don’t know us.” Touya glared suspiciously.Aizawa turned his sad gaze to him. “People who foster at least five kids in a rundown house like this are definitely one of the worst kinds of people. I don’t like the thought of you guys living like this. Besides, you seem like good kids. So, would you be willing to see them?”

Touya thought for a moment. Could he trust him? He felt he could, but that nagging cloud of doubt kept stabbing him. What if he ended up leaving them? Or the foster he knows is just as bad as the one they have now? What if they get hurt worse? Izuku and Hitoshi realized the amount of anxiety their brother was feeling, and wrapped their arms around him. “To-nii, maybe we could have a family? I want that. I family with a mommy or daddy. Do you want that?” Hitoshi leveled his brother with a surprisingly cool look. “We’ll be ok.”
Aizawa watched worriedly. He really hoped they would accept. Even if they just made visits to Inko, to clean up and have a meal, even if they didn’t stay, he just wanted them to be ok.

Touya took a deep breath, then nodded. “Ok...We’ll...We’ll see them. But, are you sure it’s ok for all five of us?” Aizawa let a grin show on his face at that. “Seriously kid, she would take in every stray on the street if she could, and I mean both kids and animals. They’ve fostered lots of kids before. It got to a point that she quit her job and opened a orphanage-daycare center.”

Izuku smiled happily, looking like a legitimate ball of sunshine. “When can we meet her? Do we have to wait? Ooo, what’s her quirk? How does your quirk work exactly? I only know it cause of those rare videos that catch you, and your name, so i’m guessing some sort of quirk eraser? Do you have a time limit? Is there a set amount of quirks you erase at one time? Why did you choose to be an underground hero? To-nii says it’s cause you want to be able to save more people, but Hito-tan says it could be cause you’re an-en-ante-amte socal person. What does amte socal mean? Is it why To-nii and Ten-nii and Hito-tan don’t talk to people? WhydoyoulooksotiredareyouokdoyouneedhelpdoyouneedfoodIcansharemyfoodeventhoughto-niisaysnottobutyoulooklikeyouneedhelpandwhatabout-mnn!”

Aizawa was saved from Izuku’s rambling when a smirking Touya covered the small boy’s mouth with his hand. Touya chuckled at the confused look Aizawa had. “Izu likes to mutter and ramble. Though, he does have a good point. When can we meet her?

Aizawa shook his head in disbelief at the little boy and nodded. “If you’re willing, we could go see her in a couple hours actually.”