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Soulmates were real. They always had been, since the beginning of humanity – even before the emergence of quirks. Each person had their soul mark appear on their wrist the moment their soulmate learns to write, scrawled out in their beginner handwriting, and adapts as the way they write improves and changes – the words showing what words each person will hear tumble from their future beloved’s lips.

Kouda Koji always knew that he’d love his soulmate before he met them, the words on his wrist made sure of that. Whenever he felt down, all he had to do was glance at it to bring his spirits up. I mean, who wouldn’t be happier imagining the sort of situation they’d meet their soulmate in. (Especially if it could turn out to be particularly ridiculous.)

He often found that he had to take glances at the little sign of his future life, his soulmate, to pull him through some of the days at school. He often shied away from the gazes of others, far too used to the jeering of classmates that would follow him through the halls or the accusatory glances whenever the animals around the area decided that a little bit of revenge would be a good idea. It wasn’t even like he asked them to bother his classmates, but it seems like befriending a murder of crows often ends with being surrounded by a group of avian cultists.

Now, don’t get him wrong. Life is amazing for people with quirk mutations like him as compared to when quirks first began to manifest, nowhere near as bad as the constant slurs and riots caused at the beginning of the era of quirks. He was happy to be safe with the animals that he spent time with, having chosen to start volunteering at the local animal shelter two years ago when he was eleven. After all, that was the place where he was inspired to become a hero!

Koji sighed softly, sitting on his usual bench after school, feeding the crows some birdseed he carried in his bag. They were chattering away about what they’d seen while flying, where they’d found interesting trinkets, what they learned while people watching. The usual. The air was calm, the area was peaceful. Koji figured that it’d be a completely normal day for him, giving a soft smile as he took a quick glance at his soul mark. Yep, a perfectly normal day.

Then a black shape darted past him, followed by frantic shouting.

"Quick catch that cat, it stole my wallet!"

Koji’s head shot up as the shout caught his attention, the crows turning with him as he spotted a small boy with forest green hair and the widest, brightest green eyes he’d seen scurry around the corner, chasing behind the dark blur that had just passed. Before he thought about what the boy had said, Koji had already turned to the murder of crows, pointing to where the cat had run off to.

“Quick, bird cult, catch the cat and return the wallet!” Koji ordered, causing the flock to spread their wings and pursue the feline in a dark cloud of terrifying, cawing pursuers. However, underneath the flapping of wings and the screeching of a cat as the first few birds caught up; two gasps of realization could be heard.

Koji turned to the other boy, his eyes trained on the viridian orbs, as they stood looking at each other. They stood in the silence for a few moments more, as if they were in a scene in a romance novel.

Well, they might as well be.

The small boy was the first to break the silence, peals of angelic laughter breaking through his lips as he lifted his wrist to show his soul mark, clearly showing Koji’s order to the birds, as Koji did the same with his own, shy chuckles escaping his lips as he realized how ridiculous their soul marks truly were.

Once they had calmed down and were breathing properly once more, Koji learned the boy’s name was Midoriya. Midoriya Izuku. They exchanged numbers as they stuttered their way through a conversation, smiling to each other as they behaved awkwardly together.

And when the crows suddenly descended upon the two, brandishing the boy’s wallet, to have Izuku give them a sweet smile and a kind thanks, Koji knew that he was definitely in love with the best soulmate he could ever wish for