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All I want Is You

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She knew this was what she wanted before she even turned sixteen. Her best friend Missandei didn’t get it or understand why.  

Missandei expected they would all go away to the University of Meereen. But Dany grew up in Essos, and just didn't want to go to college here also. She wanted to go to school in the country she was born, and to experience Westeros.

Her and her family were born in Westeros but after her father accepted a job with higher pay in Valyria.  

Her family all but packed up and moved there. She was only a few months at the time, Viserys was seven and Rhaegar was already out the house living in Pentos with his wife and two children.  


Her mother was ok with her going away. Dragonstone University was one of the top universities in Westeros, not to mention it was near the Crownlands where her family originated from. 

But her father preferred Dany attending a school that didn’t include a five-hour flight or so far away, from her parents. She was his baby, who he still saw as the toddler running to the door whenever he came home. Wanting nothing more than to be in her kepa’s arms.

Now his baby was seventeen about to be eighteen in a few months, and was hellbent on leaving him. 


When did the years go by?  He asked himself as he got dressed to go eat breakfast with his wife and daughter.  

I will talk to her and keep talking to her, until she realizes her father knows what’s best for her. Aerys told himself as he walked out his bedroom going downstairs towards the kitchen.


Dany expected this morning to be like any other morning since she applied to get into Dragonstone University a few months ago. Her father was still trying his best to get her to go to a school close by or at least in Essos, but this morning was different. 


He was refusing to pay her tuition and boarding if she got accepted to Dragonstone University. 

Why was he doing this? Why was he being so difficult and hard headed? Dany wondered. 

Her mother only hissed her teeth. Telling her father that he never did the same when it came to Rhaegar or Viserys. They both went away to college.  


Her father countered, saying both sons went to school in Essos, even if Rhaegar went to Pentos University where he met his now wife Elia, and still lives to this day.  

While her brother Viserys went to the school known for its wild parties. The University of Meereen, where most drunk and got high. She was surprised he even graduated with a degree in nuclear engineering. 


Her father continued asking, why she wouldn’t consider going to the same college as Aegon or Rhaenys. 

The school her nephew attended was a great school, but the one Rhaenys attended she didn’t know why her father would even consider there. Especially when he knew Dany wanted to study Industrial engineering. 


Dany let a long sigh out then, wondering if her father would ever give up trying to make her stay in Essos. 

Rhaenys was about to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Braavos and even Aegon was about to enter his junior year at the University of Valyria where he was studying political science. 


She was knocked from her thoughts as her father pleaded with her. 


“Dany why do you want to go so far away from your kepa?” her father had tears in his eyes when he asked this. Strange he never got emotional when it came to her brothers. Dany told herself. 

She didn’t know why he was acting like this especially when she didn’t even know if the university would even accept her anyway. 


“It’s not guaranteed that I will even get in kepa!” 


It was the truth, many across both Essos and Westeros applied there, even Rhaegar applied and got denied. 


Her father looked on her shaking his head across the table from her, “you’re a smart girl Dany, and at the top of your class, trust me, you’ll get in princess.”  


Her father got up then, from where he sat in the kitchen across from her and her mother. 


“Everything will work out sweetling, you’ll see.” Her mother assured her while, she took another sip from her cup. 


Somehow Dany didn’t know what to believe. She was her parents last child the baby of the family, even Rhaegar’s children were older than her. 


“Now hurry and finish your breakfast or your bus will just leave you like yesterday.” Her mother warned. 


Dany hurried then stuffing her mouth full of waffles. She did not want her father taking her to school like yesterday. Recalling how he kept asking why she didn’t want to attend at least Meereen University with Missandei. Sometimes she wondered, if he knew that most kids only wanted to go there just for their parties. 


“Slow down Dany” her mother slapped her hand then, “you’re making a mess of your dress!” 

Dany looked on the spot where she got maple syrup, as her mother got up to get a wet towel to clean it off. 

“I can do it myself muna” Dany swatted her mother’s hand away as she took the wet towel. 

Her mother smiled then as she placed a kiss in her hair. 

“Look at you barely even eighteen yet, and already not wanting your mother’s help.” 

“I didn’t mean it that way muna.” 

“I know you didn’t sweetling now hurry, your bus should be outside.” 

Not even five seconds after her mother said that, they both heard the honking from the bus. 


Dany picked her backpack up, placing a kiss on her mother’s cheek, “I’ll see you later muna.” 

Before she could walk out the kitchen door her father was already coming back into the kitchen. 

“Where are you going?”  

“School dad.” 

“I thought you’d want me to take you like yesterday, maybe we can finish this morning conversation while I take you to school sweetie.” 

Dany cringed then not wanting to continue this conversation as the bus honked once more, normally they honked four times before leaving and that was already the second one. 

Her mother cleared her throat getting her father’s attention long enough for her to run out the kitchen door, as she shot her mother a thank you. 



“Really Rhaella?” 

“Why not Aerys? Obviously, she didn’t want to continue this conversation. She’ll be eighteen in a matter of a few months. You should be proud she wants to go away to school, if case you forgot. I went away to school in Essos, while you stayed back in Westeros to attend Old Town University.” 

“And we all know what happened then.” 

Rhaella smiled as she swayed over towards her husband placing her arms around his neck, trying to get him to sway with her as she stared into his eyes. After so many years the love she had for her husband since they were teens in high school was still there, unplanned pregnancy and all. “Do you consider our first born a mistake?” 

“You know I don’t. But things can happen.” 

“Our daughter is smart in case you haven’t realized it. She’s about to graduate, and as kept her virtue.” 

“Thanks to me.” Her father huffed recalling all the boys he had to chase away from trying to get his little girl to date them. 


“I can’t watch her if she’s so far away Rhaella.” 

She planted a kiss on his cheek, “don’t worry, Dragonstone was the only university in Westeros she applied to. The rest are here in Essos.” 

“Plus, for all we know she won’t even get in.” Rhaella offered her husband. 

That seemed to help turn her husband’s frown turn into a smile, since he woke that morning.  



Months went by, as acceptance letters from all the universities Dany applied to accepted her, some even offered her full scholarships. Her father was proud of her. They were even planning on having a graduation party for her. Everyone in their family would be attending. 

But Dany felt nothing but unease, waiting for the one letter she wanted to come. 


Her father had a pep in his steps that morning, if a letter from Dragonstone University didn’t come in a few days. Dany knew then, she wasn’t going to be accepted. 

“Don’t be so bitter Dany.” He ruffled her hair then, “It’s like you said just a few months ago. It wasn’t a guarantee that you would get in.” 


Rhaella looked at her husband, “don’t be an ass Aerys, she can still get in. We just need to wait a few more days.” 

Dany felt defeated as she slumped in the kitchen chair, not wanting to finish her bacon and eggs. “What’s the point mother? I’m not getting in. If they wanted me, I would’ve gotten the acceptance letter from last week.” She didn’t want to cry; d ragons don’t cry . She repeated to herself. 


Her mother slapped her writs, “sit up and stop slouching, you’re eighteen now, no longer a child. Stop having a pity party for yourself. Now finish your breakfast, I’ll pick you up later so we can go and get your prom dress.” 

That seemed to get Dany to smile. She was attending prom with both Missendei and Irri, due to her father chasing away every guy in the neighborhood who even tried asking her out. 

But on the bright side at least, there was no way of him stopping her from dancing with any of the boys from school on prom night. 


“See, I knew that would bring you back to reality, now hurry before your bus gets here.” 

“I’m already full.” Dany muttered as her mother looked over Dany’s half eaten breakfast. And shook her head at all the wasted food. 


Picking up her backpack then, Dany kissed her mother then father goodbye as she dashed outside. 


“You know Aerys you don’t have to be like that.” 

Her husband was getting another piece of bacon then as he looked up at his wife. “Like what Rhaella?” 

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about.” She was waving her hand around then. 

“Your daughter is miserable about not receiving her acceptance letter, and all it seems you care about is celebrating she hasn’t!” 

“You make it seem like I have hidden the letter or something.” 

She gave her husband a quizzical look before taking another sip of tea. “Don’t worry, I know you haven’t, since I make sure to take the mail from the postman myself, before he even drops it into the mailbox.” 

He dropped his fork, suddenly the bacon seemed to taste bitter in his mouth. His wife never checks the mail and now she was. 

Rhaella got up then placing a kiss on her husband’s stunned face. “Don’t look so miserable love.” She chuckled as she left the kitchen. 


Loud music was playing in the background, with many laughing and chatting. Both his sons were home with their family and significant other. 

Aegon was there before everyone else, it was only an hour drive from where he attended school. 

Rhaenys flew in with her parents, and Viserys came that morning from YiTi, where he works at a chemical plant with his girlfriend. 


Everyone around Aerys was happy and laughing as he sat in the backyard frowning. His wife tried cheering him up, but it was of no use. He felt defeated! 


Rhaegar came later, handing his father a beer, “are you just going to sit in the backyard all night father? You should be inside celebrating with us.” His son offered him a small smile. 

But his father’s mood was still not changing, as his eyes darted over his shoulder at everyone in the kitchen playing cards. “How can I be happy, when just in a few more months your sister will be leaving for Westeros, since that dumb school decided to take her in on full scholarship.” 


Rhaegar took another sip from his beer, “I’m guessing if Dany never got the scholarship you weren’t planning on paying for her to go, were you?” 

Rhaegar waited for his father to give him an answer, which took about five minutes, even if he never spoke the words. 

His father only nodded letting Rhaegar know that was the plan. There was no use of him lying to his son, when the truth was already written across his face and his actions. 


Rhaegar took a gulp then, it seemed his mother was right, he would need to pay her for losing the bet not wanting to believe his father would do such a thing. 


“Thanks for letting me know kepa, I owe my mother, a hundred dollars.” 

His father only frowned, “you should know your mother knows me better than anyone. Why would you even wager a bet against her?” 


“Because I didn’t want to believe her, that you would not pay for Dany’s schooling.” 


He looked at his father with concerned eyes, “I’m not that far from Dragonstone, you know, if anything should happen to Dany. It’s less than a two-hour direct flight to Kings Landing.” 

Gripping his father’s hand then, “come inside kepa, you can’t stay out here too long.” 

“I just need a few more minutes Rhae.” His father coughed out. 

Rhaegar only nodded his head in understanding, at least Rhaenys didn’t go off to college that far, and Aegon was only an hour drive away from his parents. If anything happened to his son. 


Even after going inside an hour later. Aerys couldn’t bare looking at his family gathered around the kitchen table. Everyone would be leaving soon to go back home.  

Rhaegar and his family would be leaving in four days and Viserys along with his girlfriend Talisa a young woman his son had been dating for the past two years now would be leaving in a day. She was from Volantis and met his son when he went to the hospital after a chemical spill at the company he worked for.  

Everyone had to be checked over by a doctor and lucky for Viserys, Talisa was on call, and they have been together ever since. 

Viserys needs to hurry and propose to her .  Aerys thought, I should probably have a chat with him about that. Talisa was a good woman. She kept his wild son grounded after they became serious. 

His daughter looked up at him then with her pale violet eyes, as he felt as though he couldn’t breathe, she would soon leave him also. And there was no stopping her. His baby!  



He hated everything about this day, it seemed everything happened so fast after Dany graduated. And now they were at the airport waiting for their flight to Westeros. Everything he tried backfired on him, from hiding everyone’s passports to cutting his wife’s credit cards up not remembering

they both shared a joint banking account.  

He wanted to kick himself, his wife made sure to hide the bank statement that month. And because he never followed Dany’s advice a few years ago to get the banking app, he didn’t know his wife had charged the tickets to their accont. 


“Flight 704 to Kings Landing is now boarding” the woman standing in front of them announced, letting everyone know, it was time for boarding. 

He remained seated as his wife and daughter just looked at him waiting for him to get up. 


“Aerys if you don’t get your ass up now, I will take this flight with our daughter alone and you can kick yourself until she returns for Christmas break.” 

He wanted to frown then, that was almost five months away since Dany had to get to school a few weeks early to get familiar with the school. Plus, he knew what his wife really wanted to do, was to go wild with spending, buying unnecessary things. 

It wasn’t until he heard the words, final boarding call for flight 704 did Aerys bother getting up. 


He had been mean to everyone once they landed, even the guy who told him, “welcome back to Westeros.” 

 How was anyone going to understand in daughter in the common tongue when her accent was so deep, since they hardly spoke the common tongue at home. He looked over the statistics for the school, not many attending the school were from Essos. 


After arriving at the University, he could see all the stares she was getting, which only seemed to speed Aerys heart rate up. Maybe I should move back to Westeros?  

At least then Dany would attend school and live at home, the Crownlands wasn’t so far from Dragonstone. 

Before he could say anything, he and his wife were being told where to go away with other parents, as Dany and the other freshmen were taken some place else. Already he was grunting not liking this. 


Both schools his sons attended allowed them to stay with their parents to experience the new school together. 


Another strike against this damn school. He also hated the older gentleman giving them the tour. What kind of name is Tywin Lannister anyway? 

Already sensing the tention coming from her husband Rhaella slid her hand in his, offering him a comforting smile, letting him know they were in this together. 

Not together, he thought, if they were together in this Dany would be attending the same school as Aegon. 


He did not see his daughter until the end of the day, which was three hours after he and his wife arrived back at her dorm room, with the parents of the girl Dany would be boarding with.  

They were northern and said they hailed from White Harbor. Aerys didn’t know what to think of their green haired daughter Wylla or her parents Wylis and Leona Manderly. Both kept trying to pry into Aerys and Rhaella’s personal life. 


Their daughter was just as rude! 


The girl hardly understood his daughter when she spoke in common tongue, even went has far to ask, why Dany would even bother applying to a school where she hardly spoke the common tongue of Westeros. 


His daughter only smiled, but Aerys could tell she was upset. His wife went to say something until the girl’s mother said something instead. “That is not how we raised you Wylla Manderly, it’s not like you have never met anyone from Essos before.” 

She then turned to them apologizing for her daughter. 


Strike three , and it wasn’t even the second day yet. 


“We should leave.” his wife offered. 

Aerys knew what that meant, she needed to get out of there before she said something she didn’t want to.  

It wasn’t until they arrived at back at their hotel did his wife finally scream out her frustration. 

“How dare that girl say such a thing to Dany? When our daughter is attending Dragonstone, for all the hard work she’s done. While their daughter got in on a sports scholarship.” Her mother huffed. 


His wife threw the food down on the table she had been holding. 

“I’m sorry Dany, you know how much I hate people like that.” 

“It’s ok mother.” His daughter offered a weak smile, “maybe by time, I’m home for Christmas, my accent won’t be so thick in the common tongue.” 


“Or we can just move back to Westeros.” Aerys offered as both his wife and Dany spun around to look at him. 

“You can’t be serious Aerys.” 

“I am being very serious” he explained. 


“You aren’t moving back here; you never did this with Rhaegar or Viserys.” Dany screamed as she ran into the room, she was staying in. 


“Are you happy now for upsetting your daughter Aerys? It's bad enough she thinks her roommate hates her, now you want to come back to Westeros.” 


His wife walked out the small eating area going inside the room his daughter went. 


Great now it’s my fault!  


His daughter forgave him, when he offered to buy her whatever she wanted for her dorm room. 

“Do you really need all this Dany?” Aerys picked up the Myrish pillow sets his daughter wanted. 

“Why in the world do you even need five sets of pillows for?” 


His wife slapped his hand away, “she’s not a boy Aerys, girls need all these things.” his wife pointed at all the things he found unnecessary. “Plus, you told her whatever she wants she can have.” 


He did tell her this, but Aerys felt as though his wife and daughter were just getting stuff they really didn’t need, especially the 50-inch tv. The girls had a nice dorm room, but he didn’t see the reason for this size tv. It took a bit of convincing on his part to get Dany to not take the tv.

Instead she went for the next expensive thing she could get her small hands on. 


I should’ve just let her get the tv.  


When everything got rung up it all came over three thousand dollars, Dany decided since she wasn’t getting a tv, a new MacBook would do.  


W hat was wrong with her old one?  


By the time they returned the Manderly’s were already there with a raven-haired young man who introduced himself as Jon Stark. He also had a thick northern accent. Maybe he’s the girls boyfriend since he noticed the way the green haired girl watched Jon as he helped  Wylla’s father with her furniture. 


They decided to go have something to eat while the Manderly’s got their daughter’s side of the dorm room done, then they would start on Dany’s. The raven-haired young man offered to help them also when they returned, but Aerys declined. After meeting the Manderly’s he was done with his share of northern hospitality.  


By the time they were done, it was already close to midnight. Has his wife took a few pictures of their daughter inside her dorm room before they left for the night. 


He had tears in his eyes. They were saying their goodbyes outside her dorm room, they had about three hours to get the airport and board their flight home. Aerys decided this was his final chance to get his daughter to come home. Would they arrest me, if I tried dragging her on the plane? 


“You know, you wouldn’t be crying this much, and not wanting us to leave so soon, if you’d just board the plane back home with us Dany.” He knew he sounded like he was begging but he did not care.  


“Don’t listen to him Dany” she cupped her daughter’s face in her hands then, “look at me sweetling.” 

Dany finally looked up at her mother with tear stained eyes, “this is what you wanted, no holding back.” 

Her father only hissed as his wife looked back at him. 

“By time you know, it will be Christmas break, and you’ll be back home sweetling.” Her mother offered. 

While Aerys did the opposite, “or you can come home before then, I’ll be on the first flight to help you pack.” 

Dany could do nothing but cry out in tears, which only caused Aerys heart to melt. 


“We’re going to miss our flight if we don’t leave now, who knows how bad the traffic will be getting to the airport.” Before turning to her husband, “say your goodbyes just don’t take too long, I’m going to call the uber.” 


He exhaled as his wife walked off to call their car service, “you know how I feel about this entire situation Dany.” 

“I know kepa.” 

He had tears in his eyes then, “you will always be my little princess Dany.”  


The tears were coming then as he tried his best to suck it up. But he no longer cared who saw him crying there as he cradled his baby girl’s head in his hands. 

“Remember what I said, you can always call me, and I will be on the next flight here, or you can use the card we gave you. Just don’t go wasting money on things you don’t need.” 

“Ao jāhor va moriot sagon issa riñītsos daor matter skorkydoso uēpa ao jiōragon”   

“You will always be my little girl no matter how old you get.” 

Aerys kissed her in the hair then as his wife came over saying the car would be there in five minutes. 


His wife was trying not to ruin her makeup, as she began crying once more. His daughter was now a young lady, but all he saw before his eyes was that shy three-year-old toddler who would wait at the door for her kepa to return home from work. He and his wife said their goodbyes once more, as they left their baby girl behind.