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No one sees me, but please know I'm right here

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She was many things. She was creative. She was bright. Imaginative, caring, fierce, loving, dedicated, and warm.


Now she’s cold. Cold, silent, and gone.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s once rosy cheeks were cold and lifeless as she lied in her satin lined casket, wearing a plain white dress hemmed with lace. Delicate white gloves hid the bandages that wrapped around her wrists. If no one had known what had happened, they would assume the bluenette was simply sleeping. Oh, how so many loved ones wished that was the case.


Albeit a small wake, the funeral home was filled with big name celebrities all mourning and grieving the loss of such a young life. Jagged Stone, Rock King and Marinette’s honorary uncle, wailed as he dropped to his knees clutching the edge of the casket as his heavy pregnant wife knelt by his side and embraced him in a comforting hug. Both Penny and Jagged adored the bright warm sunshine that was Marinette and saw her as family. Clara Nightingale also attended, her depressed tear stained face a stark contrast to the bubbly ever positive personality she used to happy wear. Her heart clenched as she remembered how kind and loving her dear young friend was. Clara began to cry harder as she remembered how the young girl passed away from.


Even the Bourgeois family came to pay their respects. Chloe was visibly upset as her father held his daughter close. It took a lot of effort to be Marinette’s best friend, especially with the history she had. But Chloe proved to Ladybug and all of Paris that she was trying to be a better kinder person that deserves the title of being a member of Paris’s Miraculous Hero team.


Remember Chloe. A Queen is not a ruler, but a leader. A Leader who stands for Justice, putting others before herself. A Queen is a Protector. I know you will uphold the title of Queen B if you choose to help others first.


And Chloe did indeed prove herself worthy. She swallowed her pride and apologized to her classmates personally. While much of the class did not forgive her for what she has done, she felt better knowing there were those who accepted her apology. She especially apologized to Sabrina for treating her as a servant than a friend and even asked if she would still like to be friends which Sabrina responded with a big loving hug. Chloe also apologized to Marinette for all of the awful things she did to her. The young heiress smiled when Marinette told her that while she wasn’t ready to forgive Chloe, she was willing to give her a chance. They began to grow closer after realizing they had more in common than meets the eye. Chloe even modeled Marinette’s designs and proudly boasted the talent and craftsmanship on social media. Marinette was also the one who helped Chloe stand up against her Arrogant mother.


The Bourgeois family sat, patiently waiting their turn to pay their respects to their Everyday Ladybug. Chloe fidget and fiddled with the pin her mother made for all mourners, her vision becoming bleary with unshed tears. She blinked when a perfectly manicured hand rested on top of her own and squeezed. She grit her teeth and let out a pain sob as her parents held their daughter, shedding tears of their own.


The Couffaine family wasn’t doing any better. Both Juleka and Luka didn’t say a single word. It wasn’t because they didn’t want to. it was more of being they couldn’t. Marinette’s death was still processing in their heads after nearly two weeks upon hearing the news. Juleka held her brother in a tight embrace as he hunched over his knees and buried his hands in his face. The shy quiet girl cried as her brother sob and ask why was she gone, why was the love of his life, the music in his soul, gone.


Juleka asked herself that same question. Marinette was so kind and understanding, she supported Juleka’s dream of modeling and had her in her very own MDC fashion show. She stood up for Juleka countless times and saw her as one of her dearest friends. She curled her lock of hair behind her ear and wiped her eyes, humming a soft tune for her brother.


For the first time in years, Luka couldn’t hear any music. He always had a knack for hearing music everywhere he went and in anyone he met. He never heard a sweeter melody than when he met Marinette 3 years ago. She was clear as a musical note and as sincere as a melody. Her tune was clear and her pitch was perfect. She was Luka’s muse, his inspiration, his one true love. They had been together for only a year and he knew the moment they shared their first kiss that she was the one who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. But that dream was cut so short so fast. He couldn’t hear her song anymore. He couldn’t hear anything.


In the back of the funeral home were the Agrestes. Adrien, Nathalie, Simone, even Gabriel attended the funeral; each of them wore the light pink enamel pin over their hearts. Adrien felt guilty. He was the one who said those words. He didn’t help her when she needed it. He could have saved her if he had just stood up for what was right. But he didn’t. He was a coward. It caused both Agrestes great pain as they both knew how painful it was to lose a loved one. They gave their condolences to the Dupain-Cheng couple before resting beautifully crafted silk roses in Marinette’s casket. Adrien gave her a small kiss on her forehead. He felt like his heart was being twisted and ripped apart when he felt how cold she was. She shouldn't be this cold. She should be warm, and smiling, and alive. He wished this was a fairy tale where a kiss would awaken the sleeping maiden, but he knew this was reality. He bit his lip as he walked away. He looked around the room and was sorely disappointed when he noticed half of the class did not at least stop by to pay their respects. He regretted saying those awful words.


“Marinette, As long as we know the truth, her lies aren't hurting anyone.”


While everyone was crying and mourning, no one noticed another guest in the back. A guest with shoulder length blue hair and sapphire blue eyes wearing a lace hemmed white dress and delicate satin gloves.