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Heated Acts

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Hello, readers!


Before you proceed to click that button to read the first chapter to this story, I would like to address a few things:

First off, there will be major themes that are in the tags. Especially, if incest, father/son, nephew/uncle relationships are not your cup of tea, so therefore, please do not proceed to read. And the age that Draco and Harry are at in this story is almost at age 12 (basically, right before their birthday). There will be no mpreg until they're a bit older (maybe between 14-16).

Second, this story also contains with Draco and Harry being hermaphrodites, and there will be a lot of sexual acts with them having female organs and genitals, and both boys will look feminine. Again, if that’s also not your cup of tea, then, please do not proceed.

Third, this story is purely for readers who like certain themes that are mentioned in the tags (I’ve tagged everything that will mostly be in the story), and is for the readers and myself for our own entertainment and enjoyments.

This entire story (that doesn’t have a plot-ish) is pure fictional and fantasy and will not follow along with the books/movies. I only write things for my own entertainment and my own choice to share the story for readers, who like certain themes and relationships. Any rude comments towards the author/readers/story will be immediately deleted and only positive comments will be left up. So, if this story is really not for you, then you can exit out of the story and read something else that you can enjoy. 

I hope you readers will enjoy this story, that is pure porn without any plot (there might be a tiny plot). Please make sure you read all the tags, before you start reading.

This story is written for pure entertainment.


Thank you in advance from the author,

All grammars and mistakes are purely my own.

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Pureblood bloodline families were known to have these kinds of sexual acts. Incestuous sexual acts that could result in furthering along the bloodline. The sexual acts and relationships were not unheard of, and it was very common back in the day, but now, it was not practice often or heard of. But some pureblood families sometimes, still conduct these acts. For the Malfoy Family, they did have an inbreeding or two generations ago, but other than that, there were certain stories that were passed down. Lucius knows of this. He knows of this, and that is why he’d decided that the moment his only precious jewel, his son, who will turn twelve in a month, he will introduce his son to the world of sexual needs and lust. He will have his son carry his seed to continue the line. He’s seen the looks that came from his son from time to time, and even though his son thinks he wouldn’t notice the looks being thrown his way, Lucius knows soon that his soon will get what he wants. He will be the first to take his son’s precious virginity and plant his seed into his son’s womb.


The day that his son was brought into this world and was told that his son has both female and male organ parts and genitals, Lucius from that day had known what his decision will be. Draco were not to have any suitors or arrange marriage, for Draco will be his. And only his. The Master of the Malfoy Manor slowly made his way up the stairs. His determination, need, and lust slowly consuming him until he stopped in front of a door. The door that lead him to Draco, who was peacefully sleeping. Slowly, Lucius opened the door to Draco’s room, entered the room and then, he locked the door behind the moment he shut the door. The older man made his way over to the king size canopy bed that had four posters surrounding it. The bedframe curtains were sheer fabric that were both in red and black. The wood dark and smooth. Lucius stopped at the side of the bed, his ice cold grey eyes staring at the small smooth and pale form of his son, who was sleeping, on his front, in the middle of the bed. The silk sheets were drawn down to his buttocks, showing that silky and beautiful smooth back.


Lucius closed his eyes, letting out a soft quiet sigh as he felt his own cock stir and stiffen. He parted the sheer silk curtain open, and got onto the bed. With a wave of his hand, he willed his clothes away, making them fold itself neatly onto the ottoman bench that sat at the end of the canopy bed. He crawled over to the middle of the bed and on top of Draco, his thick thighs on each side of the boy’s pale thigh, eyes drawn down to the dip of Draco’s back. He splayed a large hand on Draco’s back, caressing and smoothing down, until he cupped the boy’s soft round supple cheeks, parting them and nearly groaned at the precious, lewd sight of his son’s pink silky folds and hole.


“Mmhn.” Draco let out a sleepy sigh, still asleep.


Lucius licked his lips, eyes filled with need and lust. He parted those silk pink folds with his fingers, and then, he slowly pressed a finger into it, barely getting the tip of his finger in until he heard another sigh from Draco. Then, he slowly inserted his longer finger into Draco’s cunt, gently and ever so slowly, thrusting his finger in and out, feeling it start to get wet and the slick juices coating his finger. After a few minutes of thrusting his finger, Lucius pulled his finger out, bringing it up to his eyes, watching the juices trickle down his finger, then he brought the finger into his mouth, licking the sweet and salty juice, nearly moaning in pleasure.


He wanted more.


Lucius parted those round buttocks once more, and he inhaled the sweet smell before he parted his mouth over those soft silk folds and started to lap at it. He heard Draco let out a soft mewl, shifted in his sleep, parting his pale thighs wider, as if he wanted to open to Lucius even more. Lucius parted the pink folds, tongue continue to lap, while he used a finger to push into that soft and now growing wet cunt, thrusting in and out. He can feel the wet cunt quiver and got even more wet. Lucius made a pleasant noise, while he continued to suck and lick the wet folds.


Suddenly, slim hands appeared in his vision, blocking that sweet cunt. Lucius looked up to find Draco staring at him over his beautiful shoulders, cheeks flushing bright pink, hair covering one side of his face, icy grey eyes wide with need. Suddenly, feeling guilty, Lucius almost got up until he heard his son’s soft voice.


“Don’t stop. Feels good.”


Letting out a lustful moan, Lucius watched his son raise his ass up in the air, parting those weeks wide, presenting those sticky wet folds to him. Lucius got up on his knees, pressing the tip of his shaft just barely at the entrance of Draco’s cunt, not entering but just pressing at the entrance, then Lucius moved his length up and down, moaning as the softness of his son’s cunt. Draco closed his eyes, mewling in response.


“Almost so ripe for me to take.” Lucius whispered, continuing to rub his shaft against the cunt. “Soon, I will take you. And when that time comes, your womb will open up for me, for me to plant my seeds into you. I will take my time drenching your womb until I feel the need to have you carry my seeds and the next future heir.” He leaned over Draco’s small slim lean form, pressing a kiss on Draco’s shoulder blades, as he continued to grind against Draco.


The older Malfoy stopped his ministrations, flipped the young boy around onto his back, lifted his hips up, and Lucius pressed his shaft against those wet folds, not entering into that sweet cunt, but he let his length settle against it. Draco’s hair fanned over the large pillows, icy grey eyes glittering, bright pink pebble nipples looking delicious. Lucius traveled his eyes down Draco’s form, taking in everything and every detail, even Draco’s small cock. He laid his large hand on top of Draco’s lower abdomen, eyes closed as he chanted out a spell.


Draco immediately felt warmth spreading around his lower stomach, watching his father lay his large wonderful hand on his flat stomach. A soft bright light enveloped that large hand, making the warmth spreading wider and further. The light died down, and his father removed his hand, making Draco look down at his lower stomach, noticing a tattoo. It was a snake that centered in the center of his lower stomach, with a pair of wings sprouting upwards, curving. The colors of the marking seemed to shimmer green and silver—back and forth. Frowning, Draco looked up at his father.


“Father, what is this?” Draco asked.


Lucius licked his lips, nearly smiling as he continued to caress the marking. “It is a charm marking that will prevent my seed from taking. It is a magical birth contraceptive charm, that only the one who put it on you is able to lift it off.” He caressed the marking, mind filling with obscene scenes and thoughts. He wanted to take his son, right then and there on the bed, but not now. Soon, though. Then, once he takes his son the moment he turns twelve, he can pump that sweet cunt with his seed as much as he wants.


Draco’s mouth parted a ‘O’ then slowly pushed his hips against his father’s hard length, keening softly as he felt the stiff shaft rubbing against his folds. “I want you in me. Always wanted to.”


“Not yet, my sweet. When you turn twelve, I will be your first in everything.” Lucius replied.


Lucius wrapped Draco’s legs around his hips as he leaned down, taking those plump soft lips into his mouth, sucking and nipping at it, then pressed his tongue into that hot wet mouth, their tongues dancing together. They continued to kiss each other, until Lucius broke the kiss, mouth traveling down the side of Draco’s pale slender neck, down and down, until Lucius stopped at one of the hard soft nipples, and took the nub into his mouth, pulling hard on it, then bit down gently.


Draco threw his head back into the pillow, mewling as his father played with his nipple, as his wet folds down got even more wet as his father’s long length rubbed up and down.




At the castle of Hogwarts, deep down in the dungeons of one certain Potions Master’s room, there, splayed on the dark wood of a desk, laid a certain raven-haired boy. His glasses skewed, hair messy, face covered in thick jets of come, thighs spready wide, small cock leaking pre-come, his cunt leaking with slick juices, his robes and shirts were pushed up above his chest, as the Potions Master used his fingers to press and caress into the raven-haired boy’s wounds that littered all over his body and thighs. Wounds that angered the Potions Master greatly. Those damn muggles that hurt his precious Light, his jewel, his Star. When he had felt the blood wards of Lily’s wavered and broken down, the Potions Master immediately Apparated to 4 Privet Drive.


The Potions Master immediately walked through the front door in silence, cape whirling around him like shadows, making the darkness enveloping him and spreading it into the muggle home. He immediately stepped into the home, eyes searching until they froze at the sight in the living room. The disgusting muggle had his Star naked his lap, legs spread wide across the muggle’s thighs, slender wrists tight together behind his back, as the man’s pulled roughly on the boy’s nipple, coughing his precious Star to cry from pain, as the man parted the boy’s folds that were obviously wet, sliding those fat dirty fingers into the boy’s hole, making the boy cry even more—obviously, not from pleasure, from the way his Star was trying to get away from the man. The Potions Master can obviously see horrible bite marks, purple and red bruises that littered across inside of the boy’s soft thighs, was bleeding. Long angry marks streaked across all over the boy’s body. There were streaks of come that were splattered on the boy’s face.


“Feel, that you freak? My fingers fucking your tight pussy?” The muggle laughed harshly, as he plunged his fingers in and out of the boy’s tight folds. “My cock will be next after I make you very loose and wet. I’ll teach you how to be a proper bitch.”


His Star was crying even hard through the binds that covered silenced his mouth, shaking his head side to side. He tried to press his legs together, but the disgusting man just laughed, enjoying the struggle.


The Potions Master hissed angrily, whipping his wand out, “Petrificus Totalus!”


The man seized up, stopping what he was doing, eyes widen in horror as they went to the Potions Master that stood at the living room entrance. His Star looked up at him, beautiful jeweled green eyes filled with more tears. The Potions Master stalked towards his Star, ripping his cape off of him in the process, wrapped his Star in it while he tore the bindings away from the boy’s mouth and wrists, then lifted the small body in bridal style. He strolled back to the living room entryway, throwing a dark look back at the frozen man, before the he Disapparated along with his Star.


Once they arrived back in his dungeon room, the Potions Master set the trembling, crying boy onto the desk. The older man waved his healing vials and ointments towards him. Fuming from anger and intent murder. How dare that muggle man touch his precious Star! How dare Dumbledore leave his Star with those evil beings! The older man slowly parted the cape, peeking underneath it, to see quivering lips, tears streaking down those plump soft cheeks, eyes staring up at him wide from shame and fear. The Potions Master caressed those cheeks, wiping away the tears.


“I am here now, my Star.” He murmured gently, making the boy sob even more. He pulled off the cape, laying it on top of the desk, as he made soft crooning noises at the boy. “Shh. Everything will be alright.” He gently pushed the boy down, lips pursing as he eyed the scars and went back up to the come covered face.


He spelled an ointment into his hand, opened the cap, then he dipped his fingers into the cream and slowly spread the cream over the scars, making sure he pressed into the scars gently, rubbing his fingers in circles. He heard his Star’s breath hitch. Then, the Potions Master’s fingers slipped down between the boy’s thighs, making the boy reach down to grab at his hand. He looked up at his Star, seeing the fear in his eyes. As if his precious is expecting him to rape him. The Potions Master sat down in his chair, pressing gentle soft circles on the boy’s wrist.


“It’s okay, love. I am merely healing you. But I must check you physically down there as well. I need to heal the wounds, and make sure the bruising aren’t too bad. Please?” The Potions Master pleaded. He needed to make sure his precious was okay.


The boy closed his eyes, let out a sigh then nodded. He released the Potions Master’s hand, laying those soft hands at his sides. The older man parted the boy’s thighs, massaging the cream onto the cuts and bleeding bite marks that littered the inside of the boy’s thighs. Then, ever so gently, he parted the boy’s red bruised folds, noting how that small cock started to harden. He carefully opened the boy up with two fingers, eyes drawn deep inside of the boy’s channel, then he used a free finger to scoop the cream and slowly inserted the finger into the boy’s pussy.


He felt his Star jerk into his touch, thighs trembling. The Potions Master massaged the cream into the boy’s pussy, making sure his fingers smeared the cream around the walls, then he pressed just a bit further, and eyes widened in shock, his own cock stirring up and was very interested. He felt his Star’s hymen wall, satisfaction bubbling in his chest. His purity still intact. But his body was not. He slowly pressed his fingers into the walls, carefully, then he pulled his finger out, smiling when his fingers were coated from the ointment cream and very slick juices. He continued healing his Star until the scars disappeared. Then, he stood up and leaned over that small body, using his hand to clear away the filth with wandless magic.


Green precious eyes stared at up at him, wide. Soft cheeks tinting pink. The Potions Master hummed in satisfaction, then he trailed his large hands down, his head following it until his hands stopped on his Star’s lower abdomen. Pressing his mouth on that part, the Potions Master chanted the magical contraceptive charm. Light surrounded his hands then it died down. The marking appeared, showing a snake that centered in the center of his lower stomach, with wings sprouting upwards that curved. The colors of the marking silver and green—shimmering in hues.


The Potions Master leaned back into his chair, as his Star sat up, taking the cape to wrap it around his arms. He watched as his precious splayed his fingers over the marking, caressing it in wonder. Then, he looked up at him, eyes questioning.


“Severus…?” His Star asked.


The Potions Master, Severus Snape, leaned down once more, pressing a kiss onto that marking, and whispered hotly, “This place here,” his own hand covering slender fingers, “Is mine and only mine. It belongs to me. This place is where I will breed you and impregnate you.” He heard a soft shocked gasp. Black dark onyx eyes stared up at green jeweled eyes. “It is mine, Harry. Mine only. You belong to me. Voldemort is no more for a long time, and it is time, that you be with me. With us.”


“Us?” Harry frowned.


“You will be with us. Be a part of our unique and special family. Lucius, Draco and I will be your family.” Severus purred, his hand massaging into that marking. He pressed his face into Harry’s naked chest. “You will be ours to cherish and love. To breed and impregnate, to carry our seeds. You will enjoy every single of it. We will cherish you and give you so much love, my Star.”


Harry bit his lips, eyes filling with tears, as he brokenly said, “I thought you didn’t want me because you were with Lucius.”


Severus rubbed his cheek against that naked flesh. “Lucius wants you too, Harry. As do Draco. We all want you. You’re so perfect, so precious.” The Potions Master murmured. He trailed his mouth over to a stiff peak nipple, drawing the nub into his mouth, sucking and licking gently, earning him a soft moan from his Star. He released the nipple, then trailed his mouth up to Harry’s ear, whispering, “Soon, you will be ripe for me to take and I will fill you with my thick seeds. Your purity belongs to me.”

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Soft moans were coming flowing from the closed curtain canopy bed. Soft, pliant thighs barely wrapped around a hard body, as the long hard shaft rubbed against soft, dripping wet pink folds. Draco’s head was thrown back, hips angled upward, as his father’s hard stiff length continued to grind up against his cunt. Sometimes, the curbed tip of the cock wound nudge at the entrance of his slick folds, as if it wants to enter into him, to split and stretch him, and that made Draco crazy. He wanted his father’s cock inside of him, but his father kept telling him that the moment his twelfth birthday arrives, Draco’s body will be able to accommodate the length and size of his father’s cock. So, the young Malfoy Heir settled to having his father’s long big fingers inside of his cunt and ass, stretching him slowly—getting him used to having a couple fingers thrusting in and out of both of his holes.


Their relationship that first night, when his father had entered his room to play with suck and play with his cunt changed. Every night since then, Draco would wake up to having fingers press into his cunt, pumping in and out. One finger for a while, then, two and then three fingers, while two fingers scissored inside of his ass, while his small length was enveloped with his father’s mouth. Then, sometimes, his father would let him take his hard length into his small mouth, sucking, licking and lapping the entire hard shaft until his father came with hot, thick ropes of seed all over his face and body. Sometimes, Draco took the seed with his fingers and sucked his fingers off, while his father watched.


As Lucius continued to grind his cock against Draco’s cunt, his mind was reeling. It was close to Draco’s twelfth birthday, and he couldn’t wait to sink deep into that sweet cunt. Lucius made sure to never breach Draco’s hymen with his fingers. He made sure to stretch Draco so that the moment Draco had the real thing inside of him, his son would not have a hard time. But still, it burned a lustful and dirty need to hear and watch his son moan and squirm in pleasure, whenever he thrusted his fingers into that tight channel. Eyes closed, Lucius rutted against Draco until he flipped them over. Lucius laid on his back against the pillows, as his beautiful son sat on top of him, his sticky and wet cunt splayed over his length. Draco had his head tilted back, as his slim fingers played with his hard, red nipples that were bitten and sucked by him, beautiful red lips parted open, eyes closed, the magical contraceptive marking shimmered on his lower abdomen. Just seeing the marking made Lucius growl in pleasure. He reached forward, hands behind Draco, cupping the soft mounds and started to slide his son back and forth on his cock.


Hearing the mewl, Lucius lifted Draco just a bit above his cock, then used a free hand to position the curved tip against the entrance of the dripping cunt, then Lucius gripped Draco’s hips and he rutted upward—the tip barely breaching into the entrance, making Draco keen loudly.


“Please!” Draco cried out, as he felt his father’s shaft just breach him barely and felt the hard shaft poking and prodding into him. “Noooo!” He mewled, trembling.


Lucius panted heavily, seeing how beautiful Draco looked. He continued to breach in and out barely of the tight entrance, until Lucius sat up, making Draco fall back. The older Malfoy gripped Draco by the ankle, pulled him forward, then raised his hips up, and pressed his knees over his slim shoulders, parted those wet slick folds wide, and attacked that beautiful cunt with his mouth and tongue, making the young Heir wail and climaxing. Lucius groaned in pleasure as Draco’s sweet, delicious juice splashed into his mouth and he continue to attack the sensitive flesh, hearing his son cry and sob. Lucius pulled his son higher, his small lower back pressing against his chest, then he pressed two fingers into that waiting wet folds, furiously thrusting fast and pressing into that sweet spot. Juices continued to flow out of Draco, making the thrusting of his fingers squelch with loud flesh sucking noises. Cold grey eyes watched as Draco’s cock spurt with short deep jets, his son’s seeds splattering down that pale chin, and even splattered all over the contraceptive marking.


Draco went limp, his body trembling from the aftershocks. Lucius scooted back into the pillows, pulling Draco up against his chest. He tilted Draco’s chin up, then his mouth descended onto Draco’s, kissing, nibbling, tongue dancing against each other. Lucius pulled away, and cupped the side of Draco’s head, leaned into his ear and nibbled and sucked on the earlobe.


“Tomorrow, you will meet someone important to your Godfather and I. We hope you will come to love and give your everything to this person.” Lucius whispered, and then, he pressed a kiss into that ear.




Harry sat on the edge of the bed, thighs spread wide open, as he felt those long masterful potion making fingers gently pump into his wet pussy. He knew it was wrong to have a relationship like this with his teacher. This…dirty, needy, heated act. Severus never pushed him. But sometimes, he would lay Harry on top of his hard body in bed, both of them naked, and those large hands would grip his hips, sliding him back and forth onto that large cock. Harry was almost twelve, but Severus had told him, on Harry’s birthday, he would be able to consummate their unique bond, as Severus would describe it.


Green vivid eyes watched the dark head of the Potions Master that settled between his thighs, pushing his long fingers in and out, until the older man decided to take Harry’s cock into his mouth. The younger boy whipped his hand out, clutching that dark head that bobbed up and down his small cock. Harry threw his head back, eyes very wide open as he wailed, coming deep into the Potion Master’s mouth, his pussy gushing out juices. Going limp, Harry laid on the bed, panting softly, eyes tracking the older man, as he stood up between Harry’s legs. His own cheeks flushed bright red, as he watched the Potions Master lift his fingers up, taking it into his mouth and lapped at the juice. Then, Severus pulled Harry up, pulling the boy’s shorts on with no under garments and wrapped the boy up in a robe.


“I-I’m n-not wearing anything under!” Harry gasped out.


Black onyx eyes glittered with heated need. A sneer, voice purred deeply, “Do not worry, my Star. You will enjoy leaving yourself bare for me and only me. But tonight, we will be visiting the Malfoy Manor. You will be surprise.”




Later that night, once Draco had gone to bed, Lucius cast a silencing charm in his office. He wanted to meet Harry Potter. When Severus has shown him his pensive memories of the boy, Lucius knew he wanted to taste the boy. He knew Severus has laid claims on taking the boy’s purity and breeding the boy first in the future. He understands. Even, he wouldn’t want someone else to take Draco’s virginity and plant their own seed inside of his son’s womb. He’d never thought his love of fifteen years would find a beautiful being, with big wide jewel green eyes, lips look so plump and succulent, eye lashes that were long that it fanned out. Lucius had taken in enjoyment, re-watching the pensive memories from Severus of the boy writhing in pleasure, as Severus played with the boy.


Severus had made a promise to him, that he would bring the boy to visit him, so that he could have a taste. Lucius sat on the couch that sat adjacent from his desk, hearing the floo coming to life, as he watched the black haired man stalk through, and a boy, Harry, holding to dear life. Both of them stepped up to Lucius, waiting.


Grey cold eyes took in Harry. Noting all the beautiful features of the boy. He heard Severus nudge Harry close, before the other man sat across from him, a leg crossing over the knee, as the Potions Master willed the Firewhisky into his hand. Lucius noticed that Harry trembled from underneath his stare and somehow, it made something inside of him want to protect the boy.


“Hello, Harry.” Lucius spoke softly. “I am Lucius Malfoy, the Master of this Manor.”


“Harry…Potter.” The boy whispered, clutching the front of his robe, cheeks flushing.


Lucius looked over Harry’s shoulder, giving a raised eyebrow at Severus, who tilted his head to the side. He watched his lover spread his legs wide, calling for Harry.


“Come here, Harry. Front facing me, please.” The Potions Master said.


Lucius watched the boy walk over to Severus, following the order. His eyes widened when his lover willed away the robe, free hand cupping the boy’s arse, kneading it, until he slipped the shorts down, making Lucius gasp in excitement. The moment the pants fell onto the floor, around the boy’s ankles, his lover set the cup of Firewhisky on the side table, before he reached around the boy’s arse, spreading them wide open, showing him wet slick pink folds and a cock.


“Oh, fuck, love.” Lucius hotly breathed out. He stood up, dragging himself over to stand behind Harry. He knelt down on the floor, grey eyes hungrily eyeing at the slick folds, that his love was caressing with his fingers.


“Taste him, Luc.” Severus said as he spready his Star’s slick folds open for Lucius to taste. Harry gasped in shock, body jerking violently, and used his hands to press on his shoulders, leaning forward. Body trembling. Severus murmured sweet words into Harry’s ear, as his precious Star mewled and knew that Lucius is tasting Harry. “How is it, Luc? How does Harry taste?”


Lucius lapped on the wet folds, that seemed to leak juices onto his tongue. He pressed his tongue into that wet pussy, hearing Harry keen, pressing his arse against his mouth. As he lapped and licked, he could feel his lover’s finger prodding the pussy open, making Lucius dip his tongue into the hot channel.


“Hnngh!” The boy gasped, biting his lips as he can feel his climaxing coming soon.


Severus lazily sucked on the side of Harry’s neck, as he let the delicious, erotic, lewd sounds singing into his ears. His fingers partially thrusting into Harry’s pussy, while he felt Luc’s tongue tasting everything. Then, his precious Star wailed, coming and Luc’s loud pleased moan and he knew, that Lucius is drinking Harry’s juices.


The moment his tongue felt that gush of sweetness into his mouth, Lucius moaned loudly. The taste was so different from his son. Slightly bitter but sweet and musky. Lucius stood up, wiping his mouth clean, then watched his lover pull Harry over his lap, back pressing onto those strong thighs, and nearly almost came, as his love pushed the shirt above Harry’s chest. He saw the magical contraceptive marking, and it made Lucius feel even hotter. And then, Harry protested but made a pleasurable sound, as Lucius watch those thighs part, his lover’s fingers slipping into the wet folds.


“Ahh!” Harry cried out in shock, his senses electrifying as he felt Severus’ fingers plunge into his pussy. “Mmmgh!” He arched his back.


“Shh, my Star. Let me show Luc here how beautiful you look.” Severus crooned.


Lucius watched the scene unfold before him. He unzipped his pants, taking his own hardened shaft out and started to pump his own cock with his hand. Harry’s cries of ‘ah, ah, ah’ as his lover’s fingers continued to thrust in and out of the boy. The boy arched even more, signaling the boy was close to climaxing. A minute ticks by, until Harry sobbed, climaxing, his cock spurting and making a mess on his stomach, and seconds later, Lucius came, shooting his thick, hot seeds all over the boy. He saw Harry smile, as that pink tongue flicked the corner of his lip that had his seeds painted over, tasting it and making a pleased noise.


Severus looked up at his lover, seeing how hot and bothered the other man was. “Tell me, Luc. How did you like Harry?” He asked.


Lucius sat beside them, his body turned towards them. Cold grey eyes met dark onyx eyes. And Lucius, replied, “He tasted so good, Sev.”


“Then, by all means, Luc, taste him some more.” Severus hissed out, lifted Harry’s thighs up and hooked his arms around them, presenting Luc the precious sight.


Nodding, the Master of the Malfoy Manor leaned down, mouth tasting, tongue fucking, fingers stretching the wet slick folds and the puckered hole, making Harry wail loudly from pleasure.

Chapter Text

The next morning found Lucius leaning back against the pillow’s eyes closed, as his mind replayed the memories from the night before. Draco’s back pressed against his chest; thighs spread wide across the older man’s thighs. His son mewled and writhed, head tilted back on broad hard shoulders, as Lucius had his hand cupped the wet pink folds of his son. Draco’s small cock twitched with pre-come, his mouth parting—letting out musical delicious noises that made Lucius so hard. As, the older man pressed his fingers into Draco’s wet cunt, thrusting his fingers slowly in and out; Lucius hummed in content as he remembered how delicious his lover’s green-eyed boy looked and tasted.


The tip of his tongue could still taste the delicious taste from the night before. He wanted Draco to meet Harry. He wanted Draco to also feast on Harry. As he continued to pump Draco’s wet cunt with his fingers, his son arched his back, releasing a cry. Lucius felt his son’s tight walls squeezing his fingers and he felt the slick juices leaking out. He slipped his fingers from that trembling cunt to press it into Draco’s mouth. His son turned his head, eyes glazed as he stared at the sticky coated fingers.


“Clean my fingers, Draco.” Lucius ordered, eyes dilated as his cheeks flushed the moment, he felt a very hot and very wet mouth enclosed over his fingers. “Yes.” He hissed.


Draco took his father’s fingers into his mouth; tongue curling around the fingers, as well as, slipping between the fingers. He felt a large hand caressing up and down the side of his hips, before they trailed up to cup his chest, kneading it then he felt fingers taking the nipple between fingers—pulling hard.


Draco released the fingers with a loud plop, hips jerking up and cried out. “Ooh!”


Lucius cupped both barely tiny breasts into his large hands, while he used his thumb and index finger to squeeze the tiny pebble hard, and then, he pulled the nipples while his other fingers squeezed the sound mounds. He jerked his hips up, cock rubbing against Draco’s wet cunt. He slid up against the folds over and over, all the while pulling and pinching Draco’s nipples. His son threw his head back against his shoulders, hips undulating in circles to press his sweet folds on his cock.


“I want your cock so bad, father!” Draco cried; eyes shut as he felt his nipples being played with while he was sliding his pussy over his father’s large cock.


Lucius pressed his face into the side of Draco’s neck, inhaling the scent of sweat, musk of sex, and Draco’s scent. Then, he sucked on that spot, making his son move his hips in a faster pace on his cock. Trailing his mouth up to Draco’s ear, Lucius purred, voice deepened with lust, “Soon, my little Dragon. And then, you will give me your most precious part. I will be your first, as I push my cock into your tight cunt. You will take every inch of my length until I’m fully seated in your deepest part. It will hurt at first, but I promise you,” Lucius sucked the earlobe into his mouth, then released it and pressed his mouth into Draco’s sensitive ear. “I will make you feel so good. You will enjoy every single moment of it.”


Draco hunched over, falling onto the bed as he rose his hips up in the air; his thighs spread wide open, cock still leaking and his pussy dripped juices from his hole and onto the bed. Lucius watched as his son played with his own nipples, as a small pale hand reached behind his ass, parting his pussy wide open with his slender fingers. The older man groaned in delight when Draco let out the sweetest sound.


“Please, father!” Draco babbled non-stop. He pressed his fingers against his pussy, rubbing it ferociously. He felt his stomach tighten at the same time his cock went stiff. Snapping his eyes shut, Draco wailed. Spurts of his seed shot onto the sheets and his pussy gushing out more juices. He fell on the bed, panting heavily.


The sight was so beautiful, that it made Lucius almost come. He was so close to coming. Draco looked so debauched and beautiful. The way he had spread his round thighs wide, fingers touching his most precious part, while tugging and squeezing his nipples. It was utterly divine. And so very, sexy. He needed to come right now. So, the older Malfoy got up on his knees and settled them on the side of Draco’s thighs. He used his knees to nudge those parted thighs shut. Draco mewled softly. Eyes on Draco’s face, Lucius guided the tip of his cock; pressing the tip right at the opening of Draco’s cunt. He pushed the tip in barely before he grinded the entrance—stretching it open.


That beautiful body tried twisting, but Lucius used his other hand to push the boy back down, holding him still behind the back of that slender neck. Draco fisted his hands into the sheets, as he continuously to release beautiful sounds from his mouth. Lucius glanced down between them and seeing that pink wet fold wrap around the very tip of his cock. He wanted to take his son right then and there, but he didn’t want to yet. So, Lucius resort to prodding that entrance with his cock. This made his son keen loudly, his body violently trembling.


“I want!” Draco keened out, eyes rolling the back of his head as he felt his father breaching the entrance of his pussy just barely. The tip of his father’s cock kept kissing the entrance! It made Draco crazy with need. His father’s fingers felt good inside of him, but he wanted to have a taste of that big cock, so bad!


Loud ‘ah’s’ traveled out of his son’s mouth, as Lucius continued to prod at Draco’s unbreeched cunt. Then, Lucius let out a shout, his thick seed spurting out from the tip, painting the outside of the entrance in thick coats, as the excessive seed pooled around the outside of the cunt, dripping down. Lucius slapped those sweet coated silk folds with his cock, and then laid his cock between Draco’s soft round cheeks—letting his cock continue to pulse and spurt out come. Lucius watched his come traveling down the beautiful dip of Draco’s back. His son’s body going limp once again.


Then, Lucius had an idea and his mouth curved up in a grin. The pool of his seed that still sat on top of that outer unbreeched cunt, Lucius parted Draco’s folds, and then the older man nearly came again, as he pushed his seed into Draco’s tight cunt. He felt the boy froze.


Draco stilled, eyes widening when he felt something hot and sticky, and very wet being pushed into his pussy. His felt the stickiness dripping down the inside of his pussy and he felt the inside of his stomach start to tremble with need. His father continued to push that sticky substance inside of his pussy. His body suddenly felt electrified.


“Father—wha—” Draco managed to stutter out, feeling more of the substance getting pushed into him.


“Hush, my little Dragon.” Lucius whispered. He scooped and pushed more of his seed deep into Draco’s cunt. “It’s what you’ve always tasted whenever you take me into your sinful mouth.”


That spurned Draco hotly. He pressed his face into the soft bedsheets as he pushed his buttocks back into his father’s finger. His father’s seed felt more pushed into him when his father pressed his finger deeper. “Mmnnnngh……” Somehow, it felt so good. Having his father’s seed inside of him. He wonders how it will feel when his father’s seed coat the inside of his cunt and ass.




That early afternoon, Severus had taken Harry out to a boutique shop. The Potions Master wanted Harry to dress properly, in a seductive way. They had entered one of the most pristine boutiques shop that Luc had introduced him to. Lucius had made a comment weeks ago, when Severus had brought up Harry.


“Sheer white lace stockings…Lovely.” His lover had caressed that thin sheer stockings in his hand. “Harry would look delectable in this…” His lover murmured.


So, that had made Severus take his Star to the shop. The moment they entered, a pretty beautiful and elegant lady walked up to them. He felt Harry tighten his grip on his robe.


“Welcome to Diamond Boutique. My name is Madam Camille. How may I assist you today?” The elegant woman asked, mouth curving into a smile, as she glanced at his Star. Something in her eyes shifted, before she turned her attention back to Severus. “I must say…that is a beautiful jewel you have there. Now,” She turned around. “Follow me this way to the private dressing rooms.”


Severus blinked in shock. She had known by just looking at Harry and himself. As they followed the woman to the back of the store, Severus had noticed that there were available dressing room. He pressed his hand to his wand—in case the woman tries something. But Lucius has verified that Madam Camille knows their unique taste. The moment they reached to the back; Madam Camille unlocked the door that lead into four separate dressing rooms that had beautiful silk used as doors. The rooms were very breathtaking. Every room was built in a luxury elegant style. He could tell these rooms were built for special guests.


“Right this way, Sirs.” Madam Camille guided them over to a room that was all white with hints of gold. “This will be your dressing room. I will make sure no one disturbs you.” Then, she turned to face the Potions Master. “I would like to help you on a few items. What would you like to start off with, Sir?”


Severus pondered at the question, before he replied, “Stockings—colors in white and black only. Robes—satin, lace and chiffon. And tie side panties—crotchless and non-crotchless, please.”


Harry blushed bright red, eyes wide. The elegant woman turned her attention to him now, eyes twinkling as her pretty mouth curved up even more. It felt like she planned on eating him whole. He shifted into Severus even more, as he felt that strong hand press into his lower back.


“Anything else, Sirs?” Madam Camille smirked. The boy was indeed beautiful. Such angelic look.


“A collar, as well? My partner and I want our new lover to wear an adjustable collar that has chains that drapes the torso and waist but also acts as a chain belt, which will also be connected to possible handcuffs.” Severus added absently.


Madam Camille chuckled, “Alright, Sir. Enjoy your time here. Just make sure you shut the curtains.” With that, the woman disappeared to go find the items.


Slowly turning, Harry took in all the designs of the room. In the middle of the dressing room, there was a faux leather loveseat with very plush throw pillows. And behind the loveseat, on the wall, stood a tall golden mirror. Across from the loveseat, there was another wall of curtain—possibly the room to change in, Severus noted to himself. The way the mirror was positioned though…


He wanted to bend his Star over the loveseat and watch his Star’s expression as he makes his Star come.


Severus felt his cock jumped up at the idea, his mind reeling at wanting to see themselves in front of the mirror. He took a hold of Harry’s wrist, bringing the boy over and pushing him onto the plush seat. The Potions Master unzipped the boy’s pants; sliding them off, before he ripped away the poor excuse of underwear. Severus knelt on the floor beside the seat, pushing Harry’s thighs wide apart. The silk folds glistening. The Potions Master groaned before leaning over; mouth parting as he took that glistening flesh into his mouth.


Harry let out a shocked cry, which made his eyes widened in horror before he slapped a hand over his mouth. He snapped his eyes shut as he felt Severus took a long lick up and down the folds of his pussy. And then, he jerked his hips when he felt a finger slip into his pussy, pushing, pressing, bending while the tongue lapped at the wet folds before his small cock was taken into that mouth.


“Mmph!” Harry arch up. His cries muffling into his hand. He didn’t want to make loud lewd, and dirty noises! But Severus was making it impossible for him to not just moan out loud.


Severus sucked the wet folds of Harry’s pussy into his mouth, as he thrusted his finger in and out of his Star. Sweet, slick wet noises were beginning to be heard from that wet tight channel. Severus licked up the side of Harry’s cock, taking the small length into his mouth—sucking hard. Harry’s muffled gasps was making the Potions Master so hard. As soon as Severus took Harry’s cock into his mouth, the boy let out a keen—his come splashing onto the Potions Master’s tongue. Severus greedily milked the boy dry, until he released the cock with a plop.


The Potions Master took the rest of his precious’ clothes off—throwing them onto the floor next to them. Strong arms wrapped around slim small waist; lifting the small body up against his chest. His Star wrapped his around his waist as his arms clung around his neck. Severus walked over to the golden mirror as he willed a pillow from the loveseat over, setting it on the floor. And then, he knelt down while holding his precious in his arms. Laying that soft small body on the floor, pulling the slim waist on top of the pillow.


“Severus…” Harry whispered, green eyes staring up at onyx eyes.


Then, the boy mewled when that dark head came forward, taking a pearled hardened nub into his mouth. Soft suckling noises came from his chest, as Harry parted his thighs apart; feeling the Potions Master hard thighs against his. Harry felt his nipple released. Soft trails of kisses in the middle of his chest, trailing further and further. The boy let out a breathy moan as he felt a kiss at the tip of his small cock. Arching his back, hips jerking upward, as Harry’s pussy was swallowed whole by the Potions Master’s mouth. Loud wet sucking noises were heard between his thighs, while Harry shut his eyes; clearly enjoying that tongue flickered at his folds, before it prodded into his pussy.


Severus loved the way Harry was making sinful sounds. He continued to lap and prod at the sinful pussy of his Star. While doing so, he glanced over his Star at the reflection of the mirror. Raven head thrown back, delightful and sinful pink plump mouth open and dear god, those precious pearled nipples were hard and stuff. He trailed his potion making fingers up and over; from caressing at the magical contraceptive marking then up to palm over that tiny swell of Harry’s breast. He kneaded the soft flesh before taking a nipple between his fingers, to pull and tug.


Harry shook his head side to side as the intense burning sensation spread from his stomach and downwards. The boy arched up, throwing his arms over his head, as he came. Sweet slick juices splashed onto the Potions Master’s tongue; mouth still attacking with sucking and licking. Come spurting onto Harry’s own stomach, pooling on top of the contraceptive marking. The boy went limp, chest heaving up and down; green beautiful eyes glazed from the pleasure and climax.


His Star was very sinfully debauched. He stood up, feet on both side of Harry’s hips. The boy’s body splayed underneath him in such a desirable way. His Star looked even more sinful and hot. Severus took his aching length out from his pants and started to pump his leaking cock in short, fast stroke until he grunted harshly. Spurts of thick seed shot out; splashing on his Star’s beautiful flushed face and lips, then down his neck and chest.


“You look utterly, so sinfully ruined, my Star.” Severus roughly said.


In the end, Severus had to meet Madam Camille outside of their dressing room. His lips sneered as he saw the woman glance into the crack of the curtains—seeing his Star all hotly limp on the floor in front of the mirror. The woman looked back up at him before she handed him three beautiful wine-colored bags that were filled with the things that Severus wanted. When he reached to grab the bag, the woman stopped him.


“Sir, you have a beautiful gift in there.” Madam Camille said, smiling. “He looked so delicious. Extravagant. Sinful.” She purred out the last word.


Eyebrow twitching, Severus took the bags from the woman. “Well, he’s my sin. And all mine.”


The woman blinked at him before she tilted her head to the side. “And Lord Malfoy is not worried about your…activity?”


Severus gave the woman a predatory grin, his onyx eyes seem to glitter. Then, in a low, deep and velvety voice, the Potions Master said, “Oh, Lord Malfoy will devour him. After all,” He turned to head inside of the dressing room. And before he closed the curtains back up, he glanced over his shoulder and sneered, “He’s already gotten a taste. And once he’s tasted something, he will devour it whole until there’s nothing left.”


Madam Camille’s eyes widened as her body tingled with arousal at those words. The beautiful doll that was brought into the dressing room, was so, so beautiful. Too beautiful. When she had returned with the items, the was about to announce her return, when she heard sucking of fleshes and loud moans. She hadn’t intended to watch, but it was the most breath-taking scene ever. When she saw the onyx eyed man’s eating the boy’s pink pussy out, she watched the boy climaxed. The hottest and very passionate and most lustful thing happened. The onyx eyed man had taken the boy in front of the mirror, baring the boy naked. The boy’s soft body was perfect and curved with softness. Then, when the boy had gone quiet from climaxing, the man came all over the boy—marking him with his seed. Madam Camille was so aroused and so, very wet between her thighs, that she immediately left for a few moments longer to get herself together.


Shaking her head, Madam Camille said, “Thank you for your amazing service, Sirs.”




Later that night, half an hour before dinner at the Malfoy Manor, Draco sat at the dinning room; anxiously waiting. He was nervous about meeting that someone who will be important for his father and Godfather. His father had also told him that, he had hoped Draco will come to love that someone—whoever they were. He didn’t want to share his father and Godfather, but he’s heard his father say that this person was beautiful and perfect but also very shy. That this person was hurt by their own family. When he had asked his Godfather about this person, he had a sad smile. And, he’d explained that this person was very special to him. That this person was his Star. Draco had protested, shaking from fear and voiced his thoughts. He’d said that he thought his father was his Godfather’s Star. Severus had shaken his head, saying that his first Star was someone whom he’s waited. Draco didn’t like it at all. But his father had explained that, there were many different types of Star that light the darkness of one’s heart. Because both his father and Godfather were in that darkness, it meant that Draco wasn’t the only Star that lit in the darkness. Someone else had lit deep inside of his Godfather’s darkness.


So, here he sat, waiting. His heart pounding deep in his chest. His father sitting at the head of the table, while he sat next to him. He glanced at his father, seeing the Master and Lord of the Malfoy Manor swirl the golden-brown drink in his glass cup. His father’s eyes seemed faraway. Just then, the floo to their fireplace in the dinning room flared to life. His Godfather stepping through, and then another person stumbled through.


Draco’s breath hitched as his eyes widened at the person clutching at his Godfather’s silk deep purple shirt. Oh, no. Green jeweled eyes stared right at him, making Draco violently push his chair back—making both his father and Godfather frown at him; their lips frowning. He stalked over to that beautiful being. He stood a couple inches taller than that beautiful person. The beautiful being took a step back, green eyes filled with fear. Draco reached out to that perfect and adorable face. His fingers trailed from the beautiful being’s eyes, then trailed his fingers down those soft cheeks. He stopped at those pink dusty plump lips.


The Malfoy Heir felt as if someone had sucked his breath out, and then, lodged something inside of his chest. Warmth spreading; turning to need and lust. He didn’t know what possessed him to do what he did, but Draco gripped that beautiful being’s chin, jerking that face forward and—






Devoured that sweet mouth with his. Draco moaned into the heat; his tongue parting that mouth open. The being before him shook but pushed a tongue back against his. Eyes shut, Draco decided that he wanted this being to be his. To be theirs. He wanted this precious being to belong to him, his father and Godfather. Breaking away from the kiss, he saw that the being’s cheeks was flushed bright red, green eyes wide open, mouth panting heavily.


“Hello.” Draco crooned softly. “My name is Draco Malfoy. What is your name, my jewel?”


His Jewel looked down, shifted on his feet, hands tugging at the hem of his shirt and mumbled, “Harry. Harry Potter…”




Lucius almost dropped his glass the moment his little Dragon shot out of his chair, and towards at Harry. He saw that his lover took a step back with Harry, until both men had shock written all over their face, as Draco touched Harry’s face before he devoured Harry’s mouth. Dirty sounds coming from those connected lips. Lucius felt his cock hardened, while Severus felt his own length hardening in response. Moans dripping out of both sweet boy’s connected lips. And sweet Merlin, Lucius saw his son grinding his hips into Harry! He shakenly set his glass down on the table, and then, shot a lustful look at Severus.


Severus saw the look at came from his lover. He had expected Draco to be angry and upset—to yell and scream. But not this right away. His Godson kissing Harry’s lips, and Merlin, his Godson was grinding up against Harry! The Potions Master nearly groaned at the sight and sound before him. He gave another look to Luc, staring deep into those grey icy eyes. And they both knew.


That they’re going to keep Harry.

Chapter Text

Draco was nervous. It was finally the day! The day that he can give his virginity to his father. The day that his father had promised him! He felt was giddy and excited but also nervous. As much as his cunt had been played and spread open by his father’s fingers and tongue, the young Malfoy Heir was anxious and nervous about if his father will fit inside of him. His father was…well, he was rather large and fat. He’d seen it so many times. The big, fat length hanging stiffly and very proud between his father’s thighs. Sometimes, when he sucks his father off—Draco could barely fit the length into his mouth. His cheeks would protrude as he tried to take it into his mouth. To know that his body will be finally be taken by that length sent pleasure down Draco.


He shivered in delight. Tonight, it will just be him, his father, Godfather and beautiful and adorable Harry. God, the tiny boy was even smaller than him. It made Draco want to protect him and keep him. Since the day that Harry was introduced to him, Draco had glued to Harry’s side. Stealing kisses as well as grinding their clothed bodies against each other in need. Draco had wanted to try to sink his own cock into Harry, but Draco understands Harry. He understood that the other boy wanted to have his Godfather take his purity, as Draco himself, in return told the other boy that his virginity will be taken by his father on the night of his birthday. The boy was shocked but obviously Draco could tell it made the boy aroused.


Whenever Severus and Harry were over at the Malfoy Manor, Draco would see his Godfather covering Harry’s body with his own—kissing the boy in a sensual lazy manner, that had the smaller boy writhed and moan in pleasure. Draco himself felt his cheeks flushed, as he remembered the other day, he walked past his father’s office towards the library, when he stopped in front of the office door. Draco heard a pleasurable breathy moan that sounded like Harry’s. So, he decided to silently crack open the door ajar and let out a quiet gasp. His father was seated in a loveseat couch, his large cock out from his pants. And, across from him on the other couch, was his Godfather and Harry. Harry was naked on his back, one leg dangling over edge of the seat while the other leg was over his Godfather’s shoulder. His Godfather’s dark head between Harry’s thighs, mouth pumping up and down on Harry’s cute cock, while his Godfather’s potion fingers lazily stretched and thrusted in Harry’s cunt. Harry was letting out the most beautiful sounds ever. That made Draco hard and he wanted that, too. He wanted his Godfather and Harry to watch him being taken by his father. He wanted to have them watch as his father take his virgin cunt. The moment Harry wailed a pleasure cry, Draco heard loud slurps from his Godfather.


And Draco knew what he wanted as his birthday present. His father had asked what he’d wanted weeks ago, but Draco wasn’t sure what he wanted. He didn’t really want anything yet. But now he knew what he wanted. He wants to have his Godfather and Harry watch him while his father takes him and fills him. The young Malfoy Heir squeezed his thighs together, letting out a sinful moan. Hearing the moan, his father turned his attention to him—his father’s eyes suddenly filled with a lustful need. Draco stood up, dropping his books onto the couch to stroll over to his father, who sat across from him.


Lucius looked up when he heard a pleasured moan from his son. His grey eyes landing on Draco, as he watched his son stalked towards him. Lucius had set his own down, spread his thighs apart to let his son walk into them. Arms wrapped around his neck, face pressing into his ear, Lucius nearly wanted to take Draco then and there, when his son mewled into his ear.


“Father…I know what I want for my birthday present.” Draco whimpered in pleasure. He grinded into Lucius, panting heavily as if he was in heat.


Lucius bit back a moan, “What do you want, my little Dragon?”


The older Malfoy let out a groan when plump succulent lips kissed him. He parted Draco’s mouth with his own, using his tongue to sweep into the boy’s mouth. The kiss was wet and messy and loud. Draco fisting his shirt in his hand, while Lucius cupped his son’s ass and lifted his son into his lap. They continued the lovemaking between their kisses until Draco broke off from the kiss.


He shifted up and leaned up into his father’s ear, “Tonight…I want Severus and Harry to watch as you take me.” It elicited a moan from his father. “I saw you, Severus and Harry the other day in your office. It burned me so much from the inside and out.” Draco pressed into his father, letting out a breathy sigh. “I saw how aroused you were, as Harry was getting his cunt stretched with my Godfather’s fingers, while he took Harry’s cock into his mouth. I want that, too.” Draco kissed his father again and then he drew back, whispering against those lips, “I want them to watch us.”


“As you wish, my little Dragon.” Lucius moaned out.




Back at Hogwarts, in the dungeons, sat Severus in his living room. He swirled the dark golden rum around in circles before he gulped it down. His mind occupied while his eyes were on his precious Star the entire time. His floo earlier, roared to life as his lover stepped through. His clothes looking disheveled as he stalked towards Severus. When his lover reached to him, Luc had cupped a hand behind his neck and gave him a deep needy kiss. Harry’s gasp was heard behind them. When his Luc released the kiss, his lover leaned into his ear to whisper something that made Severus close his eyes and shakenly sigh before Luc turned around to kiss Harry on the lips, before he disappeared through the floo.


“Draco wants you and Harry to watch us tonight, Sev. That’s his personal request for is birthday gift. Your Godson wants you to watch as his virginity gets taken away by his father. Tonight, just follow my lead. You will do nothing but watch with Harry, unless I state otherwise. It will be so perfect, Sev.”


Those words had made Severus excited. Though, he’s has had watch Luc doing illicit acts on Draco, Severus had to admit that it turned him on to find his Godson getting his pretty boy pussy eaten out by his lover. And said lover loved it when he breaks Draco apart slowly. Now, that his Godson knew what he wanted for his birthday; Severus felt himself grow even harder. Severus took another swing of his drink, before he waved it to disappear. He walked over to the couch, pressing his body over Harry’s form. The boy turned his head to the side, an eyebrow raising in question. Severus pressed his face into Harry’s shoulder.


“Severus…?” Harry asked, wondering what was wrong with Severus. Since Lucius had left earlier, Severus distanced himself and had a faraway look in his eyes. “What’s wrong?”


Severus shook his head. “Nothing. Nothing is wrong. I am merely, very…hard.” In response, he pressed his cock against Harry; showing the boy how hard he was. He felt Harry shiver in response.


“M’kay…” Harry murmured. His cheeks turning pink.


Severus got up, bringing his Star up into a standing position. “As much as I would like to have my way with you, we must get ready. It is, after all, Draco’s birthday. Now, come into the bedroom as I will pick out what you will wear.” The Potions Master brought Harry’s knuckles up to his lips, pressing soft gentle kisses, before pulling the boy into the bedroom.


Once inside the room, Severus brought Harry over to the bed. The boy breathed out a soft noise—green eyes staring wide at the items they had bought from the boutique. Harry shivered in delight as his body tingled. Memories of Severus and him in the dressing room. For some reason, he wanted Severus to take him inside of that room.


“Now, strip your clothes, Harry.” Severus ordered softly, holding up the metallic gold adjustable collar that had chains that draped from the collar.


Harry slowly took his clothes off. One by one, layer by layer until he stood naked before Severus. The Potions Master turned him around, as the older man made a tall mirror appear before them. Harry watched, cheeks flushing hotter, as Severus put the collar on. Harry noticed that the excess chains that draped from the collar flowed and draped around his torso and waist. The hint of gold seemed to glitter. The collar obviously did not look like a collar but looked more like a jewel instead. Once, Severus attached the collar together behind his neck, the older man brought him to sit on the bed while holding his hand. Then, the Potions Master brought a deep green silk shirt—pulling it over Harry’s head. Harry lazily watched in contentment as his Severus slipped his feet into a white laced open crotch panties. Slipping it up until Harry leaned over his shoulder slightly; raising his hips until he felt the snugged panties on his skin before he sat back on the bed. His breathing sped up while he continued to watch Severus. This time, the older man lifted feet into the palm of his hand, while Harry watched the Potions Master trailing kissing from the inside of his thighs and down his leg—all the while Severus slipped the sheer white stocking leg with lace at the hem one at a time. He repeated the same to his other leg. Leaving sweet kisses from the inside of thighs and down his legs then the kisses came back up, as Severus pulled the other stocking up to his thigh.


Severus shook gently, his dark eyes on Harry’s beautiful form. The boy looked so utterly beautiful. His raven-hair in beautiful messy curls, gold spectacle glasses sat perched on the bridge of his nose; those eyes dilating widely, lips parted open. The silk green shirt was on him, but Severus left it unbuttoned and god, the sight of Harry wanted him to kneel and kiss his feet. The collar sitting prettily on Harry’s slender neck, and those white sheer laced panties and stockings looked divine on the boy. As if to showcase his purity to the world. The Potions Master wanted to beg for Harry to let him have a taste of him. But Severus knew better than that. He wanted to wait until tonight. He wanted both him and Harry to not touch each other until tonight. Moaning, Severus pressed his face into Harry’s stomach—his hands cupping the boy’s soft thighs. He felt fingers playing his hair.


“Do you need me?” Harry asked. Such a pure question, that made Severus even harder.


Dark eyes looked up at green ones. The Potions Master shakenly whispered, “Not right now, my Star. Tonight, will be very special for Draco. Tonight,” Severus brought his mouth up against Harry’s ear, “Tonight, Draco wants us present with him. To have us watch him, as Luc takes him.”


Harry let out a loud gasp, body humming in excitement and pleasure. “We will?”


Severus pressed a kiss into the boy’s ear, rubbing his hands up and down the boy’s thighs and hips. “Hm, yes, my Star. We will watch Lord Malfoy take Draco’s first time tonight. He doesn’t want us to touch Draco and him, so you and I will just have to make use of each other.”


Harry pressed up against Severus, mewling softly. “I want to, too. So, much…”


Severus leaned back, dark eyes on Harry once more. “Let us finish dressing, then we will make our way to the Manor.” He pressed a thumb on Harry’s bottom lip, before he hissed as those pink plump beautiful lips took his thumb into that wet heat, sucking and nibbling. “Hmm, such a naughty boy you are.” He pulled his thumb out of that hot wet mouth, before he covered it with his own. He kissed Harry a couple times, before he broke off the kiss. “We must not get distracted Harry. We must wait until tonight. You will enjoy it. As will I.” His beautiful Star nodded, leaning those soft flushed cheeks into his hand.




Dinner was a quiet and enjoyable affair between them. Lucius had introduced a new wine for Severus to try, as Draco was trying hard not to gape at Harry. The adorable boy looked so sinful. His Godfather had dressed his Angel in a dark green silk shirt that was tugged into the hem of black pants that hugged the hips and emphasized his thighs and sweet, Merlin, that ass as well. Draco nearly whined. Upon his further intense needy gaze, the young Malfoy Heir saw something gold that peeked just above Harry’s collared silk shirt. It looked to be a necklace or some kind. It was amazing that his Godfather is doting on his Angel, considering what the adorable boy went through his entire life at such a young age. Turning his head, he took in his father and Godfather. His father had his hand over his Godfather’s hand—holding it, then picked the potion making hand up to press a kiss on the inside of that palm. Draco felt his heart squeeze. He liked that his father was happy. Also, liked that his Godfather was a constant being in their lives. Nodding to himself, Draco turned his attention back to Harry, noticing the boy pushing his food around in his plate.


The young Malfoy leaned over to tap Harry’s wrist. The green-eyed Angel jerked up to stare at him. “Does the food not fit your taste, Harry?”


The boy shook his head with a soft, quiet reply, “The food is delicious. I’m getting too full.” He winced.


Draco eyed the plate. Noticing that there was still a quite good amount of food on it. “Are you sure?”


His Angel shook his head again, his shoulders shaking. “M’sorry…”


The young Malfoy boy took the Angel’s hand, pressing a kiss on the inside of his slender wrist. “S’okay…You don’t have to be sorry.” He trailed kisses from wrist to fingers, taking the fingers into his mouth, sucking and nibbling it gently. His Angel’s cheeks flushed. Draco slipped the fingers out of his mouth to lean into his Angel’s cheek to press a soft kiss. “It’ll be alright. Just enjoy what you want to eat and want to do. Nobody will punish you for not eating.”


Harry’s eyes widened before he nodded.




After their dinner affair, the four of them had dessert, opened gifts, then Lucius and Draco had disappeared off somewhere. Harry laid his head on Severus’ lap, green eyes gazing at the fireplace; watching the flames flickering and waving. Harry hummed in content as fingers played with his hair. He wonders where both Lucius and Draco had gone. They immediately disappeared after opening gifts for Draco. Though, the only thing Draco had said to Harry was that his father was going to help him carry the gifts up to his bedroom. That made Harry frown. Why couldn’t Lucius just spell the gifts to Draco’s room? Strange but maybe they just needed some time together before returning.


Severus tilted his head back against the couch, eyes closed as his mind whirled around. He sorted his thoughts into different categories, as he felt his heart pound steadily against his chest. To say the least, Severus felt exhilarated with an intense need and want. He couldn’t wait to see what will happen soon. Before Lucius and disappeared with Draco, his lover had whispered in his ear that he will be taking Draco up to their bedroom, and for Severus to bring Harry with his in half an hour. Severus shivered in delight. Knowing that Harry and him will watch Draco’s purity get taken by his lover. He knows his lover has been so aroused and always bursting with the need to take Draco. Luc had moan to him about how much he wanted to have Draco’s pureness, his virginity, his first in everything. Severus had wanted to take Draco as well, but he wanted Luc to have Draco first. And when his precious Star came into their lives, Severus knew on Harry’s birthday he would be Harry’s first. If Severus could last that long of course. But it wouldn’t be too long before his precious Star’s birthday. Once, Draco’s birthday is over, then soon it will be Harry’s.


Once he became Harry’s first, then Severus and Luc will be able to have and taste both boys. Severus will be able to fill Draco, as Luc will do the same to his precious Star. The Potions Master knew that there will be many love making days together with all four of them. After all, it made sense for the four of them to be together. To love each other and support each other. Luc had expressed that he should permanently live at the Malfoy Manor with Luc and Draco. The more Severus had thought about it, the more he really wanted to. But first, he needed to focus on Harry first, yet Luc said they all can help Harry and support Harry. He could tell that Luc already love and want Harry as much as Severus and his love wants the both of them to live at Malfoy Manor. He’ll relay the message to Harry soon. After all, Harry was still shy, still flinches at the slightest touch and loud sounds will make the boy jump, as well as curling into himself as if he was expecting someone to strike a blow. It still angered Severus what the treatment Harry had gone through, but Severus will remedy that problem.


Eyes opening, Severus laid his palm on Harry’s head. “Time to go, Harry.”


Green eyes looked up at him. “Go where?”


“The most awaited event that will happen.”


Harry got up from the couch as he let Severus hold his small hands in his large ones. The boy let the Potions Master lead him out of the family room, down the long hallway, and they ascended the steps. Harry wonders where they were heading to. Maybe they decided to join Lucius and Draco. As they made their way up and down the second floor of the manor, the closer they got to the middle of the hallway, the more Harry pressed his side against the Potions Master; praying that nothing will jump out at them. Just then, Severus stopped in front of a door, knocking it three times, before Harry heard Lucius’ voice. When Severus opened the door all the way, Harry let out a loud gasp at the sight. The room was enormous. The room had such beautiful intricated elegant and luxurious ceiling trims and the vaulted ceiling was so beautiful. A large chandelier hung from the middle of the room. And at the far left, was a beautiful bed that had colors of silver and dark green that seemed to shimmer from the light. There were two columns at the end of the corners of the beds. Above, Harry saw beautiful dark sheer purple curtains draping down all around the bed—possible used for privacy if one was to shut the curtains. At the end of the bed, sat an elegant ottoman bench and faux fur rug.


Harry saw a small seating area that almost resembled a living room, with a fireplace. And at the far corner on the other side, had a large French frosted glass door that were opened—showcasing an even more elegant and luxury bathroom. Severus pulled Harry in, pressing his large hand behind his back, urging him to get inside. The moment the door was shut and locked, Harry’s ears picked up whimpers, then a breathy moan that came from the bed. He looked at the bed a second time, noticing two figures behind the dark sheer draped curtains. He definitely noticed the familiar long platinum hair of the older Malfoy now that he paid more closely now.


Severus and him stopped right outside of the enclosed bed. Harry watched as Severus parted the curtains and Harry froze, eyes widening. There, on the bed, was Draco and Lucius. Draco was on front, hips raised up in the air, whimpering. Lucius had his mouth on Draco’s pussy while fingers were thrusting into Draco. Harry flushed, feeling himself grow wet and hard. He squeezed his thighs together as he felt his body start to heat up at the sight. Draco had a satin blindfold that covered his eyes. Draco jerked, crying out from pleasure as Lucius pressed his tongue in. The sounds and sight made Harry whimper. He turned to Severus and stopped. Onyx eyes were filled with so much heat as the older man slowly took his clothes off. Then, those onyx eyes turned to Harry, and suddenly, Harry yelped as the clothes on his body magically disappeared with the wave of the Potions Master’s hand; leaving his collar and undergarments on.


Severus wrapped his arms around Harry’s waist, then he trailed his hands down to cup Harry’s plush bottom and lifted the boy up. His Star let out a shock sound and immediately wrapped his legs around his waist as Severus carried him to the bed. The Potions Master set Harry on the edge of the bed, before he got into the bed. Severus laid against the headboard with pillows supporting his back. He motioned for Harry to get on his lap. When his Star crawled over to him on all fours, Severus jerked his boy against his chest, pressing his mouth on those pink lips. Soft mouth opened as Severus deepened the kiss, until he broke the kiss off. Onyx eyes watched the boy pant heavily from being harshly kissed.


“Turn around and sit on my lap, Harry.” Severus murmured.


The boy leaned back against him; their eyes now focused on Lucius sucking and licking at Draco’s pink pussy. They saw Draco’s cock leaking so much pre-come; his whine, whimpers and moans filled the room.


“Please, take me, father! I need! Please!” Draco cried out softly.


Harry held Severus’ hand, pressing it between his thighs. He heard a soft chuckle behind him, before Harry let out a moan as fingers caressed his wet folds. The sound that he elicited made the older Malfoy stop to turn his gaze at Harry. The boy saw the older Malfoy’s eyes widen in shock, before the man let out a thrilled groan.


“God, Sev, you made Harry looks so fuckable tonight.” Lucius breathed out. His eyes filling more with lust and heat. Then, the older Malfoy leaned over Draco’s body to press his mouth into Draco’s ear. “My little Dragon, Harry has dressed up so pretty for you tonight. Gold chains and pure white panties and stockings, my Dragon. Like an Angel that you’ve desired.”


That made Draco mewled in delight.

Chapter Text

When he heard his father whispered into his ears, Draco moaned in delight. He wanted to see how Harry looked like. He wanted to watch his beautiful Angel watch him, as his first time will be taken by his father. He wanted to reach out, to grab at something—someone, but his wrists were tight together. His thighs were parted wide open as he felt fingers slipped in and out of his wetness, and a tongue lapping at him. The Malfoy Heir mewled as he tried to get more air into his lungs while he panted heavily. He felt his father shift behind him. Hands parting his ass—and then, Draco gasped out loud.




He felt it. The very thing that he’s always wanted. The thing that his father had always teased his pussy and ass with. Draco stilled as he felt the tip of his father’s cock press into his waiting hole. His father shifted behind him, massaging his cheeks before Draco bit his lips as he felt the slow stretch of his pussy.


“Breath, my little Dragon. In and out. Slowly.” Lucius murmured, as he guided his cock into Draco’s pussy. His little Dragon took a deep breath as Lucius pushed inch by inch into Draco.


“Mngh…” Draco whimpered.


Slowly, the pain came as Draco felt himself getting stretched around his father’s cock. He breathed slowly—taking inhaling and exhaling. His father felt so big! And, he wasn’t sure if it was only the tip or if he was taking it all. His stomach quivered as he was being stretched fully in such an agonizing pace. He was getting fuller by the second. Draco cried out from both pain and pleasure when he felt the cock breached and breaking something inside of him open. The pain became full blown that Draco gasped, then cried out as tears slowly seeped from his eyes, wetting the satin cloth that covered his sight. His father placed a hand on his lower abdomen, shushing him quietly.


“Shh, my Dragon. Easy there.” Lucius whispered.


He moaned softly when he stretched Draco slowly. The heated walls squeezing and gripping him so tight, that Lucius was afraid he might break his son. When he felt the hymen breaking, Lucius pushed further, while Draco mewled and cried from pain until the older Malfoy fully seated himself deep inside of the lithe body before him. The older man tilted his head back, savoring the feel of Draco’s pussy with his cock. His son’s tight pussy stretched full around him, the slick walls allowing him to move. Draco was tight. Hot. And, so very perfect for him. His little Dragon was all his, finally.


Lucius kissed the side of Draco’s neck, taking in the scent of Draco before he sucked on the soft skin. His little Dragon arching into him, soft, delightful sounds filling the entire room.


“How you are doing, my Dragon?” Lucius asked, softly.


“Hmmngh. Hurts but…” Draco panted softly, then licked his lips. He laid his head down on the bed, turning his head to the side—facing Severus and Harry, even though he couldn’t see them with the blind on. He felt so full. The pain was still there, but it was starting to go away. His father’s cock…It was so big inside of him! “I feel…so full, Father. Feels so good.”


Lucius moaned as he felt the tight pussy tightened even more around him. “Fuck…I want to ravish you until you can no longer feel nothing but my cock and your pleasure.” He slowly pulled out, and then, he thrusted back into Draco. “Hmm. So tight and perfect, my little Dragon. Are you ready now?”


The Malfoy Heir nodded.


And then…


Draco keened when the cock pulled slowly out of him, before it thrusted back into him. Over and over in slow paces. Draco clutched the bedsheets tightly, letting out pleasured sounds as his pussy was getting fucked into every so slowly. He finally can have his father’s cock deep inside of him! He’s waited so long for it! He always hated when his holes would get teased by the tip of his father’s cock. Always probing but never entering. Now, he can finally get the feeling of being filled with his father’s cock. And to have him spill his seed inside of him, instead of having his father open his pussy and scooping the spilled seed into him with fingers.


He wanted more!




Severus licked his lips, dark onyx eyes that were filled with lust and need watched as his Godson’s virginity was being taken by his lover. God, Lucius looked so hot with arousal. His lover threw his head back, strands of blonde platinum hair falling down his back, as Severus watched Draco’s pretty pink, slick pussy getting stretched even more. His Godson’s hole looked so small with the width and length of his Lover breaching deeper into him. Severus’ breath hitched when he felt Harry shifted against him. The raven haired boy was pressed against his naked cock, trembling.


He reached around, placing a hand on Harry’s stomach, while the other laid on the younger boy’s knee. Severus pressed his mouth into Harry’s ear. “What’s wrong, my Star?”


The boy didn’t answer him. Simply, watching Draco and Lucius. Harry’s eyes focused on the way Draco gasped and moan, as Lucius thrusted back and forth. Green eyes went from Draco to the older Malfoy, then down to their connected parts. And, he noticed that there was a thin trail of blood down the inside of Draco’s thigh. If Draco was bleeding…then, it must hurt a lot! Harry trembled, suddenly feeling very afraid for Draco. What if Lucius was hurting him?! The boy turned around, pressing his face into Severus’ chest.


“What’s wrong?” Severus whispered softly.


Green eyes looked up at him with unshed tears. Severus frowned. Maybe this was too much for Harry to handle? He was about to say something, when Harry spoke quietly.


“He’s bleeding…Why is he bleeding?” Harry asked, eyes wide. Fear filled his eyes.


Gaze softening, Severus leaned his head down to press a kiss on Harry’s forehead. “Love…My precious, Star. Draco is bleeding because he is giving his virginity to Lucius. Look.” He cupped Harry’s chin, turning the young boy’s face to watch the other two. “Look at how Draco is. Yes, he was in pain the first time. When Lucius took his virginity, Draco’s hymen broke to accommodate Lucius size. Yes, there will be pain the first time, but after a while, the only thing that Draco will be feeling is pleasure, need, want and lust.”


Harry leaned against Severus, as the Potions Master explained. Eyes on the other two. Lucius leaned over Draco’s small form, hand tearing away the binds around slender wrists. Before, Lucius gripped Draco’s elbow, pulling him back and snapped his hips forward. Harry let out a soft noise as he saw Draco crying out in pleasure—a smile on the younger Malfoy’s face. The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filled Harry’s ears, as Severus continue to speak into his ear.


“Look at how Draco is, Harry. The way he is smiling from all the love and pleasure that Lucius is filling him with. The way Draco’s pussy is stretching around Lucius’ cock. See how big his cock is? See how that cock is pounding into Draco?”


Panting softly now, Harry’s cock hardened as he felt his own pussy getting even more slick with heat. Draco’s back was arched, as Lucius held his elbows. His hips grinding and pounding into Draco. He saw Lucius’ cock glisten with Draco’s juices, and that made Harry whine. Lucius’ eyes were closed, as his face was filled with pleasure, while Draco whimpered and moan with pleasure and need. Draco’s bruised red nipples were stiff and hard, and Harry saw a hint of gold jewelry dangling from one of his nipples. It had a hint of blood red diamond attached to it. Somehow, seeing that peeked Harry’s interest.


So, Harry got onto his knees and scooted closer. Daring not to touch, because Lucius already stated earlier about no touching unless he orders it. He wanted to see the jewelry up close, but also wanted too both of their faces filled with heated needs. The older Malfoy looked up at Harry, ice grey eyes boring into his face. The older man licked his lips, eyes on Harry before he turned his attention to Draco. The older Malfoy letting out a moan as he was close to climaxing. Harry zeroed in on the Lucius’ cock. The man was moving his hips faster and deeper inside of Draco. Harry gulped as he heard Draco’s voice getting louder and louder. The sounds of their connected flesh slapping against each other turned on Harry even more. The sounds of Draco’s pussy squelching, made both Harry and Draco whine with need.


Harry let out a shocked cry as he felt Severus’ fingers stroking the folds of his pussy, while his free hand came up to cup and tweak his hard nipples. He pressed his back against the front of Severus, letting out a quiet sigh. His Potions Master lovingly pinched, tweaked and pulled at his nipple, while the fingers between his thighs, slipped a finger into him. Harry titled his head back, mewling at every touch and sound coming from all of them. The Potions Master kissed Harry, their tongues dancing together.


When Lucius heard such a delightful sound coming from beside them, he turned his head to the side—only to groan and thrust deeper into Draco at the sight. Harry’s head was tilted up, as he saw his lover play with Harry’s nipples. He saw that Harry had reached behind him only to let out a needy sound, as he parted his thighs even more. And, Lucius saw his tiny cock dripping with come, and Severus’ finger slipping in and out of Harry.


“Shit…” Lucius moaned loudly.


He pushed his little Dragon back onto the bed, and then, gripped Draco’s hips—almost bruising them as he picked up the pace. Pounding harder and faster inside of Draco’s pussy. Making his son cry out loudly. He was going to come soon, just from Draco’s precious heat, and the way his love and Harry looked.


“My little Dragon…” He threw his head back, letting out a grunt. He slammed into Draco once, twice, and then by the third, he slammed all the way inside and stilled.


Draco clawed the bedsheets. A shocked cry coming out of his mouth as he felt something thick and hot filling him from the inside, that the younger Malfoy Heir immediately came. His cock spurting come, as his pussy convulsed and spasmed around his father’s cock. The hot thick come shooting from his father’s cock continued to fill him up. He was getting even more full.


“M-More! Please, Father! Fill me up more!” Draco wailed loudly. He couldn’t get enough of it! He wanted more!


Suddenly, Draco felt the cock slipping out of him, making him protest with a whine. Until, he was flipped onto his back and the blindfold was torn away from him. Before he can even speak a word, he keened as father lifted his hips up—cock pushing back into his come filled pussy.


“Yesss!” Draco arched his back, arms flung above his head as he gripped the bedsheets into his fist. He could feel his father’s seed dripping out of him. The sound of his pussy sucking his father’s cock made Draco mewl in delight.


“My little Dragon, so fucking hot and perfect. Look at your Angel, Draco. Harry looks so debauched.” His father panted above him.


Draco turned his head to the side and a happy noise slipping out of his mouth. Oh, Merlin! Harry looks so beautiful! The younger boy’s back was arched in such a beautiful curve. His Godfather’s hands playing and toying him. And, when Draco really focused on Harry—he noticed the golden collar and chains that Harry wore. Then, saw that Harry wore white stockings and panties. Merlin, Harry looks so pretty in them. The white especially made Harry look like a true, pure Angelic virgin. Draco felt himself grow even more hard and grew wet even more, as his father continue to pound into him.


Lucius pulled Draco up, letting his son fall lean back, as he took the pierced nipple into his mouth, sucking hard. His little Dragon keened and tightened around him even more. He wanted to come inside of Draco again. He wanted to fill his son’s pussy up with his incestuous seed. He couldn’t wait to breed and impregnate his son one day. Lucius rocked deeper into Draco, as his mouth worked on that pierced nipple. Taking the nub, pulling it before releasing it, and then, he took it into his mouth again, tongue swirling around the nipple and jewel until he slipped it out of his mouth with a loud pop. Lucius hooked his teeth on the nipple ring, then pulled at it, making Draco squeal in delight.


“Father! Mnngh!” Draco wrapped his arms around his father’s head, urging the older man to continue sucking and playing his nipple. As his father continued to thrust up into him, Draco snapped his hips to meet the same speed as his father. “Deeper, Father! Faster, please! I’m going to come, soon!”


Draco opened his eyes again, gaze on Harry and Severus. Merlin, he wanted to touch Harry, too! He wanted his mouth on Harry. His Godfather looked so sexy and handsome just kissing Harry with such heated need. He could see their tongues swirling around each other, before Draco moaned at the sight when his Godfather sucked on Harry’s tongue before releasing it, then that mouth and tongue went to attack the side of Harry’s neck. Now, both of Harry’s pretty nipples were getting played with. His Godfather had slipped his cock between Harry’s rounded soft thighs, sliding back and forth. He wanted to have Harry’s cock in his mouth, while his father pounds into him. He wanted Harry’s cock in his mouth, as he comes around his father, while his father coats the inside of his pussy with his seed.


“F-Father! Please, let me touch Harry.” Draco mewled out. “I want Harry’s cock in my mouth while you fuck me. I want to come around you, as you fill me up with Harry’s cock in my mouth. Please!”


Both his Father and Godfather moaned loudly at his words. Lucius looked over to Severus, eyes on his love. Questioning with a look to see if it was alright. Onyx eyes stared back before the Potions Master nodded. Lucius quickly slipped out of Draco, pushed his son onto all fours, and then he watched. He watched his little Dragon crawl to Harry. Taking the beautiful green-eyed boy’s cock into his mouth. Harry jerked, letting out a keen. Then, Lucius shift behind his little Dragon, guiding his cock back inside of Draco’s heat. He’s going to come soon. And he will do what his little Dragon says. After all, it is his birthday. Lucius began rutting fast, gripping Draco’s waist hard.


“Little Dragon, you’re going to come around my cock, while I fill your precious pussy up with my seed. And then, you will drink all of Harry’s come. Don’t waste a single drop.” Lucius growled harshly, speeding up his thrust.


Draco slipped Harry’s cock out of the panties, noting how much pre-come had stained the other boy’s panties. The other boy’s panties looked to be crotchless, as he saw his Godfather’s finger slipping in and out of Harry. Harry’s cock looked so delicious. Draco moaned around the other boy’s cock, as his father fucked him even faster. The excess seed were seeping out of his pussy, whenever his father pushed back into him. He could feel it dripping down the inside of his thighs. He sucked Harry’s tip before engulfing the cock into his mouth. His Angel singing such beautiful sounds above him. His pussy was also making lovely noises as well. His cock was tightening even more, and it wasn’t long until Draco came. As he climaxed, Draco moaned around Harry’s cock, as both Harry and his Father spilled inside of him. His Father’s cock shooting come deep inside of him, as Harry let out a cry and come filled his mouth. God, it was perfect! To have his Father come inside of him, while his Angel released his seed into his mouth. His Angel tasted so good.


“Hmm.” Draco continued to drink and milked Harry dry. He slipped Harry’s cock out of his mouth with a loud pop, then he pulled himself up—his Father’s cock still inside of him. Then, Draco cupped Harry’s face and kissed his Angel.


Harry mewled into the kiss. Tasting his own climax on Draco’s tongue. Draco was sucking his tongue, then pushing his own into his mouth, deepening the kiss. Harry trembled with such excited pleasure, as Severus had stopped his ministrations to watch Harry being kissed.


“Both of you…So, wonderful together. Sweet Merlin.” Severus said from behind Harry.


Draco broke off the kiss, leaning over Harry’s shoulder to give his Godfather a slutty wet kiss. After he finished giving his Godfather a kiss, Draco leaned against his Father. He turned his head to the side, as he pushed down his Father’s head, giving him a kiss also as he slowly thrusted himself on his Father’s spent cock. Only to have that cock inside of him harden again. His Father wrapped his arms around his waist and gently thrusted in and out of him. This was such a wonderful and amazing birthday present. Draco felt so full of his Father and happy. He even got to taste his Angel as well. Especially, he doesn’t want the come inside of him to drip out of him. He wants to get filled everyday and forever by his Father’s cock. And soon, hopefully, he can also get to feel and have his Godfather’s cock ram inside of him and fill his pussy up with his seed. The thought, of having his Angel’s cock inside of him made Draco tighten around his Father.


Breaking the kiss with his Father, Draco said, “Oh, can’t wait to be filled all the time now, Father…” Draco lifted his hips up and then slid back down, earning a happy moan from his Father.

Chapter Text

The next day, after their lovely eventful love-making fest, Lucius was the first one to wake up. He felt calm and at peace with a soft warm small body pressed to his side. Slowly, Lucius opened his eyes, shifting a bit to lean up against the pillows. He looked down at his son, taking in his lovely flushed body. His little Dragon had love bites all over his body. He reached to smooth the bang away from Draco’s cheeks, before he leaned down to press a gentle kiss on his forehead. While doing so, he took in his son’s scent as well as the smell of sex. Suddenly, Lucius felt his cock hardened and wanted to mentally groaned. He didn’t want to take his son, first thing in the morning. He wasn’t sure if Draco would want to do anything after their long love-making from last night. He knows Draco would be sore, since after all, he did take Draco’s virginity. He’ll just have to wait, he suppose. Then, a flash of bright green eyes appeared in his mind; adorable, pretty angelic face all flushed with arousal, small cock leaking and moans from red lips and, Severus look of lust and heated need filled his mind.


Lucius glanced over to the other side of the bed, noticing that his lover and Harry were deeply asleep. Throat constructing and cock perking up at the sight of Harry, who was still in his lingerie and collar, Lucius licked his lips. Really, now, Harry even looks delectable the more Lucius stared at him. Severus really has outdone himself. Truly. The memories of last night was and is still fresh in his mind. The way Draco’s beautiful face looked when he came inside of his little Dragon. The way, Draco prettily begged to kiss and suck Harry while Lucius fucked him from behind. Both his Dragon and Harry were amazingly, truly wonderful last night. Severus as well. He could tell from last night, that Severus almost lost his control and took Harry’s purity. Now, that Severus, Draco and Lucius himself found their fourth, they were almost complete. It was the waiting moment of Severus taking Harry’s purity, which will be on the night of Harry’s birthday.


The moment, Harry’s virgin purity is taken and given to Severus, Lucius can finally also get to have Harry. And, Draco as well. After meeting and spending some time with Harry, his little Dragon had always seemed to compliment and boast how their Harry looks so pretty and angel like. Sometimes, Lucius would hear Draco whine and whimper about Harry.


“Father, Harry looks so pretty.”


“His eyes are like jewels…”


“I want to taste and fuck Harry, Father.”


Those last words had made Lucius hard, when he heard them out of Draco’s mouth. He knew Draco really, badly wanted to taste and fuck Harry. And last night, Draco had finally gotten his hunger quenched for now. Hearing quiet movements on the other side of the bed, Lucius came back to reality and saw that Severus was up but his lover didn’t move. Dark onyx eyes filling with content and heat as they traveled from Harry to Draco, then up to meet Lucius’ eyes.


“Good morning.” Lucius whispered.


Severus nodded, his lips curling up a bit. Severus looked back down at his Star, caressing the boy’s cheek. Harry shifted, murmured something incoherent, then pressed his face into Severus’ hip, curling up. Lucius grinned. Their Harry was much indeed very adorable, even in sleep.




An hour later found all four sat at the table for breakfast. Draco sat next to Harry, Lucius at the head table, and Severus across from Draco and Harry. Harry nibbled on a toast that he had spread the sweet strawberry jam over it, before he took a sip of milk. Severus had told Harry he needed all the calcium and vitamins that his small body very much needed. The potions have gradually helped, but Harry would need to fill out a little bit more if he would try to eat small meals every three hours. Though, Harry couldn’t finish every meal, his body has already adapted to being starved for days that would turn into weeks. Severus glanced over to Harry, noticing his precious boy barely ate anything, except for the toast. His Harry was still very small. And he would need Harry to be at a decent amount of weight before his birthday. Severus wouldn’t want his Stare to pass out from the overexcitement of their love-making. He hadn’t pushed Harry too much lately, but now…He felt as if yesterday’s event was making Harry not eat as much.


Noticing his lover’s look, Lucius looked over to Harry. Their boy playing around with his food; taking tiny baby bites from the toast, but never went for anything else that was laid in front of him. When Lucius had asked why Harry was severely small for a boy his age, Severus had sighed and explained to him that the Dursely’s, who was a relative of Harry’s, starved and beat Harry. And, when Severus had added that Harry’s Uncle inappropriately touched Harry, forcing to stretch that small body with fingers, Lucius’ vision turned red. Severus had assured him, that Harry’s purity was still intact, and Harry will likely remain short and small for the remainder of his life, unless his body decides to do a growth spurt.


Leisurely, after finishing their breakfast, all of them migrated to the family room.


“Well, I must get back to my potions.” Severus stated, after he settled down for half an hour. He stood up from the sofa, nodding to Lucius, then he turned to look at both Draco and Harry. “I won’t be long. But if you need anything, Lucius can send for me, or one of you can come get me. I will be in the potions lab, down in the Manor’s dungeon.” He wanted Harry to have some time alone with both Lucius. He knows that Harry is still wary of Lucius. Afterall, Lucius can sometimes, be intimidating.


Draco looked up at Severus, blinking. “Oh, is it alright if I come along? Father is making me learn how to brew potions, so I would like some help, if that is alright with you?” Getting an affirmation from Severus, Draco smiled. He went over to Lucius, giving the older Malfoy a peck on the cheeks, then he bounced over to Harry, giving Harry a longer kiss on the lips, which resulted Harry breaking the kiss off, shying away with his cheeks flushing bright red. “Be good, my Angel.” With that, Draco disappeared with Severus.


An hour later, Harry’s mind started to be at war with himself.


As much as Harry didn’t want Severus to go, he still wasn’t sure what to make of Lucius. The older Malfoy was…intimidating. Sometimes, it was difficult to tell what goes on, and Harry could never tell what Lucius is thinking. To be honest, Harry felt like he was intruding on something special between Lucius, Draco and Severus. The three of them had a special bond before he came into the picture. Sure, he was around them when they wanted to indulge in sexual activities. Yes, he knows, that their relationship isn’t quite so normal. To others, it was probably a sin and wrong. But to Harry, he’s seen the special bond between the three.


It was special…


So, special that Harry didn’t want to be the one to ruin everything.


Like everything had gone wrong in his life, it seemed like he was to be blamed. Like Aunt Petunia calling him a freak for being his mother’s son. And every crude, mean word that spewed from both his Aunt and Uncle. The past few weeks, everything was good. Happy. Amazing. But even though, he hasn’t started Hogwarts yet with Draco, Harry wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t him anymore. No one practically never wanted him anyway.


Even though last night was special and amazing, Harry still felt that inner insecurity. That scrutinized his mind sometimes. And he wasn’t sure if he wants to voice it out to Severus. Clutching his chest, Harry frowned, biting his lips. Severus, Draco, and even Lucius showered him with love and took care of him. Though, Lucius was still hard to read, so he wasn’t sure if the older Malfoy was just doing this out of duty because Severus was his partner, as well as Draco.


He was so lost in his thoughts, that he hadn’t realized that Lucius had looked up to find him frowning, clutching at his chest. The older Malfoy went over to Harry and stood in front of him. Lucius tilted Harry’s chin up with a finger; making sure he had those jewel green eyes on him.


“Are you feeling unwell?” Lucius asked softly. His brow furrowed downward, taking in the very pale skin of Harry. The way the boy clutched his chest. Was he not feeling well? “Should I call Severus back, love?” He caressed that smooth cheek in concern.


Lucius heard Harry’s breath hitch. Something flickered across those green eyes, making Lucius feel concern. Maybe having Harry partake in their activities was a bit too much? What if the boy was feeling scared and didn’t want to be with them? The boy was raised by his Muggle Aunt and Uncle, so he wasn’t sure if the boy’s mind was okay. He knows that when you’ve lived in an abusive environment far too long, it can take a toll on one’s mind. Maybe he and Severus had really botched it all up. His mind was whirling—trying to make up an answer until he almost missed that quiet voice.


Blinking, Lucius asked, “Care to repeat that?”


Harry looked up at Lucius. His expression so lost and oh, so very vulnerable. His eyes were filled with unshed tears. “Will you guys get tired of me…?”




Tired of Harry?


Impossible! Nonsense!


The older Malfoy’s mind whirled again, finally having an answer.




Lucius pulled Harry into his arms, pressing his hard body against Harry’s soft body. He set his chin on top of the messy hair. “Oh, Harry. My love…” The older Malfoy murmured. It’s no wonder the boy did not eat well this morning. He pulled back, taking in Harry’s form before he attacked the boy’s lips.


“Mmph!” Harry let out a soft squeak.


Moaning at the softness and heat of Harry’s mouth, Lucius deepened the kiss until he broke away from it. Panting softly, Lucius stared down at Harry, cupping the side of his face with his hands. “Harry…We will never get tired of you. You are so special to us. You complete us in a way that we’ve never felt complete before. You being you, makes Draco love you. Your shyness, your eyes, your body, your soul calls to all of us. Severus loves you.”


“Do you?” Harry mumbled softly, eyes looking away.


Eyes softening, Lucius dipped his head down, pressing his forehead against Harry’s. “I do, Harry. Very much so.”


He heard another breath hitch and soon, Lucius saw that tears were streaming down that beautiful face. “Oh, love…”


Harry wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, then they went to grab the hem of his shirt, bunching it into his fist. “I can never tell if you’re just tolerating me, because of Severus and Draco. It scares me that what if I’m not good enough for you, Severus and Draco?”


Groaning, Lucius pressed his face into the side of the boy’s slender neck. Of course, Severus and Draco’s words will always come back to bit him on the arse. They’ve always told Lucius that he was an expressionless man. Well, he couldn’t help it, sometimes. But because of him, his Harry was feeling left out and not loved by him at all. He will have to change that.


Possibly, Lucius will have to bring Harry to that chamber room.


Making his decision, Lucius pulled Harry up by the wrist. “Come, Harry. I plan to show you how much, Draco, Severus and I truly want you and show you how much we care and love for you.”




Harry was in awe at the chamber. He didn’t know where Lucius had taken him, but the moment Lucius pressed Harry’s hand on the guardian sculpture that was on a beautiful hues of blue mosaic that covered a wall from top to bottom. The sculpture shifted, opening its eyes, boring into Harry’s before the wall shifted, shimmered, and Lucius pushed Harry through the wall. Inside the chamber was beautiful. There’s no word to describe it. The room was filled with water that made it look like a pool or some sort, but it was barely shallow—just covering the floor to make it look like an effect.


Beautiful colors of blue and white mosaic covered almost every inch of the chamber. Lucius held his hand, bringing him across the elevated platform marble path, that leads to the middle of the chamber. Four beautiful white and gold pillars stood at the corners of the circular platform. And in the middle, there, laid a beautiful white, gold and dark blue bed. Above it, at the ceiling, Harry can see something shimmering. Squinting his eyes, he saw darkness with stars glittering brightly. Tendrils of white smoke flowed down from the ceiling, making it look like sheer cloth flowing in the wind.


“We never really come here to use this room. But when needed, this room is something that heals the soul. Or if you really needed to get away from the world, this room will be here, for you to use.” Lucius said. “Severus and I have tired to figure out what this room was used for, but no answer came up. But there have been such things like healing chambers within an old home.”


He walked Harry over to the bed, kneeling in front of Harry. He pressed his face into Harry’s stomach, letting out a sigh. “I am sorry if I have made you feel like that. It was not my intention of doing so. But Severus and Draco have reprimanded me that I look harsh and intimidating. I am sorry if I did not make you feel like I care and love for you, Harry. I plan to change that now. I want to show you how much you mean to us.” He looked up at the boy, seeing those eyes widen.


Lucius grabbed the small hands into his, caressing. “Now, I want you to relax for half an hour to an hour at the most.”


“Ohh…” Harry bit his lips, unsure.


Shaking his head, Lucius gripped that chin, forcing Harry to look at him. “Never doubt our love for you, Harry. Do you trust me? Trust Severus and Draco?” A nod. “We want you to be with us. To indulge in everything with us. Will you let us show you? Please?” Lucius almost begged, voice breaking just a bit. His Harry needed to know and be shown how much they care for him.


Harry cupped a hand over Lucius’ hand, nodding, and softly said, “Okay…”


“Good.” Standing up, Lucius kissed Harry on the lips, then whispered, “I will be back with the others in an hour or less. By all means, please, take the time to relax and get comfortable, love.”


“Hm.” Harry nodded; eyes wide.