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Cosmic Christmas

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Ethan blinked confusedly at the dark ceiling above him, unsure why he was awake. He lay still and then heard the soft sounds from the other room, the rustle of clothes being pulled over limbs carefully so as not to disturb. The werewolf moved his head enough to see that Aiden was still asleep, passed out on his stomach, the silky grey sheet riding low along his back, exposing the cleft of his naked ass. Ethan pressed his lips together as his gaze lingered along the curve and rise of his brother’s back and butt cheeks, his own morning wood making his part of the sheet tent upwards. Tempting just to wait here, but…he’ll be gone if I don’t get up.

Ethan sighed to himself and rolled over, momentarily filling the warm depression that had been so recently vacated. He didn’t bother grabbing shorts or underwear, instead walking out into the large open plan living and kitchen space barefoot. “Hey.” Ethan called out softly, approaching the figure from behind. “Leaving already? I thought-”

“Can’t be helped, I’m afraid, duty calls.” He turned around, bright eyes that caught the spill of lights from outside the tall, floor to ceiling windows. “I thought I’d have more time to spend with you, this morning at least, but…”

“Yeah, I understand.” Ethan nodded, regret heavy in his scent. The other man wrinkled his nose and the werewolf shrugged apologetically. “Sorry, not the nicest smell first thing in the morning, huh?”

“Yeah, mmh, especially when there are so many other scents wafting around.” He smirked and dropped his gaze towards Ethan’s half-hard cock. “Your brother still asleep?”

“Uh huh, I wanted to see you off myself anyway.” Ethan replied, moving to stand next to the window. He looked out across the vastness of the Archon-4 Spacedock, their apartment perched on the edge of the residential superstructure. The station never really slept and even at the early hour, dozens of personal ships could be seen darting between the long trailers of automated shipping drones. Several large commercial carriers and luxury liners were attached to the berths opposite them; their gleaming silver and gold trim reflecting the dull lights of the shipyards further below up onto the residential block. Ethan cast his gaze above them to the military cruisers locked into the secure docks near the top of the Spacedock. “Which one is yours again?”

Exarch’s Fury, hmm…there.”

Ethan followed the pointed finger and caught sight of the large space ship; a lengthy structure of black and purple, the prow sharpening out to a point near the shimmering plasma shield that separated the Spacedock’s inhabitants from the star-speckled void beyond, the rising crest of Archon-4 just out of reach. The stern of the great vessel was a mass of engines and boosters, each glowing softly with an orange light. “It’s always impressive.” He murmured, returning his eyes back to the officer. “Even from afar.”

“Still talking about the ship? Haha!”

“Ugh, guilty.” Ethan smirked and then shrugged as he walked back from the window to lean against one of the leather couches placed in a square around the Holo-table. “You weren’t going to leave without saying goodbye, were you? Aiden was going to make pancakes and I was going to find an inventive use for the syrup!”

“Now that is a tempting offer, hmm.” There was a sudden bloom of purple fire as the chimera’s eyes lit up and Ethan saw him knead the front of his uniform with the heel of his hand. “Ach, you always make it so hard to leave…”

“The Emperor alone knows when I’ll next see you.” Ethan slid off the couch and walked over to him, his cock hard again, giddy excitement rolling through his stomach in a way that was only familiar when he was with the chimera.

“It could be some time.” He sighed, adjusting the epaulettes on his shoulder before moving back towards the plasglass windows. The chimera lifted his arm and pointed at the smaller ship that was docked just below his own, a stealthy cruiser accented in sleek white and chrome. “The Exarch’s Fury is escorting that vessel out beyond the Archon system’s jump point and then onwards to Imperious Prime. We leave in an hour, I have to get to my post.”

“It’ll take almost half that long to get across the station with the increased traffic for the holiday.” Ethan sighed wistfully. “I guess I’ll just have to content myself with memories of last night…and it was quite a night! I was pretty sure Aiden wouldn’t agree but you, hah, you really do have that magic touch!”

“It’s all in the words you say,” The chimera replied with a confident smirk. “I really would quite enjoy seeing your brother again though; his body is just as good as yours, can’t ever be certain with brothers, you know.”

“We are identical twins; that helps even if we weren’t werewolves.” Ethan folded his arms across his chest, his hardon enduring despite their casual conversation. “So, what are you going to be doing out there? Is it an exploration mission or more weapons testing?”

“I suppose you could call it that, though I wouldn’t.” The chimera’s expression turned serious as his face was abruptly lit up when one of the commercial freighters nearby ignited its drive engines and pulled out into the early morning traffic. “Apparently, there’s trouble brewing in one of the trading colonies near Imperious Prime, we’re going to secure the wendigo prison there and then stick around for Confederation of Werewolves Summit on their diplomatic station out in the Verge.”

“Ah, damn, ok, you’ll be gone for ages.” Ethan grunted his disappointment and walked with the chimera over to the door, drinking in his handsome features one last time as he did so. “Just don’t die while you’re out repressing the heretics, will you?”

“You’ll miss me?”

“Well, obviously, Captain, you’re the hottest chimera on the station!” Ethan winked flirtatiously at him. “Plus, I’d like to repeat last night again. And again. And, uh, yeah, again!”

“All of it?” The Captain asked, gesturing back towards the bed through the open door into the lovers’ sanctum. “Your brother was hesitant at first. He might be again, for a repeat performance.”

“He came around and I’ve got all weekend to convince him of the benefits beyond sex when hooking up with the scion of one of the most storied chimera dynasties in the Empire, hmm?” Ethan grinned and leaned forward, kissing him hard. “Mmh, I’ll call you when we get back from Archon’s Rest; if you’re within a system or so of distance, we’ll hook-up, huh?”

“Sounds good.” The Captain smiled back and pulled open the door of the apartment into the empty, dimly lit hallway. “You take care, Ethan, and, uh, tell your brother that next time, well, I’m sure you can think of something to do next time!”

“Oh, yeah, something involving his fine ass and our dicks!” Ethan grinned wider, leaning into the doorframe so only his naked torso was visible to the chimera. “Safe travels.”

“You watch out for the ice bears on Archon’s Rest, you hear?”

“Yes, Captain!” Ethan saluted him with two fingers to his brow and watched the chimera officer walk down the hallway, waiting in the doorway until elevator doors closed and whisked him down into the depths of the Spacedock. He sighed contently and wandered back inside the apartment, returning to the bedroom. The scent of sex and sweat still lingered as a result of Aiden turning down the air processors to their minimum setting; it had helped fuel his arousal and become more engaged with the threesome. Ethan didn’t mind, it made the air warmer and his twin sexier.

Ethan climbed back onto the bed next to his brother and shifted close enough until they were barely touching. He ran his gaze first and then his fingers across Aiden’s smooth, tanned back and over the supple globes of his ass, the finest dusting of auburn hair between his cheeks. Ethan wetted his lips, feeling his morning erection returning swiftly and eagerly. He let his head fall back on the pillow and watched Aiden continue to sleep, secure in the knowledge they didn’t have to get up for another hour.


They didn’t always live on the Spacedock; Ethan used the apartment whenever he was travelling between the high population planets of the Archon system, while Aiden had his own home on the freshly colonised forest world of Mindarc-9. But it was a good in-between meeting place when the twins were lucky enough to have their paths cross. Ethan tore his eyes away from his sleeping brother and looked back up at the matte white of the panelled ceiling. The blinds were still closed and only the second-hand light of the shipyards beyond the living room windows filtered in through the open arch that separated the two rooms.

It hadn’t been the plan to hook up with the Captain-he had a name, but Ethan always preferred to remember him by his rank, somehow more romantic and dashing- they had been out for dinner on the promenade next to the pleasure domes that faced towards the center of the Spacedock and the vast administration spire of crystal and glass and steel. The Archon system was dominated by cold worlds and as a result the space stations tended to be hot and tropical; the artificial sun staying high and long into the evening, the temperature too elevated for anything other than shorts, sandals, and a vest. Although, this station was dominated by younger citizens, so vests (and shorts) were mostly optional.

Ethan smirked to himself as he remembered how he and Aiden had sat with their drinks and snacks, watching the passing tides of supernaturals and chimeras both, weighing up the attractive ones and comparing scores. And then…he sat down a little way across from them. Ethan recognized the Captain at once, his features distinctive even apart from the fact he was still in uniform, no hint of discomfort at the balmy conditions. But then again, he was a High Elemental chimera, Ethan already knew that he could handle extremes of heat and not sweat like the rest of them. A youthful, handsome face, smooth cheeks and conservative haircut made him look like most military officers, although the gimmer of intelligence beyond his purple eyes marked him as a chimera. The uniform did his figure no justice, but Ethan knew that below the fabric was a well-defined torso and lightly tanned skin, a natural smoothness that was enviable, and a dick that fitted Ethan’s ass better than almost anyone else he’d been with.

Any other day and he’d have got up and reintroduced himself, any other day he’d have been riding that dick within twenty minutes of saying hi. But…Aiden was with him; this was the start of their vacation together. So, Ethan had just raised his hand in a friendly wave, trying to ignore the current of electric fire that charged through his stomach and into his crotch when the Captain looked over at him with a familiar smile.

Aiden and he had left about an hour after that, heading into Destiny, one of the dozen or so clubs on the elevated pathway at the heart of the Spacedock. It was crowded and hot, music pumping in synth beats and feminine vocals as smoke effects and strobe lights filled the dancefloor with almost enough confusion and euphoria to disorientate and stimulate all of their enhanced senses at the same time. Ethan had eagerly taken to the floor, stripped to his underwear as animal arousal suffused the air and passed from person to person. Aiden, meanwhile, had taken one of the few empty tables on the upper balcony, overlooking the dancefloor and performers.

It was only when Ethan returned for a drink break that he realized Aiden wasn’t alone. The Captain was sitting opposite him, the military uniform gone, colorful shirt half-unbuttoned, clever eyes and a ready smile when Ethan arrived. The chimera had spotted Aiden across the dark and steamy room, mistaken him for Ethan, but Aiden had asked him to stay, had bought drinks, a rare enough occurrence on its own. They drank, they talked, they waited for Ethan.

The roof of the club was quieter, chiller, synth-bass giving way to tranquil trance that evoked lazy seaside days on Brett Prime, the finest resort world in the Empire. It was on the roof that the idea was proposed, and that the discussions were had. At first, Aiden was ready to leave, to let Ethan and the Captain slip away for the night all to themselves, but Ethan was hesitant, too many months had passed since the brothers had last spent time together.

“Well, you could always join us.” It had been a statement, not a question, not even quite a suggestion, spoken with a sort of calm certainty that Aiden would join them. Ethan had frowned at the Captain when he said it, although the desire pooling in his stomach and the hardness in his pants helped him remain quiet. He could smell the strange confusion and excitement that raced through Aiden’s scent, then the contrasting chimera smell of fresh ice-water and spiced arousal layering over each other.

“He’s my brother.” Aiden had answered, uncertainty rolling across his face as he gripped his drink. “That would be…”

“Hardly remarkable; the Empire is much more permissive than the Confederation after all.” The Captain had grinned again, that smile that somehow did the job of six pack abs and an eight inch cock. Ethan had dropped his hand into his shorts at this point, easing the throbbing hardness of his dick as his brother and the chimera continued their vocal dance. “And besides, you’re identical twins, the same DNA, the same glorious appearance-hopefully. So would it really be all that different from playing with yourself?”

“I…I don’t know if Ethan would be into it.”

“Oh?” The Captain had looked back at him, the glimmer of purple fire in his eyes. “Are you into it? Or are you just eager to get started with me?”

And just like that; the application of a few words, the right smile and swagger, and Aiden was joining them in the apartment. Clothes were stripped off at the kitchen table, freshly opened drinks forgotten where they stood, the heat from the air processers overhead reminded Ethan of long summer evenings on their homeworld centuries before. But no longer were the twins chasing after prickle cubs or looking for the lost fortress of the Emperor Ascendant, their fun tonight was altogether more life-changing.

There had been desire between them before; Ethan knew, longing gazes and half-remembered childhood discoveries of each other. But nothing like this, nothing so raw and open and honest. That was the Captain; able to pull things out that Ethan only realized he felt after he had first kissed Aiden properly, things that made him quake and shiver with excitement as Aiden sucked on his erect nipples, desire that was almost overpowering the first time he had taken Aiden’s cock into his mouth.

When they eventually made it to the bedroom, Aiden made his limitations clear; he wasn’t getting fucked, no ass play, and oral was his boundary. Ethan remembered the look in the Captain’s eyes, the look that seemed to suggest a few more honeyed words and Aiden would be presenting his ass to them and begging to be taken. But the chimera had just nodded and lay back on the grey sheets as Ethan eagerly got down between his legs and started sucking him off. Ethan wasn’t sure if it was a conscious decision or not, but he had really arched his back and flexed his ass cheeks when Aiden was behind him, watching the blowjob.

Regardless, the Captain knew what he wanted and Ethan gladly switched roles with him, staying in his hunched over position. Aiden had sat on the bed at that stage, one hand slowly stroking his hard cock as he watched his brother get rimmed. Ethan usually loved the experience of getting eaten out and played with back there, but tonight he barely noticed the rimjob, concentrating instead on Aiden. He watched the abrupt increase in his brother’s jerking speed when the Captain started tonguing Ethan’s ass, pulling unheeded moans from his throat. He breathed in deeply as his brother’s scent shifted from mild eroticism into full, thick arousal. He traced the droplets of sweat as they gleamed their way down Aiden’s tanned skin and along his ridged abs. Their eyes connected as soon as the Captain pulled away and replaced his tongue with his cock. The momentary bridge was enough to ignite another core of fire in Ethan’s chest and he reached down to his cock, finding it already slick with precum.

The chimera was a good top, Ethan paid him just enough attention to make it an enjoyable fuck, but he could tell the Captain was holding back; waiting for Aiden to join in, waiting for Aiden to push himself beyond his self-imposed limitations. Ethan helped him, pulled his brother into a kiss and embrace as the chimera sat back on his haunches, bracing Ethan as he continued to ride his cock and make out with Aiden at the same time. A few more minutes and Aiden was lying down on the bed, his lips wrapped around Ethan’s dick while his brother returned the favor; lying on top of him as they sucked each other off. The Captain was still in him, still fucking him bare, precum and lube gliding his way in and out of Ethan’s ass.

He almost wished he had Aiden’s perspective, he could imagine watching as his brother was fucked; his perfect ass speared by a thick cock, the fuck juices dribbling down his taint as Ethan sucked his brother’s dick. It was a strong enough image to make him clench his own ass tight, to increase his bobbing head on Aiden’s cock. Perhaps it was too strong as Aiden started gagging on Ethan’s dick, pulling off with effort to forewarn him. “I’m gonna cum!”

Ethan did want to taste his brother’s cream, he wanted it filling him up from both ends, but the Captain obviously wanted to witness the werewolf’s cum first-hand and Ethan didn’t begrudge him that. Aiden’s cock pulsed a few times as Ethan pulled off him, glistening from his saliva before he began to shoot. Thick streams of his cum exploded from the slit and hit an unsuspecting Ethan in the face and neck, splashing against his chest before Aiden angled his cock down and spilled the rest of his cum shower on his heaving abs and pecs.

The Captain groaned and shot his load a moment later, filling Ethan with his cum as the werewolf moaned and grinned when he realized Aiden had taken his cock back into his mouth, sucking him off. He was able to return the warning when he climaxed thirty seconds later and his brother averted his face, eyes closed as Ethan fired off several long ropes of cum across Aiden’s cheeks and lips, the dribbles coating his twin brother’s neck and collarbones.


It was hot, having a threesome with his brother, too hot to just be satisfied with one fuck and one cum, no matter how amazing it felt to spill his cream on Aiden or have his own face and chest dripping with his brother’s cum. Ethan had quickly rolled onto his back when the Captain had pulled out, presenting his fucked loose, cum-filled hole to Aiden. “Will you…?” He hadn’t dared finish the question, his heart hammering in his chest as the chimera watched and Aiden licked his lips. Ethan couldn’t be sure it was desire-the room was an overpowering scent shop of lust and arousal and cum-or if Aiden was just thirsty from their exertions.

The moment passed and Aiden shook his head, “Uh, I, ah…”

“Finger me at least!” Ethan had said, the pleading tone in his voice hadn’t been planned, but Aiden was still hard, his abs and pectorals glistening with the streaks of their mixing cum trails. He desperately wanted his brother to take him, to fill him up, to be inside him so completely. And Ethan really liked getting fucked twice in one night, especially by a different guy than the one that gave him the creampie.

Aiden had shrugged and glanced at the chimera before looking back at Ethan and then nodding. “Yeah, I, uh, ok.” He didn’t say anything else and Ethan was able to detect the underlying nervous energy that had replaced much of Aiden’s original arousal.

“C’mere.” Ethan pulled his brother against him, their faces close, their eyes shut, their lips finding each other in a passionate twist of fire. He could feel the mattress shift as the chimera climbed up next to them and then his strong hands caressing Ethan’s skin, slipping over a moment later to Aiden’s shoulders, the werewolf relaxing into the makeout session. Ethan kept his legs apart, his cock as hard as his brother’s own now, hoping to entice Aiden into actually fucking him. But his brother just slipped down his body instead; kissing and sucking at his nipples and abs along the way. Ethan groaned when Aiden’s lips found his cock head again, the moan getting louder when three of his brother’s fingers pushed into the slickness of his cum-filled asshole.

The Captain’s cock was lingering at his face and Ethan eagerly slurped it down, waiting for him to move into a different position so they could alternate between Ethan deep-throating him and the chimera face-fucking him with the first third of his dick. Ethan arched his back and moaned around the cock in his mouth as Aiden continued to suck him off and finger-fuck his asshole.

“Let’s stretch him out.” Ethan remembered the chimera telling his brother. The Captain had leaned over him, his cock still fucking Ethan’s hot, wet mouth as he braced on one hand and used the other to reach between Ethan’s spread thighs.

He couldn’t see it when it happened, but the two of them had pulled his asshole open, stretching it in a way that was beyond pleasure, both Aiden and the chimera had their fingers inside him, crammed against each other, moving back and forth, cum and lube making it easy. Ethan swallowed the Captain’s cock and bounced his hips up and down on the bed as Aiden gripped his cock and jerked him off. It didn’t take long for him to spurt again across his abs and for the chimera to pull out of his mouth with a wet pop.

“Damn, that was so hot.” Aiden had whispered, lying back on the bed. He was jerking himself off with one hand and staring at the other, his fingers still slick with cum from Ethan’s hole. The Captain meanwhile had plugged Ethan again, this time getting him to bounce up and down on his dick as he lay next to Aiden. This afforded Ethan the perfect chance to get fucked and to get off to his brother’s naked, aroused body at the same time.

“Come here.” He had said, almost as though it was a dream, not quite believing that they were doing this. Aiden nodded and stood up on the bed, so his hard cock was level with Ethan’s face as he rode the chimera’s hard dick. “Let me suck you again.” Ethan had whispered, looking up along Aiden’s hot body to his eyes, seeing the trust and agreement before his brother nodded and pushed his cock against Ethan’s lips.

It had a slightly salty taste from the previous cum and freshly leaking precum, but Ethan swallowed Aiden’s cock eagerly, one hand on the Captain’s chest for balance, the other fondling Aiden’s heavy ball sac. Just as before, the knowledge of what they were doing, the eroticism of their actions, the overpowering scent of arousal and desire and sex in the room was enough to push Ethan and Aiden both over the edge. Ethan came first; splattering his third load across the Captain’s abs and chest. He arched back, Aiden’s cock pulled from his mouth as his ass muscles clenched around the thick dick inside him. Aiden’s hand was there seconds later, jerking himself to a finish and spurting his cum across Ethan’s face again.

He moaned loudly when that happened, getting his mouth back on Aiden’s dick even as his eyes shut tight, cum dribbling down his forehead onto his nose and cheeks. Aiden shot a few more times as Ethan swallowed and licked him clean. It was only when he pulled off and looked down at the chimera that the Captain resumed fucking him, finishing inside him with a satisfied groan as Ethan let Aiden’s juices glisten on his face and chin and chest.

Afterwards, Aiden had rolled onto his side and fallen asleep quickly, not even getting up to wipe himself clean. The Captain did get up, Ethan watched as he used a damp facecloth to clean off their sweat and cum, waiting for him to come back to bed. Ethan didn’t get up to use the bathroom after him, despite the cum inside his ass; he wanted to let it linger, he almost wanted to go again.