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What Lies Beneath

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You grimaced as crimson liquid splashed onto your clothing. Your nose wrinkled up in disgust as a fair amount splattered onto your face. The form you held in your strong arms went limp, and you let the body go immediately. It landed with a resounding thump next to a discarded kitchen knife. 

You gave the taller, dark haired male standing in front of you a look that said, what-the-fuck? He let out a laugh in response to your expression, his handsome visage lifting along with his high cheekbones.

“Sorry, (Name).”

“Jesus fuck, Obito. You couldn’t have just used a different method?” He flicked his switchblade and put it away. He took out a pistol and aimed it at the head of the bleeding man by your feet. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“That’s enough!” You yelled, grabbing the weapon from his hand without caution. He loosened his fingers in order for you to grasp it a little more safely and gave you a mischievous grin. “You’re fucking ridiculous,” you chided him, flicking the safety back on the gun. “He would’ve died anyways, you know.” You tucked it back in his holster. 

Blood pooled at the base of your steel-toed boots and you shot Obito another look. “Way too excessive.” 

“Oh, please. Don’t play innocent with me, (Name). I know better than anyone that you’re just as ruthless as I am when you’re in a mood,” Obito teased, kneeling down by the body. “Besides, he put up a good fight, didn’t he?” He leaned over the motionless body, pressing two fingers to his carotid artery and looked down at his wristwatch. “He’s dead. Time of death is 1725 hours.” He stood back up and you took a small pad and pen from your front pocket, jotting it down. 

“‘Kay. I’m gonna punch you in the face, alright?” He rose his brow at you. 

“I mean, I understand why, but don’t hit too hard.” You smirked at him, tilting your head innocently. 

“Why? Scared?” 

His fingers wound around the corner of your bulletproof vest as he pulled you flush against him. Your faces were nearly touching. The smirk on your face was unaffected at his actions. You were used to his antics. 

“Be careful with how close you get to me, Obito,” you almost whispered. “I doubt my husband would be too happy if he saw you right now.” 

“Shisui can go to hell,” he practically glowered. “If you punch me too hard, I’ll make sure you regret it. Got that?” 

You cocked a brow and gently poked his nose. 

“You’re kinda cute when you threaten me, you know,” you teased, both of your hands going up to the fingers that had wrapped around your best and prying them off. “I think you just like getting in my face.” Obito rolled his eyes and let you go properly. 

“I think you like punching me in mine.” 

Your fist collided with his cheekbone. He let out an unwilling grunt as you made contact with his face. “How’s that?” You asked, knowing you’d held back. 

“Not bad,” he responded, massaging it lightly. “But I am a little sad I can’t threaten you again.” You let out a laugh and rolled your eyes. 

“Let’s just call Izuna and Madara to get this body removed. I wanna go shower,” you spoke, eyes wandering towards the coffee table in the middle of the room. “Should we break some shit and make it look like more of a struggle?” You asked, looking back towards your partner. 

“Nah,” Obito responded. “Let my dad handle that. I don’t wanna somehow fuck it up.” You bit at your lip. 

“Are you sure?” 

“Look, (Name), the guy was a goddamn serial rapist. It doesn’t fucking matter if we took him dead or alive. My dad’s not gonna give a shit whether or not we killed a guy like him. He’ll cover it up well enough to the point where the ANBU won’t question a thing.” 

You sighed. He had a point. You and Obito had done this more than once, and Madara and Izuna always made sure they made no mistakes in their cover-ups. Besides, it wasn’t like you two were the only pair that did things like this anyways. 

“You’re right. Let’s go then,” you continued, starting to walk towards the door of the house. Obito followed you and the two of you used to cover of night to return back to your vehicle. Once you’d made it back into the safety of your SUV, you sighed and reached for the makeup wipes you kept in the glovebox. Obito started the car and began driving, dialing his father’s number as he did so. 

“Are you finished?” Madara answered. 

“Yup. But we didn’t arrest him.” 

“For fucks sake, son.” 

Obito laughed. “Hey, you told me to use killing force when necessary.” 

“I doubt it was fucking necessary with this man. You’re a skilled fighter, what the fuck happened?”

“Just go clean it up, dad. He has a violent past. Make some shit up.” 

“You and (Name) need new fucking partners. You can’t be trusted together,” Madara grumbled. 

“What’re you talking about? She doesn’t like rapists and I don’t like people. We work great together!” You heard Madara sigh on the other line and laughed. 

“He truly did fight us. He tried to stab me with a butcher knife and I had to disarm him.” You could practically envision Madara’s deadpan expression. 

“Fine. I’ll take Izuna out there and get it settled.” 

“I’ve got a bruise forming on the right side of my face.” 

“We’ll recon before I write the report. Go to HQ and get cleaned up,” Madara ordered. “ Have Mikoto wash your uniforms promptly.” 

“Got it. See ya, daddy-o.” Obito hung up the phone and pressed his foot down on the pedal to drive faster. He glanced over at you as you wiped the blood off of your face. 

“Absolutely disgusting,” you murmured to yourself. Obito didn’t respond, and instead turned up the music of the radio. The two of you rode back to headquarters in silence. 

Obito pulled into the back of the large building, completely ignoring the texting drivers and speeding cars on the way there. You didn’t protest, seeing as neither of you were really in the proper attire to write a ticket considering the fact that you were both covered in a fair amount of blood. Nevertheless, when he parked the car, he was the first to get out seeing as you were still fussing over your face and neck. 

He opened your door, prompting you to get the fuck out and hurry the fuck up. You rolled your eyes at his lack of tact before stuffing the used wipes in your pocket and following him inside through the back door. 

The first person you caught sight of had long, brown hair pulled back into a high ponytail. She was wearing a long, form fitting black dress that bunched around her sides, stretching around her protruding tummy. She smiled as she saw you enter. “Welcome ba- oh god, don’t come in here with those shoes on! I just mopped!”

You and Obito stopped mid-step, looking to one another and then shrugging simultaneously. You both removed your boots and set them on the corner of the black rug that had been placed in front of the automatic sliding doors. 

“Thanks,” the woman continued, her dazzling smile replacing the former nervous expression on her face. “How was your mission, (Nickname)?” She walked over to you with a bottle of hand sanitizer, squirting some of it in your cupped hands. 

“It went wonderfully, Zuzu,” you started. You lowered your voice. “I even got to punch Obito in the face again.” She snickered as the older male held out his hands for some sanitizer as well. 

“Wait right here,” she instructed. “I’ve got some shoes for the two of you.” 

She returned to her desk and searched behind it until she found two pairs of fluffy slippers. One was pink, and one was black. She placed the black pair in front of you and the pink in front of Obito. He made a face. 

“Why do you hate me, Izumi?”

Izumi snickered again. 

“I don’t hate you! It’s just so fun to bother you.” He crossed his arms over his chest as you slipped into your own pair. 

“We’re gonna head to the showers.” You wrinkled your nose again when you took another whiff of your own scent. 

“Sure thing. I’ll have Mikoto get your clothing. Just put them in the bags and set them outside the door.” 

“Thanks Zuzu,” you returned. You and Obito started shuffling towards the hallway until she called your name. “Yeah?” 

“Shisui wants to see you when you’re finished.” You felt your heart flutter. 

“Okay, thanks for letting me know.” 



You and Obito showered quickly. You were fast due to the fact that there was only a thin wall between the two of your naked forms and didn’t want to chance him seeing you, and he was fast because - well, he had shit to do and he was already way behind on paperwork. 

Two clean, ironed uniforms were waiting for the two of you when you got out, and you dressed quickly, before Obito had finished. You called out to him that you’d catch up with him later and scurried off to see your husband in his office. 

You had to go up two flights of stairs - you preferred it to the elevator - and down a long, poorly lit hallway. 

Itachi really needed to get more lights installed on this floor. It felt like you were walking through a goddamn morgue. 

You didn’t bother to knock when you reached the wooden door at the very end of the hall. You turned the knob and grinned widely when you were greeted by the wonderful sight of your husband in his reading glasses, straining his eyes to see the text on his desktop computer. 

God damn did he look good in glasses. 

He looked up at the sound, and gave you a smile with  beauty that nobody could possibly even think to rival. “Hey love,” he greeted. “How was your mission?” He went to stand but you waved him down. He sat, but swiveled his chair so that when you went around his desk, you could plant those beautiful lips on his own. 

And you did. With soft, gentle hands placed around either side of his face, you moved your lips slowly against his own. Your heart thumped against your chest. 

It had been years and he was still able to turn your insides into a mess. 

“It was alright,” you spoke, brushing your thumb against his face affectionately. You moved away from him to sit on the other side of his desk. “Obito got carried away again.” He clicked his tongue and shook his head. 

“Ah, well… I’m sure you didn’t encourage him at all, did you love?” You could tell by the smirk playing across his lips that he knew you did. 

“Well, he tried to stab me so I disarmed him and put him in a hold. I thought Obito was just gonna rough him up a bit, but he ended up stabbing him. I didn’t even know he had a switchblade on him,” you explained, running a hand through your damp locks. 

“It can’t be helped,” Shisui started, taking off his glasses. “He’s got the temper of a hormonal twelve year old boy.” You snickered and he smiled at the sound of your laugh. “Anyways, I’m heading home early tonight since my birthday is tomorrow. I was wondering if you wanted to come home with me or just have Obito or someone else drop you off at the end of your shift.” 

“Oh, no. I am two-hundred and fifty percent going home with you,” you asserted. “I don’t think I would be able to stay sane knowing you’re not here.” He chuckled at your enthusiasm and nodded, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Alright babe. Also, there’s one more thing. Itachi and I are pretty much finished with this quarters paperwork. We’ll be able to get back on the field by next week, so if you need a partner swap I can work something out.” 

You contemplated this for a moment before shaking your head. “As annoying as he can be, Obito and I work well together. I just think we’ll be investigated if we keep getting these missions for outstanding warrants and they somehow end up dead every now and then.” 

“Luckily it doesn’t happen too often,” Shisui responded, though his brows were furrowed with concern. “Madara does a good job of covering up. It’ll be okay for now, but I’ll have a talk with Obito.” You gave him a nod and a smile. 

“Thanks, Shisui. When are you going home?” You asked, placing your head in your palm. 

“Within the hour. Go ahead and change into something more comfortable. Sasuke bought some sushi. It’s in the kitchen if you’re hungry.” He reached out for your hand and took into his own, bringing it to his lips a second later. He smiled. “I love you.” 

“I love you too, dear,” you responded, your heart practically melting. 

“I’m going to go tell Itachi you’re coming with me, okay? Go change and eat a bit and then we’ll head on home.” 

You nodded, standing and leaning over his desk to kiss him again. He pressed a kiss on your cheek after the exchange and you left his office without another word. 

Mikoto gave you a smile as you passed her. “How are you, (Name)?” 

“I’m doing well. How about yourself?” 

She fell into step with you and you eyed the laundry basket she was holding. “I’m doing well myself! Fugaku just bought a yacht this morning and we’re going to take it out for the weekend. I can’t wait to go on it!” 

“Wow, that’s great! You both deserve it. I hope you’re able to relax. The two of you do so much for us here.” She placed a gentle hand on your shoulder. 

“Of course. Family comes before fun.” 

“I’ve always admired that about you,” you admitted, gazing at the gracefully aged woman. 

“Thank you. Now that Izumi and Itachi are expecting, it’s given me a new outlook on things,” she explained with a wistful smile. She looked back to you. “Now when are you and Shisui planning on having kids? You were supposed to be first!” She teased, causing your face to flush. 

“A-ah, we’re not quite ready yet.”

“Have you at least talked about it?” 

Oh, this was so not the conversation you wanted to be having with your husband’s aunt. You knew she was just excited though, and wanted more children in the family. 

“A little!” 

No, no you hadn’t. 

“That’s good. Get on it! Kagami isn’t getting any younger, and he’s always talking about grandchildren!” 

Oh lord. You weren’t sure if your face could get any more red. 


Oh, thank God for Izumi. 

“Yeah, Zuzu?” 

“Sasuke has sushi rolls in the kitchen!” You watched her walk up to you and Mikoto. “Come eat with me!” 

You smiled at both women as Mikoto excused herself. “I’m totally down to eat.” 

“Sasuke told me I can only have some of the fried rolls, but little does he know… I’m going to eat all of the fried rolls!” She exclaimed with a mischievous snicker. You laughed along with her. 

“I’m gonna change first, is that okay with you?”

“Oh, you’re going home with Shisui?” 

“Yeah,” you confirmed. “I need to wind down a bit after today’s mission. Some time with him will help a lot.” She hummed her agreement. 

“I’ll walk with you. Lord knows I need the exercise. All I do when I’m home is stay in bed.” 

“You’re supposed to relax when you’re pregnant,” you refuted. “You can’t go all day being stressed out. It wouldn’t be good for you or Itachi junior,” you continued. 

“You’re right, but still! I get bored sometimes.” 

“Just call me and I’ll come over,” you said with a shrug. “We could go shopping or something.” 

She smiled. “That sounds like fun.” 

“Yeah. When I’m not here, I’m not doing much unless I’m with Shisui, so I’m open to hanging out whenever. We don’t have to wait ‘til our Friday hangouts, you know.”

“I’m gonna take you up on that, I hope you realize!” She said with a tinkling laugh.


You and Izumi walked down the hallway and into the laundry room where you grabbed some casual clothes and slipped them on while she waited. After that, you both made your way - slowly - down to the elevator and to the kitchen where Sasuke’s sushi rolls waited.


Shisui’s fingers massaged your scalp as you lay in his lap, covered by a heavy blanket. Your eyes were trained on the television in front of you, and you were holding his free hand. He was also watching the show on the screen, but his eyes would flicker down to your face and back every now and then.

Watching your eyes slowly close in relaxation as you succumbed to sleep was the most endearing thing he’d seen in a while. You’d been pretty stressed out lately - Obito typically had that effect on people - and while he was concerned for you, he knew that there was nobody better suited to be your partner.

The only person that could be synchronized with you better than him was Shisui himself, and that wouldn’t work. You’d likely try to sleep with him in the squad car, and he’d probably do it and royally piss Itachi off. He really didn’t like pissing off his cousin, regardless of the fact that they were co-captains of the Police Force right now and neither one held authority over the other. It was frustrating at times, but it worked. Once Fugaku handed the force over to Shisui a couple of years ago, Shisui had felt it right to promote Itachi to his level once he got married himself.

Fugaku came back in to help with paperwork, but he’d completely retired from the field. Shisui didn’t blame him. It was tough work, and the field did harden you to the outside world. When Fugaku had retired, he told Shisui that he was “fucking done” and just wanted to live out the rest of his years quietly with his wife.

After only five years of being in charge and six being married to you, he could echo that sentiment. It was seriously aging him in a way that he wasn’t sure would be beneficial in the long run.

As he let his fingers trace the contours of your face, he let his mind wander to thoughts of your future together. With Izumi showing more than ever, it did make him think about children with you. But it wouldn’t be feasible right now, you were much too absorbed in the field work, and he was just way too stressed out as it was. He loved you dearly and wanted to have children with you one day, but truly, he didn’t know if it would ever happen.

He would be okay with that, though. No matter what happened, if he got to spend his life with you, everything would be fine.

He traced the small scar that had been left on your right cheek, eyes placed diligently onto it.

He desperately hoped everything would be fine. Things had gone well up until now, and hopefully the good luck would last.

He placed a gentle kiss on the knuckles of your hand that was entwined with his own, finally leaning his head back and closing his own eyes to join you in sleep.