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The day off (and the nap time)

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"Kacchan... you still there?"
The only reply he gets is Kacchan nodding, his eyes closed and relaxing even more on Izuku's chest. 

They were watching an AM movie til now, just cuddling on their bed, but when the snarky comebacks to his live commentary of the movie starts to quiet down , and the weight over his side gets warmer, Izuku has to accept that Kacchan is at the edge of sleep.

He knew this was going to happen. Kacchan knew it , thats why he suggested this. They only get one day off pro hero work and Kacchan always, always spends it sleeping.

Izuku repeats to himself, even with the irritation growing inside himself as Kacchan starts to snore softly, "I dont mind, really. I know Kacchan needs his sleep. Rest is good..."

"But..." another tiny voice whines in his head. "It's not fun!"

 They barely do anything  intimate lately! And Izuku isn't dumb, nor a horny teenager anymore, but there's no way one wouldn't want to do something with someone as gorgeous as Kacchan...

But he is just gone now, sleeping for gosh knows how many hours. Izuku can't help the sigh that escapes his lips-.

"Kacchan... Sweet dreams..."

He says and kisses his forehead, even though he knows hes stuck here until he gives out as well.

But wait.

An idea comes to Izuku, and as soon as it comes, he feels his face heat up. 

Kacchan is his partner, his lover. 

One of the most important people he has. 

Kacchan is his.

So he can do this...Right?

His eyelashes are so long and light, and his skin is smooth-- and his lips are soft. He knows this because he has watched, longed, --touched it all. 

So if he could before, why not now?

He moves very slowly, and gets Kacchan to his eye level easily. He is strong after all.

Now he is very close. Izuku feels his cheeks burning as he plants a soft kiss on Kacchan's lips.

Barely a soft sigh escapes his mouth, and Kacchan relaxes on their pillow. 

Maybe if he wakes up like this, he won't get mad is all Izuku's mind adds as he continues hovering his soft lips, just light and warm enough.

Kacchan doesn't move. He is just still sleeping.

Something about it set Izuku on edge. 

He tries with his tongue. He thrusts into his partner's warm mouth so easily he feels almost embarrased. Actually. His face has been growing redder by the minute. 

It feels different to all other times, where Kacchan is rough and demanding and everything in between. 

Its different but its good.

He barely contains a little moan when he sucks Kacchan's tongue and licks his teeth. 
Kacchan is so pliant, so soft... cute...

He backs off for air.

Kacchan is still sleeping like a log.

...It feels good. It's different but good, he realizes. 

Izuku tries again.  Kacchan--  is resting, but...!

His mouth is so eager, the blond just sighs softly every time.

He keeps kissing him, and slides his big, scarred hand over Kacchan's hips. The other one settles on his nape, starts to grab his hair softly, just barely petting him. Kacchan scoots closer to him.

cute, cute... cute!

Izuku isn't sure how long he has been kissing him and caressing his exposed skin, but he thinks hes going crazy. 

He lowers his head, and starts kissing Kacchan's neck. Slowly, slowly, soft touches starting to becomes nibbles. 

Kacchan is still sleeping.

"Hmh..." He can't help but whispering nothings over his collarbone. He smells and tastes like caramel, and he never has had the chance before to throughly enjoy smooching or biting his neck. 

Kacchan always says he doesn't want him to mark him at the agency, or during patrol. 

We are not working now, his hazy mind dumbly provides. Kacchan doesn't know...


A shiver runs down Izuku's body.


He doesn't register when his hold on Kacchan's nape gets stronger, but he knows he's progressively getting hard as he starts to shower him with bites and small sucks on his neck. 

Kacchan doesn't move, or if he does it's just to get closer, closer to the heat over his skin.- Izuku's hands get frenetic, and it roams over his boy until he stops to squeeze at his butt, roughly.

Kacchan is still asleep. Izuku gets harder by the minute.

He grabs his ass and pushes against him, his other hand clutching at his hair forcing him to expose his neck so Izuku can continue ravaging him.

Izuku turns his body towards his boyfriend, and short of freezes when he feels the hard-on against his own.


He is hard, but his eyes are still closed and his body pliant.

With his hand still on his ass, Izuku grinds down on him. 

Kacchan releases a dirty, slutty moan that goes straight to his dick. 

he is still asleep??????

Something in Izuku kind of snaps.

He isn't sure what's there, but he's equally irritated as he's horny. 

Kacchan won't wake up, no matter what he does? Okay, he can live with that.


He was all this time just trying to wake him up, so they could make out a bit before sleeping for the night. 

He isn't annoyed about this.

Izuku isn't definitively pleased by this turn of events. Nope.

So since hes NOT amused, he grinds down their dicks again. The underwear they're both wearing is thin but still restrictive as hell for what he feels. 

Izuku is dying at this tension building up inside him.

Kacchan is sleeping, Izuku gets rougher.

He feels like an animal in heat, but right now he can't stop it. It feels way too good, to have Kacchan all for himself, soft and willing and snoring and adorable and just there, moaning.

The blond's voice is high and whiny when he says "'zuku... izuku..." and he isn't
even sure if hes awake now, but doens't care. 

Maybe is better is hes still asleep, Izuku barely concedes as he gets on top of Kacchan and straddles his hips, grinding down their dicks like a madman. 

Kacchan eyes are closed, but his mouth is open, willing and lovely. Izuku grabs his hair roughly and yanks him in rhythm with his thrusts. 

He feels it building, the warmth in his belly. Izuku is so incredibly hot right now.

When his breathing hitching by the minute, he stops altogether, growls as he yanks down Kacchan's briefs, moves his knees away from him.

He doesn't doubt for a second to take the hot lenght in his mouth and brace his arms over his stomach to stop him from moving. The feel it's intoxicating, raw and altogether new. Kacchan moans get a little higher, a little lovelier--

Izuku feels more than knows Kacchan is about to come. He releases his dick with a wet pop, and bites down the inside of Kacchan's thigh, hard enough to draw blood-- and Kacchan screams as he comes all over his stomach.


it's such a pretty sight ,he almost feels bad it's over. But that seems to bring Kacchan back to the world.

He's groggily opening his eyes now and his voice is all but fucked out when he whispers. "Deku... what the fuck...?"

Oh hell. Sleepy Kacchan is good, but Izuku can't deny half sleepy and post orgasm Kacchan isn't the prettiest thing either. 

"Ugh, what's... th—"

"Shut the fuck up, slut" He doesn't recognizes his own voice, but feels the goosebumps on Kacchan's skin as he stares him down. 

He looks quietly as Izuku lowers down his underwear, and his cock bounces free of it's restraint. 

Izuku's glare softens up automatically. 

"Be a good boy and open your mouth, Kacchan."

The hero's mouth is open before he even finishes his sentence. His cheeks are red but his eyes are eclipsed black. 

It doesn't take much at all for Izuku to raise on his knees, right next to Kacchan's shoulders, and coming all over Kacchan's soft lips and face after a few strokes. 

He feels the high settle with his orgasm, and it's awfully aware of Kacchan' nails on his thighs, marking his skin with red half moons like his bites did.

Izuku falls without grace over his partner, breathing ragged and heavy, his dick soft now over Kacchan's stomach. It feels like a eternity before one of them says something. 

It's Kacchan. "What the fuck is your problem, nerd? I was sleeping."

Izuku shifts down a bit, nuzzling on Kacchan's jaw, he  spends a glance to the red angry marks on his neck. He giggles a "Sorry." 

Other than that, he doesn't say anything more, and a comfortable silence settles for a moment.

Too quiet, that Izuku thinks he's going to doze off again.

"Kacchan...You sleeping?"

"Like hell, asshole. I feel fuckin' gross." 

Izuku laughs. "Okay, let's clean up?"

As they get up, albeit lazily, Izuku isn't even embarrassed to think by this discovery to go further, when the next opportunity presents.