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Winx Club Rewrite Outline

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Well. I've made some choices, haven't I?

Against my better judgement, I've decided to outline how I would rewrite the story of Winx Club. I'm going to be working with a few of my friends to figure this stuff out, but I'm going to be the one posting it here. 

It's important to notice that this will not have any dialogue, instead only being an outline. If you wish to use these ideas in your fiction of Winx Club, feel free to do so, but credit is required. If you ask me about it, I will say yes, but I ask that you comment or tell me elsewhere that my ideas will be used and link me to the story.

However, I'm not going to be starting off with just outlines. I'm going to begin with character summarizing... Well, I call it summarizing, but it's not really. I'm making a lot of changes, and like with any other story, I'm starting with the characters. Plots are cool and all, but it's hard to build a plot when you don't have characters to play it out.

I usually begin my fiction with a form of sorts. It fills out basic information about a character and describes what they're going to be like. I have these for all of my characters (*stares at Alitia and its cast of 50 characters*), and I want to have them for this too. It'll be a nice way to establish the changes I've made to the characters so that I don't have to take up time dedicated to the plot to define it.

I'll probably explain why I made some of the changes I did on these forms. Sometimes, I change things to make them fit in with continuity. Sometimes, I change things since I just didn't like them the first time. Sometimes, I change things because Nickelodeon is an abomination that doesn't know how to touch this franchise without fucking ruining it.

But I digress.

I'm going to start off with the Winx and the specialists. The Trix, Daphne, and Roxy will also be early parts of this. Minor characters such as Diaspro (who will have a character arc, god damn it), Mirta, Faragonda, Griffin, Saladin, etc. will come after that. I'm going to be adding backstories to all of the specialists and minor characters, and I'll be throwing in family relationships since I find those to be an important part of a character. Spoiler alert: some of the family members from the show have been axed for this. Don't worry; it's only the Nickelodeon ones.

How far am I going to go with this outline? Good question. For now, I'm going to use this as a place to throw out my character ideas. Once I've had enough of character development, I'll sum up planets and how those work. After that, I'll finally get into outlining actual plot. 

I prefer to build my worlds before creating stories for them. For example, Alitia has eight pages of notes (and these aren't all that detailed), and Galaxy of Hyperion has ten pages of notes. I'm going to be doing briefings on each of the major planets, the changes I've made, the culture, and more.

Since this is only a summary of what will be happening here, this chapter doesn't really do much. However, I'm going to try and jump into my first character profile (Bloom) tonight. I want to get that up as soon as possible.

PS: If anybody out there reading this has worked on an alternative version of Winx Club to fix its continuity or just rewrite the story, I'd love to talk to you over discord if you'd be interested. I love hearing about different perspectives on these things, and I'm happy to talk to you about it. Warning in advance: I am an Uncultured Bitch(TM) who watched the Nick dubs of seasons three and four (plus Secret of the Lost Kingdom), so my ideas from those seasons are probably going to be different from those who watched 4kids or Rai. I've watched the Rai version of seasons one and two though, so I'll be taking my ideas for those two seasons from Rai. I also watched the Rai version of Magical Adventure because Fuck The Nick Version of that movie. 

With all of that said, I hope you'll stick around as I jump into things for this rewrite outline!