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No Longer Puppy Love (But Something More)

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    My alarm ringed, its sound pierced through my ears. I grabbed the cable and unplugged it.

    "Shut up already" I got fired at my job last week and had no where to go, so I had no I idea why I left it on. The money in my bank account was slowly being drained, and I just stopped getting out of bed entirely.
I knew that I had to get a job eventually, so I pulled out my phone and dialed the number for Freddy Fazbear Entertainment.
   Talk about a last resort. I never liked the place. Ever since I was a kid the animatronics freaked me out, their beady eyes always followed me around, and their fur looked a little too real. The place always smelt faintly of blood for some reason. The last time I went was for my 5th birthday party, then I bid that creepy place goodbye.
    That is, until today. That was 20 years ago, and the place still haunts me.
    A man's voice was heard on the other side of the line. 
    "Hello, this is Freddy Fazbear Entertainment, how may I help you?"
    "Uh... are you guys hiring?" I asked in a groggy voice.
    "We are. Do you want to schedule an interview?" He said enthusiastically.
    "Yes please"
The man could be heard grabbing a clipboard and a pen.
    "What's your name?"
    "Phillip Hernandez"
     I pulled up to the dodgy pizzeria in my best outfit, a button down shirt, acid washed jeans, and white Vans dirtied from years of use. My hair put in a man bun
     "Oh god I hope I'm not overdressed" I thought as I opened the door with shaky hands.
     "What the actual f-" 
     "Excuse me sir, you need a child to enter." A man with a phone for a head said as he walked towards me. He sounded like the man I talked to yesterday. 
   "Uh actually, I'm here for an interview?" I said reluctantly.
     "Oh! Are you Phillip? I'm so sorry, please come with me"
     He led me to a small room in the back of the restaurant. I was still in shock because I just met someone with a phone for a head, what else should I be feeling? 'Oh yeah, a man with a phone head, nothing new here.'
     "Oh, sorry, my name is Scott" He pointed to his name tag.
     "Uh huh" I felt like I shouldn't mention his phone head because I could... offend him?
My thoughts were cut short as he opened the door for me.
    "Good luck" he whispered while giving me a thumbs up.
     The door shut loudly behind me, and a man in a suit too big for him sat in a leather chair.
     "Can I help you?"
     "I'm here for an interview"
     "Ah I see, please have a seat"
    He pointed to a dirty chair in front of him, which had a weird scent coming off of it. I sat down, a shiver went up my spine.
     "OH GOD ITS WET, ITS FUCKING WET" I screamed in my head. I had a forced smile on my face.
The man, who I assume was the boss, pulled out a paper from a cabinet.
     "So, Mr. Hernandez... why do you want this job?"