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A little help

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-Yeah mom, I know but I can’t. I’m sorry. This was the third time this month that he has to cancel dinner with his mom because of work. I promise next week I’m gonna be there. Yeah ok I love you. He rubbed his face and turn to look out of the window, the city below him crowed and agitated as always. What am I doing with my life?


A knock on his door snapped him back from his thoughts.


-Come in.


-Hey Timmy, how’s everything going? Richard one of his coworkers step in and sat on one of the chairs at the desks.


-Well it’s only midday and I already have thought in 10 ways of kill myself, so you tell me. Timmy said sighing and stretching in his chair.


-That bad? Man I told you not to take that contract, those guys are crazy.


-Yeah I know, but you know me, I like a challenge every once in a while. He said smiling.


AC&T is the most important editing firms in town, having huge deals promoting only best-selling authors on his name, so when they decided to join Terrance&Co it was the best thing that could happen to everyone, but knowing the popularity of the editorial when the time came everyone was so scared to take the job, but Timothée being the ambitious he was, he took it, little did he know that this was going to be a nightmare, working late nights, even on weekends, presenting manuscripts on impossible deadlines, he had to change his whole agenda just so he could do the job, that meant no time for anything, no social life, scratch that, no life at all. But that didn’t make him quit, because he has a goal. To have his own editorial.


-What it is? Asked Timothée not parting his eyes from his computer screen. Richard gave him a confuse look.


-Aren’t you here to tell me something?


-Oh yeah right. The other man lean on the desk as if he was about to tell something secret. All your problems are about to be solved. The guy said wiggling his brows.


At this Timmy’s eyes were on Richard and it was Timmy’s turn to give him a confused look.


-Remember when you ask me if you could have an assistant?


Timmy nodded


-Well is here, is waiting outside. There was a lot of people wanting to get in but I think this one is the best of all of them, he had experience and…


-But I haven’t interviewed anyone… I didn’t asked Janice if…


-I did! Said Richard. The guy is a genius also I think half of the ladies here are already in love with him…


You did what? Timmy cut him off his rambling about the new guy.


Timothée got up from his chair and stood in front of Richard… So you’re telling me that you picked a random stranger and just brought him here and said nothing to me…


-He’s not a random stranger, I met him before bring him here, don’t be ridiculous. He said giving a little scoff.


-Oh my god… Richard. Timmy gave him an annoyed look. You know I love you but sometimes I just want to… he made a gesture with his hands as if he were strangle him.


-Relax man, let’s meet him you’ll thank me later. Richard who was now standing turn to rub Timmy’s shoulders.


Timmy let out a sigh and nodded. Okay let him in. He said and went back to his chair. Richard gave him a smile and left the office.


A couple minutes later Richard was entering the room with a really tall guy, he couldn’t even fit in the door frame. It was a funny picture to see because Richard was this short chubby guy and well the guy standing next to him was the opposite.


-Timothée this is Armie Hammer, Armie this is Mr. Chalamet. Richard introduce both men.


-Nice to meet you sir. Said Armie going for a hand shake, Timmy took the hand in a tight grip. He looked at the guy’s eyes and then at their hands and all he could think was that the guy’s hands were big like really really big… well all of him was. After a few seconds he noticed that they were still shaking hands and nobody had utter a word. So he let go of the hand and sat on the edge of the desk.


-Ummm so… I’m going to take a look to your… did you bring your… All of the sudden Timothée was nervous (What the hell was happening to him?)


-Oh yeah, here. Armie handle him a folder with his resume. He took it and went to the other side of the desk and began to read it. Richard started talking. And indeed this guy had experience and really good references. He stopped reading and now was looking at Armie, his eyes, how tall he was, and how good he looked dressed in all black, a little stubble on his face, now he was smiling at Richard. (Oh shit Richard is talking pay attention to him) He scolded himself.


-So Armie has come all the way from California just moved in a couple months ago, has worked in various newspapers from LA and San Francisco and also worked for… Timothée cut him off rising a hand. Ok Richard thanks I will read this and I’ll call you. He said looking at Armie. Whom was now standing looking a little nervous with his hands in his pockets.


-But Timothée…


-Richard. Timmy said with a warning tone.


-Okay…  Armie can you wait for me outside, please? Richard said giving him an apologetic smile.


-Yeah okay… umm thanks for your time Mr. Chalamet.


They wait until the door was close. When Richard turn to face Timothée he was already giving him one of those looks of his.


-What? What’s wrong?


-Really Richard? Of all the people that you could hire to be my assistant you decided to hire the most cliché version of a LA guy. Did he comes with barbie too?


Richard started laughing. Okay man yeah I know he’s like too handsome but hear me out he’s brilliant. I met him last week and he is smart and really charming and he has been working in some really good projects also he had work with fucking Neil Gaiman.


-What? Gaiman, really?


-Weeell not with him but he worked for his editorial.


Timothée gave him an eyes roll. Right. If he’s so good why is he not your assistant?


-Because I don’t need one? Timmy, please give him a chance, work with him a few days and if you still don’t want him you can fired him.


-Oh cool and then I’m gonna be the asshole on this story. He said rubbing his temples, he let go a sigh and walked directly to Richard.


-Okay he can stay but the second he fuck up he’s out, and you are gonna be the one who fired him.


-That’s my man! Said Richard with a beaming smile while ruffling Timmy’s hair. You won’t regret this I promise. And then he left the office.


-I already am. He muttered returning to his chair.


Great, this is great! Now he will have to stand a stranger invading his space. Also who the hell looks like that? He looks like he just walk out of a fashion magazine (not that he has been looking at his too handsome face) tall, blonde, blue eyed, it’s ridiculous! But on the other hand the guy has an amazing resume and he really needs the help. 


He took his phone and texted Richard.


TC: Send him in

RM: Yes! Thanks man you won’t regret this.

RM: He’s on his way


As soon as the last text came there was a soft knock on the door. Hey umm… did you want to see me? Armie walked into the office not knowing what to do with himself he stood by the door waiting for Timothée to say something.


-Armie? Is that actually your name? Timmy said arching an eyebrow.


-It’s actually Armand but I change it years ago, well basically since I was a child, no one ever had call me Armand, so Armie is fine, unless you want to call me Armand or Hammer it doesn’t matter…


Jeez this guy talks too much. Okay I see, well Armie it is. I want you here tomorrow 7:30, don’t be late.


Armie let out a sigh of relief, he really had thought that Timmy was about to tell him to go, that he doesn't need him. Oh yes 7:30 I’ll be here don’t worry. Thank you Mr. Chalamet. He went to shake Timmy’s hand and it was like before, that weird feeling, the hard grip the eye contact. The fuck was happening?


-Thanks again sir, see you tomorrow. Said Armie once more reaching the door.


-Just Timothée. Armie turn a little confused. Just call me Timothée. Armie nodded, gave him a smile and exited the office.