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“Now that we're married, there's something I need to tell you.” It was one of the best days of Izuku’s life. He had married the man he was head over heels in love with, had moved into a new house with the man, and was excited for his future to come. What he was not expecting though was what had fallen out of his new husbands mouth the moment they had gotten home from their honeymoon.

“You see, i’m a witch!”


You see, it all started one night when Izuku had gone out to a bar with his friends. It wasn't something he normally did, as being a paramedic normally took up all of his time, but god he was glad he did. As halfway through the night he had ran into Mirio. A tall, blonde, and gorgeous young man who was quietly enjoying himself at the bar counter. Sipping his drink with the restraint of a saint.

Izuku had practically been unable to tear his eyes away the entire time since the blonde had walked past him. Something about him was so enchanting and, with the help of a few drinks, decided he needed to talk to him.

He seemed so sad in that moment. Blue eyes scrunched in concert as he swirled his drink around as though he was lost in thought. Rough day?

“Um, I hope you don't mind me sitting here.” Izuku was blushing at this point (his friends cheers, and wolf whistles not helping in the slightest), and could feel his heart beat in his chest as the mystery man examined him. A smile breaking out on his features when the blonde smiled widely at him, blue eyes sparkling like stars.

“Yeah, sure. Definitely could use the company.” That was all it took for them to talk the night away. Laughing, and feeling as though they had known each other for years despite just meeting. Though it was odd how confused the blonde was when he asked for his phone number, he let it slide as after a few days he had gotten an emoji filled text from him. Instantly putting him in his contacts under “Mirio”.

Weeks turned into months, and months into years. Quickly going from dating, to being engaged in what seemed like a dream to the green haired man. Mirio being the one to oh so boldly declare how he wanted to marry him. Everything oh so perfect as they got closer to the day of their wedding.

Now that his mind was racing, there were some things that seemed insignificant then but he was kicking himself for being so flippant about it.

Mirio never talked really talked about his family. Choosing to skirt around the question, and redirect to Izuku’s own family and friends. He had always thought that maybe he didn't know his family, or maybe they had done something terrible to him. He just knew it wasn't his place to push him after all. Though there was that one moment where Mirio had almost said “My father”, but quickly stopped himself before saying it was a mistake.

Other than that they were always honest with one another. Never keeping secrets, and never once doubting the other. So imagine his shock when his new husband has whispered in his ear that he wanted to tell him something very important. And his even bigger shock when he realized what said important topic was.

“M-Mirio that's not really funny.” He laughed awkwardly as the blonde just stared at him with confused blue eyes. Still smiling though as he watched his husband finish up his awkward laugh fest.

“I'm not joking, but i’m glad you find it so funny!” He laughed as well, his more boisterous than Izuku’s. “I’m sorry I had to keep it from you baby, but like, magical law and whatnot.” Green stared into blue. Looking for any sign that the blonde was lying. Waiting for the moment that Mirio snorted, and admitted he was just messing around. Especially since he was speaking in such a nonchalant way.

“So, whatcha want for dinner?” Izuku was snapped out of his thoughts when the blonde had gotten up from where they were cuddling on the couch, making his way to the kitchen where he picked up one of their cookbooks with a muscled hand so he could flip through it with a hum.

“W-Wait! Mirio! You can't just say something like that and leave!” Ripping the throw blanket off of him he rushed into the kitchen, almost running into the corner of the archway in his hurry. Mirio watching him with a smile as he tilted his head like a confused dog.

“I can't? It really isn't that big of a deal honey, you know?” He was now looking through their cabinets, taking out a box of pancake mix with a smile.

“No! I don't know! You're pretending to be a witch then got up and left!” He was waving his hands around rapidly, eyes now feeling like they would bug out of his head.

“I'm not pretending to be a witch.” Oh thank goodness, Izuku really tho- “I’m saying I am a witch!” WHAT!?

“That's what I'm saying Mirio! You are not a witch! Witches do not exist. Well unless you are wiccan, but i’m not entirely sure that's what you mean. As i’ve never seen you take an interest in stuff like that, an-” He blushed, and stopped his rambling when he saw the frown on the love of his life's face.

“Do you really believe that?” The hurt in his voice seemed so real, and Izuku really didn't know what to say next. When people talk about marriage this is not one of those things someone could prepare for.

“Um, yes? No! I mean no! I, um, uh.” He racked his brain for the words he was looking for, barfing out sentences as he did so. Thankfully Mirio found it funny as it caused him to start laughing.

“You don't have to be so worried babe! Hey! If I proved it would that help!?” Proved? It? How does one prove they are witch? Izuku was wide eyed as he quickly nodded. Expression similar to that of a dead fish’s.

Mirio took in a deep breath, a look of deep concentration on his features as he stared at his hand. Then with a quick snap there was a small flame alit on his pointer finger. Izuku staring it down as his voice got lost in his throat.

What!? How!? WHY!?

Izuku's mind swirled. There had to be a trick to it! Yeah! No way he was seeing this right now! After what seemed like forever the blonde shook his hand, and dissipated the flame.

“Oh man! This is a really big weight off my chest, you know? I finally don't have to worry about not using my magic around you. It's a huge relief.” His smile though faltered when he looked up to see his husband. “Whoa babe!? Are you ok? You look really pale.” Did he? Izuku had to fall back to support himself on the counter, Mirio catching him and leading him back to the couch so he can sit. The man looking down with pink dusted cheeks like an embarrassed schoolgirl.

"I guess I really didn't think this through, eh?" He laughed quietly to himself while rubbing the back of his head with a calloused hand. "Hahaha, pretty stupid of me." He stopped laughing when he saw his husband was not laughing as well. "Um, sorry." He looked away ashamed.

"Y-You just did magic." Mirio blinked a few times before nodding. "B-But how?" Mirio just smiled wider. Oblivious to his husbands out of body experience.

"I told you! I'm a witch! I've been training under my father since I was a little kid. That little fire spell I learned when I was just 5. I can do a bigger one now though! Wanna se-?"

"No!" Izuku held his hands up, hoping the action alone would stop him. "Um, no. Please no more fire." Izuku didn't want to lose his new house on day one.

"Aw, of you say so you party pooper!" He laughed, and kissed Izuku's cheek. God, Izuku loved him. Everytime the man kissed it reminded him of their first date. W-Wait! Mirio was just trying to distract him!

"Mirio! This is serious! I still have no idea how you did that, and why you decided you do this NOW!" God he was confused. His husband just smiled, grabbing his almost empty water class and refilling it with a simple chant.

"I told you, I'm a witch. So, as one may expect, I use magic." He handed the cup to him, Izuku too busy staring it down with disbelief. "And for why I'm telling you now, well, I promise I didn't mean for it to be like this. The magical world likes to keep itself secret, and are not fond of humans. So magical law makes it hard to share such information with just anyone. You know, fine print kind of stuff. Though one loophole hole states that if a human were to marry a magical being, then they can be adopted into our world due to binding law." With a wave of his hand the water cup disappeared in a puff of smoke. Izuku feeling like his heart would disappear at the sight of it.

" that we're married I am technically apart of your family now? Making my exposure to it legal?" He couldn't believe those words came out of his mouth. Mirio clapped his hands making Izuku jump.

"Ding ding ding! That's correct! Marriage is taken very seriously in my community. So no one can refute you seeing magic now." It made him happy that Mirio was happy, but a bit of him wanted to wake up from this crazy dream. Then he noticed how Mirio's face had paled, and the normally sunny disposition dulled.

"Um, actually, there's another reason I waited so long. You see, our marriage has already spread throughout the magical realm during our honeymoon and my dad has become very adamant to meet you to say the least. I was able to keep us hidden during the honeymoon, but now….." His face paled as he trailed off. Izuku started to feel lightheaded again at the sight of his husband so worried.

Mirio's father? He had never even heard of the guy until now. What was he like? Was he a witch too? He could feel his anxiety begin to spike before Mirio spoke again.

"My dad is actually the grand witch so-" He didn't even know what that meant, but it was enough to send him spiraling. "I-Izuku!?" In a split second everything had turned black, and he plummeted to the carpeted floor.