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1800 Hours: Legionnaires enter the Rink in combat intervals
1803: Degen 3 has began beating one of the goalies skull into the ice because he looks like an MCR insurgent
1805: All exits secured, Degen 4 begins tearing down Hockey "Propaganda" and replacing their iconography with Legion recruitment posters and images of General Rex
1812: "Athletes" disarmed and corralled in the rink along with civilians
1826: All non-combatants issued (1) copy of "Legionnaire" and are being taught the values of KTF
1830: Degen Actual has utilized available resources designated; "Spray Paint" to write, "I didn't forget nothin' " along the backboard
1835: Combat Sled designation, "Vanilla Ice" breaches the wall at original insertion point, preparing for extraction.
1840: Legion detachment ener-chains the, "Athletes" to be questioned as political prisoners after marching them into the combat sled
1842: Support squad, "Koob Hunters" demo's the facility's generator as Kill Team Degenerate withdraws for extraction.
1845: Sled retreats from AO with SLIC gunship cover as the surrounding buildings are shelled as a smokescreen.

Total Mission Time: 45 minutes
Captured enemy personnel: 11
Enemies terminated: 1

Mission: Accomplished

-End Report