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Wearing Each Other's Clothes (Day 6)

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Kel was struggling. She had just recently got her laundry back and is currently in a war with her shirt. How?

She was stuck in it. Her arms weren’t going in or out of the sleeves. The whole shirt was too tight.

What the hell is going on,” she grumbled underneath her breath. She thought of the possibilities as to why. Then finally it dawned on her. “We need to start marking our shirts.”

Kel had Lalasa go get Neal. When he walked in, she could see how big her shirt looked on him.

“Kel, what are you doing?” he asked when he walked in.

“Trying to get out of your shirt.”

“What do you mean?”

“We mixed up our shirts again.”

“We did?” Neal looked down at his own. “Oh, we did.”

“Can you go get one of mine from your room?”

“But they’re comfortable,” he whined.

“Yeah, because you’re smaller than me.” He stuck his tongue out at her but left to go get one anyway. Kel tried to get out of the shirt one more time before hearing something rip.