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Water Fountain

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She told me that she loved me by the water fountain. . .

She told me that she loved me, and she didn't love him.


"Dance with me?" His voice was light, his eyes lingering on mine hopefully. His beautiful blue eyes. 


They reminded me of the ocean, what anyone else in town would give to dance with the young man who owned them.


"I. . ." I glanced back at my current dance partner, who was also smitten by the young brunette. 


My boyfriend had recently brought up the subject of moving into his house, getting married, having kids. . . it had all been too much for me. I had chosen to go out dancing instead.


"You don't have to say yes." He reminded me softly, although he still had his hand extended, an open invitation. 


Maybe it was wrong. If it was, to dance with this beautiful angel, I didn't want to be right. 


I placed my hand in his. "But of course." 


And he smiled.