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Little Bab(ies) Mine

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You’ve never seen Sans’ red eye-light dilate so fast in all the years you had known him and been married to him. It was blown wide, nearly filling the entirety of his socket, and, if it weren’t attached to his skull, you were sure his jaw would have fallen off his head.

“wait, you… no, you can’t be serious.”

A grin started to form on your face, despite your initial desire to keep it cool. This little surprise had been something you planned out for a few weeks now. It wasn’t easy to keep it a secret for long, but with the enlisted help of Papyrus, you were ready to keep it under wraps until Sans’ birthday. The set up was absolutely brilliant, and you had to give Papyrus some significant kudos.

The first few gifts were innocuous enough: a t-shirt with a pun on it, some more notepads for him to scribble his thoughts into, and a new rock for his collection. The last gift, which Sans had just opened up, contained two small items in it. One was a little note, and the other was a positive pregnancy test.

“you’re joking, you have to be pulling my leg right now,” he murmured, his voice soft and breathy. His hands were trembling faintly as he read the note, again and again, turning it over to check for anything else written on it. Still, the only words to be found on them were the ones you scrawled there yourself: “You’re going to be a Dad!!”

“Well, do you really think it’s a joke?” you asked, the grin slowly taking over until you stopped trying to hide it from him. Sans’ eye-light snapped to you, then glanced down to your stomach, and back up to your face again. You counted down from three in your head, and just as you hit one, the red light blipped into a heart shape.

“oh my god… oh my god, you are serious, aren’t you? you’re really..?” 

Words appeared to be failing your skeletal hus-bone, so you decided to take mercy on him and just outright confirm it for him. You gave him a brilliant smile, nodding and showing him the official ultrasound pictures you had hidden in your pocket. Sans took them, staring at the black and white photographs with reverence.

“I’m pregnant, Sans, you’re going to be a dad.” 

Half a second after the words left your mouth, you were scooped up into a near-crushing hug. You let out a soft laugh, doing your best to hug him back with your feet no longer being firmly situated on the floor. When you glanced up, there were slate blue tears in the corners of his sockets but the biggest grin you had ever seen on his face since your wedding day.

“oh my god, i’m gonna be a dad,” he breathed, almost as if he didn’t believe it was real. “am i dreaming? because if i am, never wake me up! i’m gonna be a dad, stars, paps is gonna be an uncle!!”

You started to laugh again as he peppered your face with little kisses before he set you back down on your feet. As soon as you were standing still, though, he knelt down and pressed his face oh-so-carefully into your stomach, hugging your waist gently. Tears were beginning to fall in earnest down his face, and you reached out to wipe them away. 

“thank you,” he murmured against the softness of your stomach, turning to hide his face in your shirt. You let out a soft little “aww” and continued to tenderly stroke his skull. 

“Don’t thank me yet, Sans, the baby isn’t even here yet,” you hummed, but he simply shrugged, still holding you close to him.

“i know, but this is becoming so real, we’re gonna have a family together,” he responded, looking back up at you with so much love you thought your heart would melt. “i love you and our baby, so much.”

“And I love you too, Sans,” you said, smiling as you leaned down to plant a gentle kiss to his teeth. The future was certainly looking a lot brighter right about now.