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The Wolf, the Bird, and the Cat

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Harry breathed a sigh of relief as the large furry grey mass flew away from him down the shrubbery flanked path. He tried to stand but his left leg gave out before he could, causing him to hiss in pain. Harry looked down at the offending appendage to see his trouser leg in tatters, with blood soaking into it. Reaching into the small pouch around his waist, he pulled out the small vial of powdered silver and dittany, before uncorking it, and tipping it onto the crescent shaped bite marks on either side of his calf.


"Fuck", he muttered, "If I get through this I'm gonna have to get 'Mione something really special for putting this bag together".


Tossing the now empty vial back into the bag, Harry thought back to when Luna had told himself, Fleur and Hermione about the tournament organisers adding a pack of Werewolves into the final task, as well as the uber rant Hermione had gone on afterwards. He couldn't wait to see Hermione throttle all of the idiots when she finds out that he was bitten. Though, thinking about it, she probably wouldn't get the chance, as Fleur would have likely already toasted them.


Chuckling to himself at his own thoughts, Harry again tried pulling himself to his feet, this time with a lot more success. Hobbling on down the path, all Harry could think about now was getting to the Cup, and getting back to his girls. 


----------(one month later-Grimauld Place)---------- 


Hermione shot up in bed, yanking her wand out from under her pillow.


"Hermione stop!", came a startled call from beside her.


The candles scattered around the room flicked on, lighting up the environment.


Hermione dropped her wand into her lap, "goddammit Fleur. Don't wake me up like that, I could have hurt you".


"I'd like to see you try", smirked Fleur, before her face took on a more serious look. "Somethings wrong with Harry, I felt it through the Bond".


Hermione sighed before climbing out of bed and pulling Fleur into a hug. "Harry's fine. He's locked in the cellar at the Dursleys with Tonks watching over him. He's going to be perfectly safe".


Fleur lightly pushed the younger girl away, "the Bond doesn't lie Hermione, you know that. If it says that something is wrong, then something IS wrong".


Hermione started chewing on her lower lip, thinking about what she could say to convince Fleur that Harry was alright. But she couldn't. She'd read through the book Susan had given her on bonds over a dozen times, taking notes the entire time. Fleur was right. If the Bond was telling her that something was wrong...


"I'd usually say to go to the nearest adult, but as that is Sirius. Well, he's probably already too drunk to understand anything that we tell him".


"I actually already tried that", replied Fleur, shivering slightly in disgust. "He thought I was a hooker hired by James Potter as a prank".


Hermione crinkled her nose, "well that's disturbing".


"Harry's in danger".


The two witches turned to see who spoke, their eyes falling upon a small girl, with her blonde hair chopped at the jaw.


"Luna? How do you know"?


"I saw it in my dream. His uncle did something stupid. The Wards stopping Harry from getting out broke. Blood. So much blood".


As the last word left her mouth, Luna crumpled to the floor. Before she could land on her face, she stopped midair. The two startled witches looked to the doorway to see professor Snape stood there with his wand drawn, pointed at Luna. As well as professor McGonagall beside him.


"Severus, take miss Lovegood back to her bed before alerting the rest of the Order. Miss Delacour if you would come with me, I may need assistance in containing mister Potter. Miss Granger, I will allow you to come, because I know I will never hear the end of it if I don't, but you WILL stay behind me at all times, am I understood?


At Hermione's frantic nod, McGonagall put out her arm. "Take hold ladies, we will be apparating into the Dursley's back garden". 


----------(4 Privet Drive)----------


"Wands out girls".


Approaching the patio by the back door, the three women noticed that the glass of the sliding doors was shattered, and something large was laying on said patio. McGonagall signalled for Fleur to keep her wand pointed at the door, before kneeling down on the stone slabs. Rolling the thing over, she gasped as she recognised it to be the ruined form of Vernon Dursley. His giant stomach had been torn open, large slash marks covered his entire body, and pieces of glass from the shattered door were protruding from the back of his head.


Standing back up, McGonagall waved for the other two to follow her, walking through the door into the dining area. The place was a mess, the tables and chairs were in splinters, and as she looked into the living room, she saw that all the furniture in there was also destroyed. She also saw two more bodies, one tall and thin, the other squat and fat. They were laying in a pool of blood and gore, limbs torn and thrown carelessly across the room.


Hearing some noise coming from upstairs, the three witches ascended the carpeted steps slowly. As they reached the landing at the top, the sounds became much clearer. Grunts. Growls. Moaning. Smacking. They approached a slightly ajar door at the end of the corridor. Creeping up to it with her wand at the ready, McGonagall slowly pushed the door open, before all three charged into the room, curses and spells on their lips.


Dumbfounded. It was the only word that could begin to express what they were all feeling right then.


----------(4 Privet Drive-sometime earlier)----------


"Mister Dursley, I really must insist you calm down and allow me to do my job. Believe me, if it was up to me then neither myself or Harry would be here".




"That's not what I...




Before Tonks could even comprehend that she had just been hit, the door to the cellar crashed open, pieces of wood flying everywhere. The next few minutes were chaos. Vernon was smacked into the kitchen table, then picked up and thrown through the back door. Petunia and Dudley tried to flee out the front, but Harry was too fast, cornering them in the living room, before mauling mother and son both.


Tonks got to her feet, and tried for the front door, but Harry was there before her. Turning on her heel, she bucked it upstairs, hearing the growling following her the entire way. Sprinting as fast as she could to the door at the end of the corridor, Tonks slammed it shut behind her, throwing every protection spell she could think of at it. It was no use. The door swung open, allowing Harry's hulking form into the room.


Backing up, Tonks tripped over her feet, falling back onto the bed behind her, her wand falling from her fingers, rolling under the bed. Tonks took in a deep breath as Harry mounted the bed, leaning down over her. She closed her eyes tight, waiting for him to end her. All she felt was something slightly scratchy press against her lips, causing her eyes to shoot open.


Harry was leaning over her, the tip of his snout pressed against her lips in an imitation of a kiss. Tonks blinked, then blinked again. She couldn't believe it. She'd just watched as Harry slaughtered his family, before chasing her upstairs, and was now perched atop her, pressing his furry muzzle against her lips.


'Well', she thought, 'not how I imagined my first kiss with a guy would go'.


Harry's tongue slipped past his lips, licking slightly at her own. When she didn't do anything, Harry pulled back, his head tilting in a confused manner.


Tonks wasn't going to lie to herself and say that she hadn't thought about being in this position. Apart from the whole Werewolf part. Ever since she'd got to know Harry over the past year at Hogwarts, while stationed there as security for the tournament, she'd thought about the possibility of getting to know him even better. But then that gorgeous Veela had to go ahead and snatch him up. Again, she wasn't going to lie, when she heard about how that had happened from Fleur herself, she'd considered convincing Fleur to talk Harry into a possible threesome, but in the end she'd lost her nerve. 


This was her chance, thought Tonks. All she had to do was allow Harry to do as he pleased. She could beg Fleur for forgiveness later.


Having made up her mind, Tonks reached her hands up, carding her fingers through Harry's shaggy black mane. Taking hold of the silky fur, Tonks pulled him back down, placing her lips against Harry's. After a few seconds of this, Harry's tongue again flicked out, this time Tonks was ready, and she welcomed it into her own mouth, allowing it to explore her orifice, while fighting against her own tongue.


Suddenly the door crashed open, and three familiar witches came into the room, wands brandished and pointing at Harry.


"Holy crap".


"Merlin's beard".




"Well fuck".


"Ruh roh".