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hold me like you’ll never let me go

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Friends were supposed to help friends, right?
So, when Tim asked Kon to help him through a heat that caught him unexpected, he agreed.

He was sure that what happened between them was friendly.
Even when Tim moaned his name, his pheromones syrupy-sweet because of his heat. When, in heat, Tim bared his neck and begged Kon to mate him, called Kon his alpha. It didn't help that Kon wanted that, really wanted to be Tim's alpha, but couldn't be, because they were just friends.

At least he thought they were, thought that's what Tim thought. Tim was the first omega he spent a heat with, and heats and just normal sex were very different, so Kon wasn't really sure if their experience was typical or not. He wasn't sure how to ask any of his friends about it, and Ma wasn't a variant at all because he'd rather just fall through the floor straight to hell then talk to her about fucking Tim.

So he spend some time researching it on the internet, looking through forums and even started off a few questions of his own on there, to see if strangers could take a better look at the situation.

And than, before he fgured it out, Kon died.

He came back a year later, to his team in shambles, his friends changed people and Tim missing. Oh, and aslo Batman dead. As he's found out from Cassie, Tim left soon after that, and then Nightwing, now Batman, introduced a new Robin to the team.

But Tim was nowehre to be found. He just disappeared, after a rummored fight with his older pack member. Not much was known about what happened, but a lot of people said that Tim went crazy, and then some of them had shared their worry that Tim might be dead.

That was the last straw for Kon, so he went on looking for Tim himself. After coming back to life, he still wasn't with all of his powers, but Kon spend nearly a week going to different parts of the world, looking for Tim's heartbeat.

When he finally got lucky, it was in Hong Kong.