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L woke up with a yawn, frowning a little when he saw he'd gotten a full seven hours of sleep, and his fiancé, Light, wasn't in bed with him. Everything about that was strange, because usually he was always up before Light.

Getting up with a yawn, he put on a shirt and walked into the kitchen, where he saw Light was already working away with a trademark Kira-like smirk on his face.

"Light, what are you doing?" Light was still grinning like mad, not bothering to hide it.

"Do you remember what today is?" L frowned a little bit before his eyes widened at the calendar.

One year ago today, that old man had taken their Miraculouses. And they had agreed they would compete to see who could catch Hawk Moth first once the year mark hit if the new heroes hadn't solved the case.

Light was still smirking, "And I already have a lead and am 98% sure I already found Hawk Moth. Damn, this was easy. I actually don't think this is fun, so it looks like I win the bet."

The winner got to choose who took whose surname for their wedding in three months. The two outcomes were L Yagami or Light Lawliet. Neither really cared, and were just in this for the game, just like the L v Kira game many years ago.

L had an equally wicked grin, "Cheater! You gave me those sleeping pills last night so you could get that lead!" Light didn't even try to deny it, and L lunged at him with his Ladybug agility, straddling him and pinning Light's hands with his knees as he removed Light's top.

Now, one little thing L had learned in his three years in an intimate relationship with Light was that he was extremely ticklish along his torso. He knew this, and Light knew he knew this. And the ever stoic Light Yagami had a look of terror on his face as L slowly tickled each rib individually as punishment. 

Light was panting in his efforts to not give L the satisfaction of hearing the pained laughter, but it eventually all came out in a scream when L stuck his finger in Light's bellybutton. A part of him wished he'd known about this weakness back when they were enemies because it was so bad for Light that he acknowledged he probably would have admitted he was Kira to make it stop.


L stroked Light's bottom lip, "You've been very bad, you know that?" He had to admit being in a relationship where he was definitely the top had done quite a number for his self-esteem, and Light sharing the burden of darker cases, so now he didn't hunch as much, and the bags under his eyes were a bit better. Overall, he looked much healthier since Light had become his partner.

Needless to say, Watari and Near had been shocked when they had walked in on L absolutely dominating the ever-proud Light more than once over the years. 

Light whimpered, "You're right. I'll show you my lead... we can work together..."

"Good kitty. And for the record, you cheated, so I automatically win." Light pouted a little, but not much since he'd secretly done this since he wanted to work with L on this.

"So," L looked at the computer, "Emilie Agreste vanished supposedly in Tibet, where that Guardian Temple is, like a week before Hawk Moth appeared? This means Hawk Moth is obviously Gabriel Agreste."

"As I said, so easy it's pathetic nobody solved it in this whole year. It's not even worth betting over."

"Wait a second..." L growled, "You know, seeing as that old man has a tendency to make wielders know each other, I have a feeling your successor is Adrien Agreste."

So... the two of them had actually gone to France to see their successors in action, and L was bitterly disappointed by how the new Ladybug treated her partner, as though he wasn't equal. The difference was that L and Light had been friends as superheroes, and these new wielders seemed as though one was the leader stringing her partner along with no equality whatsoever.

Light was pretty happy with his successor, who at least made an effort to be kind to new teammates, while Ladybug just got bitchy—they had been visiting during the Volpina incident and then kept tabs on the extra heroes that appeared. L had taken one look at the boy and deduced that seeing as his ribs were slightly visible—and that reminded both detectives of the false execution incident and the rough shape Kuroneko had been—he was probably poor or abused.

"Come on, Light, not even  I'm  that skinny."  L had pointed out months ago.

But still, they would have been fine moving to France for a while, so they were a little pissed the old man had chosen hormonal fifteen-year-olds to replace two experienced adults! Seriously, even when L and Light were chosen, they had been 25 and 18—now they were 28 and 27 since the age difference vanished when L died and then came back years later. While both Light and L had a feeling the Cat Miraculous was freedom for Chat Noir, they also both remembered how dangerous this job was and didn't want a child involved in that.

L had also been mad when they had realized his successor was technically a criminal—and France didn't mess around with theft and stalking charges. This Marinette girl is the type of person to be a target for Kira. How did they know this? They looked at security cameras—and she  really  needed to be better about not transforming in places with security cameras.

But now, the idea of that boy being Adrien Agreste—the wealthiest kid in Paris, even over the Bourgeois family—being this scrawny kid with obvious self-esteem issues hidden under jokes, that made L's blood boil. Just to be sure, he listened to some Ladyblog footage of Chat Noir talking, then that Miraculous-themed movie with Adrien Agreste as a voice actor. Identical. 

As former Miraculous wielders, they suspected the glamor no longer worked on them, or maybe Marinette and Gabriel were just really bad at hiding their identities. If this new Ladybug insisted on being the leader, and she was potentially dumber than the villain, that made sense why the case hadn't been solved in like twenty minutes. Or maybe that was L's supergenius brain talking.

L pouted a little, "So, the bet is off, and now we're just proving to the old man that he made a mistake in replacing us with a stalker and not calling child protective services for the clearly abused teenager?"

"Pretty much."




"Hello Mr. Agreste," L said, smiling politely as he instantly pinpointed where the Miraculous was, "We have a warrant to search the place."

Gabriel was clearly taken aback, "What?"

Light chuckled, "Sorry, we didn't introduce ourselves. I'm Lightbringer, and this is my fiancé, L." And that had the fashion designer terrified since the two greatest detectives in the world were here and wanted to search his house. Normally Light and L wouldn't reveal themselves, but something about this case just made them want to be the ones to do the arrest, in person.

L instantly noticed the faded marks on the painting and immediately knew where the lair was.

"Go ahead then," Gabriel said, "I have nothing to hide."

L took Light's hand and made a beeline for the painting, pressing the buttons and going down together, much to Gabriel's horror.

When they saw Mrs. Agreste's dead body in that coffin, Light turned to Nathalie and Gabriel,

"Firstly, I know how you feel since you're clearly trying to use the wish to bring her back—I too kept my dead love in a coffin until I could find the Miraculous to complete the wish. Secondly, you're both under arrest for terrorism and child abuse."

"Wait—you used the wish?!"

"Yes, and it worked, but using it safely is agonizing for all parties involved." L pulled out his shirt to reveal the scar he still had from being run through. 

But then Hawk Moth and Mayura were arrested for all to see. Chloe Bourgeois was also detained for willingly assisting terrorists—Light had a bit of an ego boost, since he had been able to get around sixty-four security cameras in his time as Kira, and these people couldn't get past one. It took ten minutes of effort for the detectives to solve the case nobody could figure out in a year.

(They were also very irritated that the guardian was out of the picture because a part of this investigation was their mutually childish desire to rub it in his face that they solved this case in twenty minutes.)




"So, Adrien," L and Light were having lunch with Adrien in London since he'd been forced to move in with his aunt and cousin, "We were wondering if you wanted to stay with us." Light said since he found Adrien's aunt to be insufferable, and she clearly also denied the poor boy food, "You have the potential to be a great detective and Miraculous wielder."

Adrien spit out his drink, "What?"

L chuckled, "Relax. Light and I are the previous Ladybug and Cat wielders. I'm sure Light could teach you some things about your powers." Plagg emerged,

"It's good to see you again, Light. Hope you haven't been killing people." 

"Nope, I have not." Light tapped his watch a few times, "Not anymore." But L knew there was still a small piece of the Death Note hidden in the watch. Light never used it, it was more a fidget to look at it.

L nodded, "So now, are you interested in staying with us in Japan for a while?"

"I..." Adrien hesitated, "I want to, don't get me wrong, but... my father... what would he think if I ran off to join the same detectives who arrested him? And what would Ladybug think... what if she gets mad at me and takes my Miraculous?"

"Adrien," L put a hand on Adrien's, knowing how the boy felt. Before being placed in an orphanage, L's birth parents had been drug addicts who would hit him and deprive him of basic needs, to the point he had associated touching with violence, didn't know what a hug was, and knew how to defend himself by the time he was six. When Watari had adopted him from the orphanage after his parents died from an overdose, he had finally found someone to trust, "I can tell your father was abusing you—and to a degree, Ladybug was too. You can't let the opinion of others influence your decisions. Light, and I will be here to help you. If Ladybug tries to take your Miraculous, we will handle her."

Adrien started crying, and L turned to look at Light, who was once again staring at a scrap of the Death Note. It was so tempting to let Light do it, but he didn't want Light to fall down that rabbit hole again. So he shut the watch and sent his fiancé a look that said, "No, don't kill. Go beat the hell out of him in person later." Light nodded and held the crying boy. L could tell Light was very happy to have a talented successor.

Adrien looked up, "I can't go back to France without people thinking me the son of a villain and nothing more. I want to prove I'm more than that! C-Can I take up that offer to stay with you?"

L and Light looked to each other, "Of course you can."

Light then became dead-serious, "But right now my fiancé and I are fighting over who takes whose name when we get married. Either Yagami or Lawliet."

"I personally like Lawliet better." Adrien replied, "Especially if you all are adopting me like those forms in your bag are implying."

L grinned in pride since clearly, this boy was perspective. He could make a great detective.

Light pulled out the forms, "Alright then, just sign here." Adrien signed the adoption papers, stating that he was willing to do this, and it looked as though a huge weight had been taken off his shoulders as he abandoned the Agreste name forever.




A month after the wedding, Light came back from his trip to visit Gabriel in prison, looking very pleased with himself. L had just tucked one Adrien Lawliet into bed. 

L was eating his nightly cake and grinned at the sight of his new husband, "How was your trip?"

"Very productive," Light winked and opened his suitcase, revealing a ladybug-themed egg, "I may have gotten your successor arrested."

"While I'm not complaining," L said, "Can I ask on what grounds?"

"I overheard her muttering that Chat Noir is useless, so naturally I confronted her about him maybe having personal things to deal with—because I can relate to that, and you weren't a bitch to me about it. Then she attacked me, demanding to know where Adrien was since apparently, she knew I am one of his new caretakers. I stole her Miraculous right off her ears, and then she got arrested for assault charges. I then revealed I'm Lightbringer and showed the police security footage of her trying to or successfully breaking into the Agreste mansion multiple times. There was also the fact she stole Adrien's phone at one point, and that's a ten-year sentence in France, but this led to a warrant to search her house, where she had Adrien's entire schedule. And I also found this egg and decided to take it. Then I met with her while she was being questioned, and I think she might have more of a god-complex than Kira."

L stared blankly at the egg, then at Light, "Light, I love you, but nobody can have more of a god-complex than Kira." 

"You didn't have a conversation with a caught red-handed Marinette Dupain-Cheng."

"I suppose you're right." L finished his cake, and they both opened the door to Adrien's room, seeing him hugging the stuffed cat toy they'd gifted him for his birthday, fast asleep, his messy hair in his face.

Adrien, as it turned out, was a remarkable detective. Using the same methods as L and Lightbringer—never coming out and revealing themselves unless the case was personal, and even then once the case was solved—he had already solved eighteen cases in the last five months, going under the name A,. After hearing stories of L shamelessly being his awkward self around people, Adrien had become more confident in his own personality.

The task force, Rem, and Misa all loved Adrien. The Yagami family had been a little shocked when Light introduced them to a young teenager he claimed was his new son, but they quickly grew to like Adrien. Sayu loved being an aunt, and both Soichiro and Sachiko loved spoiling their new grandson. Soichiro had been thrilled Adrien was also one who sought justice. 

At night, Light would train Adrien on how to master his Cat Miraculous powers. There was an advantage for adults since it took hours for the transformation to wear out, while kids could only stay transformed until they used their special power.

L smiled as he knew Adrien had become a healthy weight as he should be. It was good, with this boy far away from the paparazzi and the toxic people he considered loved ones. His best friend, Nino, still came to visit during school breaks, since he was thrilled Adrien had found people who took care of him and let him be himself.

Light shut Adrien's door and started kissing L passionately, pinning him on the bed, taking a moment to be in charge here, "I gotta say, this whole mess with our successors gave me a whole new appreciation for you. Thanks for not being a little bitch when I was gone for fifty days." 

L sat up, hugging Light tight, "And thank you for still caring, even when you had your memory back." 

"Of course," he put on his trademark Kira smirk, "I made Gabriel regret being born." 

"As you should, because that man has no right to be a father. How long is he going to be in prison?"

"Let's just say that the Hawk Moth and child abuse reveal opened a whole can of worms for blackmailing charges and such. I'd say he's lucky France doesn't have the death penalty, and Kira isn't around anymore. The assistant seems to have Stolkholm Syndrome, so even if she didn't do anything about the abuse and still helped Hawk Moth terrorize innocent children in an attempt to murder teenagers, she's only in a mental institution." He growled, "And Gabriel already bailed himself out of most of the charges, even blowing Adrien's college funds to do it. In all honesty, even if he should be getting the death penalty, he might be out in a couple years." 

L had known Light for long enough to know when he was thinking about using the Death Note scrap, "Light, no. I know you want to. Hell,  I  want to. But think about Adrien. He knows you were Kira, which means he would blame himself for inadvertently pushing you to come out of retirement if his father suddenly dropped dead."

"It's strange," Light looked up at the ceiling, "I haven't felt the urge to kill since you came back. And now..."

"That's because the case is personal, Light. We both know Gabriel is going to try regaining custody of Adrien. But he's powerless against us now. Hopefully, he learned his lesson not to mess with you."

"I hope." Light yawned, wrapping his arms around L's chest and smiling, "I love you, L," L smiled,

"I love you too, Light. Let's worry about everything tomorrow." 

Both fell into a blissful sleep.