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You look well


Thanks...for lying. I know that I look like shit


Not sleeping






You know WHY, Robert...YOU KNOW


I do


I don't know why I keep doing this to myself, to other people. People I care about. People I LOVE




Don't do that...PLEASE...Don't hurt me like that. You know who I mean




YOU. I need help, Robert. Please HELP ME


What can I do?


I'm better when you're with me


This with Tanner-it's OVER, OVER? Or just over for now?


Running to San Diego, to Ryan...was a mistake. I could make excuses, but there aren't any. Not really




I swear to you that it is


I'll put you with a counselor. Does good work: Melina Marcon-Shaw


Te la agradesco mucho. [I appreciate it so much] You never said whether you forgive me


I'm trying




Talk to Melina. I'll stay in touch


You'll check on me everyday?


Of course

The appointment is made and Andy requests, and is awarded, the afternoon so that she can meet the therapist. Downtown hi-rise,
with a fashionable address. The Doctor is extremely attractive, and a worm of jealousy finds its way into the back Andy's mind.
She can't help but wonder how it is that Sullivan knows her, but she isn't really in a position to ask such questions: not after her SAN

The interview starts with some basic background questions, and the Latina relates some details about her relationship with her Father,
his recent demise, and how his death had affected her. They explore the lingering effects of losing her Mother at age 9, and touch on how
her adult decision-making might have been colored by them. Dr. Marcon-Shaw prescribes a mild anti-depressant, and mood stabilizers as
Andy hesitantly asks that Sullivan not be apprised of the their discussion, and is assured that the therapist would be risking her license to
practice by doing so (she's talking about her declaration of love for the Captain, somewhere during the half-way point in their session). Andy
leaves the therapist's with a new sense of hope, of the possibility of redemption.

Lucas Ripley shakes his head in wonder: Robert Sullivan is one of the smartest Men he has ever met, near the top of his class in the
academy; as level-headed as they come. Now he's making an all-out effort to assist the Woman who betrayed his trust, ran-off to
California to break-up Ryan Tanner's engagement to Jenna Matson, only to leave HIM in the lurch (returning to Seattle proclaiming
her undying love for Sully)...

"Not to be an asshole, man: Is the pussy that good?!! I say that with total respect."

'Yeah...thanks for that. IT IS, and what you're really asking is why I would even consider taking her back."

In response, Lucas tips his beer bottle in his friend's direction.

"Remember when EVA was stepping out, all those years ago? In my mind, you were not only CRAZY, but WEAK to forgive her. You
ended up divorcing her, after she did it again, but do I make my point? You LOVED her, and everyone's human."

"Didn't hurt that she had the finest 'frame' in Western Washington. But point taken: loving her as I did made it that much harder to let her
her go."

"There it is. That's exactly where I AM."