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From a young age, I've always known about a lot of things. Not to say that I'm some kind of child genius, It's just that I've had more common sense and deductive skills than other kids my age, and it seems like I've outsmarted adults in that sense as well. When something bad happens, the first thing parents think is 'how do I explain this to the kids?'. Like if your family pet died. Usually, they tell you that the pet ran away. Sure the kid will be upset for a while, but they'll eventually get over it. Unlike telling them the dog got hit by a car or the fish wasn't fed for a week, that would be a major trauma.

My older sister seemed to believe this, despite being two years older than me. She was always the more gullible one out of the two of us. I knew better though. I knew that I didn't tie the dog up like I was supposed to, and I knew that she hadn't been feeding the fish every four hours like she was supposed to. Besides, everyone knows that a fish can't 'run away'. It's just common sense.

That's how I found out about a lot of things growing up. But I never let anyone know that I knew. It would just crush their pride as a parent, knowing that their kids are so gullible that they listen to everything they said, It's comforting as a parent to have that much control. I knew that my mom was jealous of how beautiful I was as a child, and I knew that it absolutely crushed her when they were more interested in using me for modeling gigs after only meeting me once, unlike her who has been an assistant of Uwabami, the snake hero and famous model, for over four years, before she was even pregnant with me. Because I knew about this, I plead with her to quit. I made up every excuse I could about why I didn't want to model anymore, "It's girly", "I'm shy", "I wanna play sports". Of course, when a parent can't have the dream they want, the only thing they can do is give their child that dream.

Modeling did help me figure out my quirk at least. The days I spent running and hiding from my mom got easier as I found more bizarre places to hide. Like, on the roof of the studio, or in an impossible to climb tree, and the most bizarre; the ceiling above the camera set.

That one took about an hour to figure out.

I couldn't explain what happened. It just...happened.

I couldn't control it.

One minute I would be sitting at the kitchen table and the next thing I knew, everything in the house was on the ceiling. My father found it pretty funny at first. He called me a little leader because everything and everyone around me seemed to follow me where ever I landed. My quirk was called "Gravity change". I can't remove gravity from someone or something, but I can change its direction.

I'll have to explain what happened when I was five.

~~~Seven years ago~~~

"Kai-chan~" The director called for me. He along with several other staff members kept their eyes on the ceiling and in high places. I stayed hidden under a prop.

If they were used to searching high, then I'll just hide low. Easy enough-


I nearly screamed from the sudden hand on my shoulder. I turned to see my big sister. Her big crossed eyes looking back at me (Er...and the left?) with a concerned frown, "Mom is looking for you" I turn my head and cross my arms, "You know she'll get really mad if you cause too much trouble"

"Why don't you go and take the dumb pictures than, Katsumi?" I mumbled.

Kat just smiled and shook her head, "But, I'm not pretty, you are. Only pretty people get their pictures taken. My pictures will only make everyone afraid of me"

I remember when Katsumi first went to school after her quirk developed, no one noticed until it was time for class photos. It wasn't until after the pictures were printed that they all saw what had happened. Katsumi's eyes are apart of her quirk, "Photographic memory". Her eyes were like a camera's lens. they were huge and zoomed in and out the closer she inspected something. On top of that, they never seem to move in sync. One looked left and the other looked right or one looked up while the other looked down.

I shook my head, "You can take them. I'm sure mom wouldn't notice, we look the same, very pretty" I say optimistically.

Her camera-like eyes widened and zoomed out, "Really?"

"Hmhm!" Maybe I was just saying anything I knew would make her happy and let me go, but...I really meant it when I said she was pretty, "So, while you take pictures with Uwambi-nee, I'll go out and get some fresh air. Is it a deal?"

"Deal!" She took my hand and helped me up from my hiding spot, "You should go before Mr. Director comes back"

I nod and head for the door, doing a silent celebration in my head. Thank god for nice big sisters, I think everyone deserves at least one. Once outside, I let myself take a moment to breathe in the fresh air, unlike inside that stuffy photography studio. I could hear the adults still looking for me inside. I quickly run from the studio, just trying to get as far as possible from it without being caught. This is the first time I've ever gotten this far. Even though I was pretty smart for a kid, I was still a kid. My childish mind kept pushing me to run back to the warm arms of my mother, but my stubbornness also kept me running, knowing that if I go back now, there was a possible chance that my mom would tie me to a chair.

Maybe I should just live alone. As much as I hate modeling, I could use it to make enough money forever, then I'll quit whenever I want to. But then...what will I do afterward? I've never really had a chance to develop any early talents and hobbies because of my mom, and I won't be able to go to kindergarten anymore because they'll call my parents. So a job that doesn't need hobbies, special talents or math, reading, writing, or science...

As I pondered these things, I passed by a crowd of kids huddling around a store window with a TV inside. The cheering brought me out of my thoughts and I turned my head to see what all the commotion was about. On the TV, was a hero battling some villans. I was never really allowed to watch things like this. My mom thought it might make me turn into some "Fighting moron", as she liked to call it. And "bruises didn't belong on a beautiful face".

"Woah! Did you see that!"

"Yeah, he totally knocked that guy into space!"

"No way, It had to be at least out of this galaxy!"

Wanting to see what all the fuss was about, I squeezed through some of the kids to look at the TV. On the screen was the biggest man I've ever seen. He had to be at least a hundred feet tall, okay maybe like, twenty feet? He had shiny blonde hair and bright blue eyes kinda like me but he was definitely flashier like his hair was dyed in gold and his eyes were replaced with glowy blue orbs.

"Woah..." I mumbled under my breath.

He was up against three other villains. Compared to him, they were like ants waiting to be squashed. He confidently held his hands at his side as he spoke to them. Because of the excitement from the other kids, I couldn't hear what he said but I know it must have been something cool since they got quiet afterward. He starts to fight them, I unknowingly clench my fist, anticipating what happens next. The other kids were doing the same.

A little irritated by the talking I go to the front of the group to get closer to the screen, away from the other annoying talkers. The hero on screen isn't even hurt at all as the villains struggle to stay on their feet. He goes for a finishing move that sends all three villains flying into the air all at once.

"Yeah!" I cheer placing my fist up, almost at the same time as the hero, "He did it!"

When I turned all the other kids were staring at me. I freeze.

"Where did she come from?"

She? Now that was just hurtful. I may not look all that muscley and strong, but I am definitely a-

I look down at what I was wearing before blushing. I've gotten so used to wearing these types of outfits every day that I forgot what I even had on. Today's picture was for a mother-daughter collection at some clothing company. Meaning...

I was in a dress.

"Uh, I uh..." I stutter, "I was just walking by and-"

"Hey!" We heard a booming voice yell.

"Oh shoot! That police guy is back, we should go!" One of the boys yelled at the rest of the group before they all took off.

What's going on?

"Didn't I tell you kids to stop hanging around here without an adult!?" The officer scolded as he ran to catch up.

I didn't need any more information to know that I should go as well. If they catch me, they'll bring me back to my mom where she'll probably skin me alive, of course, while making sure not to mess up my face.

"Hey! Young lady, wait a moment!" He yelled as he came after me.

Why me, I just wanted a peaceful day out. I only wanted a few hours away from that suffocating place.

I turned a few corners, before stopping in an alleyway. I leaned against the wall and tried to catch my breath. Maybe living alone is gonna be harder than I thought.

"Hey kid" another voice called out.

Can't I get one moment of peace? I turned around to start spewing out excuses when I caught a glimpse of who was behind me. A big guy with tattoos and piercings. He looked like a villain but maybe he's a nice guy? He just wants to help me out, right?

"Hey, isn't this the little girl Uwambi is always posing with?" Another man says as he walks up to us.

"I guess so. Maybe we can hold her for ransom or something" One of them chuckled.

"'A big star goes missing for a few hundred dollars' Yeah, that'll be a story. Quit joking around like that"

I didn't listen anymore to what they said. I was so scared that I didn't even realize it when he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder before walking out of the alley and onto the sidewalk. I begin to thrash around and fight like my life depended on it.

"Argh! Hey kid, cut it out!" The one holding me yelled as I landed a hard hit on his back, "Hey Kenshi, I'd hate to do it but can you use your quirk on her. I don't think she's gonna stop"

"No problem" The other guy shrugged as he touched my arm. Suddenly, as if it just appeared out of thin air, rope wrapped itself around my body and held my arms in place.

I panicked at suddenly not being allowed to move my arms. I somehow activated my quirk in my panicked state and before I knew it.

We were in the air.


We were falling to the sky.

"What the hell is this!" The man holding me exclaimed.

"Daisuke!" The other guy called out, "What did you do!?"

"I didn't do anything!"

My eyes were squeezed tight.

'If I just let it go, I can distract them long enough to get away'

I thought it would be that easy, but I've never used my quirk outdoors.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a horrible sight.

Everything and everyone in that area was falling with us. Bikes, mailboxes, Men, women, children. Everything and anyone that was smaller than a bed was all around me as we got closer to space.

"Let go, let go, let go!" I tried to will myself, but my fear was controlling me.

"Hey kid" The big guy, Daisuke, managed to grab hold of me, "You have to calm down. Just breathe"

I took shaky breaths as I tried to calm down, "Alright, are you calm?" I nodded, "Good, now let us go"

So I did. That guy must've thought I had some kind of telekinesis quirk because he had no idea that I couldn't just let go. I had to pull them back to earth. Which I did...

I did so horribly wrong.

The next thing I knew. I was waking up in a hospital room. My legs, head, and sides were bandaged up with IV fluid attached to me. Outside of the room, I could hear talking. I heard my mother and father's voices speaking to someone else. They didn't sound angry, but I knew it wasn't good. Did I get in trouble for running away? Did I break someone's car and now they have to pay for it? The suspense of waiting kept me on edge.

"-I need you two to put a lot of thought into this. But the longer you take, the worse this situation is going to get" The woman talking to my parents sounded urgent as she came in.

My dad put his hand up signaling her to stop when he saw that I was awake, "Hey Kai. Are you feeling better?"

"What happened?" I asked.

"You got a little scared in town and overused your quirk. It'll be back in a few days" He explains.

A few days? My quirk has never disappeared for that long just because I used it a lot.

"Sir, I think it's best if you explain the situation truthfully to him now," The woman said from the front of the room. My dad got an annoyed look before turning around.

"I could care less about whatever controlling quirk foundation place you're from, but you aren't going to tell me how to raise my son" I've never heard my dad get this angry before. Sure he and my mom don't ever really see eye to eye on things, but they've never gotten angry like this.

"Part of our program is teaching parents how to raise children with dangerous quirks" The woman pointed at her clipboard.

"Then it's settled, we don't want anything to do with your sketchy program" My father sat by my side and placed a hand on my shoulder, "Hey son, we're going to bring you home in a bit. Once you've been cleared"

Why did you have to clarify that?

"Haiji, dear...We should listen to her. All of the damages, and injuries, we can't manage that on our own, not without help" My mom reached out to my father, "For god's sake Haiji, six people died-"

"When we go home, we're going to take you and Katsumi on vacation for a while. You won't have to worry about work or school at all, we'll be back before summer break ends," He ruffles my hair and smiles, "And if that bastard manager calls I'll send him flying!"

"Papa...What did mama say?"

"Don't worry about it, Kai. Mama is just a little worried about you getting hurt, that's all"

After that, things pretty much went back to normal. Or, as normal as they could be. My dad really did move our family away from town. The stories going around were too much for them to hide. The police and town agreed to drop all charges, seeing as this was an unintentional incident with a child and an out of control quirk. The only deal was that they were to choose our housing situation.

My father had been against it a lot and I could see why once we were forced to choose impossible charges or the housing situation. They placed us in some kind of community in Aogashima, an isolated volcanic island, far away from civilization where families with children with high-risk quirks were living. My family's particular housing unit was an enclosed space with houses and other things like mailboxes and trees were kept tightly secured to the ground. I guess it's specifically for quirks that have to do with things moving.

I was only allowed off the island to keep my job (hooray...) as long as the on-base quirk specialist detected no problems with my quirk. She explained that it was all in my mind, and staying calm was the best way to keep it under control, So counseling was a must. Having an adult present with me at all times was also something that must be done.

It was kind of annoying. I'm like a prisoner.

But showing any kind of resistance to this life would result in some kind of punishment. I am one of the many ticking bombs in this base waiting to blow up. Metaphorically, unless one kid has some kind of suicide bomber quirk. Maybe if I can team up with that kid, I can blow this place up and escape-

My notebook was taken off of my desk while I was writing. I smirk and looked up at the quirk specialist standing above me, "Is there something wrong Sir?" I ask kindly.

The other kids in the room sweat as they watch the staredown between us. They knew if they moved at all they would get in trouble as well. The specialist glared down at me, his scar filled face intimidating everyone but me, I know he got those from a toddler. Probably the one from sector B.

He sighed when he realized that I wasn't scared, "According to the protocol, I'm supposed to call someone in to contain you and do another long and stressful week of searching and investigation on you" He stretches his neck and taps my notebook on his shoulder, "But you would like that, wouldn't you?"

I shook my head, "What? No way. I would hate to do that to you" I reach my hand out for my book, "Just forget what I said. I'll erase it"

"Yeah," He turns around with my notebook in hand and places it on his desk, "I wish it were that simple" He held a button on his desk down, "Code 19, Kaito Alexeev "

The door burst open and several security members filed in and surrounded me. I groan and placed my hands up.