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War or love what's the difference?

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Betty Cooper she was a small town girl but now known world wide. Its no secret that she had her skeletons in her closest. Everyone knew her past and she wasn't ashamed of that. That wasn't her doing. She wasn't her father. She was her own person.

She made her own name after herself.

If you ask anyone in the military about Captain Cooper. They'd be able to tell you all the good that came to her name. They'd be able to tell you about the one that shallent be named.

Betty started at the lowest of the low at sixteen. She crawled her way through up. Practically in blood, sweat and tears. She had no family once her father killed them all. She was strong enough to fight back and never look back after she called the police.

She was 26 and the youngest captain. After 10 years of proving she could handle it. On her 25th birthday she got honoured with title captain.

So now she stands with pride in her uniform as she gathers her troops together.

"Command ECS listen up! Registor time. You hear your name you say here Captain then head on out chopper. Do you understand?!"

"Yes Marm yes!" They all shouted in unison.

"Archie Andrews!"

" Here Cap!"He yelled running to the chopper.

"Veronica Lodge!"

"Here Captain!" She shouted running after Archie.

"Kevin Keller! Kev your my second in command get up here." She giggled.

"Sorry coming!"

Kevin walked up to her and hugged her. "How you doing with things?" He asked her.

"We'll talk later." She whispered back.

"Trevor Brown!"

"Dilton Doiley."

"Chic Smith!"

"Reggie Mantal!"

"Chuck Mason!"

They all shouted here one by one as an echo. Betty's Sargent who was the one in charge of everyone walked up to her. "Sargent Honey?" Betty smiled.

"You have the special force officers joining you on your chopper. They'll be helping you on your Misson out there. In case it goes worse than we expect."

Betty nodded having a loss for words. That means she has to see him. All her anxiety came flooding in. She couldn't speak knowing if she spoke she'd regret it. All she managed to mutter out was that she understood.

Honey walked away as Betty just lost all control. She started to cry a little. She turned to look at Kevin.

"What do I do?" She whispered. Kevin pulled her in for a tight hug. "The last... Last time I saw him was..."

~Flashback. ~

Betty lived alone. Her family was Kevin's family and that's all she knew at this point. She had Kevin stay over and His gran to help her get ready in the morning.

Tomorrow morning was meant to be her happiest day of her life. She was downstairs with Eve and Kevin.

"Are excited?"Eve asked her.


"Eve can I ask you a question?" She asked.

"Sure honey."

"Me and Juggie have been talking. We want you to walk me down the aile." Betty smiled happily.

Eve started crying happy tears as she pulled her in for a hug. "I would love too darling. You are like my granddaughter I never got." She smiled.

"Hey gran! I'm better than any girl." Kevin pouted as Betty giggled.

"True." The women said in unison.

Betty got a notification on her phone. It was from her husband to be.

J: meet me upstairs now x

B: wait your here but how?

J: babe you forgot I'm now a special force officer.

B: shit up and just kiss me when I'm there.

"I'm going to get my beauty sleep." Betty smiled running up stairs.

Her door was already open and she could see Jughead leaning on her door for her. She jumped into his arms kissing him.

"I love you." She whispered into the kiss.

"I love you more."

He carried her over to the bed kissing her. "You know we're breaking tradition." Betty teased cradling his lap.

"Since when are we that traditional anyway."

"God I love you." Betty whispered kissing him. "Can you believe it tomorrow I'll be Elizabeth Cooper-Jones?"

"It can't come fast enough."

Clothes came flying in the air as they embrace each other. Taking one another like they've done many times before. Neither of them could believe what brought them together.

One wanting to prove his family wrong the other running towards a community that would welcome her more.

The next day Betty woke up alone. She was a bag of nerves. Waking up to Kevin playing music. Betty headed downstairs to get her hair and makeup. Polly would do her hair or makeup. Her mum would love to do her hair.

She couldn't believe the day was here. She slipped on her perfect dress. Tearing up remembering her mother was robbed of this moment. Heading down the steps as Kevin whistled at her.

"Stop." She blushed.

"Army girl scrubs up well." Kevin teased hugging her. "Let's marry my B off."


Getting to the venue Betty's nervea increased. She was so excited. Betty couldn't believe this day was here. She thought she didn't deserve this. She thought she didn't deserve love but here she is.

As they pulled up to the venue they started to walk inside. Panic looks on their face when they couldn't hear their wedding song play but his best men Sweet Pea and Fangs standing outside.

"Guys what's happening?"Betty asked smiling.

"Jug isn't here."

The anxiety disappeared from her face. Tears started to form. Left at the alter on her own wedding day.

"Where is he? Is he late? Has he rang you? This can't be happening? It can't be! I saw him last night!" Betty sobbed as Kevin and Eve hugged her.

"We have no idea Betts." Fangs answered.

Betty walked in with her head held eyes as tears fell down her face. "Go home! The wedding is off!" Betty shouted crying. All eyes were on her and she couldn't face it. She kicked her heels off before running a mile a minute out of the venue.

~End of flashback. ~

"I know." Kevin hugged her. "Only speak to him if you have too." He told her.

Betty nodded as Kevin got on the chopper. Betty stood nervously as she heard the door open and the special forces officers walked in. Hair as dark as a raven. Eyes as blue as an ocean their eyes met. It was like a storm hitting all the emotions flooded back.

She saw all her old friends and him. They all walked passed her but him. He stood eye to eye to her.

"I'm sorry. Please let me explain."Jughead told her.

"3 years Forsythe." She coldly said. Betty knew he hated being called that. "Betts?"

"Get on the chopper and don't speak to me until we have too."

Betty turned away whipping her pony in his face walking away with attitude. She was broken on the inside. Every fiber of her wanted to kill him. She sat on the chopper looking at him tearing up. He mouthed 'I'm sorry.' Betty shook her head looking at Kevin.

"So where are we planning our holiday this year?" He asked her to keep her mind off of things.

"Vancouver or Vegas." Betty told him.

"Are we in a let's get black shit wasted kind of holiday or a relaxed one? I guess we'll see after this tour."

Betty nodded.


Landing in Seria they headed to their camp base. Everyone hitting the deck straight away. Tomorrow's work is only the beginning of a long 6 months.

The following day came and everyone was up at the crack of dawn. Betty sent patrols out so she could go meet the medic team that's been there for years.

"Hello I'm Captain Cooper the medic of troop. I'm here to fully support you."

The women looked at her she had short blonde hair and dark brown eyes. "I don't need help." She said.

"We'll you have it so suck it up. I have better medical knowledge in worse case scenarios." Betty said.

Sabrina nodded as she headed to help a patient. Just as she finished another case cane flodded through. Betty rushed to help the patient. Sabrina allowed it. She wouldn't deny the help with more medical knowledge would hurt.

Betty radioed through to see how the patrol was going. It was going well. She ordered them back here to help her. They were under sticked orders to protect the medical tent and give medical attention.

Everyone helped once back. They got multiple patients seen that day after the patrol. They all headed back to camp.

For the first two weeks it went like that. Patrols three times a day. Help at the medic tent as Betty kept her distrance from Jughead. He tried his hardest to talk to her but she stayed away.

One night they were all sat around reading letters from home. Betty had no like usual. Archie and the rest of the newbies started all singing as Kevin and the rest of the special forces officers joined in.

The song stopped as Betty looked up from her book. She saw him take the guitar. He sat down looking at her. Jughead strummed the chords before he started to sing.

"Today is gonna be the day. That they're gonna throw it back to you. By now you should've somehow realized what you gotta do. I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do, about you now."

"Backbeat, the word was on the street. That the fire in your heart is out. I'm sure you've heard it all before but you never really had a doubt."

Jughead looked at Betty along with Fangs, Pea and Kevin. The others sang along. "I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now. And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding. There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how." Jughead looked at her dead on with that last line.

" Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you're my wonder wall."

Everyone kept singing as Betty glared at Jughead before heading to her tent. That was their song. She sang it everywhere then Jughead learnt the cords for her birthday. He then played in front of everyone at open mic night at camp the day of her birthday. Ever since then it's been there song. He never picked an instrument up before that. The gesture warmed her heart. It was the best gift of all.

Betty pulled the blanket over herself as she heard it play. She fell asleep a crying. Meanwhile outside everyone was still up.

"Why was everyone staring at Captain Cooper?" Veronica Lodge.

"No reason." The older men said.

Archie leaned over and whispered in her ear. "They've all known each other since their first tour. Those three Jughead, Pea and Fangs did training together." He explained.

"How do you know?" Veronica questioned Archie.

"My Dad was their captain."

"Why did Captain Cooper walk off?" She added.

"Sweet Ronnie you know nothing."

"You are shit liers." Veronica said.

"Lodge drop it!" Kevin and Jughead warned her.

Jughead looked at Kevin. He nodded flicking his head to her tent. Jughead ran off to her tent hearing her cry. His heart broke,Betty almost never cries. She's felt too much pain in the past she knows it's just life. But this, this felt like it was life slapping her in the face again.

"Betts let me explain." He entered the tent closing the zip. "Go away." Betty ordered in a whisper.

Jughead couldn't bring himself to do it. He ended up laying down on her bed hugging her. That enhanced Betty tears as she automatically wrapped her hands around him. Holding him like that for a minute. A minute or two of weakness. She didn't know if he was dead or alive so relief and furoy ran over her. She turned to look at him. "So you stay now but not on our wedding day?" Betty questioned pushing him off the bed.

"Let me explain please."

"You saw me the night before. You lied to my face saying that you were ready for a life with me. You were ready to be my family. You were the only person I had. I told all our friends and your family that there was no wedding. Embarrassed, hurt and confused Forsythe. That day it felt like you took a riffle to my chest and shot all the rounds directly into my heart. All I've ever done is love you. Loved you but love means nothing in life. So please Juggie just go."Betty uttered.

"Please Betts when your ready to hear me out please do." Jughead begged squeezing her hand one last time before he left her tent.


Jughead was gone and all the younger soldiers started to mutter gossip. Kevin rolled his eyes before going to sit with Fangs. He's always loved Fangs but he's never came out to him or anyone yet.

"Should we explain the basics and warn them if they say anything their on scut duty for a week?" Kevin suggested. Fangs intertwined their hands together nodding. "I missed you." He admitted.


"Kev you should know by name I'm bi." Fangs smiled squeezing his hand. "It's hard being the only gay one in my unit."

"Tell me about it. Try having that tournament the first few years of our career." Kevin pouted.

"God I have liked you for years." He admitted. "We're sharing a tent with the lads so I'll sneak into your bed to kiss you." Kevin smiled nodding at him. "Also it's a good idea. Everyone knows anyway."

"Listen up guys! You have a lot of questions but they stop now. Captain Cooper and Officer Jones know each other. Most of the New York military that taught you were at their wedding. The people on their first tour and their closest friends. Its no secret what happened but its unspoken of. She was left at the alter. We have no idea why. Don't mention it to her or ever again. You will be on scut duty. Do you understand!? "

" Yes sir, yes!"They all shouted before heading to bed.

Fangs and Pea got up as they headed to Jughead. He was sat on the crates. They joined him.

"How are you feeling?" They asked.

"I don't know if I love her still. I have to explain everything but she won't let me." Jughead sighed.

"Give her time. She didn't know that you had a Misson that was top secret. You had to protect her as she was already had threats." Pea said.

"But I am also scared of commitment." He whispered.

"Yeah but you had a mission you and went missing in action for a year." Fangs added.

"At least it wasn't her. I just don't know. I just don't want her to hate me."

Both men beside him laughed softly. "That my brother will take time. Betty dearest is the most stubborn women I know." Fangs said.

"Ain't that the truth."


Back at the tent Kevin popped in to check on her. He laid down on the bed as he pulled her in for a hug. "You doing okay?" Kevin asked her.

"I'll be fine. I just missed him so much. But he hurt me more than he knows. He was my family."

"I know. If you need me come get me. I'm going to get a shower before heading to bed." He told her.

"I'm going for a walk." Betty said.

They left at the same time but headed different directions. Betty saw Jughead on the crates. She was so angry. She didn't want to speak to him but she missed him. She had to tell him how she was without him.

Betty headed upto him and sat next to him. "Pushing you off the bed was excessive. I'm sorry." Betty apologiesed.

"I deserved it."

"True." She looked at him. "I thought you died." Betty added. "It scared me. I heated nothing from you since the wedding. I thought you were dead. It terrified me. I was angry at you leaving me. It was our wedding day. Did it mean nothing?" Betty asked wiping her tears away.

Jughead looked at her and shook his head." It's complicated Betts and I promise I'll explain everything but I know we have ears here. So I need to explain to you after this tour. You meant the world to me. "He explained.

" Meant. "Betty repeated on a whisper. Of course it was past tense."Did you have another women?" She added.


"Got someone pregnant?"

He shook his head.

"Are you gay?"

Jughead laughed softly at her. "Not all of your exs are gay Betts." He smiled.

"Did your grandad die?"

He shook his head again.

"Then why leave me on our wedding day? I lost everything again that day. I lost my family all over again Juggie. You were my everything. You know everything I've gone through. That day broke me."

Jughead wrapped his hands around her. He was expecting Betty to push his hands away but Betty was too tired to do so. She leaned her head on his shoulder yawning.

"I jumped into work not caring what happened to me. If a bullet hits me. Let it, if someone kidnaps me, let them. I will always be stronger then them mentally to get through anything."

"Betts I promise once we're home I'll explain everything. You have my word." He whispered. Betty nodded faintly. She turned up to look at him ashe spoke "So how about we be civil towards one another?"

"Civil? I'll think about it."

"Stubborn as always." Jughead smiled. "I missed you."

Betty didn't say anything back. Of course she missed him but she wouldn't admit that.

"Remember when we first sat here like this?" He asked.

Betty look at him again she pushed his hands away from her as she lifted her head up. All she did was nod.

~Flashback. ~

It was there first tour ever. Fresh out of training. They've been there four months already with two months left. Weekly letters from family and loved ones arrived and with this being the 16th week with no letter due to her circumstances she felt the grief.

Bringing herself out of the way she sat on the crates made bench as she let the sadness wash over her. She hated feeling like this but it was one of those days. Head in her hands she felt someone sit next to her engulfing her in a hug.

"Betts I have a present for you." He smiled.

Betty looked up to him with her tear stained cheeks. Jughead leaned down and wiped her tears away. Over this tour they've gotten extremely close.

"I hated how upset you would get each Friday. So I got you something." He admitted. Jughead pulled out a letter from the waistband of his pants. Betty looked at him confused. "It's a letter from a loved one or someone close." Jughead smiled added.

Betty sat closer to Jughead leaning her head on him. "Thank you." She whispered taking it. Jughead wrapped his arms around her hugging her softly as he sat behind her.

Betty leaned further into his embrace as she began to open the letter. She opened it with a smile glancing at him. This was so kind of him. Betty knew she was having feelings for him but this gesture made her realise she loved him.

~Dear Betts,

I have no idea how I came up with that nickname for you. It went from Elizabeth to Betty. I guess you only let people call you Betty you trust but now you just go with Betty. Now for us it's Betts. I like it, it definitely suits you. ~

Betty let out a small  giggle to herself smiling up at him. She just looked at him with awe and love as he did the same.

~Anyway, I can't believe it's been four months. It's been a long four months but with you it only feels like yesterday. You make me feel as the times flewn by. In my head it feels like it but in my body it feels like four month. Does that make sense? I feel like I'm rambling.

In those four months we've known each other the one thing I'm most thankful for is you. You're quit actually the only thing keeping me sane baby. ~

Betty looked at him with the use of baby. She didn't say anything about it. She smiled biting her lip.

~We've grew so close and I love that. If I'm being honest I can't imagine my life without you now. It sounds stupid Betts but your my sunshine. My dose of vitamin D. Okay that was kind of dumb and stupid to say.

Anyway Betts, I really Really like you. I think you like me too. So I just wanted to say I love you and more as a friend.

I love Betts.

-Juggie x ~

Betty looked up at him and smiled. She slowly moved in and softly caught his lips in a kiss. It turned more heated before she got the strength to pull away.

"I love you too Juggie." Betty smiled.

"Really?" He asked nervously.

"I really love you Juggie."

Jughead smiled leaning down kissing her as all their unit were still occupied with care packages and letters. Pulling away they rested their heads against one another smiling.

~End of flashback.~

Betty nodded before she stood up to walk back to her tent. Trying to stay strong was a whole lot of bulshit. We're only human. We're aloud to fall to our breaking point. Cry until we fall asleep. Break a few glasses. Punch a few walls. If you didn't the rage would bottle up. It would build up until you were numb inside.

That numbness is what kills people.

You're only hulam.

You're aloud to feel.

You're aloud to love.

You're aloud go feel hatred and angry.

You're aloud to be human.

But how can one do all those things when they're carrying the past still within them?