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I see you

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Pain was something she has experienced before; something that she has dealt with from a tender young age, with a mother who has never been shy with using her harsh words along with her drunken temper. Throwing about how she never wanted a child to begin with, and that it was Raven’s fault- for what, she never knew, learning quickly that it was better to keep both quiet and out of the way until the enraged woman tired herself out or fell to the floor from the effects of the alcohol in her system. Raven watching with tear-soaked eyes from her position in the corner, her mother’s incapacitated state allowing her to carefully collect the broken pieces of her childhood innocence that were scattered across the floor with the shattered bits of glass from a drained bottle. Clutching them with trembling fingers as she began fitting them together and locking them away behind the steel cage that was beginning to appear more and more as she grew older; fear draining away until nothing was left but anger and nowhere to safely release it apart from busy hands fixing the Ark or in the arms of the boy next door.

But Raven Reyes was nothing if not resilient, always ready to bounce back after every blow. Finding solace in her work, making sure that she was always busy in some shape or form, even if it was just to feel useful; her mothers haunting words often reminding her of the opposite and forcing her to prove to everyone, (namely, herself) that she was worth more than what she had been told all during her childhood.

This became doubly true when Finn was thrown into Sky Block. His presence being missed every second as guilt coursed through her veins, unrelenting with its hold. It should have been her in there, Finn had only wanted to do something special for her Birthday and look where that had led him. In prison. And without him there to help soothe the anger, she became more agitated, snapping at everyone who dared to speak to her. The small voice in the back of her mind, (the part, that sounded too much like her younger self,) scolding her for being this way, for purposely pushing away anyone who attempted to hurl themselves over the barbed wire she had encased herself in.

The only person she could even care enough to tolerate, was Sinclair. His kind eyes and even kinder smile never allowing her a chance to snap, especially when he came and told her that she had been accepted as a Zero-G mechanic- the one thing she had been working towards for as long as she could remember. In her happiness, she had almost skipped her way towards Finn’s room, halting only a few steps after her mistake when realization kicked in like an ice-cold bucket being tossed across her face. Finn wasn’t there. Finn was in prison. All because he had given her something she thought she could never have, only to have that very same thing in the grasp of her hands. And Finn, her selfless, amazing boyfriend, was being punished for doing something that he now had no reason to be punished for. And the 3 months of Oxygen they had lost wouldn’t have been wasted.

God, if only they had waited just a little longer, she could have been sharing this joy with him, celebrating. Instead, she was alone, accompanied by nothing but the low hum of the Ark as she stood within one of its empty corridors.

It wasn’t until she went on her first (legal,) spacewalk did she finally feel some semblance of peace. The way her body felt weightless as she glided amongst the stars was something she doubts she will ever get over. It was like she had finally found another little piece of that childhood innocence again, and she laved it up knowing that she had this moment, no matter how small, where she could be herself without pain sweeping in to remind her of her place.

Every time she returned, her first instinct was to go and tell Finn, and she would, whenever she had the chance. Until one day she couldn’t, something to do with ‘quarantine’ or whatever. And so she had flagged down Abby Griffin, strong with her words when she inquired about the dropship she saw while spacewalking. And she could tell, no matter how well Abby had hidden her expression behind well trained professionalism, that, no, it was most certainly no accident. Especially when Lockup just so happened to be under quarantine at the same time. She was too smart, knew too much about how things worked – especially when it came to the Ark, both the metal and the humans running the scenes – to fall for the stupid excuses she was being given. And it was that same knowledge that allowed her to eavesdrop the hushed conversation between Abby and Jackson, tense words involving wristbands and radiation and death.

Being caught was something she should have anticipated, being as smart as she is, but what she never expected was to be called into an area of the Ark that was off limits, watching closely as Abby tore off a withered and dust covered piece of cloth away from another Drop Ship. Her brain working and processing the words that were being spoken to her, “The Ark is dying Raven. And I have 10 days to prove to the council that the earth is survivable,” the desperation was apparent, both in Abby’s words and her eyes. “If I fail, then 300 people are going to die.”

And so she got to work. Spending as much time as she could to get the old machinery up and running. Anger, determination and Abby being her only companions as she forced herself to work around the improbable and prove, once again, that she deserved the recognition she was rewarded with, the recognition that Abby had said aloud, and made her humbly shrug her shoulders like she hadn’t worked her ass off to be there.

And then she hit a snag, and a major one at that. The ship wouldn’t function properly without a pressure regulator, and she didn’t fancy dying this early in the game. So she had told Abby with false bravado that she knew where to get one, and Abby didn’t need to worry any more than she already was.

Ans as it turned out, her words fell short when Nygel played her usual sly tricks, telling Raven that in order to get what she wanted that she needed to go to low levels. “Your mother accepted the deal… Many times.”

Raven was already lifting her arm to swing before she could even blink.

“Go float yourself, Nygel!”

Telling Abby was a lot harder than she anticipated, having adopted the woman as a kind of mother figure, (at least, how she thinks a mother should act, anyway,) and seeing the way some of the light left the doctor’s eyes almost broke Raven’s heart; never before envying someone as much as she envied Clarke Griffin in that moment. Watching as Abby turned on her heel with a sense of determination, or maybe, desperation, as she left Raven with an order to continue working with what she had until she returned.

And not too long after, in walks Abby with a pressure regulator in hand. Raven’s delight overshadowing her need to question as she began working with renewed vigour, improbability once again pushed aside when she told Abby that she could get installed within the hour. Her concentration only broken when a new voice breaks through, Abby giving her a look that she interprets as ‘hurry up’ before her fingers are once again in action; eyes briefly watching as Abby struts out of the room and returns quickly after with a hint on panic in her eyes. “How much longer?”

“I dunno, maybe 20 minutes?” Raven didn’t like the urgency. But this was completely different than before, Abby was reacting more intense than she had prior.

“Whatever happens, I need you to go. With or without me,” Abby took a few steps closer, gently taking Raven’s cheeks into her palms and never breaking eye contact, “do you understand, Raven.”

“Hell no! I’m not leaving witho-“

“Do you understand.”

The repeat of words stopped the argument from forming in Raven’s throat, her tongue heavy in her mouth as she blinked away a few unpleasant tears. Nodding, she made sure Abby could read the thoughts her mouth refused to say and the implications behind them. Her throat bobbing with the gentle smile she was briefly rewarded with in turn, “say hi to Clarke for me.”

The sudden sting of abandonment tore through her nerves when Abby released her hold and left, Raven already back in the Drop Ship to alter the last few pieces she needed to before reaching over until her fingers wrapped around the familiar material of a Space Suit. Almost throwing it on before strapping herself down into the chair, closing the hatch and waiting for a few baited seconds before slamming her fist on the eject button.

“Earth; here I come.”

When consciousness began to drive away the mist her mind was encased in, Raven immediately winced; a hiss breaking free from clenched teeth as her hand gingerly reached up to find the reason for her pain, the space helmet halting her efforts. Blinking away the blurriness until her eyes adapted, Raven began slowly turning her head, relief washed away when she spotted patched of green through the window.

No longer in the mood to check everything was in working order, Raven tore off the helmet, noticing quickly the large crack on the side and the patches of blood littering around its edges. So that’s what caused the stinging throb in her temple, then. Removing the straps to her seat were easier, her body vibrating with the need to see what lay just beyond her reach.

She had made it; she was on the Earth.

Everything was so bright, so full of colour. Her eyes didn’t know what to look at first, darting to everything they could catch as she pivoted where she stood. The grass beneath her boots flattening under her weight; so green that she struggled to formulate a coherent thought at what it could be likened to. Nothing, she decided. Nothing could ever compare to the real thing. The pictures she remembers glancing over in class being almost offensive with the way they described it to be.

Wonderment was something she rarely felt, and she bathed in the sensations it brought for a few more glorious seconds before deciding she needed to finish the promise that she had made to Abby. Any thoughts about the doctor bringing a pang to her heart. Clarke. She needed to find Clarke, and Finn. She couldn’t wait to see his face when he sees her.

With her focus now back, she set her mind to thinking where The 100 could have landed, and even if she found the Drop Ship, she couldn’t rule out the possibility that they might have migrated - heck, she was on Earth, she couldn’t rule out the possibility of anything. But if she had landed on the co-ordinates she had set, (and, taking into consideration how she had landed, she doubted they were exact, give or take,) then the Drop Ship should be a few miles from her position. And if they weren’t there, then Mount Weather would be her next destination.

With a semblance of a plan in her mind, Raven went to make her move, removing her what was left of her space suit and dropping it back inside her ship. The sound of something piercing the front widescreen making her instinctively duck away, eyes wide and panicked as she tumbled backwards and onto the floor. She could feel her ears burn with pumped up blood as adrenaline kicked in after the shock, her legs regaining their mobility as she scrambled back onto her feet and took off in a random direction.

Yells in a language foreign to her nipped at her heels, the voices, oddly human like, made her pause enough to look back. Naivety, perhaps, or wishful thinking that it could be someone from The 100; her common sense yelling in the back of her mind for her to continue running, that whatever had made the noise, that pierced her screen and was now giving her chase was most certainly not someone originally from the Ark.

But then-

“Hod! Nou sen fut daun nowe, gada.” 

Holy fucking shit. That’s a person, an actual human being that is most definitely not from the ark, if the clothing alone was anything to go by. That means- Raven gaped, openly staring at the mask covered face that had spoken to her.

The Earth has been survivable all along.

The revelation only lasted for a few moments, enough for it to soak in, before everything around Raven went dark.

Raven was no doctor, wouldn’t know a thing passed the basics if she was ever asked, but the sarcastic part of herself knew that falling unconscious due to a force to the head within the space of an hour was definitely not good for the body. Weirdly enough however, there was no stinging pain like she felt earlier during the crash, instead, it was more like a dull throb. Like something was applying a decent amount of pressure to her brain. Her drowsiness making her unaware of anything going on, realization only arriving when she couldn’t move her arms anywhere from their held position behind her back.

Now fully alert, Raven twisted as far as the position allowed her to, searching for any signs of life- no, more than life, a human being. “Holy shit,” she breathed out, still astounded by the turn of events.

“Em laik won kom emo?”


For a second a flash of orange filled the darkness of the room – tent? Raven was occupied in. Her arms bound to a lone standing pole that had been embedded into the ground. With squinted eyes, her gaze took in the stranger before her, following the body upwards until their gazes locked and “holy shit.”

Somehow, she knew she would be saying that quite often.

But she didn’t even want to take back her words, for the woman in front of her looked like she could kill her with her eyes alone. Trained and deadly, never once wavering from Raven as she took in the bound woman before her, sizing her up and making sure Raven knows who is in charge of the current situation. What the woman saw, Raven could only guess, but the fact she had taken out a small knife from the confines of her coat probably wasn’t a good sign.


“Yeah, I have no idea what you just said.” Maybe sarcasm wasn’t the best way to approach this, but it was something that came naturally to Raven, as it was easy to use whenever she would hide her true emotions. Her words making the woman’s head tilt slightly, a twitch of an eyebrow being the only sign of her surprise.

“Why have you come here?” Authoritative. It was the only way the woman could be described.

“If you think I came here willingly, then I have some news for you,” Speaking was becoming easier now, especially since she could understand what the other was saying. Her initial shock pushed out of the way, not wanting to give away any indication what she was feeling. “Some idiot knocked me out, and it was probably the same idiot who brought me here. So, if you want an answer to your question, I would go and talk to him.”

Whether it was the way she spoke or the cocky grin she sent afterwards, Raven found herself a little too close to comfort with the stabby end of the before mentioned knife. Its owners almost feral growl wiping any last traces of the upward tilt of Raven’s lips. “What is your name?”

Not wanting to piss the woman off anymore, she decided that it would be best to withhold the sass for the moment, “Raven.”

“Reivon.” She could see the way the strangers mouth twisted to form the syllables; knife pulled back slightly as she spoke. “Your people have fallen from the sky, into our lands, and killed our people.” Crouching until she was eye level, the woman began to play with the weapon in her grasp, yet her eyes firmly stayed on Raven’s own. “Something needs to be done.”

Raven could feel herself gape at the received information. Killed? As in, physically attacked and murdered these people? Raven knew that all of the people that were sent down had committed some sort of crime; but this?

Yeah, she could see why the woman would be slightly pissed about that.

“In their defence,” what defence could she even give right now? “We had no idea you were even here.” If her arms weren’t currently bound, she knew they would be gesturing like crazy, “they were sent down because we didn’t know if the Earth was survivable. We had no idea there were any people here.” The words were sour on her tongue, hatred towards the chancellor shining through.

The woman tore her eyes away for a second, allowing Raven to finally break the hold they had on her own. But they were quick to return, and the look within was even more wild than before, “so in other words, you sent down your own people to die.”

“Hey, it’s not like I agreed to the idea either. None of us knew this was even going to happen.” Speaking about it, Raven really needed to get out of here and find the others; the council needs to be told before they culled all of those people. “See? This is all just a big misunderstanding, and I really should be going now.”

The woman grinned, and Raven didn’t like the way it made her feel.

“You’re not going anywhere, Reivon.”