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It's kind of fitting that Katsuki is completely naked when he falls to his knees and bares his throat to the omega in front of him. 


He had already disrobed and folded his clothes onto a big rock next to the river bank when their eyes met across the water. The omega was barely out of the brush yet, his big green eyes almost glowing in the dusk of the evening when they zeroed in on the foreign alpha, and Katsuki's heart stopped.


He knew immediately that this was his true mate. His alpha would never accept any other omega than this amazing, powerful one standing right across from him. 


When the glowing green eyes emerged further, stepping closer to the other side of the river and more into the light, Katsuki's eyes immediately caught on the small figure clinging to his side, the taut swell to his stomach and the blood all over them. His alpha brain could connect the dots without questioning: this omega had protected his pup and litter with everything he had and gone feral over it, probably killing every single wolf that had stood in his way. 


As soon as Katsuki had finished that thought, his alpha had made him fall to his knees and submit. He knew deep down he needed to give this omega everything he ever wanted and more, that this would be the ahm of his own litter in the future and the most perfect Lead Omega for their pack, and Katsuki needed to secure his safety no matter what. He needed to appease, protect and provide for this wonderfully strong and blessed man and he would rather die than see this omega go.


As a Prime Alpha, Katsuki has never trilled before. He only ever growls and rumbles and howls. For this omega though, he does. He puts his pride aside with no qualms, breaks down his walls, lays himself bare and starts trilling at his omega with everything he has, sitting back on his haunches and watching the omega watch him submit like this with wide eyes. Katsuki doesn't do anything else, because there isn't much else to do than to wait for the omega to accept his submission or not, if he doesn't want to seriously impose on him. 


This is, after all, still a feral Prime Omega. He could kill Katsuki in a matter of seconds if he saw a threat in him. And just the reality of that makes Katsuki's dick twitch in arousal. 


Katsuki freezes up when he hears his omega trill back. It's only a short sound, but over the quiet evening of the forest Katsuki can hear it loud and clear as an acceptance. Katsuki relaxes again and awaits his omega's next move, which, surprisingly, is him moving to step through the river with the pup still in his arm, hitching them higher up so they don't get wet while he wades forward with confidence. At the deepest point, the water reaches the omega's pregnancy-widened hips, and Katsuki hears the pup whine when their feet start dangling into the water a little. 


Katsuki can only watch on in amazement as the omega shushes the pup and continues on his way over to the alpha, never wavering. When the omega comes to a halt right in front of Katsuki, he has to look up to see him in all his glory, and he can't stop thinking about how lucky he is. The omega doesn't even see him as a threat to his pup so up close, setting the child down next to him, and Katsuki is so unbelievably happy and proud that he made himself seem harmless enough to them. 


The omega bends down heavily and comes to sit on his knees in front of Katsuki, wild eyes staring into Katsuki's, and after a second of simply taking each other in, the omega leans closer. Katsuki would've thought it would be incredibly hard to let himself be scented first by an omega, the most vulnerable he could possibly make himself in a situation with a foreign wolf, but instead he's elated. His omega has accepted his submission and on top of that, has accepted him as an alpha, as a friend. He is laying trust in Katsuki right now. 


After a few seconds of rubbing his nose up and down the column of Katsuki's neck, scenting, the omega leans in more aggressively and rubs his own face and neck against him. Katsuki hasn't even gotten a good whiff of the omega's scent yet, all the blood and dirt caked onto him masking it well, but he feels how the marking sinks into his own skin immediately, relaxing him bone deep. 


He won't dare scenting or marking the omega right now. That would be a straight up offer for the omega to rip his throat out. 


To finish the scent marking, the omega's tongue lolls out and licks up fat stripes up his neck to behind his ear and under his jaw where his scent glands sit damp and swollen since the second his alpha had realized that this was his true mate. Katsuki moans lowly, his cock slowly filling up with the proximity, the attention and the danger he's brought himself into. His alpha is thrilled.  


The pup whimpers next to them, and the wolves direct their attention to them immediately. Katsuki already feels responsible for this child. It's a boy, maybe four or five years old, with dark spiky hair and big, sad eyes. He looks similar enough to his omega, but not similar enough that Katsuki would say for certain that he's one of his litters. 


"Kouta, shh. C'mere. C'mere. C'mere."


It's the first time Katsuki hears his omega speak and honestly, he feels like he could weep. He's perfect in every aspect, his voice is soft and safe, his eyes so full of love and concern for the pup. Kouta doesn't let himself be asked twice and climbs back onto the omega, who in turn sits back into a cross-legged position to accommodate the pup in his lap next to his own swollen stomach. Katsuki keeps watching his omega comfort the pup, his knot slowly calming down after the scenting. 


He's so perfect. So unbelievably strong and loving and dangerous, Katsuki couldn't imagine a better mate for himself. He wants to do everything for him, for them.


Their eyes meet again, over the top of Kouta's head against the omegas neck. The omega's eyes seem a little clearer, not as caught up in the feral state as before, and they hold an eye contact that's more than just bare instincts. They actually look at each other, sizing each other up and comparing. Katsuki feels his hands twitch where they hang down next to his thighs, but he doesn't dare initiate. He might catapult his omega back into full-on feral state with just the least bit of a threat. 


"I'm. Deku. We need, hrrg - help. Puh, please." 


Deku. That's the name of his omega. Katsuki is so proud of him, for overcoming the feral state to make himself vulnerable like this again. Who knows how long he had been in feral state before, days, maybe even weeks, without pause. The dirt and gore dried onto them speaks volumes. 


Katsuki basically whispers, to make himself as harmless as possible. 


"I'm Katsuki. Lead Alpha of my pack. I can help you, you're safe with us."


Katsuki sees the last drags of feral state dissipate from Deku's eyes like a curtain falling, and Katsuki is so fucking proud of his omega. His alpha is singing inside his chest, proud at himself for making the omega feel safe enough to let go of his defenses. Deku nods at him softly. 


"Okay. I trust you." 


As in answer, Katsuki cocks his head to the side once more, submitting and presenting the big, fat scent mark Deku had given him as if to confirm. 


"Okay. Okay. How about we get you two cleaned up for a start?" 


Deku nods and lets go of Kouta to get up from the ground. Katsuki only now registers that the omega is almost fully naked. He is only wearing knee-long shorts that Katsuki can't recognize what fabric they're made up of. They're way too dirty. Kouta, too, is only wearing pants and a tank top. Katsuki can't imagine how they stayed warm enough for the time they've been on the run. 


He needs to get them a lot of fresh clothes and a lot of warm furs as soon as they're cleaned up. He needs to get them warmed up and safe and comfortable as soon as possible, preferably in his own den. 


This is his family now. 



Katsuki watches from his place kneeling on the ground as Deku takes Kouta by the hand and wades back into the river with him. The pup is complaining in sounds instead of speech and Katsuki is curious. He wants to know their story, where they came from, how they came to be. He can only guess how long they were on the run, but knowing they would've gone unnoticed if Deku hadn't decided to make himself be seen gives him some kind of pointer. They could've been trespassing territories for months for all he knows. 


Deku cups water into his hands and starts running it down Kouta's shoulders and arms. As soon as the crust on the pup's body is  softened up enough, Deku starts rubbing it and washing it off. He takes special care cleaning up the pup's scent glands and soon enough, Katsuki can faintly smell his unripe, watered down pup scent in the breeze. He smells nice for a pup that isn't his own, but that might as well be his instincts accommodating his omega no matter what. Kirishima's pup doesn't smell as nice to him as Kouta does.


Deku makes Kouta sit down in the shallow waters and lean back so he can wash his hair easily. The omega is kneeling next to him, his pregnant belly hanging just barely out of the water, and Katsuki thinks he can see the litter inside move, the skin on Deku's stomach bulging and moving. They probably got agitated by the sudden change of temperature through the water. Katsuki is swooning and simultaneously feeling like crying. 


He can't believe he's gonna have a family just like that. Not his by blood, but his nonetheless. 


As the last step in his routine, Deku makes Kouta take off his dirty clothes in the water to clean them later. The pup washes himself where his clothes clung to him before while Deku finally focuses on himself. Katsuki watches with rapt attention as the omega steps back into the deepest part of the river and starts cleaning himself as softly as he cleaned Kouta before, cupping water and sloshing it across his arms and chest. As soon as the smock comes away bit by bit, there are arms full of scars and pert, rosy nipples springing to Katsuki's attention and he can't look away again. 


He's so in awe and so, so horny. Deku's chest looks like he's close to pupping already, nipples fat and breasts swollen with developing mammary glands and the first colostrum, and Katsuki's pretty sure he's already halfway in love. He wants Deku to look like this all the time, and he wants him to look like this because of his pups even more. Deku and him would make the most beautiful, most powerful pups there ever could be, and Katsuki needs to find out how they would look. 




Katsuki is so hyperfocused on Deku that he flinches very hard when Kouta suddenly stands next to him without him noticing, his little body still wet and naked, and he's shivering a little already. His eyes are looking at him sternly, though, almost as if he's angry at Katsuki for looking at Deku. Katsuki ignores it for now, and rather grabs for his discarded, worn clothes to use them as towels for the pup. He hadn't planned on having two more people to dry off this evening, so a little improvising has to do. His linen shirt does well enough. 


Kouta dries himself off. Katsuki had wanted to do it for him, feeling responsible and moving almost naturally to care for his pup, but as soon as he'd touched him, there were two respective growls sent his way. He wasn't that impressed by Kouta's little infant rumbling, rather a little endeared, but Deku's was a whole other story. Katsuki's alpha couldn't stand getting growled at by his omega, so he started almost fucking whining in response to the sound immediately, dropping his hands as soon as Kouta had taken the cloth off him.


He can't even enjoy the fact that Kouta had just rubbed Katsuki's scent all over himself without a care. He's feeling too wound up about having his omega's anger on himself. He could've catapulted Deku back into feral state by touching his pup this carelessly. Doesn't Katsuki ever think?




Katsuki focuses back on Deku and all he suddenly can smell is the overwhelming scent of pregnant, clean Omega Prime. Even watered down by the washing, his mate's scent is still pungent and intense and makes Katsuki's fangs throb with the sheer need to claim. Deku is stepping out of the water slowly, his shorts discarded against the sandy river bed, and there he is in all his naked glory in front of Katsuki. A cock way bigger than any other omega's Katsuki has ever seen hanging between thick, muscular thighs with only a little lining of extra fat around them, and a belly so beautiful that Katsuki wants to nuzzle into it's protruding navel and kiss his litter goodnight. 


Katsuki feels like crying. 


"Y- yes?"


Deku comes to a halt in front of him and looks around. Katsuki is almost on eye level with his crotch and feels the dire need to lean forward. Kouta holds out the damp linen shirt to Deku, who takes it and starts drying himself off with it until the shirt is sufficiently wet and can't hold any more liquid. Katsuki watches his every move, very amazed and very, very turned on. 


"I know it's rude and asking for a lot, but do you have any clothes that Kouta and I could wear for now? Just until we're at your pack grounds." 


Katsuki immediately nods and thinks about what would be easiest for those two. He gives Deku his worn fur cape to dry off the residual wetness while he juggles his thoughts. He decides on giving his clean night tunic to Kouta and his linen pants and clean furs to Deku. Katsuki can go cold for a bit until they're back at the grounds, Deku and Kouta can't. As soon as they're dressed, Katsuki's alpha rumbles in his chest, satisfied at seeing his omega and pup in his own clothes. 


Katsuki makes quick work of washing himself after that while the other two watch him. 


It's foreign and exhilarating to be watched like this by a family of strangers. Especially because they're his family now. He dries off with his towel sporadically after he waded out of the river and throws on his worn pants and shoes, piling up the damp clothes on his arm and leaving them together with the still dirty clothes from Deku and Kouta in a little washing basin they have next to the rocks. He does a last roundabout of the river bed and checks up on the other two with his gaze before going on his way. 


"Alright, let's go." 



Their way to the pack grounds is mostly quiet. Kouta whines once and gets picked up by Deku again to sit on his hip.  


When they arrive, the pack grounds are just as quiet. 


It unnerves Katsuki a little, who is used to his pack bustling around the ground center at this time of day, talking and drinking and roasting snacks over the fireplace after having put all the pups to bed for the night. The evening is their time to let loose, but today everything seems to be tense. Katsuki isn't dumb, the pack has probably smelled the shift in their pack leader's scent as soon as Deku was done marking him up, and then later as soon as Deku was clean and his impactful scent had permeated the air by sheer power of will.


Katsuki decides it's better this way. Deku would probably not take too kindly to about fifteen people getting all up in his space all of a sudden. That can wait until the morning.


Katsuki makes his way over to the biggest house on the territory, closest to the ground center.


"We have a storage room full of clothes and furs at the pack house, we can look for night clothes real quick and stock up on the rest tomorrow morning. There are guest bedrooms ready in the pack house too, I don't think we have any of the other houses ready -" 


"No, we'll sleep with you."


Katsuki straight up chokes. His mind totally blanks. He's sure, this time he'll definitely cry. 


"Hah, huh? You sure?" 


He sees Deku nod, a small frown on his face. Kouta whines quietly, too. The pup is probably tired as all hell. 


"Yes, of course. Alpha's safe."


That's all Katsuki gets as an answer, and he's too shocked to answer. He doesn't even know what or how he feels about that answer, so he robotically searches through their shelves of clothes to get some pajamas in Kouta's size and a large old t-shirt Deku can wear for the night. He knows the shirt he picks out will fit Deku because it's one of the ones Uraraka wore while she was having her first litter. With those clothes in tow they make their way back outside, in direction of one of the smaller, plainer houses.


Katsuki wasn't planning on having a mate or even a family in the near future, so his den isn't really adapted to that. He guesses he'll either have to add to the house or move into one of the bigger, currently empty ones. 


"I know, it isn't much. I could, I could give you my bedroom or, or -"


When he hears Deku sigh heavily, Katsuki keeps his mouth shut from his rambling. He looks back to see the omega take deep breaths, suddenly looking very tired and pained standing in Katsuki's hallway. 


"All we need is some furs and a warm fire. Please?"


Katsuki nods, feeling like he just got a plank to the face. He can do that. There is still a kindling going in his hearth so he gets started on those furs first, grabbing the last of his unused ones from the linen closet upstairs and a few others from his bedroom. When he gets back down, Deku and Kouta have already changed into their night clothes and are sitting on the sofa waiting, the pup in the omega's lap again, cuddling against him. They look so fucking adorable, Katsuki wants to join them.  His heart, mind and alpha yearn for them. 


He puts the pile of furs in his arms onto the ground carefully and then goes over to his hearth to rekindle the fire, making quick work of some tinder and new wood as soon as the flame is back alive. Over the years he had perfected his techniques, making him able to have a fire working again in a matter of minutes. 


All the while, Katsuki had been hearing shuffling behind himself and he has tried preparing himself for the sight he was about to see, but nothing could ever have prepared him enough. Deku is crouching down right behind him, very close to the fireplace, and starting on building a nest with the furs while Kouta stands next to him and clutches the throw blanket from the couch in his small fists. If Katsuki hears correctly over the crackling of the fire, there's a small purr coming from the omega while he works. 


Katsuki is so fucking entranced. He wants to give the omega all of his cushions, blankets, furs and whatever else he could put into his nest. He wants to give him everything.


After a few more seconds of shuffling furs around, Deku chirps at Kouta and the sound fucking seizes through Katsuki like a hot knife. Kouta goes to lie down with the blanket without so much as the blink of an eye and settles down while Katsuki has about two mental breakdowns about the omega chirping at his pup just like that, right in front of Katsuki, a foreign alpha, so carefree and so very at ease in this strange home with a simple futon of furs. Katsuki is in love. 


Deku crawls around Kouta until he finds a good position to comfortably curl around the pup with his litter still in the way. Katsuki watches in painful awe until Deku has found himself a good place to lie down and molds himself around Kouta, pulling the blanket across them and nuzzling into the pup's hair. He starts purring softly. Katsuki actually feels tears springing to his eyes at the trustful and unbelievably sweet display, moving away from the fire in his back to give the two the full heat of it for themselves. 


Katsuki really, really hates the fact that he's going to go upstairs to sleep by himself in his cozy bed when his omega and his pup are sleeping downstairs on the hard ground with only a few furs and a measly throw blanket. It doesn't sit right with him, so as soon as he's upstairs in his room he shuffles around all his bedspread and tidies it up a few times in a row until he decides it won't ever satisfy him and he grabs about half of it to bring downstairs. Deku and Kouta seem to already be halfway asleep, so Katsuki tries to be quiet and tiptoe around. 


He puts a few pillows next to their heads so they will be there when they wake up and search for them, and then proceeds to softly, slowly, carefully lie the big fluffy blanket on top of the thin throw blanket. Even with as careful as he was, Deku's head zooms up to look at him out of his sleep, and Katsuki almost expects a pulled-back upper lip and a snarl, but sleepy eyes only look at him with gratefulness in them. Katsuki's heart warms as he gets back up, his alpha satisfied for now, and makes his way back upstairs. 


Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day.



Katsuki wakes up with a start the next morning because of a weight landing on his lap. He's ready to fight immediately, hindbrain kick-started into overdrive, but as soon as he opens his eyes and takes a deep breath, he's calmed down again. Dark hair and dark eyes and the milky, sea breeze scent of pup meet him. Katsuki doesn't mind, but he's confused as to why the standoffish pup is suddenly in his space, quite alright with having skin contact with a nearly naked unknown alpha. 


Katsuki comfortably rumbles at him anyway. 


"Get up, ahm made breakfast for us."


Kouta doesn't budge, so Katsuki nods at him and makes to move, but it doesn't work to get the pup off of him. Katsuki is even more confused now, so he cocks his head in the direction of the bedside to make Kouta get up. It's too early for this. 


"I'm lazy, carry me back down." 




That's how it is then, being a parental figure. Having to carry around a thirty kilograms heavy five-year-old everywhere. Soon enough he'll know how Deku feels all the time. 


"Hmpf, alright, brat." 


And so, Katsuki goes on his first try to get up with a third of his own weight added as extra on his core. It's really hard to balance his own weight, Kouta's weight, and also not use his hands to help because he has to hold steady on the pup. The biggest pup he ever had on himself so far was the two-year-old Iida pup, so this is an entirely new challenge, but he gets there in the end, with a lot of grunting from himself and a lot of cackling from the pup. Brat. 


The stairs are the next hurdle, but they take them a little easier than the bed. By the time they're downstairs, Katsuki is a little out of breath. He can't believe Deku has been carrying this heavy brat on his hip while trekking through a few dozens of territories while not being detected at all, wading through heavy waters and the whole way back to their pack grounds while being tired and with his guard down. The omega truly is a masterpiece and could probably break Katsuki in half.


Katsuki steps from the hallway into the living space where he last left Deku and Kouta to sleep, and the picture that awaits him takes his breath away. The omega seems like a totally different person crouching at the hearth, two pots cooking away on the metal grid perched above it. When Deku looks at Katsuki across the room, his eyes are glinting with happiness and a big smile beams at him so brightly Katsuki almost wants to look away. His heartbeat stumbles across itself, and Kouta starts to wiggle in his arms. Katsuki sets him down, distracted by the omega. 


"Good morning, Katsuki-kun! I thought, as a thank-you, I could make breakfast for us all! It's nothing big, just rice and sweet vegetables, but it's all I could find without snooping around too much in your house. I hope you don't mind!" 


Katsuki feels like he just got knocked out. This is nothing like the Omega Prime he got to know yesterday. His alpha still acknowledges Deku as his mate, but now he isn't aggressively making Katsuki lay everything he has bare to the omega in an act of submission. He's just like a normal omega, sweet and caring, completely harmless and vulnerable. Katsuki wants to dote on him and protect him, not get doted on and be protected by the omega. It confuses him greatly. 


"Uh. Sure. Do whatever you want."


Deku smiles at him again before turning back to the hearth. Kouta swaggers over to him, still in his pajamas, and leans down to cuddle into the omega and look over his shoulder. Katsuki sees Deku move his head to the side to nuzzle into the pup without looking away from the food. 


Katsuki is still standing in the doorway, taking everything in. 


This is nice.


This is real nice. 


It smells warm and like sweet and sour sauce and like pregnant omega and like happy pup in the living space. It smells like a completely new scent of home to Katsuki, but like home either way. He doesn't want to smell anything else anymore in his den, except maybe a freshly pupped omega and another litter with new, exciting pup scents for him to discover and mark as his in the future. That would be perfect. 


"Katsuki-kun, could you show Kouta where to find bowls and cutlery so we can eat?" 


Katsuki rumbles in answer and walks across the hallway to the kitchen when he sees Kouta come his way. While he shows Kouta his cupboards and drawers, he calls over to Deku. 


"Call me something more personal, Deku. Only foreigners call me Katsuki-kun." 


There's a long pause while Katsuki watches Kouta get three pairs of bowls and chopsticks. He had shown him the places of the things just barely a minute ago, but he still lets Kouta open every single door once again to find the things he needs. It's really adorable, especially because Kouta has a concentrated frown on his face and doesn't allow himself to ask for the places again. 


Then Deku calls over again.


"Okay, Kacchan." 


Katsuki chokes. 



During breakfast, Katsuki tries to get some more information out of Deku. They're sitting at the table in the kitchen and Katsuki thinks the sweet-sour veggies are actually quite nice. He has never heard of or tasted anything similar to it, though, so he takes that as his start to ask a few questions. He gets to know the omega is from the sunny coast in the northwest and Katsuki almost balks at that. His pack is at the foot of a few bigger mountains in the south, a mix of mountain and valley wolves. He has never even had contact to coast wolves, they're way too far away for boundary fights or territory negotiations.


No wonder Katsuki is so fucking entranced by the omega and his bright eyes and vibrant smile. He's never seen anything quite like him.


When he asks further about the omega's pack, Deku gets a little more mellow but still talks a little. Katsuki immediately knows it's a sensitive topic, and it's only logical. There wouldn't be a reason for the two to be on the run if his pack was alright. Deku still describes where he came from, a big, big pack close to the beach, with a lot of trading with fish and ocean treasures and coastal fruits, where it's almost always sunny and warm, even in winter. He talks fondly about his memories, but he's also honest about what happened, and Katsuki's really grateful about that. 


Deku's pack got overthrown after they had a change in leaders. The new leaders were too aggressive in their fishing and resourcing, and too harsh and selfish in their trading. A lot of other territories around them had depended on their fish and other foods, and when they couldn't afford it anymore, they got angry. They were starving and desperate, so their only way to counteract was to fight. Deku's pack had always been more of a civil, peaceful pack, so they were an easy target. No more than a few days and their monopoly had been destroyed, the pack sundered into the ones that joined with other packs and the ones that fled. 


Deku had fled. 


He hadn't even been presented when he had fled, Deku admits, which makes these events at least a few years old in Katsuki's mind. Katsuki had never even heard any rumors or stories about such big pack fights in the north, basically burning down a whole civilization just like that without the south ever knowing about it. It sounds insane in his mind.


Katsuki wages if he should dare to ask about Kouta. He's really curious about the dark broody pup, so unlike the optimistic omega in front of him. 


But before he can open his mouth, Deku sends a meaningful smile towards him that shuts him up. Either way, they have enough time to open up to each other. Katsuki doesn't plan on letting the two go again. 


"But, enough of me. Let's finish the food before it gets cold." 


So they do.



After breakfast, they go back over to the pack house to stock up on clothes and furs and whatever else they have around there in storage rooms. Katsuki almost doesn't dare to ask, but he has to know before they get too comfortable in his small one-person house. 


"Do you two want your own house for now, or?"


Deku seems to tense up at that, and Katsuki sees firstly his ears go red, then his cheeks and at last his neck. Next to him, Kouta looks up from the shelves of children's clothes he's sitting in front of, taking a break in sorting out what he likes for himself. 


"Ahm wants us to stay with you. If you'll have us." 


Then, Kouta goes back to sorting through clothes like he didn't just drop the biggest truth bomb of the day. 


Having an Omega Prime stay with him because he's safe after just barely being out of instincts is one thing, but a completely fine, socially aware omega still hanging onto that thought after being out of instincts for more than a whole night is something totally different. It has so much more deeper meaning, and suddenly Katsuki realizes, maybe he isn't the only one who felt their immediate connections as mates. It makes his heart soar. 


"Ah, uhm, Kouta doesn't mean it like that, I mean, what he wanted to say was -" 


Katsuki goes back to packing clothes into baskets for them to carry over, trying to calm himself down. 


"It's alright. If we're gonna do this, we're gonna have to move houses. Kouta needs his own bedroom and the litter needs a nursery." 


Immediately, the storage room fills with a plethora of different pheromones. Happy elated pup, embarrassed but deeply satisfied and excited pregnant omega. There are a few other nuances in Deku's scent that Katsuki can't really place, but every single one still makes Katsuki's chest swell with pride. 


He looks up to see big, wide green eyes looking back at him almost shyly. Katsuki forces a soft smile out, even though it embarrasses the hell out of him, and picks up a basket to escape the storage room.


He calls back, "You two keep sorting through clothes, I'll choose a house." 


Katsuki marches on, trying not to scream in embarrassment. He can't believe he did that and he can't believe it worked. He's going to live with his mate, just like that. They haven't even started courting, but do they even have to? Kouta seems to have accepted him already, pretending not to be, but basically already being tied to his apron strings. Even Deku's omega had accepted him long ago, too. 


On his way over to the empty houses, Katsuki crosses the ground center, where a few of his pack mates sit for a late breakfast together at the fireplace, having brought out tables and benches from the pack house. He gets stared at while he passes, so he stops and barks at them. 




The staring intensifies, murmurs getting quiet. At last, a few seconds later, Ochaco stands up from her place, chest squared and eyes only looking a little scared.


"Are you going to introduce the newcomers to us soon or not? We've been curious since yesterday."


Katsuki bristles. He's a little overwhelmed at the moment with everything going on, so his pack coming at him like that doesn't make it remotely better. He doesn't even know what to concentrate on first, so they can't blame him when he short-circuits and blurts out the first thing he thinks of. 


"Know your place, omega. Let me settle my mate and pup in peace, they'll come around soon." 


The pack starts screeching and howling. Katsuki realizes what he's said, feels himself flush all over, and promptly turns around to march further to the unused houses. He's followed all his way by screams of 'your mate?!' and 'your pup?!' and even though he's embarrassed as all hell, he's also weirdly satisfied.



After he had chosen a house with four bedrooms a little farther out of the pack grounds and put the first basket down besides the stairs, he makes his way back to the pack house and sees that the meeting in the center had dissipated a little already. He doesn't question it much, until he gets inside to check up on Deku and Kouta and realizes half of the center meeting was there with them, pestering his mate and his pup. He feels himself growl before he can even begin to consciously make that decision. 


To his surprise, Deku looks over to him and grins, "Oh, Kacchan! Your pack came to help us, they're all so nice! Ochacochan even helped me with sorting through the pregnancy clothes, that made it so much easier. We're almost done now!" 


Katsuki feels his nerves thinning out. He can't handle this. It's so fucking much. He's a man of following routines and having his pack listen to him. This whole mate thing plus his nosy pack not keeping their distance makes Katsuki's head almost explode. Nobody around him seems to care about his poor mental state though, because soon he gets handed a basket full to the brim with clothes by a devilish grinning Kirishima and Katsuki practically hears his last nerves snap. 


It's suddenly very quiet inside his head. His frustrations fall off him and a blank acceptance settles into his very soul. That's his life now, he guesses. 


He sighs and turns around on his heel to bring the next basket to his new den. This is something to worry about later.



Deku seems so fucking happy to be settling into his own house. 


They used up the whole morning and forenoon to bring in baskets from the pack house and refill them with things from Katsuki's house and settle in. A few basic pieces of furniture are already in the new house because there wasn't anymore storage space in the pack house, and Katsuki plans to carry over a few pieces of his own furniture in the next few days with a few other alphas. But for now, they've settled in enough to survive for a few days and get the rest ready on the way. 


Katsuki sees Kouta smile for the first time as he shows him how big his room is, and Kouta jumps around proudly, looking at everything and hanging his head out of the window. Deku coos at him and Katsuki's chest swells with a feeling close to love. Kouta comes bounding at them right after, throwing an arm around both their hips respectively and squeezes them into the closest thing to a hug he can manage. It's so fucking adorable, Katsuki can't keep the grin from his face. 


Afterwards, he shows them around the pack grounds and explains their dynamics to them. How they're all a childhood pack gone independent, having left their parents' packs as soon as everyone had been presented and coming together to form their own. Only a selected few had joined them later on, like Shouto and his mate Inasa, and even later Camie and Mei. They're open to new people or joining packs if the opportunity ever comes though, because a small pack like theirs can't really hold up over the next generations. 


They have pack duties everyone has to participate in, like hunting and cooking and cleaning and whatever else comes up. It's simple stuff, no complex tasks or difficult routines, so Katsuki thinks Deku is gonna settle in nicely over time. As soon as Deku feels ready for it, Katsuki is going to plan him in for the next task rotation. No heavy duty, obviously.


When they're done with the showing, they settle at the ground center for lunch. Most of the pack is already there except cooking duty, so Deku officially introduces himself and Kouta to everyone that hasn't met them yet. He explains he's originally from the northwest coast but has been living more in the center land the last few years before having to leave there too, together with Kouta. It's a little more than Katsuki got to know over breakfast, so he keeps that information in the back of his mind to ask Deku about later. 


Everyone is really excited about Deku, so they ask him a lot of questions that he answers as vaguely as possible. They go over to introducing themselves one by one after they realize Deku does not want to talk. Katsuki realizes Kouta isn't next to them anymore somewhere on the way, so when he looks around to search for him, he sees him standing next to Kirishima with a frown, looking at the small pup on his lap intensely. Kirishima is smiling down at him and talking to him quietly. Cute. 


Katsuki feels a very specific kind of wholesomeness well up in his chest while overlooking his pack that so naturally accepts these new additions who happen to be his true mate and his mate's pup. Katsuki finally feels like he's arrived, like there's nothing more to wish for than this, and he's content to agree with this feeling. 



As expected, Deku and Kouta settle in nicely in the next few weeks. They feel comfortable in their pack life and befriend everyone that comes their way. Kouta starts spending a lot of his time playing with the pups in the pack house's daycare room led by Tsuyu, Toru and Koji while the parents are doing their pack duties, and Deku nests a lot. A week after settling in, he had started nesting more and more in the nursery, and Katsuki had immediately made a mental note to bring Deku over for a one-day travel to Katsuki's parent pack where they could have his litter checked out by their healers and midwife. 


In fact, Deku didn't know how far along he was. He only got to know he was carrying after he had run away with Kouta and his heats came late and then he suddenly started showing. Katsuki never asked him for further information, just making his own assumptions about how long the two had to have been on the run then and how the pregnancy had come to be. He wanted Deku to tell him about his past by himself, Katsuki had forced enough out of him in the beginning. 


To Katsuki's pleasure, Deku had pretty quickly ditched the second bedroom they had in their new house to sleep with Katsuki instead. They had started courting not long after, even though it was basically unnecessary. Katsuki likes making and bringing gifts to his omega anyway, and the affection and nuzzlings he gets in return aren't bad either. They never got around to actually bonding though, because every time either of them tried to initiate anything, Kouta somehow managed to have a nightmare and come barging in to sleep with them. 


(They didn't particularly mind. They have all the time in the world.) 


When Katsuki's duty-free day comes around, he prepares for the traveling to his parents with Deku. He tells him and Kouta beforehand and asks the breakfast duty to make some extras for them on their way. Katsuki's parents' pack isn't that far away from them, only about an hour by foot down in the valley, so he isn't too concerned for Deku's health. He has been growing larger steadily and the litter more active, but aside from stealing his sleep with full bladders every few hours he has been fine. In the morning right after getting up, Katsuki had gone out a few hundred meters in direction of the Toshinori pack to send a howl their way. Maybe someone on patrol would hear him and announce their planned arrival later in the day.


After getting a balanced breakfast inside their bellies and packing their provisions, they bid goodbye to everyone at the ground center and give their respective kisses to Kouta's head. Kouta grimaces at them for the public PDA and excuses himself to "help out at the daycare, see you tonight". Deku laughs and waves at his pup, while Katsuki already turns to leave. Deku catches up to him a few seconds later, taking his hand and smiling at him. 


At first, their trek is comfortably silent for a few minutes. Then, Deku remembers where they're going and asks Katsuki about his parents' pack, which Katsuki answers with whatever he wants to know. His parents' pack is big, spreading almost across the whole valley around the mountains, but his parents live right on the side where they are going to arrive at. Most of Katsuki's own pack comes from the valley pack, and the Yagi's have led them for generations. Deku listens attentively, looking at him with interest and now and then asking a question. 


After Deku's curiosity is sated, they're quiet again for a bit. They need to take a break once because the omega has to pee, and then continue on in relative silence. After another few minutes, Deku squeezes his hand and sighs deeply. 


"I never told you about what happened to us in the center land, right? I can now, if you want." 


Katsuki looks at him intensely, surprised at the sudden change of pace his mate is deferring to, but not opposed. He squeezes the omega's hand back and nods, preparing himself. 


When Deku's first heat hit him while he was on the run still, he was lucky enough to be walking the lines between territory borders. Wolves from both packs got a whiff of him, but only one side of them was nice enough to take care of him. They took him in, fellow omegas helping him through his first cycle, but only on the condition that he joined their pack and ultimately ended up with one of their alphas. Deku, obviously not in his right mind, agreed without hesitation. It was better than to get taken by bad people and get forced into mating. 


He stayed with them for four years. They were decent people, as far as it went. Very much stuck in old gender roles and conservative headspaces, but still decent people. He lived in an omega house for two years and got courted thoroughly in that time, but he never accepted anyone. They were all significantly older alphas, up to in their thirties, and most of them already had at least one mate, if not more. Deku was pretty horrified that this pack supported the old-school harem building, and he did not want to be any part of this, no matter how nice and kind the alphas would've been. 


After those two years, the elders demanded a consultation with the omega. They put an ultimatum on him, because they found that he wasn't useful enough as an omega. He had been in the omega house the longest, not having brought pups to the pack yet, and if he didn't soon, his most fertile phase would be over before he knew it. So their options for him were simple and straight to the point. Accept the courting of an alpha he likes by himself in the next three days and if he doesn't, the elders choose an alpha for him to get mated to without arguing, or leave immediately.


Deku pretty quickly decided to just accept one of the alphas, not okay with any of the other options. Luckily by then, he had a few friends in his age range that helped him find someone that would be a nice enough mate he could settle with. Even though the unspoken rule in the pack was that older alphas always had the priority in picking mates and younger, newly presented alphas had to wait until all older alphas approved that they're allowed to court, Deku was a special case. In the end, a young alpha just a few years older than him had come to him and explained to him he had heard about his predicament and wanted to help him out. 


His name was Shinsou Hitoshi and Deku accepted his courting.


The elders let him off the hook after that, and for a year Deku lived with Shinsou without a hitch. They became friends, acted like a courting pair to the outside, and lived with their fate as best as they could. Somewhere on the way they fell in love naturally, and started courting for real, but they never mated or bonded. After a year of courting, the elders demanded yet another consultation with Deku, this time together with Shinsou, but they already knew what it was about. 


They declared the omega too useless and the alpha too lenient, too docile. If they wouldn't start contributing to the legacy of the pack, they would nullify the courting and mate off either of them to more potent wolves they seemed fit for the job. They left them with a six months ultimatum to get the omega pregnant, mating bite or not. 


After the consultation, Shinsou and Deku sat down in their home and agreed to try. Neither of them wanted pups yet, not to mention mate, but they had to if they wanted to live their lives at least a little peacefully in this pack. As an afterthought, Shinsou promised him, that if they didn't get a litter in time, they would leave. Leave and live as nomadic wolves until they found a pack that would take them in and accept them as they are. 


A few weeks later, a group of wolves from the bordering territory howled their arrival at them and came in tow with a sobbing, miserable pup. They threw him to the ground in the middle of the pack grounds and explained that his injured parents had entered their territories and decided to die on the few meters between their borders, leaving the pup behind on unclaimed land. They claimed they didn't have the time or resources to care for the pup, so they shoved the responsibilities to the other pack. 


The pup lay there in the middle of the grounds for a few hours after the rivaling wolves had left, a cluster of people never leaving the pup alone but also not taking the responsibility of him on themselves, just watching him until someone finally got the idea to get the elders to decide what to do with him. Deku and Shinsou hadn't actually taken notice of this all happening because (Deku adds cackling) they were having sex at that time. They only got to know when the elders had rang the big bell to get everyone to attend at the ground center. 


When they arrived and saw the crying pup being scruffed by one of the elders carelessly, Deku immediately knew the pup was his. The elders had called over the crowd for someone to take on an orphan, and Deku thought, maybe this was their chance to lay off trying for an own litter for a bit, so he didn't even think about not raising his hand. Shinsou was surprised, but after Deku explained, he wasn't opposed. So they took the three-year-old in.


Kouta was so, so sad and distanced in the beginning. It took weeks for him to even speak to them, and even longer to open up and accept their affection. It was a lot of work, but he came by steadily. At the end of the couple's six months ultimatum, the pup had barely started calling them ahm and ahp in a few selected situations, and they couldn't be happier. They were starting to grow together as a family, and settling into a life that was happy enough for them to be comfortable. 


When another consultation was demanded for them, their hearts sank. They had been so sure that taking Kouta in was enough for now, a contribution to their pack even if it wasn't by blood, but the elders thought differently. At the consultation, the couple had tried to reassure that they had been trying for a litter, but caring for a young pup had taken away a lot of opportunities. The elders were at the end of their patience anyway, especially seeing they weren't mated yet. So, at the same consultation, they declared their courting nullified, and later that afternoon, after the big bell had been rung, declared that Omega Midoriya was open for courting again, and more especially, for breeding.


 ("Omega Midoriya?"


"Oh, yeah, that's my maiden name. I don't like using it anymore."




Deku had never felt truly scared in that pack, just very uncomfortable at times, but after he was declared open for breeding, that very quickly changed. Shinsou had basically been disparaged to a useless alpha and wasn't even bothered to be mated off, and not taken seriously by other alphas either. On the other hand, Deku suddenly was the object of every available alphas' desire because they could breed him all they want without having to mate him and have the responsibility of him. Shinsou tried protecting Deku as much as he could when they had to be outside, but alphas got more and more violent pretty quickly. 


In their desperation to not let Deku be raped, they still kept trying for a litter. Maybe, if they could get him pregnant quickly enough, they could court again and everything would be alright again. Kouta didn't understand what was happening, and he was distressed a lot with all those hormonal alphas loitering around their house and hollering obscene catcalls at his ahm. 


As one could imagine, the elders didn't like their defenses against the breeding. At that point, the small family was the worst case they had seen in generations, with an alpha not knowing when to back down and get back in his place, and an omega with too big of an own mind that probably hasn't been bitched enough by his useless alpha. They downright hated their existence. 


So, when the big bell was rung once again, and the elders declared the Shinsou den public property, Deku knew it was over. 


Shinsou had looked at him with stern, broken eyes and told him to grab everything he can and leave with Kouta. Deku didn't question him and ran. Shinsou defended them for as long as he could, Deku had heard the fighting, and when he had run out of the backdoor of the house with a crying, whimpering Kouta on his hip, he already heard the first alphas storm their house. He tried getting as much distance between the house and himself, and before he knew it, he was already at the pack's borders. 


Even being on unclaimed ground, he still heard the alphas following after him, hollering and howling and laughing for a good fuck. Through his hysteria, one single thought suddenly sprung into Deku's mind, and he immediately sat Kouta down on the ground, looked him in the eye and told him to hide somewhere close by. Kouta was confused and crying, but he obeyed like a good little pup. 


Deku was on unclaimed ground. There were no pack laws on unclaimed grounds. No one could persecute him for killing pack wolves on unclaimed grounds. 


The alphas caught up with them. When Deku turned around to them and saw the blood on their hands, all he thought about was Kouta, his pup, who was hiding in the brush a few meters away and had now already lost three parents at his young age. He couldn't afford to lose the last one he had left. So Deku relaxed, let his mind click into place and breathed omegan rage into his instincts. 


He doesn't remember what happened after that. He was blacked out in feral state for hours. When he lastly came by, Kouta was on his hip again, sniffling and hiccuping against his shoulder, and they were moving forward at a steady pace. Deku immediately started cooing and crooning at his pup to comfort him, and when Kouta looked up to see his ahm out of feral state, he started wailing for good. He was so scared and confused, he hadn't known what to do for hours. Deku shushed him and told him everything was alright now, he would care for him.


Only belatedly Deku realized, they were both caked with gore and dirt from head to toe. 


And after that, they had been in search for a new pack for months. 


No one wanted to take them in, everyone scared of the implications of all that blood on them even after Deku tried to explain, so only once in a while they got some resources and food gifted for their way. Nights were rough but no food in their bellies was rougher. Deku tried to learn how to hunt but was only barely successful on good days. At first Deku thought his heats were staying off because of malnourishment or stress, but then Kouta mentioned his scent changing and Deku noticed his belly bulging out slowly but steadily. It was heart wrenching to realize that, at last, he and Hitoshi had been successful. 


Only once or twice in the few months travelling borders across the land, they came over ruthless packs that tried claiming the omega by force even against all the pointers they could see speaking for not doing it. Those times, Deku fell back into feral state easily, and every time it was easier to get back out afterwards. Kouta had grown up well in those few months too, not even batting an eye anymore, and he had become good at picking up edible plants on their ways. 


Deku's belly grew steadily with Shinsou's litter, but after every night where they rested, he woke up with the fear of having lost them, simply because of how little he ate. The fear and stress and malnourishment weighed more and more heavily on him with every passing day, until his mind couldn't take it anymore and he was in and out of feral state almost constantly between trying to comfort his already living pup and trying to make his litter survive. 


It was all his life had come down to, protecting both his pup and his litter so they could survive to see another day's light in the future.


And then, one lucky, lucky day, Deku's nose had finally scented the air to find the smell of the homiest thing he had smelled since Shinsou, and he knew he was there. There wasn't even a decision made, he just wandered around the territory's border for the whole day until he could find an opportunity to enter safely, and that arrived when the best smell of the whole pack singled itself out way closer to the border than before, and Deku just went for it. 


What he saw getting closer to the scent, was the most colossal, impressive alpha Deku had ever seen. He wasn't particularly massive or particularly dominating in pheromones, but the simple alphan aura emitting from his naked form while he prepared to wash himself in the river between them spoke to Deku's omega on the barest of levels. He had stepped out of the brush, and they had made eye contact, and the alpha had fallen to his knees in submission, and Deku knew. This was his true mate, a Prime Alpha.


And everything after that is their history.