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Life is not Fun and Games

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The Midoriya couple stumbled into their house, exhausted from Izuku’s excitement. He had been elated to find out that they were going to a circus for his birthday to celebrate the manifestation of his quirk, Quirk Wheel. However when they arrived at the circus, Izuku was immediately ran to the bright tent.

Although, despite the trouble, it was rewarding to the couple to see their son with a bright smile on his face. Hisashi chuckled at the memory of Izuku shaking with excitement. Hisashi was preoccupied with untying his shoes, so he didn’t notice the fact that Izuku was gone. “Did’ya like the show, son?” When Hisashi didn’t hear the expected answer from his son, he looked away from his shoe and realized that Izuku was missing. In a panic, he wasted no time in slamming the front door open and running outside to find his son.

”Izuku! Are you there?!” Unfortunately, there was no response.

Hours had passed and Hisashi couldn’t find his son, sending Inko into a frenzied state. The couple had tried everything, but Izuku was still missing. In the end, Inko resorted to posting MISSING posters throughout the neighborhood in hopes of someone finding and returning Izuku back to them, and Hisashi ordered his pawns to go search for the boy.



While Popee and Kedamono were cleaning up their mess, Papi went outside to catch a breath until he heard a child, a boy most likely, wailing. He followed the noise to a small greenette with freckles and an All Might figurine. Papi knew that the only way to get answers out of him was to approach him slowly so that’s what he did.

“May I ask why you’re crying,” he questioned. The boy seemed hesitant to respond but when he did, it was the equivalent of a bomb filled with sadness. “I got lost from my mommy and daddy and I don’t know where they are!”

Papi examined the boy with pity. It wasn’t uncommon for children to be abandoned at circuses, but he would’ve never thought that one would be abandoned at his circus. “Now, now,” the ringleader said caringly, “your parents will come find you soon.” The boy’s crying was reduced to sniffles at the lie. “Really?” The older man felt guilty for lying, but he didn’t want to introduce the boy to the concept so soon. “Really. Now come with me, I’ll introduce you to the performers while we wait for your parents.” The greenette wiped his tear-soaked eyes and nodded, “Okay.”




The Bakugou family looked at Inko and Hisashi with disbelief. The two of them told the family of their predicament and hoped for their aid. However, Katsuki wasn’t buying it. “Whaddya mean Izu is missing?! He has that quirk of his! Can’t he just use it to get a GPS quirk?!” Mitsuki slapped Katsuki over the head with disappointment and rage. “Quiet, brat! Anyway, Inko, I’m so sorry. Just give us the word and we’ll help in any way we can.” Inko wiped her tears away and smiled at Mitsuki’s sincerity. “Thank you so much, Mitsuki. Hisashi and I really appreciate your willingness to help. Right, Hisashi?”

But Hisashi was more focused on the fact that his son wasn’t found yet. He sent all the pawns he had, and they still haven’t found Izuku. ‘If Inko wasn’t here, I’d threaten to kill their families right now.’


He turned his head to Mitsuki in shock. “Ah, yes, yes we do.” He silently hoped that he answered correctly.

Masaru sighed at Hisashi’s withdrawal from the conversation, mistaking it for him worrying over his son. “Hisashi, you don’t have to worry. I promise that Mitsuki, Katsuki, and I will help search for Izuku.” Inko began to cry at the compassion the Bakugou family had. “Thank you so much! I don’t know what we could do without you!”



“Popee, Kedamono, this is our new guest, so treat him well. I’ll go to the authorities to check if his parents are looking for him.” After that Papi left, leaving Izuku with Popee and Kedamono. With nothing to say, the trio remained silent, creating a thick tension in the air.

“So,” Popee started, “your parents left you here, huh?” Izuku’s eyes began to water, “No they didn’t! They...just got lost from me.” Popee scoffed at the boy’s excuse. “Ha! That’s what every abandoned kid says, ‘Oh, I just got lost,’ or, ‘They’ll come back for me, they just went out to get snacks!’ Face it, kid, your parents left you here ‘cause they don’t want you anymore. Probably because you’re quirkless.” Kedamono stared at Popee with shock and frantically signed something to him.


Izuku’s face flushed with anger. “I’m not quirkless! I have a quirk! It’s called Quirk Wheel!” Popee laughed at the greenette. “‘Quirk Wheel’? What does it do, make wheels?” Izuku pouted and held one hand to the sky, to which Kedamono rapidly signed something to Popee. “Oh shut up, mutt,” Popee said with annoyance, “the kid’s probably gonna summon a car wheel and that’s it.”


At that insult, Izuku shouted with confidence, “Quirk Wheel!” Popee, Kedamono, and Izuku vanished from the tent.


Papi glared at the police officer. “I’m not lying! We have the boy!” The police looked at him, unimpressed, “Sir, this is a serious issue. It is disrespectful of you to lie about Midoriya.” Papi, knowing that it was futile to persuade the officer, stormed out of the police station. “Hopefully,” he sighed, “those three aren’t causing trouble.”


“What. The. Fuck.” In front of Popee and Kedamono, a large wheel with quirks displayed on each section stood menacingly with Izuku sitting on the top of it. Izuku smirked at Popee, “Who has a weak quirk now, bitch?”