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It Doesn't Matter

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Sasuke was never a morning riser. In fact, he was rather crabby when he woke up. Sometimes, he would swear Itachi was out to get him when he woke him up too early. Today was one such day. He heard Itachi calling him but wasn't awake enough to move.

When Itachi walked into his room, he turned the ceiling fan's light on. Sasuke groaned. Why would Itachi do such a thing? Itachi really must have been out to get him; he never turns Sasuke's light on when he wakes him up. He knew Sasuke liked his room to be private and hated when people walked all the way in.

"Sasuke," Itachi said in a stern voice. This alarmed Sasuke, although he wouldn't show it. So, he decided it would be best not to piss Itachi off even more by ignoring him. He sighed and forced himself to sit up. "What," he half-said, half-asked.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" Itachi asked, holding a paper out in front of him. Sasuke, who's brain was foggy from sleep just a second ago, felt completely awake now. It didn't last long as his usual I-don't-give-a-fuck feeling kicked in.

"They called you and you didn't answer," he answered defensively. Itachi sighed and Sasuke knew he won the argument. The feeling of accomplishment didn't come and felt a bit guilty instead. "Sorry I didn't tell you that I got expelled." He avoided Itachi's eyes.

"Well, what are you going to do now? That was the only high school that's in our area." Sasuke honestly didn't know what he wanted him to say. "Well, I guess I'll just get my G.E.D." One look at Itachi's face and he knew it wasn't going to happen.

"There's another school that you can go to but it's not guaranteed you'd be able to get." Sasuke was praying he wouldn't get sent to some private school so he good be influenced by the goody two shoes. "What are you talking about?" He asked in slight dread.

"It's an alternative school. Kakashi teaches there. It's for teens with issues that make them unable to attend a regular school." Sasuke, not getting the whole picture yet, asked "Wait, so everyone there was expelled?" Itachi answered

"No. Not all of them. Some have social anxiety that prevents them from attending a regular school while others are legally required to attend by law because of getting in legal trouble. Some may have been expelled and others may have failed most of their classes in their last cool and need different teaching methods than what's taught at a regular school."

Sasuke felt frustrated and just answered with an annoyed "hn." Realizing he had no way out of this, he asked, "So, when does it start?" Itachi took his phone out and texted Kakashi. There was the sound of a notification and he replied, "You have to do an interview to get in as there are certain requirements to be considered unfit for a regular school. The interview is on Tuesday of next week. If you get in, you start school the following Monday."

Itachi looked into Sasuke's eyes and, with another stern voice, said "Don't have an attitude when talking to the principal. This is your last chance at getting a high school diploma. The school is called Konoha High School" Sasuke felt annoyed over the fact he was getting a lecture.

"Think about it. If you get your diploma, you'll be able to have any job of your choice as long as you work towards it. You don't have near as many job options when you drop out. I want you to provide well for yourself." Itachi made a look that said he was waiting for Sasuke to reply.

Sasuke frowned and said "fine" in an obviously annoyed voice. Itachi gave a look of approval and walked out of his room, closing the door behind him. Sasuke figured he could probably still go back to sleep if he tried. So, he got in his bed, pulled his covers over him, laid down, and waited for sleep to take him.

It didn't take long for Wednesday to come. Sasuke wondered what the school would be like, how many people went to the school, and what kind of teachers were there. Knowing Kakashi, the school probably had low standards. Kakashi was the type of teacher that would cuss in class, did work on his time because he really didn't give a fuck, and wore a mask and the clothes he wanted because fuck the dress code.

Sasuke kept telling himself he didn't care about the new school (he'd be expelled anyway) but found himself thinking about it. If it was any other school, he wouldn't wonder about it at all but he'd never been to a school like this. A school for problem kids.

When it was only 20 minutes before the interview, he dressed how he always had. He put in all the silver earrings he had along his very pierced ear and put his black tunnels in his stretched ears. He put a black hoodie over his black long-sleeved shirt and put black pants on with black shoes. After styling his hair by sticking the back of it out and keeping the bangs in the front, he was ready.

Kakashi drove him to the school because Itachi was at work. "The principal is Ms.Tsunade. If you respect her, she will respect you. If you throw an attitude, she'll reflect it back tenfold. You have been warned."

Sasuke had never met a principal that would angrily argue with a student like that so he decided Kakashi was exaggerating. Still, he would be respectful because Itachi would be disappointed if he didn't get in.

"The interview itself isn't very hard. The word interview can make students nervous. Really, they hand you a paper, you check all the regular school complications that apply to you, and you get called into the office to meet with Ms. Tsunade." Sasuke acknowledged what Kakashi was saying with a "hn."

Kakashi continued, "Once you get into the office, Tsunade will ask you why you need to go to the school. You need to sound as if you both need to and want to be there. If it sounds like you don't want to be there, she won't let you be there. Since all the students are there for different reasons, punishment is really quite lenient. So, you're not likely to get expelled."

Sasuke didn't know if the low chance of getting expelled was good or bad. Kakashi stopped the car at a small building with other small buildings to the left. Overall, there were three buildings with the one in the front being much bigger than the ones to the left. "The office is this way," Kakashi said while walking to the biggest building.

"I made sure to get us here early. First come, first serve." When Kakashi opened the door, Sasuke was surprised to find that the inside looked bigger than it seemed on the outside. It was still at least 5 times smaller than a regular school but you could fit over 200 people if you really tried.

There was a sign in the hall that said 'SIGN UPS' and it pointed forward to a table with papers. There was another sign that said 'INTERVIEWS' that pointed in the direction of a hall that went to the right. Kakashi led Sasuke to the hall that went right and he saw that there were empty benches and papers on a table that was to the right of the benches.

A small lady with short brown hair was standing behind the table. When she noticed them, she called out to them. "Are you here for the interview?" Sasuke walked towards the table to see what he'd have to fill out.

The lady looked behind him in recognition. "Oh. Kakashi! Is he your nephew?" Kakashi smiled behind his mask and shook his head. "No. He's my best friend's brother. His name is Sasuke and he's hoping to get in to the school." She looked at Sasuke, smiled and put her hand out. "Hi, Sasuke. I'm Ms.Shizune." Sasuke half heartedly shook her hand.

"Let me get the papers together really quick and when you get them filled out, you'll be ready for the interview." Sasuke waited for her to put the papers together and when she finally finished, she directed him to the benches. The paperwork was boring but mostly easy.

There was so much paperwork that it took 20 minutes to fill it all out. When he finished, he gave the paperwork to Shizune. "Okay," said Shizune, "you're all set. Ready for the interview?" He nodded once. "Okay. Follow me," she replied and led them to a door not far from the table. "Here you go." She opened the door. "Good luck." Then, she closed it behind them.

The room was quite small and there was a table set out with papers on it. He was surprised to see that the woman who must've been the principal was letting her cleavage show. So, he thought, this is definitely the type of principal who would hire a teacher like Kakashi.

He walked to the table and shook her hand as if he meant it when she held her hand out. She looked at Kakashi and, surprisingly, didn't ask how he knew Sasuke. Maybe she already knew the answer to that. She gestured for them to take a seat so they did. "So, why do you come here today for this interview?"

Sasuke explained how he got expelled and then Tsunade asked how he thinks the school can help him with bettering his behavior. "By understanding that I'm not trying to be rude," he replied. She started explaining the rules and schedule. It was only halfway through her explaining that he realized he got in.

When she was done explaining, she handed him a map and smiled. "I think you'll fit in just fine here. Your schedule will be ready on Monday so get here early so you can review it. Feel free to check the classrooms, if you'd like." Sasuke nodded. "Okay, Sasuke. I'll see you on Monday." They shook hands one more time and Kakashi and Sasuke left the room.

Shizune was busy putting papers together for -wait- Sasuke looked closer at the person she was getting papers for. The guy was blond, tall, and had 3 scars like whiskers on both sides of his cheeks. There was no mistaking it -it was Naruto. Sasuke looked away and walked as fast as he could out of the school so he wouldn't have to deal with some huge reunion.

"Want to check out the classrooms?" Kakashi asked. "No," Sasuke said rather quickly. He looked at Kakashi only to see him smiling. The bastard was making fun of him. Sasuke scowled and got in the car. "I want to go home." Kakashi looked at him and decided not to say anything that would piss him off. "Alright," he said and got in the car.

When Kakashi dropped Sasuke off, he went straight to his room, took a couple sleeping pills so he could sleep the stress away, and laid down. He fell asleep in 5 minutes.