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We Met During an Extermination

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After the clock tower signals 0 days, God sends Exterminators down to Hell to trim the population.  Exterminators are presumed to be angels, no matter how peculiar they look with their masks and dark theme, whose sole purpose is to eliminate any demon in their path. Generally, they act like a hive. A close-knitted group culling Hell's denizens until reaching a quota of some sort. The number of deaths are in a progressive rate to make space for those inside Purgatory.


"♬~" Wearing a black top hat with a pink eyed leucistic texas ratsnake wrapped around it, the monarch strode towards the hive. The demon hummed a soft tune, donning a pitch black steampunk tailcoat jacket with a white high neck ruffled blouse inside and a bow above the frills out of sheer habit. The stilletos worn clicked sharply against the road, but the hive was busy killing a couple of Hell-izens to notice the incoming threat.

"ο διάβολος?!?!" The group's leader alerted the rest when the entity was several feet away. Wings flapping and weapons ready, the hive made incoherent noises towards a displeased demon. The pure born stopped humming, but there was a wide smile almost reaching red cheeks.

"I'm sorry but you folks shouldn't be here! Retreat now or face erasure." The entity spoke to the wary group in a language known to all. When only three angels retreated, the demon gave a sigh before summoning a trident. "Hard way it is."


The agreement between Hell and Heaven limits what Angel could be qualified to be an Exterminator to be sent to Hell. The highest title qualified would be an archangel. Any rank above archangel that dares enter Hell will be considered an attack and their lives forfeited in any fortuitous events. Unless sent for diplomatic concerns, sending a rank higher than a cherubim would breach the agreed ceasefire. Thus, a continuation of THE WAR. Any organized team that has even one angel higher than the rank of archangel will be decimated. Heaven started pushing their luck after the tenth Cleansing. It was unfair how Heaven would take advantage of Hell's overpopulation to intrude in its affairs.


"♪~" Tearing the LED mask from a deceased exterminator, the ex-general stood at the middle of a massacre site just to check the identity of the leader. When Heaven dispatched ten Exterminator groups, this hive garnered an astounding amount of kills. The power rating of each member makes the group unique in composition. Based on experience, this would be: six (well-trained) human-turned angels, one (newly promoted) principality, three (wise) powers and ten (bloodthirsty) dominions.

"Huh." The blonde muttered, staring at a horror-filled face dangling on the trident. Guesswork is correct. This batch is a ruse. At least the human-turned angels are reasonable. They are not exterminators, more of another assassination group towards the higher-ranking demons. The noble looked up at the crimson sky. 'Is Grandfather growing desperate?'


"T-thank y-you..." The family's head, a fox demon, whimpered as he clutched his snake wife and two kittens. His right leg has a sword stabbed on it. A month of rest will do the trick. An entire family tossed into hell is also turning into a norm after a controversy up in Heaven. Something about Sin being a genetic factor. 

"You're welcome~! (No eye contact.) Onto the next!" The demon tilted the top hat for the familiar to do its work, tossing the body towards the ground. They can hear the clock tower toll eight times, alerting everyone in Hell that Cleansing is not quite over. The only ones who'd wander about are those wishing to end their lives, risk-takers, scavengers, curious onlookers and bored deviants.


"♫~" Twirling the trident, the pure born strode out of the scene before the scavengers come along and create assumptions. Fogging the wholesome family's memories on their savior would be enough. No one would ever suspect Royalty wandering around enforcing the agreement. The next strongest batch would be somewhere around Pentagram City, the most prosperous area in Hell in terms to manpower. It's also the demon's commonplace. 'A win-win situation.'


Under ocular inspection, exterminators look like animal hybrids with their physical anatomy and skin texture. With their large goat-like horns and aggressive nature, exterminators could easily be mistaken as demons if not for their divine weapon and halo floating above their heads. Examining these divine creatures closer, one would discover that these executioners are wearing LED screen masks to cover their expressions. The LED screens change at times, whether by emotion or from their descent, but the masks turn completely blank when murdered.


"Whew~!" The rebellious spell-caster got off the motorbike, landing on two feet as the bike exploded onto a building. Flight is not an option and neither teleportation. Shifting to dimensions would also alert the authorities. The ideal solution to travel without the prying eyes of the elders would be a good old human method called vehicle creation.

"Hm~" No longer armed and under a time limit, the entity checked the time through Hell phone to be safe. The day is still young and thankfully, the twin servants wouldn't notice anything amiss.

"🎶" Singing Lilith's lullaby, the demon strolled across the district. Mom has always been an excellent songstress, a wolf in sheep's clothing. The large energy source is around the corner, cornering yet another citizen-


"?!" Eyes widening at the display, the young noble turned to see this so-called citizen fighting claw and blood for survival. It's not the usual senseless and horrific display of power, more of a Danse Macabre. The elegance and impact lured the aristocrat forward. Swatting the smoke away, curiosity blinds the mind as determination embeds itself in the demon's strides.

"My name's Charlie! What's your name?!" The demon yelled, hoping the sinner wouldn't leave so soon. When chaos sank back into the ground, the world revealed a slim humanoid with dark skin and white hair. A female with the fury of a wrath. The fighter is a newcomer in Hell, not having any affiliation to any entity in Hell. However, this isn't her first time fighting. Holding a divine weapon in hand, this sinner doesn't have enough experience to come out of battle unscratched. It's luck this lady survived. The exterminators underestimated the fighter or maybe the fighter got the upper hand?


"S-stay a-a-away!" The albino panted, struggling to stay awake while standing in front of the newly arrived demon. The fighter has only one eye available, the left eye replaced with an X mark for unknown reasons. The monarch took a step forward, tentative on how to handle the dying child. Clothes are unrecognizable from the onslaught of attacks. Paranoia. Inching closer, the aristocrat found similarity on the newbie with a moth. Her feat is too vibrant to be considered a moth! The female's growling (like an alligator?) while pointing the stinger or some sort of long dagger blade (a beginner weapon?) in the wrong direction.

"I won't harm you-?!" Keeping a couple of feet apart, Charlie yelped when the albino suddenly fell forward. The demon ran forward, catching the sinner before she fell onto the ground. Out cold. Charlie looked around the battlefield. This female has the courage and wits to decimate these angels compared to the fledglings down in the Sixth Circle. The scavengers will come soon and who knows what they'll do to her? Holding the body close, Charlie decided. "Let's patch you up first~"


Based on the records from HSO (Hell Statistic Office), sinners have the most number of casualty compared to true demons. It's annoying to say the very least when the documents also state a small percentage of sinners fight back. Repentance does not work that way. Death in Hell will only lead to the void. There is no life in the state of non-existence, not even the strongest demons could survive in that place for long. Very few are created to survive the area. A blessing and a curse, entities gifted to survive this place will ultimately find Akasha..



It's the same reason why the moth must survive. One in a million, this strangely adept rebel is a gift to be treasured.

A faint blessing in this curious human-filled city resting in the outer circles of Hell..


'Will she fall in line or burn her wings to defy authority?'


"..." Although hesitant, Charlie left the moth demon in a building long emptied by godfather Paimon. Just to be extra sure her dad won't screw this sinner over, the heir to the throne placed a spell concealing the young female sinner from fellow royalty. If fate so wishes, the sinner will come over with her newly claimed awe-filled divine spear.

"I wish I knew her name.." Removing her top hat, a large bundle of hair fell down against her shoulders and back.

"What would have happened had I stayed beside her?" The ex-diplomat ponders in the dark lobby, waiting for the leucistic snake to submit the report. Mind buzzing with the memories of this brave sinner, the Authority the female killed held the shards of the Holy Lance or what Humanity astoundingly declared the Spear of Destiny. A divine weapon that can never be stolen until killed by another, will the sinner wield it for self-interest or self-preservation?


'If she comes over, will we do battle or have a cup of tea?'


"Oh Lord..." Charlotte Magne drops her hat, recognizing the signs.

"I'm crushing on a sinner!" Standing up, the blonde decides to make her mind busy by cooking some apple pie. Razzle and Dazzle would enjoy that. If she continues to think about the moth demon then... 'I'll go visit her! The feeling will surely go away.'