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Part 02: USJ & Aftermath

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“Today’s training will be a little different.” Aizawa began. “You’ll have three instructors. Me, All Might, and another faculty member will be keeping tabs on you.” 

Most of the class was showing surprise, and Naoki was eager to see what they’d be doing, even more eager to get a chance to speak to All Might about what had happened before. He hadn’t gotten the chance yet, and was also not supposed to let it get around as much as possible. However, he had a counter-argument, which he had no issue giving to the principal. 

If it meant being able to keep his classmates safer, in a situation where it could possibly be necessary, he would tell whomever he thought needed to know. Nezu reluctantly agreed, seeing Naoki would do it anyway if that kind of situation arose. 

Hanta blurted out, asking what kind of training they’d be doing, and Aizawa answered. “Rescue. You’ll be dealing with natural disasters, shipwrecks, things like that." He paused when the other students buzzed excitedly, then interrupted them to get the rest of his instructions in. 

“Guys, I’m not finished yet. What you wear in this exercise is up to you. I know you’re excited about costumes. But keep in mind that you’re not used to them yet and they might limit your abilities. This special training is at an off-campus facility, so we’ll be taking a bus to get there. That’s it, start getting ready.” Aizawa left them to their dressing. 


The class remet before loading the bus, Ochaco asked Izuku why he wasn’t wearing his costume, and he replied it was still a mess after the combat training. 

Naoki came over, “Izumi… You could have asked me to repair it… It wouldn’t have taken much…” He faked a pout. 

“O-Oh! I forgot about that… But… You already did a lot for me, so I couldn’t trouble you for something like that too…”

“Inko-san made that one, right? Tell you what, I’ll fix it right up, good as new when we get back, alright? No use trying to stop me, I owe your mom for the cookies and food she’s made when I come over!” He held out a thumbs up. 

“Ok… If you insist… Oh yeah, Naoki! You missed it, but I passed my Class Rep onto Iida, after all, he handled the break-in well and calmed everyone down. By the way, where did you go then? You ran off almost a whole two minutes before the alarms, and didn’t come back right away either…”

Tenya interrupted, trying to give a bus-loading order, only to find the open-layout of the bus would ruin it after they all had loaded. He was bummed a good portion of the ride. Naoki sat with Izuku, where he could talk to the green without letting others hear, since it would be easier to use Ricochet in that way at a closer distance. 

He told Izuku what had happened, and the green- knowing it was not to be shared by how Naoki had handled telling him- kept up conversation with the others, but Naoki could tell his mind was working a mile-a-second after Naoki finished. 

After relaying it to Izuku, he went to the nearest empty seat next to Todoroki, leaned back, closing his eyes and resting. 

He found that short naps prevented him from having night-terrors, and let him at least get some shut-eye. 

He blocked the sounds from everyone, only letting two vocal frequencies through- Todoroki’s and Aizawa’s, since Izuku was chatting. He had also let those two hear what he’d said, as Aizawa may not have heard it yet, and he wanted to give Todoroki that information in case he could use it or need it later. 

They arrived at their destination, and met 13, who would be their third instructor. She showed off the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, or USJ.

Aizawa asked where All Might was, and Naoki’s ears zoned in on that, as the space Hero replied. 

She explained that he’d already used his time-limit for the day. 

13 addressed the class, giving an explanation of her own Quirk, and how they all could be used for both good and evil, to save and to kill, based on how they used them. 

Aizawa began. “Right. Now that that’s over-” He was interrupted when static flowed through the USJ, interrupting the flow and energy everywhere, and setting Naoki’s gut-instincts off like nothing ever had before. 

A swirl of black and violet formed in front of the water fountain in the center of the USJ, drawing everyone’s attention, as Aizawa sensed the threat. 

“Stay together and don’t move! 13! Protect the students!”

A horde of people progressed from the enlarged mass of black mist, Aizawa informing them this was real, and those were all Villains as he prepared himself to face them and protect the students. 

Naoki rushed to him, grabbing his arm before he could go out. “Aizawa… What I said on the bus… Please be careful… That person could be among them and I haven’t figured out if I can help if it's used on a living person like I did with the gate…”

“I’m fully aware of what you said on the bus. If it comes to it, don’t hesitate to share that information, but for now, stay back and out of the way with the other students. Listen to 13 and don’t be stupid or reckless. As your teacher, it's my responsibility to keep you all safe.”

A deep voice echoed. “The only real Heroes I see here are 13 and Eraser Head. Perplexing. According to the schedule we retrieved from U.A., All Might should be here as well.”

“So you scumbags used the press as a cover to sneak onto campus.” Aizawa asked, receiving no answer. 

“Where is he? I went through the trouble of bringing so many friends who are eager to meet him.” An eerie and almost maniacal voice asked, making Naoki’s stomach churn, seeing a taller, thin man covered in hands with pale-blue hair and wearing mostly black- aside from red shoes- who the voice emanated from. 

“They want All Might, the great Symbol of Peace. I can’t believe he’s not here. Maybe if I kill a few kids, he’ll come out to play.”

Aizawa activated his scarf, preparing to fight but Naoki was already well into preparing his own strategy, a gut feeling that this wasn’t going to be easy as his classmates spoke their worries. 

Why weren’t the alarms going off? 13 didn’t know. 

Todoroki spoke out, “Is the entire campus under attack or is this their only target. Either way, if the alarm sensors aren’t being triggered then one of these Villains must have a Quirk that’s masking their presence here. They carefully chose this isolated facility as an entry point when a class is being taught. They’re fools for trespassing here, but they’ve thought this out. Whatever their plan, they must have a concrete objective in mind, but what is it?”

“13. Get them out of here and alert the main campus.” Aizawa instructed, stepping forward, as he spoke, “Actually, if they’ve got the ability to block our sensors, then they might be jamming our regular communications too… Kaminari- try to use your Quirk to contact the school.”

With a quick “Yessir.” Denki did just that. 

Izuku asked his own question, frantic and panicked. “What are you gonna do! You can’t fight them on your own. There’s too many of them. Even if you can nullify their Quirks, your fighting style’s not suited for this. Your power works best in stealth, and one-on-one fights. That’s not gonna help with a group.” 

“You can’t be a Pro if you only have one trick.” Aizawa answered. “I’ll leave it to you, 13.”

Aizawa rushed off, Naoki’s gut seizing when he did- worry and fear twisting like a knife buried deep. His every instinct told him to go as back up. To help, to provide support, to do something

But he didn’t want to only end up in Aizawa’s way or disobey his orders. So he stood, watching, monitoring, and mentally recording the every movement of every person down there. Information could be the key to winning- to surviving- and to keeping everyone else that way too. 

The low-key Pro was working well, handling himself decently. 

But Naoki noticed the two were staying back. As the rest of the class was making to leave, Tenya calling to Naoki and Izuku that it wasn’t time to analyse and that they needed to go, Naoki saw the void one vanish. As he was spinning around, he felt that energy behind him, between his class and the exit. 

“There is no escape for you.” The menacing, deep voice echoed from the cloud of black and violet mist. 

The class stopped in their tracks. And, with the void’s focus on them, Naoki found himself refraining from vanishing, in case the Villain would see it, and alert his comrades. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. We are the League Of Villains. I know it's impolite, but we decided to invite ourselves into this haven of justice to say hello. And besides, isn’t this a fitting place for All Might, the Symbol of Peace, to take his last breath?”

Naoki watched as Izuku went from trembling to still at the void’s last few words, and himself from still to trembling- but not with fear. He didn’t really comprehend true fear. The furthest he got was being afraid of things like his terror at being deputy class rep, or being terrified of his own dreams… Things that others may scoff at. 

No, this still wasn’t fear… He was enraged, he was terrified, yes, but of losing the only family he’d ever known, of being unable to protect or save his friends- his classmates- or being unable to repay Toshinori for everything. Those were things he could say he understood being afraid of. 

Naoki clicked the yellow button, activating Bakugou’s Quirk in himself and waiting for the chance to attack the void of evil before him. He knew the aggro blonde would do something so he'd do the same, with a different layer to his attack. 

Reaching up to his blade, and unsheathing the first few inches, he split the skin on his left thumb. When he hit, it would give Blood Tempter all kinds of access, information, and power over the mass. It was minourly linked to a potentially dark side of that Quirk- which he almost solely used for healing- but knew it was capable of rather sinister things if he wanted or saw fit to use them. This was one such case. 

I won’t sit back and watch my dad, my friends- or anyone I care about here- be harmed by you and your kin. If I have to use Blood Tempter this way and shred you from the insides, then I will, damn the consequences. I know full well that my own body resents me using that Quirk that way, but if it means protecting those whom I cherish, then I can live with that. Even so, I won’t do that much unless I desperately need to… I’ll start off by using it to learn everything I can about you with it. So long as the 26 minute-limit for the blood-limit aren’t used up, I won’t need to land a hit again, but if does, then I can work with it. 

“I believe he was supposed to be here today and yet I see no sign of him. There must have been some change of plans we could not have foreseen. Ah, well, in the end, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I still have a role to play.” 

As 13 went to use her Quirk, Bakugou and Kirishima made to attack, joined by Naoki, who mimicked Bakugou’s Quirk, with an added bonus the blonde was incapable of. With a punch from Kirishima, and two explosions from Katsuki and Naoki, the area was clouded in smoke. 

Bakugou looked peeved, but held his words for later as Naoki used the smokescreen to vanish, going beside Izuku. 

“Hey, I’m following my gut. Stay safe, Izumi…” Naoki muttered, and when Izuku made to speak, he was met with a coppery taste in his mouth which shut him up. 

“If you’re hurt, that’ll tell me and I can heal you anywhere you are in here. I’ll get back to you soon as I can, K?” He hugged Izuku then left, remaining able to hear as the spiky crimson spoke out. 

“Did you think we were just going to stand around and let you tear this place to shreds?” Kirishima asked. 

“You live up to your school’s reputation.” Naoki heard the voice answer and smirked as he learned some of the void’s abilities. The longer the blood remained, the more he’d learn. “But you should be more careful, children, otherwise, someone might get hurt.” The void threatened. 

“You two… Get outta the way right now!” 13 ordered, oblivious to Naoki’s engagement in the attack, as only Bakugou and Kirishima were still there. Her finger cap was open and ready. Naoki felt a little guilty at interfering when he had seen she was aiming to move in first, but he had his own goals that he achieved- a goal that he hoped would help later. 

“I’ll scatter you across this facility to meet my comrades- And your deaths!”

The remaining students were domed in the mist, and scattered about. Tenya pulled Ochaco out, but other than those Mezo held himself, Mina and Hanta down and kept them from being swept up. Outside them and Naoki, everyone else was anywhere else. 

Naoki focused his mind, listening for Izuku’s voice. He’d support him wherever he ended up. After a bit, he located him alongside Tsuyu and Mineta, but they seemed alone other than that. As far as ‘allies’ went at least.

With a propelled jump, he landed silently on the shore. He could hear almost every one of his classmates, enhancing his hearing using the Vectors produced by each classmate’s voices, trying to tell if any particular one was in more danger than another and also tuning in to Aizawa. He didn’t know 13 well enough, and the kids still up there were being helped by a Pro, so he ignored their voices for now, focusing on everyone who had no Pro support. 

It was a hefty increase of stimuli to his senses and was going to have backlash, he was sure, but it was the least he could do for everyone right now. If things went south, he could get there in good time, and help even from a distance, since his Vectors had such a limit as they did. He was thankful for the practice and refined control he’d gained from All Might’s assignment for him while in Juniour High. 


Back at the entrance, Mezo was explaining where their remaining classmates were, “They’ve been scattered across the facility, but our classmates are still here… Well… I can sense nineteen, plus Aizawa, including us here, and adding 13…”

“What are you saying? Is one missing?” Tenya asked. 

“The only one I can’t sense is Naoki. And it's been since he, Bakugou and Kirishima attacked this guy earlier… But, I doubt he’s missing. My guess is that he’s around, monitoring and trying to help whomever he can. He’s not the type to run or abandon people in lieu of his own safety. Don’t worry about him, class rep.” Mezo replied, everyone relieved. 

13 then asked Iida to run, leave and alert the main campus. He argued at first, but then obeyed only to be overheard, the void aiming to stop him. 13 used her Quirk to help Iida and try to suck the void in. 


Naoki listened in to Izuku’s reasoning to Tsu and Mineta, realising he was correct. These Villains had no idea what any of the kid’s Quirks were, and that- Naoki knew- would be their biggest mistake. The Villains were all being cautious, but in all reality, had already underestimated every one of the students, seeing them as not more than children. The void had even completely missed those Tenya had pulled out and Mezo shielded, but not even noticed Naoki being gone. 

Izuku, Tsu and Mineta went over their Quirks, Naoki taking the chance to pop on over. He made himself visible, frightening Tsu momentarily, and Mineta quite a bit longer since he kept his eyes closed. 

Sacrificing one sense to avoid overstimulation and overuse was usually a good idea, but with this, he had closed off all but hearing until he landed better. 

His right eye opened, but his other senses- including pain- were also still numbed as he spoke. “I’m monitoring everyone else right now, but I can spare eyesight for about ten minutes at a time- in one eye- to avoid over-stimulating my hearing too much. 

This is one part of Ricochet, focusing on the Vectors produced by others, given I know them well enough to do so with. I’m listening to voices now, but my other two personal Vectors aren’t in use. Ricochet allows me to manipulate, create and control Vectors. Vectors are anything with a direction. Sound, energy, attacks, bullets… You name it, but I can only create two. Controlling them takes up one of two slots for controlling Vectors, so that leaves me with being able to control one other non-personal Vector, and I can still manipulate three others, albeit slightly. Like redirecting an attack by a few degrees. 

I also have Blood Tempter active. Izuku’s the first focus since your Quirk- as you know- is detrimental to your body. The other… Is inside that void… It's letting me map him- inside and out- to learn how his body and Quirk work. 

It's a lot of my focus, and I can only use one more spectrum of healing with Blood Tempter, but it will have backlash and it will be reserved for anyone gravely injured- though if it's not you Izu, I may have to stop yours until I’ve finished that. Time Manipulation won’t work on living things, so it's almost useless in this situation… 

And right now, using Bakugou’s will be way too risky with all the other ones in use as they are. As I said in the assessment test, my Vectors have a limit of 6000 meters, but I lose a lot of energy and good control with more than 900. 

Also, if anyone else comes to needing help, I will go there as fast as I can. I also want to help Aizawa with that horde as soon as possible… I’m blocking out the students still with 13. She’s a Pro, so they should be okay. I would try to find whoever is blocking our signals, but I don’t have the mind to spare for it… Sorry…” Naoki explained. 

“Wow, Naoki. I didn't realise you were this strong. I think I underestimated you. You’re always so shy, but you can react so quickly. Even in this kind of situation.” Tsu commented. 

“Naoki, you really should be careful though… Don’t push yourself too far… Now, let’s figure out what to do with those guys.” Izuku continued. 

“I haven’t revealed my presence to them yet, so they assume you three are the only ones up here. We can use this if we need to…” Naoki added. 

One of the Villains slashed the ship with his Quirk, sinking it as he yelled about being bored. 

“Listen up. An enemy who is certain of their victory is bound to make a mistake. All Might said something along those lines in a TV interview a while back.” Izuku said, “Now’s our chance. We can beat them!”

“Hmmm… I’ve got an idea…” Naoki glanced over the ship’s ledge, his right eye gazing down in the churning waters. “Izu, remember the assignment All Might gave me last year? I did a lot of studying on oceanic currents. If I managed to redirect those, then a small pond should be no problem, right?”

“Ah! Yeah! You’re right! So, what do you want to do then?” Izuku agreed. 

“Laws of attraction. Let’s play with the metaphysical moral compass, Izu~.” Naoki teased, cracking a knuckle. 

“Huh? I’m confused… What do you mean, Naoki?” Tsu asked. 

“People all naturally emit energy, and people of similar beliefs, morals and behaviour tend to emit similar frequencies~” Naoki started off teasing, still continuing to do so as he ‘explained’ what he was planning. 

“All energy has a Vector, a direction. I’m going to play with it~ If I redirect this energy to attract like-energies, as opposed to its current random flow, they’ll stick together like flies in honey~” Naoki explained, tauntingly, 

“But in all reality, I’ll hit a bunch of them with Vectors connected to one another, and when they hit each other, they’ll connect Vectors to new enemies and stick together… Eventually, they’ll all be stuck together.” 

 “It’s worth a shot… But what do we need to do to start or help?” Izuku asked. 

“I’m already going. Mineta, toss in a bunch of your hair balls to help the Vectors and keep them contained even after I release the Vectors. Once I give you a whistle, Tsu, get yourself and Mineta off the boat and to shore… You-” He looked to Izuku. “Stir up some currents, ‘K, Izu?~” 

Naoki smirked, jumping down and landing on the head of one of the Villains, who bobbed, but didn’t react much. Since Naoki was unsensable to them, feeling like nothing more than a slight tap as he bounced from one to the next, finally bouncing harder off the last of the lot, making him glance around in a flurry. 

Naoki safely and quickly landed on the shore. With releasing his hidden presence, he gave a shrill whistle. 

Izuku jumped overboard, surprising Naoki when he acted akin to Katsuki, “Now DIE!”

“Stupid move, kid!” One Villain called, leading to a few fighting amongst themselves for dibs. 

“Take this! DELAWARE SMASH!!! Tsu! Now!!” Tsu jumped ship with Mineta who was adding sticky purple balls into the water as Tsu had hold of him. Tsu caught Izuku as she made for shore. 

Once the waves were swirling, Naoki activated the retraction on the Vectors he’d made, dragging every Villain towards one another in the accumulating waves and masses of sticky purple orbs as they turned into a whirlpool, sweeping the Villains along with the thrashing and spinning current made by Izuku. 

“The hell! Why are we being sucked together!” “What the hell are these sticky balls?!”

Once they landed, Naoki went to Izuku. "You okay? Let me-”

“No, Naoki. Save your Quirk. Someone may need your help more later, this isn’t that bad. They’re after All Might, and if he shows up and they can actually hurt him, he’ll need you if it gets too bad.” Izuku lectured, softening his tone when Naoki looked hurt. 

“I know you want to help everyone and make sure no one is hurt, but place priorities first. Worry about serious injuries and life-threatening wounds being a possibility… These are real Villains. If it doesn’t come to that, then heal my fingers later, okay? I won’t object or stop you then.”

“What are we doing next?” Tsu asked. 

“If Aizawa doesn’t get backup, he’s not going to last long enough for help to arrive. Tsu, you, Mineta and Izu can head for the exit if you want, just follow the shoreline, and you’ll be able to avoid the plaza. I’m going to hide again and support him however I can. He’s risking a lot to keep us safe.”

“I’m going with you. He’s going to overexert himself without backup, especially against such a large group.” Izuku agreed to join Naoki. 

Naoki froze in his steps, hearing Todoroki’s voice for the first time in a while. He was handling himself decently, but there were a lot of Villains near him. It seemed he’d taken care of them well for now. 

And when some words left the bi-coloured‘s mouth from a hefty distance, that left Naoki trying not to chuckle. But he was getting what information may help in this battle. How the group intended to kill All Might. 

Next, he heard Denki, Kyouka and Momo’s voices. They were handling things, but bickering slightly. Naoki had to close his eyes and draw his focus away. Something over there made his ears ring, and his head ache. 

That may be where the person jamming our signals and the alarms is at… But, I’m more worried about Aizawa right now…

“Izu… I’m going to manipulate a Vector to everyone in our class, but I won’t have any of my other senses while doing it, so please watch my back… It's the information from the break-in earlier… I think it's a good time to spill the proverbial cats from the can… Man I hate puns when I have no excess brainpower… That made no sense…” 

“Ah- What? Wait-” Naoki dropped, Izuku barely having time to react. 

But, in a few seconds, his voice sounded out in range enough to everyone’s ears to only be heard by them, as Tsu, Mineta and Izuku listened and watched Naoki whisper out the words. 

He explained everything about the incident, but also that he couldn’t reply or answer any questions as of that point, so to just listen and heed the information and be careful, since there was no telling for sure who it was or if they were here, aside from the height and the likelihood of this person being heavily reliant on his or her hands for physical combat, more than likely being a close-combat fighter. 

Once he was done, he sighed where he was, being supported by Izuku. It took a few seconds, but he creaked open his left eye, a sharp, glowing turquoise visible. 

“Thanks, Izu… Now, let's get going. No telling how long till help arrives.” He hissed before continuing, “That’s ouchy… So loud. Dang. Kyouko-san… My ears…” Naoki covered an ear, a small gasp slipping out, actually feeling pain. 

“Naoki, your ear…” Tsu said, Mineta freaking out at the sight of a normally docile and shy classmate bleeding. 

“Ah- Yeah… I’m hyper-enhancing my hearing, and she used her speakers to pulsate her heartbeat just now… I wasn’t prepared and now that’s gone. No more long-ranged hearing… Ear bones aren’t an easy fix, or in any way quick… 

But, I can stop the bleeding for now. At least I was only using one ear to focus on their area, or I’d be screwed for hearing… I can maybe output my hearing a good fifteen meters for the next ten, twenty minutes… Then the bones should be stable enough to increase bits at a time… C’mon… We need to get to-” He paused again. 

“Denki-kun’s bleeding… Internally, and it seems from the skull cavity… He’s passed his wattage… I can repair the damage, but not until he’s back to mental par again… Anyway, we need to get to Aizawa-san… Blood Tempter is maxed out for the moment, but I can pull the control from Izu if I need to… However, I don’t have as many restrictions on Ricochet now, and only need to inhibit two other senses, so, pain and taste are muted…” 

He opened his eyes fully, just as they reached a close, yet still safe distance from Aizawa. “Listen, if it gets too dangerous, be safe and stay back, or better yet, get out of here, okay.” Naoki was aware Blood Tempter’s time-limit on the Void guy was approaching fast, but he needed to keep that one quieter now, being close to enemies again.

Aizawa went for the creepo covered in hands, he was caught, and the eerie voice revealed Aizawa’s ‘tell’, shocking the Pro, as his elbow was caught in the sickeningly pale hand of the Villain. 

As the Villain kept speaking, Naoki yelled out, seeing the fabric at Aizawa’s elbow begin to change colour. “Red-Eyes! Over here! Erase!”

The pale-haired man froze, eyes meeting Naoki’s, as Aizawa also looked. He got it. His hair stood on end for a brief second, knowing just using his Quirk would give Naoki access, since the kid obviously made the other necessary preparations or he wouldn’t have called for Aizawa to use Erasure on him. 

In combination with other parts of Blood Tempter and Ricochet, he could use it far longer than Aizawa. Naoki had spoken to Aizawa about it in the past, alongside what was often necessary to borrow a Quirk from someone, when meeting the teacher out at the supermarket one night. Aizawa had seen Naoki tending a stray cat’s injuries, and seeking to lecture him, but ended up helping him get the cat to a shelter and then entertaining a few of Naoki’s inquiries. 

“Stupid kid… Why would he interfere so idiotically. Does he want to die?”

Aizawa looked back, realising Naoki may have blocked the Villain from seeing what he could see. Naoki was accompanied by Minoru Mineta, Tsuyu Asui and Midoriya, yet the Villain didn’t seem to see them. 

The Villain turned back to Aizawa. “Where were we?” 

He tried to activate his Quirk, but couldn’t seem to. Aizawa took that chance to get out of the Villain’s grasp, surprising him, and continued taking on Villains. 

Remind me to lecture that boy later… And thank him. Now I know who that guy is, and that he destroyed the barrier, so I know to avoid his hands and skin… Since I don’t know what the trigger is for his Quirk… That could have been bad. 

It seemed more Villains were getting back up, and Aizawa was hardly able to keep using his Quirk. 

All of a sudden, it became far too easy… It didn’t dry his eyes out or make them burn or itch, no matter how long or often they stayed open. 

That boy… I didn’t think he’d apply the same technique to me… He’s going to over-exert his Quirks if he’s not careful… From the looks of it, both he and Midoriya seem to be injured. Midoriya’s fingers, but Naoki’s ear was definitely bloody… And that was stupid, calling out like that!

Creepo spoke out. “That annoying Quirk of yours isn’t suited for drawn out fights or big groups, is it? Don’t you think you’re a little out of your element, here Eraser Head? You’re much better at working stealthily. You’re known for surprise attacks, not fighting head-to-head. But despite knowing that, you didn't hesitate to jump into the middle of this fight. To put your students at ease… 

Yet, for some reason, it seems like you’re not as bad off as earlier, before that brat showed up… He stopped me when he called out suddenly, and then I couldn’t use my Quirk to finish what I started… And now you’re using that annoying Quirk even better than before… He’s the issue here, isn’t he…” The pale man looked around, not seeing Naoki- which was due to his presence now being hidden. 

Naoki had left the spot he’d been at, instructing Mineta, Tsu and Izuku to do the same, but not to follow him. He was now just inside the ten-meter radius of the creep, to keep a better eye on both him and Aizawa. He was able to narrow his hearing’s focus to this area, hoping to decrease the time needed to heal his other ear, so he could listen to his classmates again, planning on avoiding Kyouko-san’s area for good measure. 

“Come out, come out wherever you are, little brat…” The pale man sneered, trying to coax a reaction out of Naoki. 

“Oh, I’ll come out alright. You won’t see or sense me, until- THIS!” Naoki landed his kick, straight at the jaw of the Villain, sending him caterwauling from the blow. He let his voice show, but sent the Vectors scattering out. 

“Wow… You’re really tough, creepso… I mean, that was a normal, unenhanced kick, sure, but you barely moved… I can send things a good three meters with that level of kick… Durability… I’d say 6 of 10…” If there was anything Naoki was enjoying, it was seeing the man grow frustrated before him. 

“Where the hell is that brat! I can’t see him… His voice is everywhere… He’s ruining my game!”

“Oh~ Is that why you wanted All Might to come out? You want someone to play with you? I’ll fill in for now. I’m letting off some frustration and steam- for you hurting my friends!” 

He landed a solid kick, again, this time, in the gut, and when his opponent lurched, he drove his knee up, knocking the hand off his face, but wasn't able to catch more than an angry pair of blood-red eyes. 

“Hmm~ So that’s why you responded to my red-eyes earlier!~ Fun!~” Naoki teased, stepping back as the man’s hands swiped for him, as he hadn’t bothered to scatter his voice right then, knowing the man would know he was there anyway, and knowing it would also anger him more. 

“I’ll kill you! Stupid brat!” he screamed. 

“Gotta catch me first~ Haven’t you ever played pokemon? Can’t keep them if you can’t catch them~” He had to stop for a brief second and reset. 

His hearing was making its return, finally, and both Blood Tempter limits were up. He was still unable to be sensed, so he also took the moment to monitor how Aizawa was doing, and to check on Izuku and Tsu. 

He’d have to take the Vector off of them eventually, since he could tell he was slowing down, running out of energy. But, he’d rather remove his own than leave them exposed. He thought for a minute, on how to preserve energy. 

The Blood Tempter in the Void guy and Izu are passed but if I need to, I can reconnect it later with another hit. That way, by then, my ears will be healed and that slot open again. The one in Izu is gone, so I need to make sure he doesn’t get injured more or again… I’m using one Vector to hide myself, and the other to help Aizawa. I’m controlling Tsu’s and Izumi’s to hide them… I need to support Aizawa with his Quirk as long as I can, so I can’t remove that Vector… But if I don’t do something, I’ll pass out soon… 

He dropped over to Izuku, Mineta and Tsu. “You guys, get somewhere better concealed. I’m not going to be able to shield you much longer. I’m running low on energy. Both Blood Tempter lines in you and the void guy are already dropped, but it's not helping much on the energy front. 

I’ll have to drop my own Vector as well, so I’d rather do so when you three are far enough out of sight that you aren’t likely to get hurt by this… I need to prioritise healing my ear fully and keeping Aizawa’s eyes safe, while also using Erasure on the guy with the Decay Quirk… Once my ears are repaired, I’ll be free of slots on Blood Tempter, so I’ll have energy if someone gets injured… For now, conserving energy is vital…” Naoki didn’t meet their eyes, still keeping them locked on the Decay user. 

Adding in a new Quirk mid-battle never did him too many favours in the end, or rather by the end of the battle. It taxed his body a lot because of how he had to do it. 

“Are you sure you’ll be alright?” Tsu asked, Izuku adding in an agreement to the question. Mineta was shocked and quiet- oddly enough- in too much awe and horror of what Naoki was capable of, even compared to most Pros. Especially compared to him. Tsu’s words ringing through his head.

“I’ll be fine. I just need fewer things on my plate for a bit… Luckily, I have a backup plan if things go astray from this, though… The morality of it is questionable… Based on how he put that hand back on his face, I have a theory on how his Quirk is activated… But… I won’t use this unless necessary… I’m still worried about that brain dude… He has yet to do anything… Go now… I’ll give you thirty seconds before I drop the Vectors on you…” Naoki returned, seeing Aizawa having a little trouble. His stamina was what was wearing now… He’d be shot for it soon…

After his promised thirty, plus five more for good measure, Naoki dropped Tsu, Grape and Izu’s Vectors, feeling the relief when he also dropped everything else that was active outside his own body aside from Aizawa’s. 

He clicked the yellow button, activating Bakugou’s Quirk, knowing it would make his location a lot more traceable, but he had a reason. 

He’d be dropping his own hidden presence barrier too, allowing him to focus solely on Aizawa’s and his ears until they were repaired, then he’d switch to Ricochet’s combat uses, which, he’d have to temper to avoid killing. 

“Sorry, mister creepo…” A punch to the man’s ribs, “This isn’t about you…” An elbow to his side as he spun to avoid the hands. “Well, technically it is~” A kick to his knees, knocking him to them. “But I!” An elbow to the collarbone, feeling the crack beneath his blow. “Need to let off!” A knee to the face, as the hands tried to reach for him, once more dislodging the hand from his enemy’s face. “SOME STEAM!” An explosive palm plowed into his back as he jumped over the man, pushing him to the ground right alongside his spare hand, and simultaneously releasing his Vector in the cover provided by the smokescreen. 

“YOU BRAT! WHEN I GET AHOLD OF YOU I’LL KILL YOU!!! KILL YOU DEAD!!!! YOU’RE RUINING EVERYTHING!!!” The pale man screeched, drawing Aizawa’s eyes, temporarily to the scene. 

Idiotic kid… I hope he knows what he’s doing. I’m already planning my lecture for him… Aizawa thought briefly as he returned to his own foes. 

“Heh~ That sounds fun and all mister creepo~ Hate to break your reality marble, but my numbers seem to be bigger than yours! Really oughta do better research when you attack people… You left your little inexperienced posey wide open to all kinds of trouble, right from the get-go… I’m sure you could endure this all day, but I don't think you’d get that much closer to beating me~ I mean look at you! You already look like Golagralaum when he overdosed on Dark eco~ Wanna look worse? If so, I can add you to the list… Good news, you’re the only one who’s pissed me off enough to get on it! So, order up!” Naoki teased, knowing this kind of verbal slander wasn’t normal for Heroes, but found that it made the pale man more angry. 

And when childish, immature adults are angered, they become more predictable and easier to beat into submission, or so he’d seen so far of this person specifically. 

Naoki paused, now having the chance to blink, since the smoke screen made it difficult to make anything much out. He knew it was risky to let the guy have that Quirk back, but it wasn’t like he could keep his eyes on him in the smoke anyways. 

After resting his eyes for a good ten seconds, he propelled up and out of the cloud of smoke and dust, landing once he’d opened his eyes and determined the safest spot still in the vicinity. 

“Heh. You stupid kid… I hate to tell you this, but I’m not the final boss…” The pale man walked out of the smoke as he spoke. 

“You and that annoying Hero both assumed I was, ignoring the real Final Boss this whole time.” He looked behind Naoki, who spun, calling out to his teacher too late. 

“Aizawa-sensei!” Aizawa had already turned, of course, but not in time to evade the behemoth right behind him. 

The creature struck mindlessly, swiping a single hand and removing Aizawa’s goggles with a spray of blood. 

Naoki’s breath caught in his throat, and he froze as the behemoth attacked Aizawa, trying to think of how to help… Anything… He had no idea how to handle that thing. No information. So, he did the best thing he could to try and get information: Attack. 

He launched himself, landing closer and sending a Vector at the beast, aimed at the arm that had hurt Aizawa, just letting the Vector hit to see what he could do without adding parameters in or increasing it more than the force he’d sent it at. It was well over a hundred kilometers per minute, yet, barely disrupted the creature, having almost no effect. 

“Shock absorption… Let’s see how it handles this then.” 

He sent dozens of more powerful Vectors, one hitting as the next left his hand. Their speed would have met the 900-meter mark in only seven seconds. Yet after six of them, there was no visible damage to the beast. He wasn’t even acknowledging the attacks, seemingly solely focused on Aizawa. 

“Fine, it's ignoring me for now. I’ll take this chance.” He vanished, and took off toward the creature, detouring a hand to swipe up a small sample of Aizawa’s blood. 

He could help that way too, and it was a lot more individualised and specific this way, since Aizawa was already injured. He took that sample, licking it- something that would disgust most people, but he never was bothered by.

It was how he could help, and that’s what mattered. 

“Shit. So concussion and ocular system damage… And more adding to that as it keeps going. I’ll stop and repair what I can for now, but I need to get a damaging attack on that thing. The best way to stop it is going to be the most inhumane and least Heroic, but I don't have many options left now… Sorry, Hajime-san… Dad… I know you wanted me not use this side of Blood Tempter, but… I hope you’ll understand…” 

When he was a short enough distance from the beast, he pulled the rod he carried free with his right hand, slitting his left thumb on the sword. He tapped the rod, extending it to its maximum length, and added the Vector he’d crafted for it, making it a scythe with a blade unseeable, and unbreakable. He slid his bleeding finger over the edge, activating the edge to its sharpened state as the blood passed across it. 

“Even a small nick is enough… Please… Let this work… I can’t keep the barrier around myself for more than one attack, two if I retrace my swing…”

Naoki lunged upon hearing a sickening snap as the monster broke Aizawa’s arm. Their teacher was not doing well. Having been taken by surprise, then overwhelmed, he was barely conscious and struggling at that. 

With a swing of his scythe, Naoki was desperate, his energy, now mostly devoted to Aizawa’s health, was leaving his barrier and the scythe. 

I may not even fully make it into the swing before my barrier and the blade are gone… I will have to sacrifice my barrier before then… But, at the last possible second… 

So, he did just that. With inches to spare, he dropped it and was immediately batted away by the creature, his own body taking a hefty damage, gasping when he collided with a mass of boulders, lurching as blood spewed. 

Ribs… Shoulder. Pelvis… Left leg, Right arm… Damage to spinal column, and my skull is cracked… Shit… I don’t think I can get this healed… Not now… But, if use Ricochet to manipulate my body, I can still move. 

“What do you think of him, Eraser Head, Stupid brat? He’s the bio-engineered Anti-Symbol-Of-Peace. But you can call him Nomu.” The creature screeched, as his master spoke of him. 

Naoki made to move, seeing the creature twist Aizawa’s already broken arm even further, their teacher’s pain intensified, as well as Naoki’s own rage. He could feel signs of what Hajime and his dad had warned him of, but they also felt different from what the two had described about ‘Anti-Nao’ as it was labeled. 

Naoki bit back his own pain, trying to use Ricochet to force his body to move, to keep fighting as the pale man jested at Aizawa more. 

“You can erase people’s powers. That’s irritating, but it's nothing impressive. When faced with true devastating power, you might as well be a Quirkless child.”

Aizawa lashed out in the only way he could, erasing the creep’s Quirk, only to have his other arm squashed underfoot like a worm by the humongous beast atop him. 

When the Nomu grasped Aizawa’s skull, Naoki pushed his Quirk even harder. 

He had to move or he’d lose someone. He never wanted to have that happen, never in his current life, not when he was still breathing. 

The Nomu smashed Aizawa’s skull into the ground, breaking a small portion of the concrete surrounding the impact. 

Naoki focused as much of his energy into repairing internal damage. The arms and external scars could be done later, but things like organ and brain damage, aside from Denki’s case, had to be top-priority. Those are what killed people. 

The void one reappeared, warning that help would soon be arriving, sending the pale one into a frenzy. Initially, this left him scratching furiously at his neck, only to freeze, stop and change his attitude a bit.

Naoki managed to get up to his feet, floating above the ground by mere centimeters, but stopped in horror when the creep turned his attention to where Naoki knew Izumi, Mineta and Tsu were. 

No… Not… Not them… He clicked the button he’d assigned Erasure to, dropping back to the ground, ignoring the pain that echoed across his entire body. He locked his eyes on the pale-blue, seeing that Aizawa had done the same. The Nomu pounded Aizawa into the rubble, officially clocking him out. 

Izuku took over for a moment, throwing an attack to the creep with One For All, the whiplash spreading far across the USJ, perfectly controlled, but blocked by the Nomu. 

However, with that, Naoki was able to realise he’d gotten an attack earlier, nothing more than a small scratch- given how it had more than healed by that point- when he’d been bashed aside. A sigh of relief and silent cheer from Naoki, followed by dozens more around the USJ, even as Izuku was in horror mere seconds before.

All Might arrived, the door being broken in the No. 1’s entrance. 

Naoki muttered a small, happy and relieved, “Dad…”