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Connor POV

Connor was in his reading when he heard his phone chime. He checked it and begins to panic. The message was from Evan, and all it said was “Heat. Strong. Help.”

Naturally, Connor was out the door within 3 minutes. He had a tracker for Evan on his phone (Evan knows about it, and can disable it whenever he wants) so he knew where to go. He’s heading for the park.

Evan’s POV

Idiot, idiot, idiot. Evan never shouldv’e opted to walk home. He should have just taken a ride with Jared. Now, he had no idea where he was. It wasn’t helping that he couldn’t concentrate on anyhting but the hat, staying concious, and watching out for any Alphas passing by.

“Hey there,” a voice called from behind him. The scent was Alpha, but it wasn’t Connor, Connor smells like a bonfire, whereas this guy smelt like sage. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t Connor either. And Evan wanted Connor.

The day just kept getting better and better.

“You’re an Omega.”

Evan didn’t know how to respond to that. He was to focused on staying on his feet to care.

That is, until he felt a pair of calloused hands on his waist, and the Alpha’s nose hovering above his scent glands. “You got an Alpha?” the guy asked.

Try as he might, Evan couldn’t get a single word out.