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Bits of You

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Roxas sighed as he released his grip from the sides of the toilet, and then reached up to flush it. He then slid back so he was sitting up against the wall, and wrapped his arms around his stomach. Normally a dish of freshly caught salmon would be a delight, but now it sent his stomach reeling. He knew once he walked back into his shared bedroom with Axel, he would be subjected to a lot of questions.


Roxas sighed again and fidgeted the engagement ring on his finger. The timing of this after their rehearsal dinner made him feel anxious. He didn’t want to keep any secrets from the man he loves, especially on the night before their wedding ceremony, but he was a bit concerned.


Concerned because he was pregnant.


Well, possibly, pregnant, Roxas thought to himself. But he knew his body. Between missing his cycle, smells starting to send him off, morning sickness, and the undoubtable slight swell of his abdomen were reasons enough to be concerned. Roxas sighed again. He and Axel did want kids, but this felt too soon; especially since they weren’t actively trying. It was a silly thought that Axel would be mad, considering the love they shared, but Roxas still was nervous.


A knock on the bathroom door and a concerned “ Roxas? ” from the other side made him sigh and stand up. He looked at the mirror for a second as he passed by and was thankful that the button up he was wearing still concerned his swollen abdomen.


Opening the door, he was met with a concerned look from Axel. He gave a sheepish grin to him, but neither really believed it.


“Are you alright, Rox?” Axel asked.

“I’m fine!” Roxas replied.

“It sounded really bad in there. Did you think it was the food? If so I could go and do a number on that chef...”

“No need! I think my stomach is just a bit sensitive from all the excitement.”

“Well, if you say so.”


Axel then leaned in for a kiss, which Roxas gladly accepted.


“I can’t wait to be your husband by this time tomorrow.” he said.

“Neither can I.”


Roxas flashed another smile at him as he went to the dresser, while Axel went into the bathroom. Once he heard the door click, Roxas quickly took off his clothes, and then grabbed one of Axel’s t-shirts to throw on over his boxers. Thankfully it was big enough to cover the slight bump, but it was probably overkill. He was barely showing at all, but he’d rather keep things under wraps for now.


Roxas then went over to the bed and began to turn it down. Once it was unmade, he climbed into it, and found himself thinking towards the future. The house they were currently in had enough room that they could stay once the baby, or possibly babies arrive. With the money Axel was making welding, combined with the money Roxas was making as a server at the Destiny Diner, they’d be alright. Especially if Roxas were to save up, since he knew there wouldn’t be able to have his position saved while recovering and raising the baby.


His mind then wandered to his twin brother, Sora. He was currently pregnant with twins with his husband, Riku. He was three months along, and so was another friend of Roxas and Axel’s; Zexion. The budding scientist casually announced it over lunch with himself and Sora a little while after Sora’s extravagant announcement. Unlike Sora, Zexion was just having a single baby with his boyfriend, Demyx.


Roxas smiled, and put his hands on his abdomen. He wasn’t quite three months along, but he was wondering how he would announce his pregnancy. He knew Sora would squeal in excitement, for sure. He could imagine getting swept off his feet by Axel, who would be ecstatic upon hearing the news…


“Stomach acting up again?”


Roxas looked up and saw Axel looking at him with a questioning look.


“Although I don’t think you’d look so pleased.” Axel said.

“I think I’m feeling better.” Roxas replied.

Well , if you’re feeling better…”

“Ax, we’ll have plenty of bedroom time this time tomorrow. Could we just get some rest?”


Axel gave a slight chuckle before climbing into bed and giving Roxas a kiss on the cheek.


“Of course, Rox.” he said with a beaming smile. “But do know that I’ll want extra for missing tonight.”

Roxas laughed. “I wouldn’t expect anything less.”


Roxas then gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then pulled the covers up over him. He shut the lamp on the nightstand off while his fiancé did the same. Closing his eyes, Roxas found himself drifting off to sleep while mulling over how he could tell Axel that he’s pregnant.