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Lost in The Echo

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Prologue: Purchase


“What condition is it in?” The voice was deep, harsh and angry. He really hoped this one wasn’t interested in him.

“It’s never been bought before. Most are quite unnerved by all of the unknowns in the records we have.” This voice was the owner. He’d heard it many times over the years. 

“And what are these ‘unknowns’ you speak of?” The deep one again. Alpha. The voice now had a distinct scent. And not a pleasant one. 

“It is far easier to explain what we do know. The name the woman who brought it in gave was ‘Naoki’. No last name, and as far as we know, she could have been anyone. Since then, we’ve gotten very little about its Quirk. Nothing it uses fits any single kind of ability or even what category of Quirk it has. But it is powerful, though dangerously unrefined. if it received training, well… A force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure. 

It's a Mutated Omega. Of this, we are certain. It has all of the genetic markers. Birth Gender is male. Age… We’ve had it for about five years, and it’s Second Gender appeared… Two years ago this coming October. The 31st.” There was a pause as the door screeched open. It was as bone-rattling a sound as any. They’d only ever opened it twice with people outside employees.

“We do try to keep them well maintained, but it seems to have more issues from before we received it that we cannot help. However, the only primary health concerns are in eyesight and keeping the damn thing warm. Just kept them covered to avoid the trouble- though if you wanted to get it seen, there’s nothing barring that, sir.” 

The speaker’s throat cleared before he spoke again. 

“When we first got it, it acted out, but we dropped the temp as punishment, and the thing straightened up quick. Hasn’t had any heats or whatnot yet, though the Mutated variety typically hit those by ten, sometimes later. They’re as bad as Broken Alphas on a few fronts, but they’re just abnormal, not broken. No stability in the genes to make them function properly. The Omegas we’ve got here sell better when they’re experienced though, so this one’s been sitting here half of its life.”

“You said never bought before. I take it that means its never-” It was left almost like a question. They were close enough he could feel heat radiating off the prospective buyer. It wasn’t a ‘kind’ heat. More like a raging inferno than a warm fire on a cold day.

“Yes. It's completely intact. Never been marked, scented or knotted. Never been owned and I don’t permit my employees to interact with my merchandise. So, it's clean, fresh and unsoiled. Never been fucked or even gotten off.”

“Perfect. I want to inspect the entirety of the item, then.”

“Of course. But it is a hands-free inspection on your end. Just tell it what to do, and it’ll obey. Your request was an item that was an Omega and being both young and intact. With a High-power Quirk, and above those, obedient. This is the only item we have that fits all of these requirements, perhaps too well fitting, though the Birth Gender is male, I know plenty who refused for such a reason.

Truth be told, an Omega with its ‘pluses’ normally has been bought at least three or four times, and tampered more. This one just… Sits here and takes up a holding pin. It won’t talk, but we know it can. A completely blank slate outside having been born with a high powered Quirk and being a Mutated Omega.”

“Let me see it, then. I am on a bit of a schedule.”

“Of course. I imagine a man of your standing does have such time limits.” The seller turned his voice to give his orders. “39. Out.” He turned back to the buyer as his orders were obeyed. “It’s the pin number. Always been in 39, so thats what it obeys here. You can do what you want with the name.”

“Hands and knees. I like this. Obedient like a tool should be. Off with that cloth and let me see what I’m buying.”

The seller was obeyed. So to was the prospective buyer. But he wasn’t quite pleased.

“What is with the blindfold? Off with it. Now.”

“Its eyesight is poor, but it also has a Quirk-related abnormality, so we keep it covered. It tends to disgust the employees. And getting it seen to is too much for how much its done nothing but sit here and waste space.”

“Heh. They’re disgusted by something so simple. Look me in the eyes.” 

The eyes he met were a cold, angry turquoise. Angry like his voice and the heat coming off of him. He didn't like the look in them. His vision wasn’t as bad as the seller made it sound, he believed.

“One red and one… Changes colours. Interesting. What triggers the change?”

“We’re not sure. I am surprised. Most would turn it away once they saw both the eyes, and the scars.”

“Heh. This thing having scars like that just mean I know how much it can survive, and how far I can push it should I see fit. Nothing to refuse such an ample Quirk over. If anything, those make it more attractive an object to have. I can use this. Yes.” His words make something sick grow inside, but as always, it never showed outside the left eye’s colours. He couldn’t afford to let it. Beatings, denied food and isolation was slowly killing him, they would eventually dispose of him. Having an item for five straight years without being purchased meant as much, though he didn’t know how they did it.

“Turn around. Good. Bend over and touch your toes. I need to see what I’m working with.”

He obeyed. He had to. He followed a half-dozen more orders and commands before the possible buyer seemed satisfied. Then the blindfold was replaced, too tight as always.

“Heh. Well then. This will work. It’s perfect.”

“Very well. Are you wanting to secure it today, or put a holding fee down, atop the down payment? The paperwork is simple, just a few signatures, and a disclosure form. Then we install the tracking device, and you’ll walk out of here with your property in a half hour at most.”

“Today. I won’t have time to come back out here and get it.”

“Then, shall we? 39. Cage.”

Obedience. After twenty minutes, the cage door was opening again, and he was ordered out. He obeyed, but the blindfold wasn’t removed this time. Hands- rough, dangerous and violent hands held him down, back to the filth-ridden concrete as other hands worked.

“You are certain it won’t die from the tracking device being there?”

“Absolutely. It is incapable of getting infections. Are you sure you want it there?”

“Yes. No one will take it out or tamper with something there. Do it.”

Something cold and slimy slid into two places and he would have yelped if he trusted his voice. They were too big and went in places that had never been touched.

He was crying, soundlessly, but tears were still there.

“Ten… Nine…” He was thankful they were giving him a little time. Ten seconds would be enough to maybe get things safely set off. Until it didn’t. “Eight… One!” 

Something pierced tissue, clicking and sending pain shooting through his hips, abdomen and internals. 

He actually yelped. A quick, pained sound he bit off as soon as he could. Consciousness fell away shortly after.


“-Up, I said!” He felt something strike his cheek and sting him into wakefulness. 

“Good. About time. Hands and knees. Once we are inside, you’ll obey every command I give. Until my Shouto is an Alpha, you are only to obey me. If you behave well, I will treat you accordingly. If you are disobedient, you will be punished how I see fit. You will either be called by Omega or whatever else I decide on. I shall permit my Shouto to at least know the name your donator left, consider it a sign of his owning you once he is an Alpha. And what I call you, consider a sign of how pleased I am or are not. Now that I have made myself clear, on your feet, Omega. Follow my steps exactly.”

The blindfold was removed and he had to narrow his eyes and shy back, the bright light in the sky too much compared to what he was used to.

The man continued walking as he spoke. “You are to address me by ‘Sir’, or to never speak to me, simply obey.” He turned to await a response as he kept marching onward.

However, he was met with silence as the figure less than half his size, and almost two feet shorter struggled to keep up with his steps. Not even eye contact was made and the smaller was stumbling and having difficulties walking.

Enji grunted in some disgruntled disapproval. That would be remedied over time. It was to be expected, having spent its entire life in a cage, or on its knees at best.

He opened the front door and grabbed the small form when it was close enough, dragging it through to speed up the time it was taking.

“Daddy? Who’s that?” He glared at the small white-haired boy who only irritated him, nothing close to good enough, not worth answering in Enji’s mind.

“Rei, bring Shouto and Touya to the training room immediately.” He ordered when the Omega woman also having white hair stepped into view, her eyes widening and fear crossing her face as she saw the small, new child.

But she scurried off to obey.

Enji dragged his new possession along as it tried to keep up, tip-toes barely reaching the ground that went by beneath it too quickly to keep up with. When he slammed the door to the training room open and marched inside, he barked out an order as he shoved the Omega before him.

“Sit. Knees tucked up under you, hands facing downward on the tops of your legs. Back straight, head lowered. This is how you sit before me from this day on. Now, stay put until I tell you otherwise. There you are. Rei, you’re to stay. Touya, Shouto. Sit.”

Once the other three had sat down, ‘Rei’ and ‘Touya’ mimicking the new Omega, and Shouto close, but not quite there, Enji began.

“Shouto, when you become an Alpha, this Omega will be yours. The name it has is ‘Naoki’, but that will be irrelevant. You may call it whatever you wish once you own it.

Rei, you are to ensure it is instructed properly in what is expected from an Omega in my household. You will educate it and teach it to read and write. And you ensure it will be kept from the other two failures at all times. I don’t even want them in the same room as this Omega.

Touya… Though you’re a failure and completely worthless, you are still a mockery and half-baked alpha. You are broken and useless to me outside this, so consider yourself lucky I am still wasting time on you. Even a broken alpha like you can be of some use, so this Omega’s care and day-to-day needs are for you to tend to. You clean up after it and take care of it. Its messes, mistakes, failures and troubles will be your punishments lest I see fit to place elsewhere. I imagine where it’s been, even a broken alpha might be something of a comforting presence. 

Outside this, you will ensure it is untouched by other Alphas outside this house. You are responsible for its well being, purity and safety. If it is touched and you are still breathing, you will not be spared due punishment when I get ahold of you. In other words, even if you die in the process, you will ensure this Omega is kept protected .

But know this. I warn you, here and now, boy. If you mark, claim, otherwise taint or damage it, I will cut you off, if not outright ship you off. If you so much as touch it, you’ll be lucky if I do not end your useless existence. 

You have your weakling mother to thank for me not having already done this. But you even come close to crossing me, and you will not see the next dawn in this household. Am I understood?” He gave the three each a look, demanding absolute obedience. 

“Yes, Sir.” Touya answered first. Naoki could see red hair like the angry man, but his eyes were softer, kinder. They weren’t an angry bright blue, but a turquoise that glowed.

“Yes, Enji.” Rei whispered out. She had white hair and grey eyes, but her face was sad. Neither she nor Touya looked at ‘Enji’.

Shouto was swaying back and forth a little. “Okay, daddy.” He was smiling. He wasn’t very old. Still young and not used to the oppressing atmosphere the others were constantly under. He didn’t seem to have his Quirk yet, even.

“Good. Touya. Get it cleaned and dressed. Rei, feed it and the other three of you. I expect it to be well adapted when I return once Shouto’s Quirk had awakened. I am to know the minute either Shouto’s Quirk comes or the Omega shows signs of heat. When it does, I will allow it comfort if its made significant improvements. If not, and until then, it will not receive such luxuries, and you are not to indulge it, is that clear?” He towered over the Omega woman, aware of the distress she would feel at the new Omega’s treatment if she wasn’t able to meet Enji’s standards.

“Y-Yes Si-” She received a harsh smack to her face, Shouto looking shocked. Touya gave the impression he’d seen this before. Many times. Rei seemed too used to it, and Enji like he enjoyed doing it.

“Do not stutter. It is unbecoming and disgracefully shameful. It reflects poorly on me. How many times have I repeated myself yet you never seem to get it.”

“My apologies, Sir. Yes sir, you have made yourself clear. Please forgive me.” Rei answered out, having lowered her face to the floor.

Enji stormed out. The minute the front door slammed shut, Touya moved to his mother.

“Mom…” He led her to sit back up. Then he ran off, coming back a few minutes later with a small ice pack. “Here mom…” He held it to her purpling cheek. She took it and pressed it there, giving Touya a small, soft and saddened smile, her free hand pressing to his cheek in a tender hold.

“Thank you, dear. You should see to the little one. I will get dinner ready for him.” She turned to the new Omega, who was watching with confusion, but worry. “Naoki, right. Welcome home, dear. I promise he’s n-not always like this. You should go with Touya for now. Huh?” She ended with her own curiosity and questioning when Naoki scooted closer, pressing his hand to her cheek as well.

Rei’s eyes lit up just a bit, “Oh, honey you didn’t have to.” She spoke up, setting the icepack aside and pulling Naoki into a hug. Touya looked and saw the blossoming bruise was gone.

He smiled. He liked the small Omega. He would follow Enji’s orders, but now, because he wanted to. 

Touya held his hand out to the Omega, “C’mon, Nao. Let's get you cleaned up and in something else. Mom, can I give him one of my shirts? He won’t get mad at that, I think.” Rei nodded as Naoki took Touya’s hand, eyes widening and eye colour showing silver once his hand touched Touya’s. He finally felt warm .

Touya drew a bath, having noted Naoki was ice-cold, and deciding to use as much warm water as he could. Which was all the way on the red. 

Touya pulled the nasty looking cloth over Naoki’s head and froze. 

Eyes widened in worry and pain and fear, Touya yelled. “Momma!”

Rei ran into the bathroom, hand flying to cover her mouth as she lowered to the ground, tears at the corners of her eyes. Naoki was confused. His reaction showed as much.

Even more so when they both pulled him into a tight hug. He was torn between Rei’s chill and Touya’s heat. 

It was like a cold rain on a hot day. Or a warm, gentle fire during a soft, gentle snow.

Touya ended up sitting in the bath with Naoki since the water had cooled and he worried Enji would be upset if it was wasted. Naoki thought it felt nice. Touya’s warm fingers rubbing his head and scrubbing his skin. He was careful and calming.

Not like the cold hose he’d been rinsed with from outside pin 39 with for years. 

When Touya was done, he pulled Naoki out of the bath, wrapping him in a towel Rei gave him to use with Naoki. A small comfort, since it was soft.

Softer than anything Naoki had felt before and he loved it. But Touya said he couldn’t keep it when Naoki tried to show he wanted to.

Touya gave him the softest shirt he had, and the warmest, Touya promised. It was big enough it slid off both Naoki’s shoulders and went past his knees. Touya looked worried again.

Rei ended up making something different for Naoki than Touya and Shouto and herself. Something similar, but warm. Theirs were cold.

Then, she took Shouto with her and said she was going to make food for the other two. She asked Touya to make sure he and Naoki went straight to bed and stayed in their hallway until morning. 

Touya walked with Naoki. Not in front of. Hand in hand, the warm and bigger hand gently wrapped around Naoki’s. Not dragging, pulling or forcing. Beside, gentle. Careful and nice.

In the bedroom, Touya picked Naoki up onto the bed and swaddled him in the softer of his blankets before lying down and pulling Naoki close, under his own blankets too, soothing Naoki to sleep in few minutes.  

He liked the Omega he held close. Touya wished Naoki wasn’t ever hurt like his mom was. Wished he could keep holding the small, cold human close like this. Naoki healed his mother. Enji hurt, but Touya had just watched the Omega child undo it, fix and help what Enji hurt. 

And that became a pattern. Whenever Enji was home and hurt, destroyed and broke, Naoki would heal, repair and mend just as fast.

But it didn’t stay like that for long. Especially after Shouto’s Quirk arrived. Enji hurt and hurt and hurt. 

He wanted to protect the scarred, quiet boy from everything that could ever hurt him. That included the monster they all cowered under. That included Enji. Touya just hoped he could. Hoped he was strong enough.

In the end, he wasn’t.