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The Littlest Things

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There's a loud obnoxious hammering at Jimin's bedroom door and he groans, pulling the pillow down over his head to drown out some of the noise.

"Jimin! Hurry up! We have to go!" It's Taehyung, voice high and cheerful.

"Go away!" Jimin yells back, with the growl of a sea monster. He throws a balled up sock at the door and it accomplishes nothing.

"Jimin what's wrong?" Taehyung sounds sad. 

Jimin doesn't answer and it eventually seems like Taehyung has decided to leave. 

A minute or two later, there's louder knocking. 


It's Namjoon.


"Open the door" Namjoon shouts. 

"Fuck off! It's my room!" Jimin shouts back. Great, all this shouting has actually woken him up and he's not sure if he'll be able to go back to sleep once they're all gone. 

"Jimin, open this door right now!" Namjoon hardly ever raises his voice in anger so Jimin is intrigued, but not enough to bother getting up.

There's a heavy awful hammering on his door and it doesn't stop and Jimin groans low and pained like someone put a pencil through his eye socket.

He drags himself to the door and yanks it open violently, making the doorframe shudder. 


Namjoon's eyes widen at the sight of him. "You're not even dressed." 

"I'm not coming," Jimin says. 

"You agreed to go. It took forever to find a gap in our schedule for this. You can't keep bailing on us Jimin," Namjoon sighs. 

"I'm not coming, Namjoon,"

Namjoon's eyebrows furrow, burying his eyes beneath them. "Did you just call me Namjoon?"

Jimin shrugs. "That's your name, isn't it? Or would you prefer Mister Kim?" 

"I don't think I like your attitude, Jimin," Namjoon says, softly. 

"I don't think I care, Mr. Kim. Have a good day." He pushes the door closed but Namjoon's shoe intercepts and keeps it from shutting completely. 

Jimin looks at him curiously through the crack.

"We'll wait for you in the car," Namjoon says and then he lets Jimin close the door.




It's forty-five minutes later that Jimin finally slides open the car door and hops in. Cap on, earphones in, mask on and phone in front of his face already. 

He doesn't apologize. Can't be bothered. 

It's only bowling after all, not part of their schedule as a group.

No one says anything to him. So he doesn't say anything either.




Namjoon makes a second attempt to talk to Jimin in the bowling alley. 

Which isn't the best decision, considering the loud music and colorful lighting which doesn't lend itself to opening up emotionally.

Jimin bowls a strike or two rather carelessly and doesn't celebrate. Just slumps back down in his chair and waits for the next person to play.

Namjoon takes a seat next to him.

"I've asked you before, Jimin, if anything is wrong. If you're upset about something, you need to tell us. Communication is…" 

"I'm not upset, I just think this is lame."

Jungkook's face falls at that. This was his idea. He thought it would be fun to introduce them all to his hobby and show all his hyungs how much he has improved but Jimin clearly isn't having a good time and Jungkook can't help but blame himself.

Maybe Jimin feels guilty when he sees Jungkook's crestfallen face, or maybe he's just annoyed by Namjoon’s proximity, but he suddenly stands up and heads over to the drinks counter to buy a soda. 

He wishes this wasn't a kid-friendly place so he could get something stronger to drink. 

"You know you can talk to me, right? About anything?" Namjoon, like a cockroach, refuses to die and has followed him to the drinks counter. 

"Yep. And right now I don't want to, okay?" 

Jimin takes his drink and heads back to the bowling benches, leaving Namjoon blinking thoughtfully and watching the smaller boy walk away in his too tight jeans with a desire in his heart that’s beginning to worry him.




Jimin is in his room, reclining on his bed and taking full advantage of his free evening. 

He can hear the others putting clean bowls and plates away in the kitchen.

He doesn't see why he has to eat dinner with everyone else. They're all mostly in their own world anyway. 

He's always the one checking on everyone and hugging them and barging into their rooms and stealing their giant clothes.  Maybe he has become a nuisance but no one wants to say it. Everyone enjoys being by themselves so Jimin will too. 

He will bask in his solitude, just like the other members. Alone is important. Alone is nice.  

That's what he's thinking while he angrily scrolls through his playlist for something to support his gloomy mood, before two large bodies of noise and limbs barrel into his room. 

He barely has time to recognize them as Jungkook and Hoseok before he's being lifted from his bed like an injured patient by paramedics. 

"What the fuck are you two doing? Put me down!" 

He screeches all the way out of the room and down the passage but they don't put him down. Normally they both might be grinning or laughing at the situation, having a bit of fun at least, but they both look quite serious now and that scares Jimin a little. 

"Namjoon told us to fetch you," Hoseok says. 

"You could have just asked!" Jimin groans, although even he knows as the words leave his mouth that asking nicely wouldn't have worked. They all know it. 

They deposit him on Namjoon's bedroom floor like a heavy bag of illegal drugs and run out, shutting the door behind them softly with a gentle click.

"Shit," Jimin winces, rubbing his ass where he landed as he gets to his feet. 

Namjoon takes him by the wrist and Jimin is so confused that he lets him. 

"What are you doing?" Jimin manages to keep his sour tone and sour expression despite his confusion.

"My job," Namjoon says, as he guides Jimin towards the desk. It is unusually clear, Jimin notices, not even his laptop is open or a book. 

Jimin is standing there, staring curiously at the empty desk when something hits his ass so hard that it propels him forward onto the desk.

Shock and indignation overcome him. That smack was strong as fuck and it hurt. It seriously hurt. 

Before he can get back to his feet, there is a heavy weight on his back, keeping him bent over the desk. 

Namjoon is leaning his much larger frame on Jimin to hold him down and Jimin realizes he can't move an inch. 

So he yells. 

"Namjoon! What the fuck are you doing? Let me up!" 

Namjoon sighs. He doesn't sound ruffled at all by Jimin's shouting. "You just don't listen, do you, little boy?" 

"Hey! I'm not a-" before he can finish, another hard slap to his ass makes him hiss from the sting. "Hyung! What are you- stop that!"

The best way to get up would be to push himself backward and throw Namjoon off his back, but Jimin realizes that his feet are dangling off the ground, meaning he can't get any leverage and he curses his own height angrily. 

Meanwhile, Namjoon, with his never-ending legs, has no problem holding a kicking, squirming Jimin down, and does so with ease. He doesn't even sound out of breath.

"Jimin, I tried to have a conversation with you, like an adult. But you're obviously not mature enough for that. So now you've forced me to do this the hard way." 

And with that, Namjoon yanks the boy's pants down in one easy pull, low enough to have unbarred access to the boy's pretty ass but high enough to keep his thighs together and decrease all the kicking. 

Namjoon smacks him again and Jimin grunts. It hurts. A lot. He had thought the sting was bad over his jeans but it's even worse without it. He doesn't know when Namjoon got so strong but he's very displeased by this discovery. 

"Namjoon! Let me up! I'm gonna fucking obliterate you!" 

"Careful, Jiminie. You don't want everyone hearing you whine and coming to see what all the fuss is about, do you?" 

Jimin could imagine nothing more appalling than that. If any of them walked in and saw this, he'd never live it down. 

"Hyung, I'm not a child!"

"Are you sure, Jimin? You could have fooled me." 

Jimin doesn't know what that means but his ass feels like it's on fire and Namjoon isn't stopping. He cannot believe that his friend, his hyung, leader of  his group, is spanking him. Actually spanking him. Like a child. 

If he ever imagined being summoned by Namjoon to his bedroom, it was definitely for something work-related or… perhaps something of a more sexual nature. And Jimin would bet he wasn't the only one. 

But this doesn't seem like it's going in that direction, not at all like the porn Jimin watches. No, Namjoon seems to be genuinely disciplining him. And it hurts like discipline, it really does. So why is he getting a little hard against the desk? 

"Maybe you just need rules, hm? Or consequences,"

I don't- ow! Fuck!"

"Mm, I guess we'll work on language eventually," Namjoon says, like he's formulating a plan. And Jimin really doesn't like the sound of that.

"It is my job as the leader of this team to guide you and help you and make sure the team works as best as it can. If that guidance requires discipline then I am willing to administer it," Namjoon lands another slap to the fat of Jimin's ass and Jimin can feel it jiggle obscenely, can only imagine how embarrassing it must look. "So far, no one has given me reason to do so, and after all this time, I never thought anyone would."

Jimin winces. He really did push Namjoon too far and he’s wondering right now if he regrets it or not.

"But you've been behaving like a spoiled little brat, Jimin. Throwing your toys out of the cot."

Namjoon spanks him multiple times in succession and the impact makes Jimin shout. 

"I haven't! Hyung! Owww! Ouch! Fuck!" He can't even form a proper argument but maybe that's the point. It's true, Namjoon had given him plenty of times to explain himself but he had just been rude. 

"They're going to hear you if you continue," Namjoon says without emotion.

"Aaaah!" The shout escapes the squirming boy despite how much he wants to be quiet. He isn't crying, even though it hurts. He's just embarrassed and in disbelief. 

Namjoon has a mean hand and more power behind his swing than Jimin could have guessed. It's probably leaving red marks that Jimin can't see but he can certainly feel them. 

"You ignore my calls, we can hardly contact you except through the managers, do you think that's acceptable Jimin?" 

Namjoon is right. But Jimin had thought no one would notice. He didn't think anyone cared enough to notice. 

This year has just felt like being in a pressure cooker. Steam is coming out of his ears and his face is red and he's about to pop his lid from sheer stress. There isn't enough space in his brain for all the peripheral things, anything that isn't work.

He's always there for practices and that's what matters, right? 

Not according to Namjoon.

"You wanted attention baby boy?" Namjoon asks and Jimin is surprised by how easily he says it, growls it like it was a name meant just for him to say in exactly this circumstance. Even more surprising, is the way his own dick reacts to it. "Misbehaving is not the way to get it. Only naughty little boys act out for attention, am I right Jiminie?" 

"Ow! Fucking hell!" 

Namjoon rubs his palm slowly over Jimin's exposed flaming skin, caressing his ass while he has the boy at his mercy.

"Now let me tell you what's going to happen. You're going to apologize to Jungkook for ruining the fun day he wanted us to spend together. And then you're going to apologize to Taehyung for yelling at him this morning and hurting his feelings."

"You can't be serious hyung," Jimin makes another futile attempt to get up off the desk but Namjoon gives his ass another smack and he groans in irritation. 

"If I speak to either of them tomorrow and hear that you didn't apologize, I can promise you I won't go easy on you like today."

This is… easy? His ass is on fire.

As soon as Namjoon let's him up, Jimin is quick to pull his pants back up to hide his punished backside. His face is horribly red and his belly does a flip, looking at the face of the man who spanked him. 

The smug face. The very pleased, smug face. 

Jimin should be angry, he should want to throw a few punches or charge at the giant man and knock him out with a flying kick. He has a black belt in martial arts after all. 

But instead, all he wants is to do is crawl into Namjoon's pocket and cry. 

To his own surprise, he finds himself offering a sincere and quiet apology. 

"I'm sorry Hyung. I really am." 

That's all he manages to say and Namjoon seems to think it's enough as he pulls Jimin into his arms and gives him a tight hug. 

Jimin is too shocked to hug back so he just stands there, limp, until the group leader lands one last slap to his ass and he yelps. 

"Get going. And I hope to see a better behaved little boy from now on," Namjoon says and Jimin takes that as a sign to get the fuck out of there.

He scurries away as quickly as he can. He thinks he gets away without Namjoon seeing his boner but he's mistaken. 




Everyone is surprised by Jimin's sudden change in attitude and mood. 

He's brighter, back to hugging everyone, sitting in their laps and slathering them all in affection. And this time, he knows it's appreciated. They all react more enthusiastically than usual, having missed his antics. 

They tackle him and tickle him and he puts them in headlocks and ruffles their hair. It's great. Not just back to normal, but far better. 

Jimin isn't rude. Ever. If anything, he's overly respectful and polite -  his usual self again. 

He bows more than is necessary, sometimes he bows so much that he doesn't really see where he's walking and trips.

He's always helping. He takes the trash out more than anyone else in the house. His motivation to be tidy has returned from a long trip to the edges of the galaxy. 

No one is sure why, but they figure Namjoon must have yelled at him or had a deep heart-to-heart and counseled him through his struggles. 

Which Namjoon had tried many many times to do  and failed. 

The real solution is far less believable and neither Jimin nor Namjoon talk about it or acknowledge it. 

And Jimin thinks that maybe Namjoon had a few fair points, as utterly embarrassing and horrible as the punishment had been. Maybe Jimin needed to know there was a boundary, needed to know there were consequences for acting out and that someone cared. That someone would do something. 

Jimin's behaviour starts slipping again around the time that the lingering humiliation of the spanking begins to fade. 

He's inexplicably grouchy. He starts snapping at poor unsuspecting Hoseok who was just trying to give him a friendly neck squeeze, as bros do. 

On a night like any other, they're all at the dinner table. Jimin is on his phone, while they're still eating, which is against the general house rules. 

He doesn't say thank you for the food, doesn't say anything about it at all. He gets up before everyone is done eating, takes his plate to the sink, doesn't rinse it, and heads back to his room, shutting the door behind him with a bang. 

"You should speak to him, Hyung," Jungkook says to Namjoon. "Whatever you said to him last time really made him feel better." 

Namjoon nods.

But he doesn't approach Jimin about his behavior. Not for a day, for two days, or three. On the fourth day, Jimin is close to a full blown toddler tantrum. 

When Yoongi asks him to pass the tv remote, Jimin lugs it at him and nearly concusses the man who ducks just in time to save himself from a head injury. 

"Shit, Jimin-ah. What the fuck is up with you?" 

"NOTHING. What's up with YOU?" He crosses his arms with an angry pout and Yoongi looks at him like Jimin is the lizard he found in his room once. He doesn't know what to do with it and he doesn't want to hurt it but it might be dangerous.

"Sh-should I get Namjoon?" Yoongi asks carefully. 

"What's he gonna do?" Jimin huffs and Yoongi goes quiet because he genuinely doesn't know. 




That same night, Namjoon is sitting at his desk in his bedroom when he hears a timid knock. 

The door creaks open to reveal a nervous-looking Jimin in shorts and a comfortable t-shirt that hangs like a large flag across his narrow frame. 

"Just, uh, came to check on you hyung," he stammers. His usual high voice is even higher now and he's still standing by the door, not looking at Namjoon. The floor is far more interesting. 

"That's nice of you Jiminie, but I'm doing fine."

 Namjoon lets the silence that follows, hang in the air.

"Good," Jimin says quietly, toeing at the ground. 

"Yoongi-hyung isn't though. I heard you nearly knocked him out with the TV remote," Namjoon says, rather deadpan. 

"I uh- I didn't mean to," Jimin says, and he feels genuinely heavy with guilt. "I just, wanted your-" he cringes. He nearly said attention. That makes him sound like a little boy, like Namjoon always calls him. 

But after he was back to his usual self, he felt like Namjoon was ignoring him. They had shared a strangely intimate moment and then it was suddenly like nothing had happened and he didn't know how to get Namjoon's attention back. 

But he shouldn't have let it bother him so much. 

He could have actually hurt Yoongi.

"Are you gonna… you know?" Jimin asks instead, blushing furiously.

Namjoon tries to stop his smile before it becomes too obvious. "What? 

"Stop that," Jimin huffs. He's back to wanting to yell. "You know what." 

"Oh, am I going to spank you? Yes, Jimin. I'm going to spank you like a little boy. But only after you ask." 

"I- what the fuck hyung. Don't just say it like that," Jimin looks mortified and he's already backing away. "And why the fuck would I ask?" 

"I don't know Jimin," Namjoon shrugs, not breaking eye contact.

"Whatever. This is bullshit," Jimin leaves, closing the door behind him.

Namjoon gets back to work. He expects he'll see Jimin in another day or two. 

Twenty minutes later the door opens with a bang.

"Okay do it," Jimin is standing in the doorway, looking like he arrived ready to wrestle a tiger. 

Namjoon quirks an eyebrow. "You'll have to be more specific." 

"God Hyung, why do you have to be so difficult?" 

Namjoon scoffs. "Me? I'm being difficult? I don't think I'm the one who needs to be put in his place Jimin, do you? I don't think I'm the one whose guilt over his misbehavior has been eating him up so much that he needs to be spanked, hm?" 

"Fine fine. It's me. Whatever," Jimin huffs, arms folded across his chest. 

Namjoon nods. "Yes. So get over here, drop your pants and ask properly."

Jimin's mouth falls open to form an O, like a pink Froot Loop and his eyes widen. His hands clench into fists at his sides and it's clear that he's fighting an internal battle.

He drags himself over to Namjoon with leaden feet. 

"You're the worst," Jimin mutters as he angrily wiggles the waistband of his shorts over the substantial curve of his ass. "I can't believe I'm doing this." 

"Go on, I'm waiting," Namjoon says, now that Jimin is standing trouserless in front of him with a tomato face.

Jimin shuts his eyes tightly. He's wondering how he got here. 

After only a few moments of pondering, he gives up. He opens his eyes and turns around, bare ass and all. "You know what. Screw this," he mutters, ready to walk out the door with his trousers in hand. 

But Namjoon grabs him by the loose fabric of his t-shirt and yanks him backward with what feels like experience, so that Jimin falls across his lap. 

"Stubborn, aren't you Jimin?" Namjoon says, sounding annoyed. "Good thing I know what to do with stubborn little boys, hm?" 

"Hyung! What are you doing? Let me go!" Jimin begins to flail and Namjoon bends the boy's arms, keeping both wrists at his lower back, out of the way. 

Jimin only wriggles harder. "Don't do it, Hyung! Please!" 

"Don't what? Spank you, Jimin? You don't want me to spank you? You thought because you didn't ask, I was going to let you go? I was just giving you the opportunity to be a good boy. You came to me yourself and that was a good first step." 

"Fuck you! I don't need this," Jimin growls. 

"You could have hurt Yoongi-hyung. A member of our group."

"I know," Jimin stops squirming. "I'm sorry."

"I'm happy to hear it. You haven't been acting very sorry," Namjoon says, and he smacks Jimin's bottom over and over without ceasing until Jimin shouts loudly. 

"I know I know! I'm sorry hyung!" 

Namjoon's hand doesn't stop. "Your behavior is nothing but spoiled childish behavior, so I will deal with you in a manner befitting your petulance."


Namjoon smacks him hard this time. Jimin's ass is blazing and he thinks he's learnt his lesson and it ought to be over by now. 

The punishment pauses and Jimin goes limp, like a piece of seaweed, and tries to catch his breath. He looks over his shoulder to check what Namjoon is up to and sees him rolling up a magazine.

"My hand is starting to sting," Namjoon explains, as he tests the hit of the magazine against his open palm. 

Jimin's eyes widen but Namjoon is quick to hold him in place and continues the rain of sharp smacks on his ass with renewed vigor. 

Jimin doesn't cry, just yells and curses and wriggles until his energy is all spent.

He takes the spanks one after another with only small gasps, gritting his teeth until Namjoon finally unrolls the magazine and lets him up. 

Jimin feels a bit trembly and Namjoon seems to already know, because he stands up and pulls the boy into his arms. Holding him tight. 

They both stay like that, Namjoon's arms functioning as support for Jimin's shaky legs and comfort for his shaky heart. 

Namjoon's chin is buried in the boy's fluffy hair and when he speaks, his breath rustles through the top of it. "This irresponsible behavior won't happen again Jimin. Okay? Promise me."


"You have all my attention. You have more of it than you want, I'm sure." Then Namjoon cups Jimin's cheeks in his too-large hands and lifts his face so he can look him in the eye. "And nothing is going to slip my notice." 

Jimin doesn't say anything to that but an excited shiver goes through him and suddenly Namjoon's lips are against his in a hot wet open-mouthed kiss that makes him stand on his toes. 

Then Namjoon finds his burning ass and grabs a handful. 

"Ow! Fuck!" Jimin hisses. His head is spinning. From the kiss and the pain and the wonderful washing-machine feeling inside his tummy.

"Quiet," Namjoon says and Jimin inexplicably obeys. He tries to hold still as Namjoon fondles his ass, playing with it like putty and watching his face for a reaction. Jimin's dick is starting to stand up and without pants there's no way to hide it from Namjoon. 

Namjoon doesn't seem all that surprised nor bothered by it. 

Jimin is considering covering it with his hands just in case, when all of a sudden, Namjoon has snatched up his wrist and begun to walk. Jimin follows, confused, until he sees that they aren't leaving the room but rather heading towards an empty corner of it.

"Uh-uh, hyung," he whines and tries to pull his wrist free, tries to dig his heels into the ground but Namjoon is unrelenting. 


"Hyung you can't! You can't make me stand in the corner! I'm an adult," Jimin groans.

"Your behavior says otherwise." 

Namjoon releases his grip on Jimin only for the half-naked boy to turn around and glare, with his prick standing in the wind. 

"I won't." 

Namjoon steps towards him, traps him in the corner with his imposing size and stares him down.

"You can leave if you want. No hard feelings. And we never talk about this again. Or, you can choose to stand in that corner facing the wall until I say otherwise. Like a sorry little boy should do." 

Jimin realizes what this choice means. He can still feel the lingering touch of Namjoon's lips against his and he's craving more. He feels a swirl of humiliation in his core that mixes with a strange need as he reluctantly turns back to face the wall. 

"Good boy."

He hears Namjoon step back and hears his chair creak. 

Jimin pouts and wishes he had some pants on. How can Namjoon just kiss him and fluster him like that and then put him in the corner? 

Standing in the corner is boring but at least it gives him some time for his dick to deflate. Although arousal is still simmering below the surface.

When he's finally allowed to leave the corner his head feels empty, words don't come easily and he looks to Namjoon for what to do next. 

Namjoon merely points to the shorts that are pooled on the floor next to the spanking chair and Jimin rushes over to them and pulls them back on. 

"Outside of this room, you can do whatever you want, act however you want, pretend to be a big boy. But in here, you listen to me. Understood? You're mine. And your behavior will be dealt with as I see fit."

Jimin can only nod. He thinks his boner is coming back.

"It's clear that you don't know how to manage your stress on your own. So I will help you." 

He's still confused about why Namjoon kissed him but he wants to do it again. Normally he would over think the action, normally he'd have more restraint but for some reason he feels a little fuzzy around the edges and his self-control isn't at its strongest and all he can do is stare at Namjoon's lips while he talks. 

"I expect a certain standard of behavior from you Jimin. If you choose to act out and misbehave, this is where you will face the consequences." 

"Okay hyung," he says. And Namjoon blinks at him rapidly. He looks like he had more to say but has paused in surprise at Jimin's quick response and lack of arguing. 

Jimin takes the surprised pause as an opportunity to sit himself on his hyung's thighs. He throws his arms around the man's neck and snuggles into him with a satisfied sigh. He's tired. And Namjoon is big and comfy and warm. 

"Thank you," Jimin says, the words barely a whisper.

"You're welcome, baby boy." 

Jimin decides he likes that. He likes when Namjoon calls him baby boy. And he also likes sitting here, wrapped around Namjoon. 

He likes how quiet his mind is.

Namjoon begins to stroke his hair, long fingers combing gently through the soft strands and it feels so lovely that Jimin can't keep his eyes open. 



When Namjoon notices that Jimin's breathing has slowed and deepened, he stands up as slowly as possible with the boy in his arms and gently walks with him to the bed.

Trying to put him down is a bit harder because Jimin clings and whines and then is suddenly awake and doesn't want to be in bed. 

"Jiminie, baby, you need to rest. You're tired." 

"No, you're tired," Jimin argues grumpily and Namjoon can't help but laugh at the boy's angry frown. 

Namjoon figures out what's wrong without Jimin having to say anything. He climbs into bed and pats the spot next to him, showing Jimin that he has no intention of going anywhere.

"Come on Jimin, let's sleep. Hyung is going to sleep now too." 

Jimin assesses him with narrowed eyes, trying to decide if he's being tricked or not. He must conclude that Namjoon is for real because he climbs under the covers and snuggles up against Namjoon's side shamelessly. 

"What if I stole all the cereal and started hiding it in my room?"

Namjoon is taken aback by where Jimin's mind had wandered to in such a short amount of time but he responds without hesitation. "I would spank you." 

Jimin gasps. "What if I took one of all your socks?" 

"I would spank you and make you stand in the corner with your rosy ass on display for my pleasure." 

That makes Jimin blush so prettily that Namjoon wants to bite his little cheekies.

Jimin stares at the ceiling for a bit while he presumably thinks up his next question. "What would I have to do for you to kiss me again?"

"Ask," Namjoon says and then kisses Jimin's pillow lips with a happy hum. "Go to sleep baby."

Jimin is quiet and Namjoon lets out a small breath in relief.

"What if I told the managers about the one time you and Yoongi-hyung-" 

Namjoon interrupts him sternly, "Am I mistaken little boy or are you still in my room?" 

Jimin shrinks until only his eyes are visible above the blanket. 

Namjoon doesn't give in to the adorably shy picture he makes, no matter how difficult it is. He feels like he's yelling at a kitten.

"Who's in charge when you're in here?" Namjoon asks. 

Jimin answers like a mouse. "You." 

"So be a good boy for hyung and go to sleep." 

"I'm can't. I'm feel all giddy 'n funny," Jimin says from half behind the blanket. 

Namjoon wonders if Jimin notices how unlike himself he sounds. How uninhibited and comfortable he sounds. It makes Namjoon smile. 

"If you can't keep quiet on your own, Hyung has something that will help you." 

Jimin's eyes widen curiously as Namjoon pulls out a pacifier from the bedside drawer. It's a large one that can fit Jimin's mouth and would look adorable between his squishy cheeks but Jimin is frowning at it with humiliation and distaste. 

"Why d'you have that?" 

"I got it for you. When you started misbehaving again. Because I knew that I'd have to punish you and I also know that naughty little boy's don't know how to keep quiet." 

"No," Jimin is blushing furiously and trying to hide but Namjoon holds the boy tightly against his side so that he can't disappear into the bed. "I'll sleep. I'm sleeping. See?" 

Jimin shuts his eyes tightly all of a sudden and lies straight and rigid as a plank. 

Namjoon chuckles softly. He hadn't predicted Jimin might regress, it hadn't even crossed his mind.

When he had bought the pacifier, he had had humiliation in mind. But now he sees that Jimin might actually use it for comfort and he's never felt so fond of anyone or anything in his life. Not even the tiny crabs he befriends at the beach.

He imagines how Jimin would look in a cute onesie, maybe holding on tightly to a plushie that he loves. 

He strokes the boy's cheek lightly. It's so soft and it melts like a sticky rice cake under his touch. 

The bed is quiet. Jimin's body is pressed up against Namjoon's ribs, fitting perfectly into the crook under his arm. 

Namjoon's imagination is taking him to dirty places and he mentally scolds himself but it's hard to pretend he doesn't enjoy how Jimin's ass looks when it's pink and wobbling under the impact of a rolled up magazine. And how obedient and adorable he is afterwards. 

Quite suddenly, Jimin starts talking again. 

"What if-"

But he's interrupted by the pacifier that Namjoon pushes into his open mouth. Startled, he glares at Namjoon.

He glares and glares and Namjoon just holds his gaze calmly with a raised eyebrow until Jimin snuggles back down, sucking quietly. 

It's the cutest thing Namjoon has ever seen and he thinks he finally understands. Jimin simply can not relax or destress on his own. Maybe it's been bottled up for so long that it takes extreme measures for him to unwind and let go. 

Namjoon wanted to help him but he didn't think he'd end up liking it so much. Didn't think his dick would like it so much. Nor his heart. 

The way Jimin has simply let go, trusting Namjoon to guide him, sucking on the pacifier as if it's natural - all of it makes Namjoon's heart swell. 

His bratty boy is precious. A sweet angel. Maybe he just needs some rules. Maybe Jimin is one of those unique people that feels safer and loved with rules, instead of more stressed as one would expect. 

Tomorrow. Tomorrow Namjoon will lay down rules. 




Jimin is embarrassed to wake up with a pacifier in his mouth but he hadn't had such a deep, comfortable, long sleep in months. 

He feels so rested and there's a new feeling. Peace perhaps?

If it was the pacifier that did that, then he will gladly use it every night but he thinks it has more to do with the man on the pillow beside him. The man who's already looking at him with kind eyes and a dimpled grin when he wakes up. 

"Morning munchkin."

Jimin would think Namjoon was being sarcastic if he didn't have such a genuine smile on his face. 

He moves quickly to spit out the pacifier and pull it away but Namjoon grabs it first, shaking his head, and pushes it back into Jimin's mouth.

"Ah-ah, that stays in for now," he says firmly.

It's strange how with just a few words, Namjoon makes Jimin feel very very small. Jimin thought this weird dynamic would be over when he woke up, thought it might have been a dream but he's awake now and Namjoon is still talking to him like he's a child and the happy spinning feeling inside his stomach is back. 

He feels fluttery and bouncy which is a significant change from how he feels most mornings.

"No interrupting, okay?" Namjoon cautions.

Jimin sits up on his knees and gives Namjoon his attention, still shy about the pacifier in his mouth but interested in what Namjoon has to say. 

"Hyung is going to set some rules, baby boy. Which you can choose to disobey at your own risk. Like I said, outside this room you can do what you want. But it doesn't mean your behavior will go unchecked," Namjoon says it kindly and pulls Jimin towards him so he can hold him. "I think this little boy functions best when he has boundaries, hm?" Jimin lets out a small grouchy whine but sucks on his pacifier obediently. Namjoon kisses the top of his head and it makes Jimin's toes curl happily. 

"If I hear you swearing at your hyungs, even once, I will spank you. Not only if I hear it myself but if they tell me you swore at them, I will spank you. If you miss breakfast for any reason other than illness, I will spank you. If you don't answer my calls, I expect a call back as soon as you can. If I don't hear from you at all, I will spank you. Am I making myself clear, Jimin?" 

Jimin nods but he's got butterflies fluttering around in his belly and he really likes the contrast of Namjoon holding him so tightly and warmly under the covers of  his bed in the early morning while threatening to punish him. 

"Next is bedtime. I expect you to be out of the practice room by 11pm at the latest . Do not push yourself to the point of exhaustion little boy. I won't tolerate it." He grabs Jimin’s chin and looks him in the eye to make sure he's listening. "Do you hear me?" 

Jimin nods. His dick is really not being subtle with its erect self but he can't stop snuggling in closer to his hyung. He feels his dick rub against Namjoon's thigh and he's oddly shameless about it. He doesn't care, and he does it again, making small needy little whiny sounds behind his pacifier. 

“Not now,” Namjoon smacks his ass gently, “Daddy’s still talking.”

And that certainly gets Jimin’s attention. Daddy? 

Jimin is also surprised by Namjoon's nonchalance but his mind latches on to the words "Not now." Not now. So… later? 

Namjoon doesn’t even catch himself, or stumble, or pause. Just keeps talking while Jimin pulls back to stare at him wide-eyed. The confidence with which he says it really makes Jimin think he misheard. 

But no. Namjoon had definitely just called himself Daddy. And Jimin isn’t allowed to interrupt so he just keeps sucking softly with wide eyes and arousal levels through the ceiling. 

He knows, and Namjoon knows, that if Jimin really has a major issue with any of the rules he’s laying down, that he can talk to Namjoon about it later, outside this room. 

But Namjoon’s “Daddy” persona pretending that Jimin has no say, is the biggest turn on and Jimin can’t bring himself to ruin it by interrupting.

Namjoon continues listing rules that Jimin is barely listening to, let alone remembering. He has a feeling that it will come back to bite him in the butt quite literally, but right now, he can’t be bothered.

Namjoon just called himself Daddy.




For a while after that night, Jimin can hardly look Namjoon in the eye.

He also tries not to wince when he sits down because he feels like Namjoon notices every time and looks way too smug for Jimin's liking. 

The first time Jimin sat and let out a small groan, Namjoon drew attention to it loudly. "Something the matter Jimin?" he asked. 

"Nope," Jimin forced a smile. 

"Sounded like you were in pain. You sure everything's okay?" Namjoon sounded very worried. 

"I'm sure hyung." 

Namjoon doesn't miss out on an opportunity to make the boy flustered. 

Jimin has been on his best behavior but sometimes he feels like Namjoon is pushing him.

There's a day where Yoongi grumbles about having to take his mug to the kitchen and Namjoon interrupts him with, "Don't worry, Jimin will do it."

Yoongi turns to Jimin doubtfully, "Really?" 

Jimin looks to Namjoon who's smiling at him pleasantly and then looks back at Yoongi. "Yeah hyung, I'll do it." 

"Oh, uh, thanks Jimin-ah. That's nice of you." 

Jimin shoots Namjoon daggers with his eyes but the man just smiles in return as Jimin picks up the mug and heads to the kitchen.

The next time Jimin accidentally misses a few of Namjoon's calls, he avoids the leader as best as he can. Which is difficult to do but not impossible. 

Days pass and Jimin still hasn't been punished and he's starting to think Namjoon might let it go. Maybe he's getting away with it this time. 

Maybe that whole "laying down the rules" thing was just a shtick to manipulate him. 

He begins to relax. He's not so careful about the other rules either. And the more the rule-breaking goes unpunished, the more confident he gets. 

Then one night, he tip-toes into the house sometime after midnight. 

He was practicing choreography that he already knows but he wanted to get his facial expressions perfect. He isn't completely satisfied but it's getting late so he decides to come home. 

He switches on his bedroom light, tosses his backpack on the ground near his bed and takes off his sweat-dampened t-shirt. A part of him wants to take a shower but he's also so exhausted that his eyes are closing while he stands there deciding. 

He pushes through the fatigue and drags himself to the bathroom. 

The shower is warm and refreshing and several times, he catches himself drifting off under the rain of the shower head, forehead against the wall. 

When he's done, he towels himself dry and wraps the towel around his waist before leaving the bathroom as quietly as he can. 

Despite his best efforts, as soon as he steps out of the bathroom, he is faced with a very disapproving Namjoon. 

"Hi there," Jimin greets him, casually. A little too suspiciously cheerful maybe for 1:30am. 

He tries to side-step around the tall man but Namjoon steps with him, blocking him off but not saying anything.

"Jimin. What are you doing?" 

"Sh- showering?" He says. He's ready to put up a fight for what he knows is coming but at the same time, he's craving it. The attention Namjoon gives him, the fact that Namjoon notices every minuscule detail of his behavior. 

As much as he's struggling to admit it to himself, Jimin is excited

He regrets his excitement immediately when Namjoon pinches his ear between two fingers.

"Ow ow ow ow ow! Hyung! Fucking let go!" 

Jimin stumbles after him, clinging to his towel desperately as the man marches him toward his room with Jimin's ear still in his grip. 

Luckily no one spots them on the way there or Jimin might evaporate. He really feels like he's back at school. Not that he ever got into major trouble, but he saw it happen to other boys and he could never imagine how humiliating it would be. 

Namjoon finally releases Jimin's throbbing red ear when they're in his bedroom with the door closed. 

"You've broken a lot of rules Jimin," Namjoon says quietly. "Did you think I stopped caring?" 

Jimin hangs his head guiltily. He did. But he thinks he can get out of this with the right words. Maybe. 

"I- I'm sorry Daddy," Jimin says quietly.

"We both know that's not enough baby. Right?" 

Jimin wasn't expecting Namjoon to react so naturally to the title. He didn't even flinch. Meanwhile Jimin feels like there's a landslide of his organs happening inside him. 

"Daddy's sorry too, Jiminie." 

Jimin's eyes get a bit wider than they already are and he's still rubbing his sore ear. He hopes that Namjoon is apologizing for that because it hurt like hell. 

"Sorry for what?" 

"Sorry for waiting so long to punish you, baby boy. I shouldn't have left it so long, that wasn't very responsible of me. It made you think you could be big, hm?"

Jimin doesn't know what to say that but he needn't say anything as Namjoon tugs him closer and coos sympathetically, petting his pouty cheek. "It's difficult, isn't it? Pretending to be an adult when you're so little." 

Jimin cries this time.

The spanking is the same but it goes on a bit longer than before because he broke so many rules. He hates that he disappointed Namjoon like this and he didn't expect to feel so many emotions about it but he does. Namjoon's not hitting any harder than he did last time but it hurts more and Jimin doesn't know why.

The tears start rolling around the twentieth smack but Namjoon doesn't stop, only coos softly and pets his sore bottom. 

"Daddy I'm sorry I'm sorry! Please! I'm so sorry!"  Jimin chokes, hiccuping and sniffing and turning his face into a palette of tears and snot and blushing skin. 

"I know, baby. I know." The towel had been disposed of long ago and Jimin is stretched out completely bare across Namjoon's thighs, smelling like whatever body wash he had used in the shower.

"I really wanted to try this time Daddy! Was gonna try!" He hadn't even admitted that to himself, that a part of him had actually wanted to be good. But now that he says it, it's like he's opened an emotional floodgate and he can't stop apologizing. 

"It's alright little one," Namjoon says as gently as possible, "We're nearly done here. And then you can try again. You'll have a blank slate." 

"Really?" Jimin sniffles. "Can still try?" 

"Of course baby. And maybe we can see about a reward if you're extra good, hm?" 

"Gonna be extra good Daddy," Jimin says, kicking his feet cutely at the prospect. 

"That's my boy," Namjoon says proudly and leaves a small kiss on the back of his neck. "Three more, little duck. Do you think you can take it?" 

"Yeah Daddy. Diminie's a good boy," he says shutting his eyes tightly with determination.

And Namjoon feels like he must have saved the country in a previous life to be the man who hears those words leave Jimin's mouth. 

After the three spanks, and three cute little Ow's, Namjoon stops to hold him and Jimin still has tears in his eyes. 

"C-corner now?" 

"No, no corner tonight, little duck, okay?"

Jimin suddenly frowns in confusion and Namjoon thinks it's about the corner but instead he says, " 'm a duck Daddy?" 

Namjoon chuckles. "Yes you're a little duck, my little duck," he says, and then covers the boy's face in light ticklish pecks.

"Okay," Jimin giggles under the onslaught of kisses, "Diminie's a duckie!" 

Jimin tries to get comfortable on Namjoon's lap but keeps making little sounds of discomfort. "Hurted lots Daddy." He pouts and Namjoon takes his hand and gives it a soft squeeze.

"But you did so well baby. You were so good," Namjoon caresses his bare back and thinks maybe he should get some clothes on the boy before he catches a cold. 

But then he notices that between them, Jimin's dick is hard. And it's so little, just like him.

Jimin covers it quickly with his hands and pouts. "Stop looking Daddy! Is coz of you!" 

"Because of me?" Namjoon asks dramatically. "What did I do?" 

"You smell nice!" Jimin says it angrily like it's a crime and Namjoon tries his hardest to hold back his laughter. "And and and, the spanking a little bit," he says much quieter.

"The spanking?" 

"A little bit." 

Namjoon is definitely smiling now. 

"Jiminie, can you show Daddy?" he ventures to ask. "Daddy wants to see."

"No, you're gonna laugh," Jimin shakes his head. 

Namjoon is genuinely confused. "Why would I laugh, baby?" 

"B-because. Because is small." Jimin shifts on Namjoon's lap, nose scrunching at the lingering sting on his bottom. 

"That's okay. Little boys are small." Namjoon says, and gently moves Jimin's hands away to reveal his tiny dick standing hard and red and begging for attention. 

Jimin's face is redder than it's ever been and Namjoon's words feel so embarrassing but so good and it only makes his small dick harder.

"It's cute, Jiminie. Just like you." 

Jimin blushes harder and tries to cover it up again but Namjoon holds his wrists firmly away. 

"What do you say when someone gives you a compliment baby?" 

"Uh... Thank you Daddy."  

"Good boy." 

Jimin's dick twitches at that and Namjoon regards it with an intrigued hum. 

Jimin complains again with a whine, "Okay, Daddy stop staring now. Diminie's going. Bye."

He hops off Namjoon's lap and Namjoon knows exactly what he's off to go do but he wouldn't be a good Daddy if he left his little boy to take care of himself and certainly not after such an intense punishment. 

He let's Jimin walk a couple steps, his trembly legs carrying him away with his red bum on display. His steps are very slow and very unstable but he really seems like he's trying to go somewhere. It's cute. 

When Jimin is close to the door, Namjoon grabs him from behind, picks him up around the middle and carries the shrieking boy to the bed.

"Where you going, little boy? Daddy's not done with you yet," he says menacingly. 

He throws Jimin onto the bed and pulls his legs apart by the ankles. Jimin shrieks again and Namjoon gives his thigh a smack, reminding him that people are sleeping  

Jimin looks excited and scared as he watches Namjoon pull his own shirt off. 

"Have you ever played with your hole before, baby?" 

"Uh-huh," Jimin nods, smiling but then it suddenly turns into a pout. "But, mm.. Diminie not reach so he sad." 

"Jiminie couldn't reach?" Namjoon's unbuckling his belt now. "Where?" 

"Where it feels good. Got angwy and start crying lots." He's starting to get shy now and his knees migrate towards each other. Namjoon catches them with his large hands and separates them again. 

"Awww Jiminie, don't worry baby boy. Daddy's gonna make you feel really good, okay?"

Namjoon doesn't give Jimin a chance to respond before he climbs onto the bed and sticks his tongue out to taste the boy's small cock. 

Jimin can't answer anymore. He throws his head back and makes a pained noise like it hurts and Namjoon smiles and licks it again. 

"Ah- ah- wait Daddy!"

"Wait, baby? For what?" Namjoon has an ankle in each hand and he's looking up and Jimin from between his legs. 

"'m gonna cum." 

Namjoon is so endeared that he thinks he might have to wrap the boy up in blankets and keep him on the top shelf of his book case, between Lord of the Rings and Deathly Hallows. He'd be safe there. 

"Okay, little one. Daddy won't touch here anymore," he promises and Jimin groans in complaint but it sounds like he doesn't know what he wants.

That's fine, though. That's what Daddy is for. 

Namjoon moves further up first, and takes his time kissing Jimin's sweet mouth. It's slow and languid and with all the tongue and wetness and soft happy sounds Namjoon makes, Jimin is too fired up to stay still. He tries to grind upwards and whines angrily when Namjoon pushes him back down and holds him there, taking his time with the kisses again.

Jimin grows impatient. Of course he does, the poor little boy was so close and now suddenly Daddy has gone back to the beginning. 

"Daddy~~" he whines, sounding unbearably frustrated and Namjoon listens. 

He moves his tongue lower down, holds the boy's thighs up and laps over his clean little hole. He pushes against it gently with the tip of his tongue and then more forcefully, trying to get in. 

Jimin isn't ready for that feeling and he starts making garbled little pleas and moaning in the dirtiest purest way. 

Namjoon has too much fun putting his fingers inside Jimin's tight hole. He finds the boy's prostate too easily and chuckles at the huge reaction it gets out of Jimin. 

He sounds overwhelmed, frustrated, eager, and a little angry. He pouts, tries to be mad at Namjoon for having such long fingers but he can't because Namjoon strokes his prostate and Jimin makes the bed creak with the force of his writhing.

"Hold still," Namjoon says, and he slaps the palm of his hand against the boy's already red ass cheek, right next to where his fingers are buried inside. 

"Ouch Daddy! It sore!" 

"I know. That's why you gotta listen to Daddy and be good, right?" 

Jimin nods, and tries not to move as Namjoon adds lube to his fingers and stretches the boy's pretty hole out as gently as he can. He keeps bending Jimin's legs further back, knees getting closer and closer to his chest but Jimin isn't complaining.

He parts his legs more, and Namjoon doesn't know whether he's showing off his flexibility or whether it's an innocently seductive invitation but either way, Namjoon's dick gets impatient. 

"Are you ready for me little boy?" 

"Uh-huh Daddy!" He reaches out towards Namjoon's abdomen, wanting to pull him forward but there's nothing to grab onto so he just clutches pleadingly at the air with a pout on his face, "I'm ready I'm ready! Please!"

"Please?" Namjoon  likes the sound of that a lot. He loves how absolutely shameless Jimin sounds, not trying to hide his excitement at all. 

"Yeah please please!" Jimin whines, and his feet start kicking at the air. 

Namjoon's cock spears in Jimin's tight hole like Jimin was meant for it and the boy cries, clutches at the blankets and twists.  

"I said be quiet." 

"Diminie's twying Daddy, but 's big."

Namjoon knows that Jimin's not going to last long so he doesn't rush. He pulls out slowly and pushes back in even slower until Jimin is sobbing and trying to lift himself upwards to get more of Namjoon's cock inside him. 

But he's on his back and bent in half and Namjoon is holding him down so he just has to take whatever Daddy gives him. 

With each full thrust, the tops of Namjoon's thighs slap against Jimin's pretty red ass cheeks and make them the tiniest bit redder. 

He cries and cries and Namjoon kisses the tears away, leans down kisses his mouth and it's a salty, needy kiss that they both share, a kiss full of words that neither have had the courage to say yet. 

"Cum now Daddy?" Jimin asks and Namjoon isn't sure whether he's asking if he can cum or asking Namjoon to cum but it doesn't matter because Namjoon feels his body deciding for him.

Jimin's hole is so tight and wet and there's no way Namjoon can keep it down. He reaches his climax with something between a grunt and a growl and he immediately takes Jimin's tiny cock between two fingers and gives it a squeeze. 

Jimin cries out in surprise and cum shoots upward from his own dick at the same time that he feels Namjoon's hot load fill him up inside. 

Namjoon doesn't want to collapse on top of him so he rolls onto his back and takes Jimin with him, disregarding the fact that Jimin is still bent in half. 

But Jimin is only semi-conscious after his orgasm and doesn't notice, only whines brokenly, so Namjoon unfolds him carefully and lays him down on top of his own chest. 

"Was nice Daddy. Again soon. 'Kay?"

Namjoon kisses the top of his head where it rests below his chin. "Okay little duck." 

"But no sore bottoms." 




Jimin and Namjoon's relationship develops into something stronger than either could have predicted, both of them relying on each other in different ways. 

Jimin depends on Namjoon for his warm guidance, teasing remarks, his firm hand and unwavering standards, his wisdom and the way he always knows what Jimin needs. 

And Namjoon relies on Jimin for the sweetest giggles, the softest kisses and the cutest red ass he's ever seen, the purest tears and the most sinful begging, all tied up in the bounciest energetic little package. 

Both love each other's bodies. The size, the shape, and the way they fit together. 

Jimin is needy and whiny and insatiable and needs someone to tell him no. 

But Namjoon is needy in his own way. He can't imagine a day without his little brat causing havoc and turning everything upside down with mischievous laughter. 

Sometimes Jimin likes to sit on the floor in Namjoon's room just to color, or fold paper planes, or organize his pens. 

Namjoon watches him, scolds him when necessary, praises his drawing and coloring, and lets him ask too many questions.

Jimin's foul language doesn't go away and Namjoon thinks it's much too inappropriate for little boys to be using such words. 

He deals with it in a way Jimin will never forget. With soap. A literal bar of soap. 

Jimin cries and stomps but Namjoon makes him hold it in his mouth, flat against his tongue, saying he'd warned him plenty of times. And it was true. There had been many warnings.

So Jimin holds the soapy bar in his mouth with fat tears rolling down his red cheeks while Namjoon counts slowly down to zero. 

The humiliation is way worse than the actual taste but the taste is bad too. The fragrance is sweet but on his tongue it's bitter. 

Namjoon helps him rinse it out properly afterwards and gives him his favorite chocolate to get rid of the taste. 

And whenever Jimin feels a bad word about to slip out, he remembers the taste of the soap and pulls it back in.

And if he ever forgets, Daddy always reminds him by asking if he needs to fetch the soap.




Jimin's in the corner feeling very sorry for himself in his green footed onesie with a dinosaur hood that's too big and hangs over his eyes, nearly to his nose.

He didn't get spanked but he had to have a time out because he kept distracting Daddy with naughty things that Daddy said was only for later.

But he's struggling to stand still and he just wants to bounce around and sing songs and eat yummy things with Daddy in his room and now he needs to pee but Daddy said not to talk and to stop distracting him because he has work to do but Jimin reaaally  really needs to go and- 


"I thought I said no talking in time out, little boy." 

"Yeah but Daddy-" 

"No buts." 

Little Jimin doesn't like making Daddy mad so he stays put. But he's getting all squirmy and he can feel the pee wanting to get out. He hops from foot to foot but the feeling isn't going away. 

And suddenly the front of his dino onesie is getting darker green and it's all wet and icky and it's even getting wet under his feet and tears start rolling down his face and he still doesn't move but Namjoon hears his hiccups and sniffles and comes over, concerned. 

"Hey, hey, little duck, what's the matter?" 

"Diminie's sowy Daddy. Didn' mean to it just came out." 

Namjoon notices the puddle and the darkened lower half of the onesie and tries not to smile as he pushes Jimin's dinosaur hood back so he can wipe up the boy's tears and clean up his leaky nose. 

"It was just an accident, baby. Don't cry." 

"B-but but, but wittle duck's wet now," Jimin frowns at his feet in the small puddle, ashamed. 

"It's okay little one. Can Daddy tell you a secret? Daddy really liked it." 

Jimin grimaces. "Daddy wiked dat Diminie peed? Gwoss." 

Namjoon laughs. "It was very cute and Daddy's been thinking about putting you in diapers for a while." 

Jimin gasps loudly, scandalized. "No Daddy you can't! Diapies are for babies!" 

"And you're my little baby," Namjoon kisses him all over his face and Jimin winces and swats at him because the kisses are wet and he's also still very against the diapers.

"No diapies!" Jimin says firmly. 

"Do little boys make the decisions or Daddy?" 

Jimin sighs, defeated. "Daddy." 

"Good boy. Come here baby." Namjoon scoops him and carries him to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

He decides he'll speak to big Jimin about it later and get a proper answer about the diapers.




Jimin and Namjoon agree to announce that they have tentatively begun a relationship with each other to the rest of the group at the breakfast table.

They get a few unimpressed glances and for a second, Jimin is worried that they're all angry. 

But no, it turns out they're unimpressed that Namjoon and Jimin thought they were so oblivious.

"You think we didn't notice the constant fuck me eyes?" Seokjin yells. "I could hardly finish my dinner some days." 

They all burst into uproarious argument about who noticed first and they're each adamant it was them self. 

One thing they can all agree on is that they already knew and Namjoon and Jimin are silly for thinking otherwise.

Jimin doesn't say much. He's just glad no one is questioning why he crinkled when he sat down.