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Three Small Words

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Rocking back and forth on his feet, Hawks' eyes flicked over to the clock on the wall.

Right. He should be listening. Listening was unfortunately part of his job, especially when the board was telling him... something. It was probably important. From the look on the president's face, it was definitely important.

He just didn’t have the patience for this. Especially when he had somewhere he had to be. He couldn't listen to them drone on and on, talking so damn slow...

"Hawks? Are you listening?"

He blinked, completely taken off guard. He hadn't expected them to address him anytime soon. Swallowing, he ran his hand through his hair. "I am... I am, I promise, I just, uh..."

"You see? This is the problem with these young heroes-" One man began to say and Hawks rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, I gotta get going," he said stepping back, his wings fluttering behind him.

"Of course he does," said another man, rolling his eyes.

"We can talk about this more tomorrow when the official reports come in," he said, lifting himself off the ground. His eyes glanced toward the clock again, staring at the wall. In just a few moments she would be free, which meant he had to be at her school...


"Right, yeah, tomorrow then! Gotta go!" he said, saluting his hand in their direction as he zoomed out of the office toward the elevator, ignoring the groans of the boring older men.

He rolled his eyes, flicking his goggles down on his face. He didn't have time to wait around for them, not when his girl would be waiting on her special day.

He flew made his way onto the elevator, waiting to hit the ground floor. He wished he could've just flown out a damn window, but he made his way out the front door like a proper, boring human being.

But the second he was on the sidewalk, he shot into the air.

Her school wasn't very far. Flying there would take him no time at all.

He flapped his wings, propelling himself forward as he made his way to her school. The bells had begun to chime to signal the end of the school day and Hawks watched the kids file out of the building. Good. A smirk pulled across his lips. Soon he would have her all to himself.

He landed on the ground, his wings folding behind him, as he stood up straight, moving his goggles.

"Hawks! Woah! It's Hawks!" A little boy gasped, pointing up at him, which of course, led to a rush of children coming right towards him. Being the number two hero had its perks of course, but getting places on time was apparently not one of them.

"Hey guys!" he waved, stepping away from the hoard of swarming children. "It's cool to see you guys, but I gotta be somewhere and it's really important."

One of the boys gasped. "A secret mission!" He quickly covered his mouth, as if saying anymore would reveal a deep dark secret.

"Exactly!" Hawks said, holding his finger up to his lips. "It's a stealth mission. I can't let anyone know I'm here."

"Well," one girl scoffed, folding her arms across her chest. "You're not doing a very good job of hiding. Anyone can see you out here on the main street!"


He knew it was bad if he was being outsmarted by a five year old.


He froze, recognizing her voice anywhere. It was so soft, smooth, and gentle. It held a hint of surprise, though he could tell there was a smile on her lips, despite not looking at her.

Slowly, he turned around, to face the woman of the hour. Or well, day, really.

Todoroki Fuyumi was perfect, standing on the steps of the school in her highly professional teacher’s outfit; long pants, with a blue striped button up and blazer, her hair was straightened, resting just below her shoulders. She looked more professional than Hawks ever had in his whole damn life.

Her turquoise eyes glistened with excitement and Hawks had to resist the desire to sweep her off her feet right there.

He couldn't help it; he loved her. He wasn't supposed to. It wasn't smart to, but his heart wouldn't listen to his mind.

"What... are you doing here?" she asked. She tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. It was a tick, a mixture of nervousness and excitement, a movement Hawks was rather familiar with.

"I came to take you home. It's my... secret mission."

"Ooo!" One of the boys said. "Do you think Hawks is in love with Todoroki-sensei?!"

Well he hadn't exactly said that yet... but...

"Children..." Fuyumi began, her cheeks almost as red as the small pieces in her hair.

"He's gotta be! Why else would he be here on her birthday?!"

"Guys, don't blow my cover," Hawks said, winking to the two small boys.

One of them gasped. "I knew it!" he whispered to his friend.

"S-School is over!" Fuyumi said, waving her hands quickly. "That means it's time for you boys to go home, okay?!"

"Ugh no fun!" one of them whined.

"I need you guys out of harm's way while I complete my secret mission!" Hawks said, gently patting the tops of their heads.

"Fine," the other boy said. "We don't wanna bug you, number 2!" He saluted as though he were being helpful.

Like most of the other students, they began to run off, laughing as they went down the street.

Fuyumi let out a long sigh. "I know I shouldn't be so worried but-"

Rolling his eyes, Hawks wrapped his fingers around hers, bringing them to his lips. "You got me, there's nothing to worry about."

She snorted. "Careful, this is a very public space."

He sighed, lowering her hand. "I know, I know. I just... I don't like hiding you and it's your birthday."

"I know you don't... wait..." she paused. "You remembered?" she asked quietly.

"Why would I ever forget?" Based on things he knew of her past, there was a part of him that wasn’t surprised she asked… but still…

"I-I dunno..." she said, a look of sadness crossing her eyes. He couldn’t have that. Not on her birthday.

"C'mon," he chuckled, scooping under her legs to carry her bridal style into the air.

"Hawks... what are you doing?!" She let out a scream, and immediately wrapped her arms around his neck. "Keigo!" she scolded gently, leaning in towards his ear so she wouldn't have to look down.

"I've got you," he whispered, and if he had things his way, he would never let her go. He knew she didn't care for flying, but it was the fastest way to get to his penthouse.

She gasped, clinging to him hard as he flew upwards to the taller buildings in the city. He smirked, knowing he should fly her around more often if this was the outcome; her snuggled close to him. He was so greedy when it came to her; being close to her like this was all he wanted. She smelled like frozen roses, and he wanted to cling to her and take in her scent completely.

He landed on the balcony deck outside of his penthouse on the top floor of the high rise. He loved being as high up as he possibly could, away from the people, close to the sky. Plus it was easy access for him to leave and enter.

Slowly lowering her trembling form down, she kept her hand pressed against his upper back. "I don't know if I'll ever be used to that," she whispered, staying close to him.

"It's alright. I'll always be here to hold you," he said, wrapping his arms around her waist. Her forehead pressed against his and he clung to her, keeping his grip on her hips. With the backdrop of the city behind them, he leaned in to kiss her, the cool wind blowing around them. "Happy birthday," he whispered, nipping gently at her lower lip.

He was falling quickly into her trap, just like he always did when she was nearby and they were alone. It was impossible not to kiss her.

"I honestly can't believe you remembered."

"Heh," he smirked, looking rather proud of himself. "Of course I did, I've been waiting for this day for a long time."

He wanted to spoil her; treat her like a princess... do whatever it took to make her feel special.

She shivered, pressing close to him. "You know, I left my jacket at the school."

"We'll get it later," he chuckled. "C'mon, let's warm you up." He wrapped his hand around hers as he pulled her toward the door.

"Oh?" she smirked, pulling her teeth across her lower lip.

Oh. Oh. He had meant food, but... that would do just fine too.

He slid the door open, yanking her inside as he slid it shut behind them, tilting her chin up to look at him as he walked her back to push her against the sliding door.

"Is this... not what you meant?" she asked, running her fingers up his jaw. Her fingers were icy cold as always, causing him to shiver.

"Well," he said, pecking his lips against hers as he began to tug her toward his bedroom. "I was going to save the birthday sex for later, but we can skip a few steps."

She chucked, pressing their lips together. "I wouldn't mind."

"Good," he said, between kisses. "Me neither. If you're good we can do it… multiple times..."

"Oh?" she giggled softly. "Lucky me." He led her to the bed, pushing the blazer off of her shoulders and onto the ground. His own jacket was tossed aside, the backless tank top unzipped and dropped to the ground. He let his wings spread out behind him, stretching up as he leaned down to kiss her again.

Walking backwards, she let herself sink down onto the bed, still pecking his lips as she did, scooting backward to the pillows. Her white lacy bra was all that covered her breasts now, and Hawks was eager to touch her. He sank onto the bed too, crawling toward her.

He started at her jaw and gently kissed downward, trailing small butterfly kisses over her soft neck. Her breath hitched, her head tilting backward as she let her hands stroke through his hair. He suckled on her neck, lapping at her skin, though he knew better than to leave a mark there... as much as he wanted to.

Sliding his hands up the gentle curve of her stomach, her stopped at her bra, slipping his fingers underneath to grope and fondle at her perfect round breasts. His fingers tweaked her nipples and she gasped. "Ah..." she breathed out softly. "K-Keigo..."

There it was... his name; something private. Only for her lips to say when they were alone and intimate like this.

"'Yumi..." he muttered, his body shivering when her fingers traced over the sensitive area where his wings met his back. It was so hard not to whispers the words to her; he so desperately wanted to say them.

Instead he focused on her, making her feel good. It was her birthday after all. He pushed up her bra, lowering himself down to her breasts as he wrapped his lips around her nipple. He hollowed out his cheeks and sucked hard, swirling his tongue around her hardened bud. He swapped to the other, flicking his tongue rapidly over her hard nipple, his fingers rolling over the other wet bud.

"Ngh… Keigo!" she whimpered, her hips twitching up towards him. Her breasts had always been so sensitive; an easy way to get her excited. He slipped his hand down to her pants, flicking the button open as he reached into her panties, brushing a finger against her already throbbing clit. She was wet... and he smirked, still rolling his tongue over her swollen nipple.

He pulled back, hooking his thumbs around her pants. "Let's get these off," he muttered, yanking them down to reveal her matching white, lacy panties.

"Yeah," she nodded, wiggling her hips to help him remove the clothes faster, kicking them off the bed. She was so fast when she wanted to be and Hawks adored that, especially in moments like this, when he needed her.

He leaned down, sliding his hands up her thighs, pulling her hips down, so he could get closer. "Mm," he hummed, letting his tongue press against her clit.

"F… F… ah...! Keigo!" she gasped, pulling a sharp breath of air into her mouth. She immediately gripped at his hair.

"Take what you need," he purred, gently pressing a finger inside of her. Her hips immediately responded, rocking towards his digit and his mouth. He licked harder, slurping at her sensitive nub.

"But I..." she moaned, letting her head fall back against his pillows, her chest heaving as he rapidly sucked at her clit, rolling his tongue against her.

"What?" he breathed, pulling back for a moment as he added a second finger inside of her. "It's your birthday. I want you to cum as many times as you want."

She panted, swallowing as she nodded. "I-I'm close..."

"I can tell," he said, licking down her thin walls, bringing his lips back to her clit as he fucked his fingers into her hard, pumping in and out as fast as he could. He felt her walls clenching around him. He moaned against her, the vibrations making her tremble even harder.

"Ah.. Ngh... Keigo. I... I... I'm cumming..." she breathed out, spreading her legs wide as she clenched and released, her slick rolling onto his fingers as her walls throbbed around him.

"That's it," he muttered, rubbing rapidly at her clit with his thumb as her orgasm rolled through her body and down each vertebrae of her spine. Her toes curled, her legs spread so wide for him as her walls sucked in his fingers and rolled against them.

She panted heavily, covering her eyes momentarily as she tried to catch her breath.

"Good," he smirked, pulling his fingers from her and licking them.

"Please, Keigo... I want to be... I need to feel you."

"Yeah..." he muttered, leaning over to grab a condom and some lube. He shoved his pants and leggings off, removing his underwear too. His cock was so damn hard in his pants, a small wet stain was left on top of his underwear, his body desperate to be connected to her.

He ripped the condom opened and rolled it down over his cock, rubbing the lube up and down his length.

Fuyumi smiled, adjusting herself. "What a good birthday this is."

"I want it to be even better," he smirked, hovering over her as he lined himself up to her entrance. His wings stretching out behind him, fluttering as he entered her. She wrapped her arms around Hawks' neck, her head falling back against the pillow. He buried himself in her completely, letting his nose drop to her neck.

"Dammit you're really warm..." He sometimes forgot how hot she always was, how tight... she squeezed him, every ridge of her wall hitting the length of his cock in the most pleasurable of ways.

"I can cool you down," she teased, letting ice coat her fingers, the touch cool on his back, ice prickling over his skin and lower feathers.

Hissing, his cock jumped inside of her, his mouth dropping as a large moan escaped his throat. "Shit..." he grunted. "Don't make me cum before you," he said.

"It's okay," she said. "I liked watching your reaction."

She pulled him down for a kiss as he began to move. Usually he liked to go fast, changing up the tempo and pace of his hips, but tonight he enjoyed moving slow. He pushed deep inside of her, feeling her wet ridges hit at the edge of his cock, the tip moving inside, against her tighter parts.

"Hah... hah... Fuyumi..." he panted, his hips starting to quicken, despite how slow he had set the pace.

"Keigo... faster," she pleaded and who was he to argue with his birthday girl. His hips slammed into her quicker and he loved the way her legs wrapped around his waist to pull him closer and push him deeper. "Ngh.. yes.." she breathed out, her breasts bouncing against her chest with each thrust inside of her.

She looked euphoric and beautiful; head tilted back, mouth open, eyes fluttering... such a gorgeous image. There was no way he would be able to hold back. He pumped into her faster, fucking into her with the speed she begged for.

They both moaned, the sounds echoing loud in his large room. He wanted to make her feel even more... Hawks reached down, rubbing at her clit when he moved faster. He knew she would react to it and he felt her clench around him... just enough to bring him to an edge.

"Fuyumi... I-I'm..."

"Me too... C-Close!" she whimpered, humping her hips up toward his hand and cock. With some heavy breathing, he felt her clench again, a gush of her release rushing onto his cock. "Keigo!" she gasped. Her eyes shot open as her second orgasm rushed through her.

"F-Fuyumi!" he hissed, leaning down to kiss her as his own finish poured into the condom. His wings fluttered behind him, his feathers spreading out wide as his body trembled above her.

Fuyumi laughed softly, wrapping her arms around his neck as she pulled him in for another kiss. "That was quite the birthday present."

"It wasn't even everything," Hawks said, smiling as he looked down at her.

Cupping his cheeks, she brushed her fingers over his skin. "I'm such a lucky girl."

She was wrong though. He was the lucky one; Fuyumi was far too good for him, far too kind. She deserved better and Hawks didn't deserve this much good in his life. He wanted to tell her and say it. Three small words; it wasn’t a big deal...

No. He shouldn't.

Sweat trickled down her forehead, her cheeks were red, flushed completely, but she looked so stunning, so happy.

He shouldn't. He knew he shouldn't.

She was his ice princess, cold and glistening with beauty, yet filled to the brim with a warm compassion Hawks had never experienced.

He shouldn't but...

"I love you," he whispered, unable to stop the words as they slipped from his lips. His golden eyes stared down at her as he handed her his heart. She was gentle, he knew he could trust her.

"What?" she breathed out, panting as she stared up at him. Her soft hands cupped at his cheeks, sliding one over his shoulder.

"I'm sorry I..."

"Why are you apologizing?" she said, a small laugh slipping from her lips. She stared up at him, eyes half-lidded, her thumb lightly gliding over his cheek. "Admittedly... I heard what you said, I just wanted to hear it again..."

This woman... playful and devilish, and yet a perfect angel, all at once.

"I love you, Todoroki Fuyumi,” he repeated, no longer holding the words back.

"I love you too, Takami Keigo," she said softly, almost breathless as she pulled him down to kiss him.

"Happy birthday," he whispered, kissing her once again.

"I couldn't have asked for anything better," she laughed softly.

"I still want to make you dinner," he said, nuzzling his nose against hers.

"Well, maybe we can make it together," she smiled.

"That sounds perfect," he whispered.

Anything they did together, would always be absolutely perfect.