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Until the Storm Passes

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“Momma,” came an urgent whisper. There were small, soft hands kneading at his shoulders and Tanjiro moaned into his pillow. It was sort of nice, actually - Giyuu was pressing right into the sore part of his back like he was massaging it. His insistent meow and the vague suggestion of claws, however, were unfortunately breaking the immersion of that particular fantasy.

He reluctantly turned his head, cracking open one eyelid. “Hi, baby,” he murmured, careful of his sleeping husband. “What’s the matter?”

He watched either of Giyuu’s ears swivel backward. He shifted his shoulders, then stiffened as a crack of thunder rang out - not even that close or that loud, but loud enough. Giyuu blinked tears out of his wide, frightened blue eyes and Tanjiro felt his heart melt.

He rolled onto his back and pulled the covers up so that a grateful Giyuu could tuck himself under the blankets and under his arm, rolling tight against Tanjiro’s side with a faint ripple of a purr. He wriggled down under the blankets so that just the tips of his ears were showing and continued kneading at Tanjiro’s side as raindrops thundered against the roof.

“Better, baby?” Tanjiro asked him and felt more than saw Giyuu nod. His mouth curled up at the corners at the sight of Giyuu’s ears flicking at the faint disturbances of Tanjiro’s breath; he’d have to describe the scene to Kyoujurou in the morning.

Speaking of - Tanjiro listened to his quiet snores stutter at the sound of another clap of thunder, then continue on. He turned his head and watched him out of the corner of his eye, but he showed no sign of waking. Tanjiro blinked slowly, smiling to himself at the quiet pleasure of having him on one side and Giyuu on the other; he was very lucky. So was Giyuu, he supposed - Tanjiro shuddered to think who else might have found him had it not been them. He really seemed to be growing used to their household now.

Barring one thing, of course.

Tanjiro had a hunch what was coming when Giyuu wiggled down farther, nuzzling right between his pecs. He purred even as thunder clashed again and Tanjiro took in a soft, stuttering breath as he felt humidity form over his nipple, right over top of his shirt.

He could feel Giyuu’s rough little tongue snag on the fabric of his clothing and displace it. He sighed, then gently stroked his hair, smoothing it back and feeling the soft fur of his ears tickle his wrist. Finally, he angled his chin downward, not quite able to see Giyuu in the shadow cast by the blanket but knowing he was paying attention.

“Giyuu, honey,” he whispered, “You know I don’t do that.”

He didn’t receive an answer, not in so many words. Giyuu was still purring faintly, kneading at Tanjiro’s stomach, and after another moment, he licked the fabric over his nipple again, just a hair more tentative than before. Tanjiro sighed through his nose and continued scratching behind Giyuu’s ears, supposing it was better than…

“Momma,” Giyuu piped up, “Can you rock me to sleep?”

That. Tanjiro switched the position of his hand, gently rubbing circles into Giyuu’s back with the flat of his palm. “I don’t wanna wake your daddy,” Tanjiro reasoned. Giyuu let out a little trill of discontent.

“I can’t sleep…”

“Not even with me cuddling you? Are you trying?”


Tanjiro bit his tongue. He wanted to continue trying to persuade him, but if he was being honest with himself, he just wasn’t sure he had the presence of mind in that moment. It was late, after all, and he was feeling some sort of way with all the contact. He rubbed Giyuu’s back again, drew in a slow breath, and decided.

“Okay,” he whispered. “But we have to be quiet, okay? Don’t wake Daddy.”


Tanjiro struggled again. “He’ll feel left out, baby. You know how he likes playing with you.”

Giyuu didn’t reply. He curled his fingers into the loose fabric of Tanjiro’s shirt and trilled, then flicked his rough little tongue over his nipple once more. Contented with the tacit agreement, Tanjiro hooked his hands under Giyuu’s armpits and rolled onto his back with Giyuu on top of him, sprawling on him with his soft tail tickling his legs. He pulled Giyuu closer and kissed his forehead, held his head with one hand and used the other to tug his sleep shorts down past the curve of his rear.

He could cup Giyuu’s cock and balls in the palm of one hand and it made him shudder. Giyuu purred heavily into the contact, raising his butt and flicking his tail over Tanjiro’s thighs - he became so much more expressive when Tanjiro touched him like this.

It almost made him feel guilty to consider. What had happened to him as a stray, that this was the form of affection he was most willing to receive…?

No matter. Tanjiro knew he didn’t necessarily need to prep Giyuu’s hole because of some weird aspect of hybrid anatomy that he had yet to fully understand, but he did need to bide some time until his dick was ready for action. He drew his fingers up and back, circling and searching all the way until he found Giyuu’s soft little sphincter.

“Mm,” Giyuu purred, bucking backward into Tanjiro’s touch. He tilted his head back and gazed lovingly at Tanjiro with heavy-lidded eyes, then closed them, rumbling like his own precious little motorboat. 

“Good boy,” Tanjiro praised him, craning his neck to kiss his cheek. “Nice and quiet.”

Giyuu’s tongue flicked out before Tanjiro retreated and he gasped at the soft rasp against his skin. He fell back and Giyuu pursued him, his tail still flicking agitatedly over his legs and his purr rolling into his mouth now, chased by the prickling of his sharp little teeth and his tongue clashing with Tanjiro’s. His breath had Tanjiro feeling lightheaded, lighting up his skin with heat wherever it touched down, and it took little time for Tanjiro to at last be ready.

He pushed his sweats down over his cock and swallowed another of Giyuu’s purrs before gently pressing him downward so that his dick could kiss Giyuu’s rim. Giyuu shuddered and let out a quiet mew; he blinked slowly at Tanjiro, and Tanjiro offered him a reassuring smile.

“Momma loves you, baby,” Tanjiro whispered, and Giyuu’s small, sharp claws dug into his stomach as he sank, guided by Tanjiro’s gentle hands. He was warm and wet, as always, and so, so tight - of course, tighter than his husband by far. He suppressed a shudder as Giyuu bounced before even fully sheathing him, working his hips like he couldn’t wait to build up their pace.

His voice escaped in a squeak and Tanjiro murmured a faint warning before pulling him down, holding him flush against his chest and embracing him, holding him like a baby - his baby. Giyuu was still wiggling, trying to fuck himself despite the angle, and Tanjiro at last began to help him. He planted his heels and rolled his hips up into his sweet, scared little kitten.

Thunder rumbled again and Tanjiro whispered comforts without being asked. He cradled Giyuu as his voice pitched upward, only realizing he was getting to be too loud when he heard Kyoujurou slowly, deeply inhale and roll over to look at them.

Tanjiro turned his head, meeting Kyoujurou’s sleepy, indulgent smile with one of his own. Kyoujurou edged closer, pressing his front to Tanjiro’s side, and leaned his forehead against the side of his head.

“Trouble sleeping?” he offered, reaching up to pet Giyuu’s ears. Giyuu turned his head, twin flashes of blue begging his daddy for something, something that he perhaps didn’t even quite understand. One hand reached out to him and Kyoujurou laid his over top of it, still sluggish with sleep but smiling all the while.

“I was trying not to wake you,” Tanjiro admitted. Giyuu whined and Tanjiro picked up the pace, feeling bad for dividing his attention.

“And why is that?”

“Because you’ll keep us up all night if you have a go at him,” Tanjiro teased, accepting Kyoujurou’s kiss. He felt a chuckle vibrating against his lips.

Cold air shocked against him as Kyoujurou pulled the covers back, but it was worth it to at last see the frantic workings of Giyuu’s little body. His tail lifted into the air unbidden, flicking back and forth like it was relieved to finally be free.

Kyoujurou groaned as he lifted himself up, pressed a kiss to Giyuu’s cheek, and heavily swung his leg over Giyuu’s back. “Why don’t we put Mommy’s assumption to the test, kitten?” he proposed, and Giyuu arched his back and spread his lips around a yowl as he pressed his cock in alongside Tanjiro’s.