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Bad Habits

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Weiss remembered the first time she noticed something was off. They were in the library, having come back from a relatively easy mission, Weiss declared it time to study. Of course, Ruby complained about it, saying she wanted to just go to the dorms and take a nap. Weiss then reminded her that they have a test Friday, in other words, tomorrow, and they haven't had time to study due to the mission. She eventually came to a compromise with Ruby, 2 hours of studying without complaints, and Weiss would then let Ruby fill the entire weekend with her ' fun activities ' for the team.

All it took was the slightest slip of a sleeve, and there it was, clear as day. Thin, red, angry marks contrasted greatly with Ruby's pale skin, something Aura should have easily healed in minutes. That meant a few things. One is that it occurred after the mission, the Grimm they were fighting were too big to leave such thin marks. Two, it wasn't done by anything with a serated edge, the cuts were too clean, so it couldn't have been due to flying debris. Three, they were too precise to be accidental, too evenly spaced. As if they were planned.

She didn't say anything, merely watching Ruby try very hard to look not-bored. She wasn't sure how to approach this, she at least knew her...usual methods wouldn't work. It would probably come out all wrong and...she really didn't want to do that, not with this. She was supposed to be the best teammate, after all. So, Weiss began making a different plan. Hopefully something that wouldn't blow up in her face.

"Weiss, you okay? You've been zoned put for a bit."

Weiss blinked, realizing she'd been staring too long, "I'm fine, I just noticed your scratches." She said scratches to make it seem like she was oblivious to what it obviously was. She noticed the panic rise in her partner's eyes.

"Oh--um, I--I forgot those were there, remember that nasty swipe I took from the Ursa? It was that." Ruby said hurriedly, making sure to pull up her sleeve so they were no longer visible.

It was that right there that solidified what Weiss thought, Ruby did take a bad hit...on her leg. Her boots even have the slight marks to show it. But again, Weiss played along, "Well don't forget to clean them out, an infection would slow your Auras ability to heal them."

Ruby nodded stiffly, "I will."

The study session was noticeably tenser after that.

Friday came and went, the test went relatively well for the whole team, but that wasn't Weiss's main concern at the moment. She waited until the classroom emptied, insisting she simply had to talk to Professor Port about the next assignment he'd given them after the test. Since this wasn't unusual, they left without giving her much trouble.

She closed the door, which Port noticed, "Miss Schnee, is something the matter?"

"Professor," She started tentatively, "Beacon has some of the best medical staff in Vale, including a top notch mental healthcare plan, correct?"

"Of course, what might have brought this on?" He asked gently. "Have you had anything heavy on your mind?"

"No, I just...need advice on how to handle someone who may be in need of help, but refuses to take it."

"Ah," Port stroked his chin thoughtfully, "are they displaying any particularly dangerous behaviors?"

Weiss didn't hesitate, "Self harm."

Port's eyes went from worry to...well, something she couldn't place. His eyes were darker, "May I give my personal input?"

She nodded, "Anything is better then going in blind."

"Drag them to the nearest office, kicking and screaming if needed. They may be angry at you for it, but better that then them continuing to hurt themselves."

Well, she wasn't expecting that. She had thought of that earlier, but didn't think that would work. "I wanted to keep from making a scene. Is it possible to schedule one for someone else?"

"We do make exceptions for certain situations. Typically only teammates of an individual in need of help can. Professors such as myself can schedule a student to take therapy if I or a teammate makes a report."

At this, Weiss sighed, "In that case...I have a report."

Port didn't ask who, but of course he'd find out soon enough. He only gave her one warning, "This will bar them completely from missions until they comply with the assigned number of sessions and gain approval from the therapist after the required number of sessions has been met. The first report is an automatic 5 sessions. More if the therapist deems it so."

"After they do the assigned sessions, they can continue to go on missions?"

"Yes. If the therapist deems them fit enough to continue missions afterwards. Of course, the therapist may still recommend they do more even if they are fit to continue going on missions."

"Excellent. Can this report be anonymous?"

"If you want it to be Miss Schnee."

Ruby came back to the dorms sulking up a storm. While the team initially planned to leave the school at around 10am, Ruby got called down to Ozpin's office before they could leave.

"I just got grounded from doing missions!" She declared with a clear whine in her tone.

Weiss had to feign surprise, "How come?"

"Yeah, what's up with that?" Yang asked.

Ruby crossed her arms, "Something about doing some required therapy stuff?" An uncharacteristic dullness was in her eyes. Weiss wondered if anyone else noticed. "I'm fine."

Blake chimed in, "Maybe they're worried about you since you're younger then most leaders."

Ruby still had that strange dullness, but annoyance quickly covered it up, "Come on, I'm not that much younger!"

"That may be so, but perhaps it's a good opportunity to air out frustrations." They all looked at her curiously then, but she fought the urge to react too strongly, "What? Everyone needs to let things out."

Yang snorts, "Well yeah but...coming from you, the Ice-Queen herself? Pff--"

That got the attention off of her for a bit, albeit at her expense as the rest of RWBY laughed, but it's better then being scrutinized.

"We can still do what you have planned Ruby."

"You're right Blake, we've got a schedule to keep! Let's go team RWBY!"

Not a single mention of Ruby's required therapy came up again. Weiss didn't know if she should feel relieved or not.