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White Wolf

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There wasn't supposed to be twins. In fact she wasn't even supposed to get pregnant. It was supposed to be a simple mission.

A quick and easy job. Get close to the client, have a good time, get the files, and kill him. Simple, fast, and easy. She wasn't supposed to get pregnant. It's bad enough she failed the mission, because she Harmonized with the target.

Harmonization, it was everything it was in the stories. It was-it was fulfillment and joy and home. Then when it came down to it, she couldn't kill her Sky. Her beloved cielo. Even when he told her, that he knew who she was and...she couldn't do it. So she fled.

She fled with her-their child. Their children.

She could have killed them as they grew in her womb. It would have hurt but it would have gotten rid of the piccoli. The little ones. A simple punch from one of comrades or a mere drunk would have sufficed.

Ending the small lives that she had created with her beloved cielo.

She couldn't do it. Her last chance of redeeming herself, she couldn't do it. Those were her children and she couldn't end them. No, her hands were soaked with the blood of others but she could never end what was hers.

Her children.

Her twins.

Her little wolf and shark.

A wave of pain made her clench her teeth as she rode it out. A humble little cottage is no place to give birth, but it would have to do. If she goes to il nosocomio, she'll blow her cover. Her cousin, a potential sun, should be here soon.

She'll help deliver the babies, but where is she?

Where is-?

The sound of the front-door slamming open, made her muffle her pained whimpers, as the sound of men shouting reached her. There was a scream of pain that begging for mercy, her cousin no doubt, and then all was silent.

Ah, betrayal.

She should have known her past life would never let it's blood-drenched claws release her. Not without a hunt.

After all, she was the famed Padrona della Morte. Death's Mistress. A title like that is something that has to be earned, through the blood and the ending of a life. Of so many lives, of enemies, of supposed allies, of friends, of people. Because that was her purpose...until it wasn't.

Death was her Purpose. Her reason her Flames Blazed so brightly and pure. It was her everything then she met her Sky her Purpose is her unborn children, and these intruders were going to take them. Not even born and-she cried out as another contraction hit her. Spasming while the sound of heavy footsteps came closer to the back room she was in.

She stifled her own pitiful whimpers, panting heavily as her hands clutched damp cloth, and Burned. Dark red storm flames emitted from her tired body as she screamed.


In the morning light of a red sky, twins were born. Born under the name of Superbi by Padrona della Morte.

A shark and a wolf.

We'll come to know the shark as Squalo Superbi, Varia second-in-command and Second Sword Emperor. But this story isn't about him, but the elder twin. The wolf in sheep's clothing.

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The first memory I will tell was the day that those blue flames danced across my hand. They were so bright and pretty. Like the rivers in the mountain and the rain that fell from the sky. A single drop leading the way for the dull roar of the oncoming water. Weak at first, but so small and so strong.

Underneath I could see hints of dark indigo in my crystal blue flames.

It’s not over yet…

A burst of energy, of Will, gave me enough strength to live. To fight the overwhelming coldness that had sunk deep inside me. The coldness of death.

Opening my eyes, I could see the dancing shadows as fish swam under the ice. The dull roar in the back of my head faded to the screaming above. Looking upwards, I saw the shadows of my little brother above me.

Smiling, I swam upwards to that familiar warmth.

The warmth of family. The warmth of belonging.

The warmth of a home.

Blue flames flickered under a frozen lake, as a hand broke through the cold waters.


“…is she okay?”

A familiar voice questioned with a tone so worried, so scared, it hurt. It hurt, because I’m okay, please be happy. I’m okay…

“Not completely healed…could have been terminal…was lucky but…”

A gasp of denial.


Darkness pressed closer, wrapping me in deep sleep. Closing my open ears to the world outside, to those words that told so much.


Silently, I hid in shadow as searching eyes tried to find me. Impatiently, he activated his own blue flames, triggering my own flames to start glowing. Silently hunting my opponent with all the prowess a predator should have.

Then I made a fatal mistake.

I didn’t see or brace for the snap of the stick breaking as I moved from cover to cover. It broke with a loud ‘snap.’

My opponent freezing at the sound of the snapped twig, spun around to meet his attacker. Element of surprise lost, I charged forward with my wooden practice sword as we met blade for blade. My opponent was not so quick to fall though, instead snarling back at me as he charged. Wooden sword in hand, we battled each other.

Except this time, Lady Luck was on my side. Flinging his sword across the grounds with a well-placed strike, I disarmed him . Mercilessly, I attacked my unarmed opponent, knowing that if for an instant I relaxed he would attack with all the desperateness of cornered prey. With one well-placed strike I sent him rolling harmlessly across the grass, feigning a vicious defeat, clutching imaginary wounds as I celebrated victory.

Behind me I could hear Madre yell across the small training field. Dropping the basket of food, she charged forward, silver long-sword in hand.


The sense of danger froze us where we stood. Caught in the act, of practicing without adult supervision we tried to flee. Except Madre caught us both, red flames burning as she tore away our small knives and defenses. Holding us up by our ears, as she started yelling.


Guiltily I nodded my head, kicking Squalo when he didn’t. If I go down, he goes down as well. After all, it takes two to tango…we are in so much trouble.

Satisfied at us accepting our fates quietly, she started dragging us home.

Behind her back though, I stuck my tongue at my younger twin as he raised the middle finger towards me.

“Stop your antics you two. You’re both getting punished no matter how you spin the story. You both know that you’re not supposed to practice without me there to supervise.”

Squalo, indignant at the obviously unfair rules, spoke out.

“But Mamma, you know we won’t really hurt each other. Why do you have to be there whenever we start play-urm-practicing.”

Eyes capable of freezing a grown man glared at my stupid little brother. Curling in on himself, he froze in the face of her death-glare.

“Play? Is this all this is to you? Hm, I guess you wouldn’t know. You’re still just a cub that thinks that because he can kill prey, can live in the wild. Well, Squalo…one of you two might get hurt one day and I don’t want that to happen.”

Blue eyes curled into two happy crescents.

“Besides, I have yet to teach you two our families’ secret sword style. It can be applied to any style you learn or want to learn. You have yet to learn what makes you two so special. My little cubs.”


It was by the sea’s shores and the border of the forest that we were raised. Never were we hungry or wanting for unnecessary things. For we had the sea to play in and the forest to wander.

When we were not playing or exploring, we were training. Furthering our skill with the practice blades that Madre had given us. Training to gain the skill needed in order to call ourselves proper sword-wielders.

For the day we were to leave the den to make ourselves names. Names worthy of our own. Names that were known across nations as whomever we wanted to be.

And my name was given in the nature that of the she-wolf that had cared for the founders of Old Rome.

Lupus, the wolf.

Lupus, the she-wolf.

I am Lupus, and I am the wolf in sheep’s clothing.


When I turned eight, Madre took me aside from me and Squalo’s rough play as she brought me to the kitchens. She smoothed my white hair, combing through it as she took out sticks and dirt from it. Then told me to tie it back as she placed a knife and cutting board onto the table.

“Dear Lupus, it’s time I teach you how a proper lady should act.”

I didn’t know what a proper lady was then, but it intrigued me. My Madre was everything I ever wanted, is that what a proper lady? If so, I want to be one as well.

“Momma, what is a proper lady?”

Her dark eyes curved into an amused smile. She held up a hand, twisting it so that I could see the various throwing knives she kept hidden in her sleeves.

“A proper lady is a woman that is graceful, beautiful, and so deadly. She is a learned and cunning woman. Making and breaking a man as she sees fit.”

I tilted my head as I listened to her.
“Then why are we kitchens?”

She patted my head. Nimble fingers tying a too big white apron around my neck. Taking a step back, she observed her handy-work.

“Piccolo, one day you will become a lady. As I cannot teach a boy to become a proper woman, but I can teach a girl to be a lady. First, we must start with the basics. As all things must start. Without a strong foundation, and learning you way in the kitchen is one of the most important things.”

I giggled as she spoke with that tone when she is smiling behind a too-serious frown. Her smiling back, made me smile even bigger. Staring at each other, we burst into laughter. Finally calming down as we caught out breaths.

I looked up, curious if I could choose what we would have for dinner.

“So can we have tuna carpaccio for dinner. You know, to surprise Squalo when he comes back inside? Then for merenda we can have gelato and warm milk?”

She smiled at me as she handed me the cutting knife.

“Well we would have to prepare the pesce, before we can start on gelato. As cene takes a much longer time to prepare than food for merenda does.”

She exaggeratedly winked at me as she turned to retrieve the fish steaks and other preparatory ingredients for the tuna carpaccio.

“Sorry we can’t start with the gelato first Lupus, but we have to at least prepare the fish before we can start anything. Since we need to clean and cool the fish, then make the dressing. Gelato won’t take so long, since I was preparing to have it today anyways.”


I held the cup of gelato towards my twin, smiling as he suspiciously grabbed it. There was a frown on his face as he observed my new choice clothing. Madre helping me pick out a suitable dress as I removed my play clothes. Keeping in mind the amount of accessibility to the knives I have as I marveled at the beauty of the cloth.

There was an odd look in his eye, I took that as approval as I nearly shoved a spoon of my own gelato into his mouth.

“Eat. Now tell me how I look.”

Squalo watched as I gracefully spun in the dress. Showing off the whooshiness of the silk cloth.

“You look…different.”

I beamed at what I took as a compliment.

“I know, I look like a proper lady now.”

“Proper? You’re dressed like one of those old grannies.”

I snarled at his poor choice of wording. I am beautiful and he should be in awe of his awesome and prettier older sister. I am graceful and pretty.

“Voi! Take that back you stupido Squalo!”

My sword clashed with his as we fought.


We both looked down as we spoke in unison.

“Sorry Momma…”

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Usually Squalo and I end up tied whenever we dual. Yet today, I won. I won doesn't feel right. There was no bloodlust coming from him, no will to fight. A dual, is not a proper fight if neither parties want it.

It feels wrong.

"TU! SQUALO!!! What is wrong with you today? What's so distracting you can't fight me right? HUH!"

Hardened eyes glared at me. Anger deeply-rooted in those orbs of silvery grey. His teeth were clenched as he turned away from me.

"Tch.' You won't understand."

Picking up my sword, I attacked him with the flat-side. Dodging my strikes, he flipped backwards. Hand reaching for his fallen sword, he yelled at me.

"Voi! What do you think you're doing!?!"

Smirking, I pointed my blade towards his neck. Usually this would mean I had won the match, but this time I didn't stop. Moving the point of the sword down towards his chest, I poked him.

His confused grey eyes stared at me. Questioning.

"You have enough energy to sulk, so you have enough energy to fight me properly. So fight me!"

Snarling, I threw his dropped sword at him. Mercilessly I rushed forward, blade raised to deal a heavy blow. Slashing downwards, I met resistance. Eyes meeting

"I'll fight you!"

Sparking, our blades clashed as we fought. This time on equal footing, as opponents we fought.

Swords clashed as we fell into a familiar dance. We danced to the discordant rhythm of each other.

Notes clashing as they blended, beautifully disharmonious.

Then he started to advance on me. First-blood drawn, and he was hungry, like the shark he is... Happy to return the favor I smiled, white teeth glowing in the dying light of the sun. As red blood spilled once again on the training field.

Drawing back, I laughed at him. Sharp teeth showing in my hungry but satisfied smile.

"Hehe, seems we're still tied. Wanna bet I win this time?"

White hair played gently in the breeze as a smirk danced on hungry lips. Even when he flew at me, sword harshly tearing through the wind to reach my own.

"I don't need to, because I'll win!"

Even when we were bloodied and bruised, we were equal.

Equal as family, and as opponents.

And...equal in ego and pride.


Humming, I brought the morning mail home. A skip in my step as I arrived at the seemingly small but actually large villa we lived in. Opening the door, I dodged the sword strikes of Squalo's surprise attack.

"Voi! What's got you in such a good mood today?!"

Frowning, I knocked his sword back as I reached for one of the small daggers hidden at the doorway.

"Say, didn't Madre tell you to stop saying voi? It's going to become a verbal TIC!"

With that I launched myself over him as I rained a barrage of small knives onto him. Still searching for at least a decent sized dagger to battle him with, as he fended off the temporary attack.

"YOU TWO STOP FIGHTING IN THE DOORWAY!!!!! What will the neighbors think!?!"

Squalo ignored Madre's reprimand as he turned his sword toward me. Pausing his attack, just to reply to Madre.


Smiling at the chance to cause unnecessary confusion, I yelled back at him.


He paused as he stared uncomprehendingly at me.


"Three miles away, ol' man Tomaso."

Purple and grey eyes stared at me as I smiled oh-so-sweetly. Mother and son yelled in synchronous.


Then Madre turned towards Squalo as she again started yelling at him.


"No fair!!!! YOU CURSE TOO!!!"

My eyes twitched as I was ignored. Sometimes I wonder if Madre really is an adult, then again she is our mother...

Eh, they're family. I can't stop them.

Grabbing a mail-opening knife from one of the many caches, I picked a random letter to reader. One of them had an interesting seal stamp on top, so I opened it. Cleanly slicing through the enclosed paper, I took out a beige-colored paper that was decorated by an elegant border.

Reading the words on the paper, I froze.

To whom it may concern,

Congratulations, your child Squalo has been accepted to attend our prestigious school. We hope to see him/her at Mafia School for this academic year.

Yours sincerely,

Il Preside

Gasping in shock, I dropped the paper. It fluttered to the ground softly, like a little bird. My brother turned to me, verbal play-fight with Madre forgotten.

"Hey, Lupus? You okay?"

A hand snatched the paper off the ground. Mouth silently forming written words as Madre read the short letter. She smiled a big smile, and Squalo became impatient at the happy but tense atmosphere.

"Che cosa? Cosa é cosí importante that you're both acting so weird?"

Purple eyes formed crescents as she smiled. So happy, so true. Happy that the application letter she had written to the school had been accepted, instead of turned down like many of those applicants I have heard of. Mafia School is a prestigious school, only heirs and their potential guardians are guaranteed to be accepted.

"Pack your bags Squalo, you've been invited to attend Mafia School."

He gaped, fratellino stupido, he probably doesn't know what Mafia School is. But no, the idea of the potential of chaos and growth, that hunger for more, gleamed in his grey eyes. Ah, lo Squalo é eccitato.

"Is this that school where only the rich brats go?"

Madre hummed in confirmation as she smiled. Squalo hugged her as he excitedly smiled, already visualizing potential destruction and fights that were sure to be in Mafia School.

Bipolar, the both of them.

I tilted my head as I remembered the wording on the letter.

"Madre, do I get to go."

There was sad shine in her eyes as she turned towards me. I already knew here response but it hurt even more when she said it.

"Not you Lupus, you're staying home with me."

I froze as I heard her denial.

My voice trembled as I asked her, with a single word. I asked her the question that has been taunting.


Dull purple eyes stared at me. The sense of finality lying deep within them. A final request hidden deep within them. As they crushed my dreams, I listened to that empty void in her eyes. All-consuming, as they stared into mine.

"Because I still need to teach you how a proper lady should act."


I stared in shock at Madre. To blatantly lie like that...but that sentence, those words that had denied me so much and still- A sharp voice broke the still silence.


My head whipped to where my brother stood. Fists clenched tight as he glared at Madre.

"Why can't Lupus come to Mafia School with me? She's already proper enough."

Madre's cold purple eyes gleamed with a calculating coldness that I knew not to cross. A coldness that denied the familiar warmth of love and joy. It was a coldness that marked the end of something.

I caught my brother's gaze as I tilted my head. A predatory smile helping him brace for the severity of the tongue-lashing that was sure to come.

He froze as he realized that perhaps not all was told.

Madre smiled deceptively soft as playful words danced across the air. A red haze of underlying anger radiating from her smiling form.

"Squalo, you are soon to be a man. So deal with it like a man should or are you too weak to represent the Superbi Family as a man. Do you perhaps need your older sister to help her little brother? Are you perhaps to weak to attend Mafia School alone?"

He froze as her sharp words hit their mark. As expected, the flames of rebellion died down as hot anger replaced them.

Madre always was the best with words. Sometimes I cannot help but wonder if she also has the fiamme di nebbia. With how she can bend a person to her will, she would make an extraordinarily strong mist. But she is Momma, and she is always the strongest.

One day I will be stronger but for now I must watch and wait. Learn from her so that I may be stronger, find her weaknesses and make them my strengths.

Unfortunately my dear fratellino, you never could play the long-game.


I laughed at his ridiculous uniform. White didn't suite him as well as his preferred color, black.

"VOI!!! Stop laughing!"

I collapsed onto the ground, rolling on the wet grass as my brother pouted. POUTED! Laughing, I pointed mockingly at him. Then he did the unforgivable.

"AHAHAAHA-OW!!! What was that for!?"

He kicked me in the sides.

Looking up, he smiled jeeringly as he scoffed at me. Then he tried dropping his bags on my now-sitting form. Leaping backwards I threw his bags back at him, watching smugly as white underwear fell on wet grass.

Our gazes clashed as we snarled at each other.


Madre put her hands on each others shoulders as a wave of killing intent settled our blood-lust.

"Hold on you two. Squalo, finish packing and get in the damn taxi."

Squalo backed off as he repacked his clothes and stuffed them inside the waiting taxi. Grumbling under his breath about the 'injustices of family,' 'stupid sisters,' and such.

Fine. Fine."

Madre caught me smirking as she took out a few extra euro for the driver.

"You, you're not getting out of this young lady. Now let's say goodbye and give the driver a little extra for the trouble Squalo will surely cause."

Staring sullenly at my brother, I felt...I felt odd. This would be the first time we were to be away from each other for more than just a few hours.

Stepping closer to him, I hugged him. I hugged him because I was sure I would miss him's not fair. Why does he have to leave me for so long? Why does he have to leave me behind? But then again, it's so that he can learn and well, I guess I'm going to have to practice to stay on even footing with him. Whispering in his ear, I left him one last message, a challenge more if you will.

"Learn lots little brother, so that I can fight you on even terms. Until next time."

Arms tightened around me as he whispered back...more like yelled. But his tone was heartfelt, since this is the last time we see each other until the holidays.

"Voi! I'm only younger by fifteen minutes!"

Releasing each other from the hug, we separated with smiles on our faces as we promised next time. Next time we see each other, we'll be better as we fight once again on even terms.

Smirking, I called my last goodbye. Watching as the light gleamed off the white taxi.

"Ciao ciao! Fratellino."

An audible voice cried out in indignation as the taxi went over the hill.


Turning away, I smiled at the morning sun.

"Until next time...little brother."

A cold hand clapped onto my shoulder. Freezing, I turned my head. Eyes following up from the hand on my shoulder to the freezing cold eyes that stared mercilessly at me. Killing intent high.

I am in deep trouble.

"Now young lady, what shall we do for embarrassing your poor mother in front of that kind cab-driver? Hm?"

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Dear Ass-hole of a Sister Lupus,

You'll never believe how shitty and annoying most of the students at Mafia School are. There's this one blonde, that can somehow trip on empty air while falling down simultaneously. Did I tell you he's also my roommate, apparently he's the heir to the Famiglia Cavallone. I almost killed several times on accident, don't tell Madre, but to be honest he reminds me of one of those pathetic puppies.

It's weird.

I know Madre would never let us have a real puppy and this is as close as we'll ever get. I'll promise I'll feed and walk him everyday. Then at the end of the school-year you'll help me take him home okay? We'll teach him tricks and all that shit.

Eh, I dunno.

From your Miglior-Fratello-del-Mondo, Squalo.



Dear Fratellino Stupido,

Perhaps introduce me to this 'puppy,' or just send me a picture. I want to see just who made my fratellino bother to actually name him to me. Besides, as an heir to one of Italia's largest famiglias, he can't be all that bad... Remember, if he tries to treat you like shit, beat him up for me. Okay?

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I'm a certified assassin now. Taking my first hit in Venice! Sorry, I have to go now, Madre is calling. Wish me luck!

From your Obviously Better Twin, Lupus



Dear Shitty Sister,

Here's the picture of that puppy you wanted. Got this little shot in the morning. Although some kid had a white marker and dunno where the weird Asian writing came from.




Don't worry, I won't have to exert to much effort to make him cry. With the way Dino is, he'll just beat himself up.

Also, why do you get to go kill people! I'm stuck here in this shitty school all day, and the only intriguing thing they have here are the mediocre training courses. With the possible risk of death, which involves flames and bullets. Apparently most of the kids here haven't awoken their flames yet.

Ci vediama dopo.

From your Fratello Fantastico, Squalo.



Smiling, I carefully packed my clothes. Choosing the darker colors instead of the eye-catching brights like the yellows and purples that my younger self wore. I had killed my first target and well, it wasn't enjoyable but it had taught me of the fragility of life.

Red blood gushed across the ground, the body convulsed as the nerves died. Empty eyes stared accusingly as an outstretched hand reached towards me.

Hopefully Mafia School taught my fratello well. At least I can show I improved, being home-schooled has its benefits. Although I have yet to immerse myself in real politics instead of the mock-verbal duels Madre has with me.

Sighing, I picked out clothes accordingly to the possible occasions.

It has been nearly a year since Squalo left, and about six months since I've last seen him. The last time I saw him was during Natale, or in other words Christmas.

That Christmas-day Madre had surprised us both, by giving Squalo a nice black tuxedo along with a silk tie, a coupon to his favorite restaurant, a box of cookies, and an expensive sword maintenance kit. Then for me, a silver ring, another sword maintenance kit, a fur-lined leather jacket, and a bag of caramels and chocolates.

I know who got the better gifts, and it was me.

Seriously, what is a box of cookies when I have a nice bag filled with all the caramels and chocolates I could ever want? Even if they were Madre's anginetti, the one cookie that is so fluffy and soft.

Yes, caramel and chocolate is better than a mere bag of cookies.

Yawning, I inspected the items I would be packing. Soap, pants, shirt, dress, mask, gun, bullets, knife, Nutella, sun-glasses, towel, bandages, disinfectant, body-bag, gloves, snacks, and a notebook. Everything I would need for a week-long trip to Mafia Land.

Then last but not least, my personal spatha sword. Squalo already has his, but apparently we are going to somehow 'upgrade' them, or at least obtain a better version.

Satisfied, I took a quick glance outside. Below, a white cab had arrived and seemed to be waiting for us.


Annoyed, I went and packed Squalo a bag since I believe he does not know that we are visiting Mafia Land. I had not known either, but apparently Madre decided to take us on a surprise outing to the famous vacation spot.

If it weren't because we were going to meet the esteemed Vongola Weapon's Tuner Giannichi.

Outside, the car honked and I threw both suit-cases out the window. Slowly, descending the stairs, I snarled quietly as I checked whether or not I missed anything. Quickly picking up both cases from off the wet grass, I glared at the driver as I threw the suitcases into the trunk.

Behind me, I could hear Madre locking the house after setting up the usual traps and other precautionary measures.

Impatiently, I yelled at her.

"Oi! Come on, the cab's going to leave without us!"

She was wearing a fashionable black dress with lace stockings and nine-inch heels. You'd think she was twenty again, but hey, at least she's presentable. It would be so sad if Squalo were to be embarrassed because of us...

Smirking, I reviewed the persona I would be acting at the school. It would inevitably make me feel stupid acting like some ditzy, weak little girl, but already I could feel Squalo's embarrassment.

And it was going to be worth it.

Suddenly a hand reached through the car-door and cuffed me on the head. Growling slightly, I rubbed my head as I glared at Madre.

"What was that for!?!"

She scowled at me while long fingers ran over the sharp metal of a throwing knife. My fingers twitched as I remembered the feel of cool metal in my grasp and-

"We're in public..."

Frowning, I had to withdraw. She's playing on my need of a good fight and it's not fine, my hands are itching to hold something sharp. In fact it's horrible being without the comforting presence of a good knife. Then to watch Madre fiddle with one in plain sight as she holds it away from me punishingly.

"Not fair."

Violet eyes stared down at me. White eyebrow raised, as she stared down at me, sharp eyes exasperated but also slightly amused.

"Mamma mia, life is not fair little cub. So sit up and shut up. It's going to be a long trip with how you're acting, at least Squalo is learning some manners."

I couldn't help but laugh at that. Squalo, respecting his elders and all that sort of shit? Well I guess Momma deserves some respect but anybody else, nope. Although I highly doubt any other person, besides Madre, can command a person like a Sky.

Apparently Skies have this ability that makes a person feel complete in their life, by Harmonizing. Madre never tells me much about it except it's one of the best and worst things to ever experience, although how can something be two things at once?

Let's see how this Stupid Puppy acts and see if cieli are really worth all the attention.

Smirking, I started plotting how to capture and examine the Stupid Puppy. Curious, as to why my fratello would spend so much attention on him.


Slamming open the front doors, I yelled out to the world. Unashamed as my voice carried through the hall.


Instantly, the chatter within the entrance hall dropped to a near silence. Whispers broke out rapidly as a familiar voice responded, similar in volume and coarseness.


My eyes instantly pinpointed that familiar head of white hair. Smiling, I raised my sword, prepared to duel. Excited to see how much progress we made away from each other. When a sword crossed my path, and I froze.

The suffocating feeling of killing intent and disappointment grew as Mamma's sharp voice cut across the near silence in the room.

"Not now, we have things to do."

Immediately, me and Squalo yielded as we put aside our swords. Silent, as we stared sullenly at her, understanding the unspoken command of silence. Responding in unison as we submitted.

"Si mamma."

Damnit, we're banned from making noise until we get out of this room.

Annoyed, we exchanged glances as we glared away from each other. Blaming the other for causing the punishment.

While Madre immediately wore a gentle smile as she turned her attention elsewhere. The smile could be called captivating and exuded this kind aura but it was so fake. Her voice was pitched several tones higher as to lower the guards to those around us.

"Come on, let's go you two, and celebrate an early birthday party together. Since we won't be able visit you again, Squalo."

His eyes narrowed as we watched her dance through the room. Mingling with other adults, effortlessly establishing connections and laying down deals. Together, we trailed after her as we talked with our hands.

His eyes lowered as he signed,

Where are we going?

Shrugging, I signed back.

Don't know, but if I did, I still wouldn't tell you.

Angrily, he huffed and scowled as we glared at each other. Silently snarling as we hurled insults at each other.

Brutto pezza di merda!

Pretending to yawn, I signed back.

Noioso, secchione. Prova piú idiota.

We circled each other as we glared and signed silent insults to each other. Eyes narrowed as we clenched our teeth, killing intent pointed at the other.

Sei duro come il muro!

Sei un rompicoglioni!

Grey eyes then stared at horror at me, as I felt a presence behind me. A hand touched my shoulder as a voice froze us both.

"When we get out. You're both grounded."

Chapter Text

Crouched low to the ground, my footsteps were silent as my prey sauntered closer. Unsuspicious and unsuspecting of the possibility that he would be walking into a trap.

Smirking, I continued slinking closer. Treading silently as I glided from shadow to shadow, as the man continued walking further into the building.

Hm, I should hurry. After all, it would be unsightly to arrive dirty to the il ballo di San Valentino della Vongola.

Taking a deep breath, I steadied myself before rushing forward. Sword outstretched in one hand as I swerved and twisted midair. Hyper aware that this was the only time my target was unguarded and I couldn't lose this chance!

Today is the deadline for this hit, any later and the bounty will be worthless. Apparently INTERPOL has been cracking down again and...

Calming, I deeply inhaled the familiar scent of blood. Looking down, empty eyes stared unblinkingly upwards. The man's face was slack, as though he were daydreaming instead of dead.

Now, how much longer until Madre comes and picks me up? She and Squalo went on a bonding trip to get the head of a traitor of some famiglia.

There was a clicking noise and I whipped around. Gritting my teeth, I realized I had not accounted for the person my target would be meeting. It seems the rumors of the Famiglia Bovino having an internal dispute were true.

Licking the blood from my lips and tilting my head slightly, I stared at the obviously traitor. My voice was slightly rough but it seemed to echo in the room.

"So just how much were you given to bring weapon prototypes to this pig, traditice."

The man's gait was steady as he aimed something at me. He was to far away to deal with directly and I had no longer-ranged weapons on me.

Coldly, I glared at the man that my Madre and fratellino were supposed to be hunting. The man had the Bovino's signature electric green eyes, but other than that he looked nothing like those idiots. Where fear and cowardly joy at having the upper-hand should be, he was collected and calm. As though he had been expecting this.

Stepping backwards, I observed the weapon in his hands that had sent the entire Bovino Family into a civil-war, the Ten Year Bazooka. It's said to be a weapon that could be used to erase a person's existence completely, defying the laws of space-time.

No one knew what it looked like, until the Don of the Bovino Family sent out pictures of the family's traitor and his creation.

What is it doing here?

Wait, this is just a prototype, they never perfected the weapon. That means this weapon is still unstable.

It's already been two hours since I last saw Madre, she should be near here. Breathing deeply, I tried to take control of the situation.

"What's the Ten Year Bazooka doing in a place like this?"

His gaze was analytical as he laughed softly.

"Mou, you'll be wonderful to test this on. Because you see, you just killed my partner, and it would be horrible if I don't return the favor."

Then there was a loud bang and I couldn't help but fear.

Fear death.

Fear the possibility of being nonexistent. The possibility of being wiped from existence itself. And that man only smiled serenely, and I hated. Blue rain flames materialized in self-defense, but it didn't stop the projectile. No, the bazooka only bypassed my weak weak weak rain flames as it exploded.

And I hated.

There was a scream before a curtain pink and purple smoke blocked my vision.


There was no pain, and hesitantly. I opened my eyes.

It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the bright lights, and I found myself standing in a hallway. There were paintings lining the walls along with the occasional vase of fresh flowers.

"What the hell!?!?!?"

There was a clatter as a blonde headed boy stuck his worthless head through a door. His voice was puzzled as he came out of the room.

"Squalo? Why are so short?"


I. Am. Not. Short.

Snarling, I picked up my sword. Then the boy laughed and this guy is pissing me off.

"Shishishishi. The Prince appreciates how Mammon is getting better at revenge-pranking."

His laugh is irritating.

I raised my sword. Voice angry and barely controlled as I spoke quietly. Teeth gritted as I wondered if I had met a Mist and somehow ended up kidnapped into somebody's mansion, but that's impossible. They would have tried to place me behind decent security.

"How about I let your face meet this lovely blade of mine, then we'll see who's laughing then."

Behind me, I could hear nearly silent footstep approach then halted, as the freakin' irritating boy cried out,

"Luss, look! Mammon is getting better at revenge-pranking. Look at how realistic it looks! I bet if I use my knives it'll bleed and scream so prettily."

Behind me I could hear a small gasp before a door opened. In my peripheral vision, there was a small purple blob. The small purple blob seemed to be floating, and it had a cute-ish voice.

"Is that a girl?"

The boy stared creepily at the purple blob as he pulled out a few throwing knives.

"Shishishi, Mammon why didn't you tell me you could make a female-version of Squalo? Do the Boss next and I'll give you this week's pay."

Breathing deeply, I realized the blonde-headed boy believed that I was an Illusion made by the purple blob. Yet the person called 'Luss' had yet to respond, it was getting on my nerves. Who the hell were these people?

Finally, the person behind me spoke.

"Bel, I don't think this is..."

Then the purple blob interrupted Luss, voice haughty but oddly enough confused.

"Tch, I would never make such a stupid Illusion. This is obviously an intruder but from where?"

Distantly, I could hear somebody yell,


Then there was a curtain of pink and purple smoke flooded my vision, then I was back in that dark room. The man that had shot the bazooka at me lay dead at my feet in a puddle of red blood.

Behind him stood my Madre and...Squalo? Their eyes were wide as they stared in shock at where I was standing. Suddenly Madre rushed forward and hugged me, nearly choking me to death.


I mouthed 'Save Me' to Squalo but he just turned his head away.

Stupid little brothers.