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White Wolf

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There wasn't supposed to be twins. In fact she wasn't even supposed to get pregnant. It was supposed to be a simple mission.

A quick and easy job. Get close to the client, have a good time, get the files, and kill him. Simple, fast, and easy. She wasn't supposed to get pregnant. It's bad enough she failed the mission, because she Harmonized with the target.

Harmonization, it was everything it was in the stories. It was-it was fulfillment and joy and home. Then when it came down to it, she couldn't kill her Sky. Her beloved cielo. Even when he told her, that he knew who she was and...she couldn't do it. So she fled.

She fled with her-their child. Their children.

She could have killed them as they grew in her womb. It would have hurt but it would have gotten rid of the piccoli. The little ones. A simple punch from one of comrades or a mere drunk would have sufficed.

Ending the small lives that she had created with her beloved cielo.

She couldn't do it. Her last chance of redeeming herself, she couldn't do it. Those were her children and she couldn't end them. No, her hands were soaked with the blood of others but she could never end what was hers.

Her children.

Her twins.

Her little wolf and shark.

A wave of pain made her clench her teeth as she rode it out. A humble little cottage is no place to give birth, but it would have to do. If she goes to il nosocomio, she'll blow her cover. Her cousin, a potential sun, should be here soon.

She'll help deliver the babies, but where is she?

Where is-?

The sound of the front-door slamming open, made her muffle her pained whimpers, as the sound of men shouting reached her. There was a scream of pain that begging for mercy, her cousin no doubt, and then all was silent.

Ah, betrayal.

She should have known her past life would never let it's blood-drenched claws release her. Not without a hunt.

After all, she was the famed Padrona della Morte. Death's Mistress. A title like that is something that has to be earned, through the blood and the ending of a life. Of so many lives, of enemies, of supposed allies, of friends, of people. Because that was her purpose...until it wasn't.

Death was her Purpose. Her reason her Flames Blazed so brightly and pure. It was her everything then she met her Sky her Purpose is her unborn children, and these intruders were going to take them. Not even born and-she cried out as another contraction hit her. Spasming while the sound of heavy footsteps came closer to the back room she was in.

She stifled her own pitiful whimpers, panting heavily as her hands clutched damp cloth, and Burned. Dark red storm flames emitted from her tired body as she screamed.


In the morning light of a red sky, twins were born. Born under the name of Superbi by Padrona della Morte.

A shark and a wolf.

We'll come to know the shark as Squalo Superbi, Varia second-in-command and Second Sword Emperor. But this story isn't about him, but the elder twin. The wolf in sheep's clothing.