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Robbie looks over at the beautiful brunette he's just (not be be arrogant) fucked into a slight stupor. She's even more striking
than usual, slightly-sheened with perspiration, and glowing-pinkish from their exertions.

Daisy opens her eyes, sees him staring at her. 'Your breath stinks," she jokes.

"Well, as least YOURS doesn't smell like DICK...oh WAIT..."

"You love me, despite your very rude and not nice comments."

'The thing is...I you."


"Really. I'm at least falling for you."

"Which is it?", she jokes, to cover her trepidation at his confession of love. "You love me, or you're FALLING FOR ME?"

"Definitely falling."

"Me to." This over her shoulder, on the way to pee.


'You heard me."