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Enji Todoroki's Guide to Handling Children (God help us all)/Multitasking edition/ Crowd control edition

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Enji’s next year was ruined by a simple email.

It’s not every year that he gets this particular email, and it’s never been sent to the Commission first but he figures there’s a first time for everything- who knows maybe there’s a new protocol for the commission to approve of prospective teachers at the U.A. God, he hopes there’s a new protocol

If there was one thing Enji didn’t want to do, that was teaching a bunch of brats about being heroes, when most of them wouldn’t even make it past the first year. He didn’t want to be a teacher. He wasn’t meant to be a teacher. The only reason he had taught Shouto and Touya was because they shared his Quirk and he was the only one who could hope to get them to their true potential when everyone else would surely fail. They were his masterpieces and he was responsible for them.

                He should not be responsible for forty-something brats who thought that being a hero was something one did for fun and tax benefits.

                In short, Enji did not want to be there. So, why was he in the teacher lounge at seven thirty in the morning, waiting for the hero class to do the mandatory Quirk training so he could observe and tell if they were worth their salt? Simple.

                The god damn fun park mascot smiling happily from the top of his chair.

                He had no idea how Nedzu had gotten his hands on his files before him, but the mouse knew his shit. Truth was, he had gotten pretty injured in a fight with the recently escaped Toxic Chainsaw, hurt enough for the Commission to put him on rest for an indeterminate time until he was better, which meant that he was currently unemployed. Nadzu had sunken his manicured claws into the opportunity and went to the Commission with the absolutely brilliant idea of making the No.2 hero the heroics teacher at UA.

                Apparently, the person who was supposed to be the teacher that year had found something more pressing, a family connection or some shit he had to take care of, and the position was free for the taking. The rat had went on to mention that Enji teaching the new generation would bring the advantage of good media towards him, since PR was a department he was solely lacking in.

                Enji felt a little bit betrayed at the act. Like sure, him and Saito weren’t close or anything, but he had considered her one of the least incompetent leaders in the Commission. Apparently he had been wrong.

                Nedzu had made him the offer to teach there every year and every year he refused and went on for another year. It was never a fight, never more than a polite question and then nothing else.

                The first time he had gotten the email about the teaching position at UA, Enji had been sure it was about asking him what teacher could be good. He hadn’t expected to be offered the position.

                Because the mouse seemed to purposefully ignore one key factor:

                People should do the jobs they were trained and hired for. A teacher had to teach, a baker had to bake and a hero had to fight villains. People should do the jobs they were prepared for. A hero was good in the field, but putting someone who usually dealt with high risk situations in the position to care for kids with high likability to drive someone insane was probably not the best idea he could have come up with.

                Enji didn’t have any illusions for himself. He wasn’t the best of teachers, but he had been the only one who knew how to deal with the destructive particularities of Shouto’s and Touya’s Quirks.

                He was not meant to be put in charge of kids. He wasn’t good with kids. He wasn’t good with civilians. The moment he had been told that he’d have to teach, he silently asked himself if he could fight all of Japan’s villains at once, because that had to be a quicker death than dragging on with something he was obviously not qualified for.

                Then, the Commission more or less bullied him into taking a babysitting position for at least a year or so, which pissed the hell out of Enji and made him most likely need replacing his private gym.

                Especially since he couldn’t find out which teacher gave up the job. He had called his contacts and all the people that might have been in the know, but it all remained blank, a deep dark hole where no one could find out what or who happened.

                But no matter, the time had passed, the nerves had been blown and the man was now sitting in the teacher lounge, waiting for the rat to pour his god damned tea so he could finally go on his merry way of business.

                The rat kept chattering.

                Finally, he managed to extract himself from the true horror of being chained by the laws off hospitality and made his way to the training ground. Apparently, the test had already started.

                “What are you doing here?” Eraserhead asked.

                Enji crossed his arms. “I want to see what they’re made of before I try them on” he curled his lip “By the looks of it, most of them had never used their Quirks for combat and I don’t want any paperwork on dead kids.”

                Eraserhead let out a huff that might have been both a laugh or an exhale, but Enji didn’t care enough to find out.

                At some point, the kids looked at him and started awing  and oogling at him (except for Shouto, who was glaring as usual) but Aizawa sent them back to their places with nothing above an undignified glare.

                The kids had potential, but there were very few who actually had any real well worked talent. The ones who had were Shouto, the explosive kid, the Iida boy and the Yaoyorozu heir. The others looked like they had done basic training with their Quirks, a little over not using them randomly in public, but not much above that.

                How disappointing.

                He’d have to start from the scratch.

                With a little luck, Aizawa would expel a few of them, maybe even half and he wouldn’t have to deal with the ones truly incompetent.

                Eventually, they reached the ball toss, and Enji had to admit that some of the uses were very creative in a way he wouldn’t have thought of. Look at that, some of those kids might have something worth in their brains after all.

                Eventually, they reached the green haired kid.


                He hadn’t used a Quirk for the whole duration of the test and, if he were to make a prediction, he was going to fail. For the better. The boy either had a useless on or lacked the skill to pull something off…

                Then he tried to throw and Aizawa cancelled it before scolding him and telling him to try again. Apparently, the kid broke all his bones at the entrance exam with his Quirk. The hero felt a bit of sympathy for the kid. Self destructive Quirks were a pain and a half.

                Then something else happened, one thing that Enji would soon learn to source for ever making its way into his existence.

                The kid threw the ball. And, with the tip of his finger, he launched it so so far it broke the sound barrier and let out a shock wave enough to move some of the kids a few steps back.   

                The brat seemed pretty proud of himself for not breaking his bones, only the tip of his finger, but he had suddenly gained Enji’s attention. Why?

                Because that force, that Quirk was oddly familiar in the exact way he hated.


                The next day, Enji was ready to get it over with as soon as possible, so he marched into the 1A classroom at eight o’clock sharp and looked at the kids. “Put your Gym uniforms on and follow me to Ground Theta. You got fifteen minutes.”

                More information wasn’t necessary, and he wouldn’t stand for tardiness.

                He was especially cranky this morning because he had woken up to the stack of papers and unfinished work that had brought no results when it came to figuring out the rat’s secret incentive. He hoped for the greater good of the kids that they knew not to be too annoying.

                They did manage to make it there quick enough, but not as fast as Enji would have liked. Oh well, these were kids, not sidekicks, so he couldn’t exactly cut from their pay for their inability to be on time.


                He looked at the costumes and promptly wondered if he could expel someone solely based on those. Most of them were fully form over function, left a lot of vitals open and they didn’t even look all that good. He made sure to check the rule book to see if he could send them back to the blueprint phase and to remind the company that these were soldiers!

                No matter how many times his fellow colleagues pretended not to notice, heroes were soldiers. They were meant to fight villains, not be god damned show monkeys! And apparently, the industry had successfully brainwashed the younger generation to think that.

                This was going to be a pain, wasn’t it?

                “All right” he said “Today I want to test your Quirks and see what they are capable of.”

                “Sir?” a girl with a brown bob said.  “Aizawa-sense did that yesterday.”

                “No” Enji took a deep breath and reminded himself that he couldn’t snap at his students. Remember Enji, you could be court martialled. “Aizawa tested your Quirks with standardised tests to see if you could use them in a way that you weren’t used to” he looked at them “I’m testing your limits and actual control over your Quirks.”

                “I can control my Quirk” the kid with a grenade fetish who had apparently scored first at the entrance exam said. “Why do I have to be hold back because this extras can’t?”

                Enji narrowed his eyes. Arrogant. Arrogant and willing to show it, little respect for authority and an inclination for violence. The pro could see it in his eyes.

                I should watch their entrance exams, he noted before he turned his full attention on the kid.

                “Oh really” he quirked an eyebrow. “Attack me.”

                The boy didn’t need more incentive, launching himself with a grenade and aiming for his head. Enji looked him in the eye before he sidestepped, grabbed his gauntlet and slammed him into the gym wall, hard enough to leave a dent.

                The boy grunted in pain but Enji shoved his arm between his shoulder blades. “What were you aiming for? Capture? Kill?” he pushed harder until he heard the brat cry in pain. “Believe it or not, you are not allowed to kill every villain you see and one can be charged for too much injury depending on how good the lawyer is.” He looked at the rest. “This blow was strong enough to kill any of you if you lacked the reflexes to dodge it” he let go of the kid and he fell to the ground. “Were you planning on killing someone on the first day?” he took a step forward. The boy didn’t get up, but he kept glaring at the man as he cradled his arm. “Were you going to maim one of you classmates to assert dominance and prove that you are the strongest?”

                He was pretty sure he heard a meek “Yes” but he didn’t turn to check.

                “If you are nothing but brute force lusting for violence, then you have no place in this school. I won’t waste my time training a boy who will most likely turn villain when it becomes more entertaining than being a hero.”

                “Shut up, you know nothing!” the boy jumped to his feet and poked glared at the man. “I will become the no.1 hero, I will surpass All Might and I will sure as hell surpass you! I will never turn a villain, so don’t you dare insult me.”

                Enji looked at the kid, too much bark, too much bite and no restraint. No better than a rabid dog. Yeah, the kid wasn’t going to last. He quirked an eyebrow. “You? Number one?” he let out a huff of air “What a joke”

                Then, not giving the kid a second glance he turned toward the rest of the class. “Each one of you, go to a corner and start to warm up your Quirks. I will pass every one of you and see what you can do. You also have till the end of the class to prove to me that your costumes have uses other than aesthetic or they go back to the factory.” he turned towards his son. “Shouto, you start the normal exercises.”

                The boy nodded and headed for the matts.

                The kids were not terrible, in Enji’s expert opinion. They knew they had Quirks, they mostly knew how to use them well and all that. That was until he reached the green haired kid. He wasn’t doing anything, only fidgeting and looking at his feet.

                “If you’re here to waste my time, you might as well walk out that door” he said, looking sternly. The kid pulled into himself a little bit more.

                “It’s not that.” He rubbed his hands together. “It’s just that my Quirk is very…. Self destructive and I don’t know how to control it, so if I were to show you how strong it is, it’s a one time shot.”

                Oh damn. This one will be a piece of work, won’t it?

                Enji sighed and rubbed his eyebrows. “How does your Quirk work, kid?”

                “Well, it stockpiles huge amounts of force and then releases it in bursts of power that are too strong and break my bones” he looked at his arm “I have yet to control the output. But I’m trying.”

                “How are you trying?” The boy blinked. Enji sighed. “Let me guess, you use it again and again until you can’t.” the boy nodded. “Bad strategy. Really bad strategy” he looked at the ceiling. Why were all kids these days like this? “I’ll watch your entrance exam tonight and come up with an alternative tomorrow. Right now, go and ask Shouto to teach you some basic hand to hand” the kid nodded and started walking away. “Oh, and that costume?” the boy turned around “Send it back and get something that gets you actual protection.” and, with that, he went for the next student.



                Midoriya had been passed as Quirkless for the first fifteen years of his life until he magically updated his registry with the most generic name ever: Superpower.

                Was this kid kidding him or something?!

                Enji groaned. There was no such thing as such a late bloomer. A year, maybe two, but not ten. And this wasn’t some kind of invisible Quirk that would take such a specific circumstance to verify. The kid had super strength, that was all.

                The man tsk-ed and moved through the next of his files. Father was working overseas for the past decade. A perfect excuse for the theory Enji had in mind.

                The boy’s Quirk felt exactly like All Mights. The footage for the exam proved it too. Not to mention the scourge’s secretary, Toshinori Yagi, walking around and talking to the boy.

                Enji opened his main and sent it to one of his contacts at the hospital and forensics to run the boy’s DNA against the blond apes. He vividly remembered a doctor swearing his gratefulness for stopping a villain, and now it came in handy. He would get to the bottom of this.


                It turned out, the kid did indeed share DNA with the blond ape. What a surprise.

                So, he had All Might’s child in his class. He would probably see this as an opportunity of sorts, had there not been this tiny bit of rage at how utterly incompetent the man was. What, did he abandon this child then sent him to UA with no control over his Quirk and told him to survive?! And then put his secretary in place?

                Enji was beyond mad about this, for a reason he couldn’t really point out at the moment.

                His previous day didn’t really go all that well, since that god damned media were like sharks who wanted to know how the no.2 hero was as a teacher, so they destroyed the gate and Enji had to spend more time than he had to in that school, checking the security protocols.

                But he didn’t need to get mad right now, he could study the brat in the middle of the rescue exercise.

                They reached the USJ where Thirteen spoke their speech when a hurl of black smoke appeared and about a hundred villains spilled out, with the leader looking like a duck and telling them that he was there to kidnap and torture the children.

                It was the third fucking day of school.


                Shouto knew he was only a hero in training, but these villain were really weak. He had taken them down so lightly and had found out that the  big hulking monster was there in order to get All Might to come for backup and kill him.

                Not only weak, but also stupid villains.

                One could not kill All Might. One could not defeat All Might. If anything was going to do the No.1 in, it would be old age or heart failure. Not a villain and certainly not his father.

                He was walking though the place when he saw the green haired kid fly over the lake and onto the land. Shouto remembered the conversation on the bus and how flustered the kid had been at the mention of All Might’s Quirk.

                Shouto also remembered the files on his father’s desk that said the two had shared DNA.

                So, in conclusion, Midoriya was All Might’s son.

                He was also terrible with his Quirk and his combat, which was very weird if you took into consideration who the NO.1 hero was. After all, All Might wouldn’t have let his son enter UA unprepared. But there had never been any real news of anyone related to All Might, so maybe the kid was his illegitimate child. It was possible.

                Said illegitimate child was running face first towards the villains, even if he himself said he broke his bones when he used his Quirk.

                Was stupidity genetic? Because he didn’t want to agree with his father when he called All Might an idiot, but he couldn’t deny that the green haired kid lacked one too many brain cells in the self-preservation area.

                Shouto approached the boy who was going towards the hand faced villain and promptly pulled him out of the way and behind a glacier. “Are you an idiot?”

                “Aizawa sensei needs help!” the boy said with stubbornness.

                “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that you dying on the spot will be a great help because you decided to jump in when real villains are involved!” he glared.

                While the others were small fry, Shouto had seen the hand villain fight and he was the real deal. And, from how his classmate fought, he didn’t stand a chance.

                Their shield was shattered by the powerful villain called a Noumu apparently and Shouto pushed the kid back.

                The Noumu raised his hand to punch them, but Shouto didn’t give him any chance. Instead, he covered the monster in ice and grabbed All Might’s heir to drag him away. “What villain is that?!” he asked as he stumbled behind the dual Quirk user.

                “They call it a Noumu” Shouto said. “He’s here to kill your father.”

                “My what?!”

                “His what?!” said the hand villain and the boy at the same time. Izuku gulped and looked at the other two villains. The hand villain was looking positively murderous, like a particularly nasty corpse who was pissed to be woken from its deep sleep and the mist villain was floating menacingly behind them. Shouto opened his mouth to say something, to do something, but that was the moment the No.2 hero and No.1 annoyance popped into view and attacked the still frozen Noumu.              “Shouto!” he yelled “Get the other out!”

                He can’t focus if he has to protect the rest. Shouto nodded, grabbed Midoriya by the arm and dragged him away, towards the entrance while Aizawa was taking down the mist villain.



                Enji studied the papers once again, eyebrows furrowing at the words. It was late, he was tired and he had school to teach the next day. He, by all accounts, should have been asleep. But he wasn’t.


                He had gotten the results on the Noumu. Apparently, they were more than monsters.

                They used to be humans. Humans genetically engineered to contain multiple Quirks. The one they captured had traces of four different people in them. Enji remembered what Shigaraki had said: they had come to kidnap the kids and use them as Noumu material in order to shatter the trust people had in heroes. They wanted to turn all those kids into this type of monsters.

                But that wasn’t what Enji was focused on right now.


                What Enji was desperately searching were the Midoriya files. Because he could swear there had been something fishy about them.

                The clock was ticking and the man was getting angrier until, finally, he found what he was looking for.

                Midoriya shared DNA with All Might.

                He also shared DNA with seven other people.

                The man rubbed his chin. He would have liked to think that the boy was a Noumu, but at the same time….. it was too well done.

                One of the perks that came with being the No.2 hero was that you had access to a lot of private files and a lot of documents you otherwise weren’t allowed to see. And he had had access to the Noumu files, had had access to scientists who told him how it worked.

                Midoriya’s tests seemed too clean. Too clear for the USJ abomination.

                The man shook his head and thought about his second theory.

                All for One.

                The man was rumoured to have died in a battle that remained outside his disclosure. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t leave any things behind.

                And the profile seemed to work too well. Quirkless kid up until fifteen, suddenly developed a Quirk a few weeks before the certain proof of the man’s very much alive status came into picture.

                The man took a deep breath and shut his computed. It was late and he shouldn’t make conclusions at this hour. Midoriya being the spy was a possibility, yet he was a terrible actor, so he wasn’t all that sold on that one. He didn’t have enough information. But he could.

                He’d just have to keep an eye on the kid.


                Enji stood tall in front of the kids, glaring at each and every one of them to make sure he drove the point. Most of them were cowering in their seats, except for Shouto, who looked unbothered and for Bakugou, who acted like he couldn’t have possibly done anything wrong.

                The teacher gritted his teeth and glared at them once more before he spoke.

                “You were all utter idiots and the fact that I didn’t murder you the moment I walked in speaks a lot about my patience” he growled. “Really now, I should expel all of you for the simple fact that, when villains attack and you don’t have experience, you stay the fuck away!” he punched the desk and they all pull back. “I have no idea what your parents taught you, and I frankly don’t care what you do outside my class. But while you are in my class, you are expected to follow a minimum amount of logic, and that means not running around like headless chickens during a fight. You do not actively get in each other’s way, you don’t run towards villains instead of away from them!”

                At this one he glared pointedly at Midoriya and Bakugou. Bakugou rolled his eyes and Enji had to remind himself that he was not allowed to defenestrate his students while not in the gym.

                “Bakugou” he said and the boy snapped up to glare at him. “That is addressed especially to you.” Midoriya seemed ashamed enough already and singling one out got more attention.

                “What?!” he snapped up straight and glared at him. “But I took out the villain!”

                “NO” he said “You and Kirishima actively got in the way of Thirteen destroying the villain for no other reason than what I can assume bragging rights” he said “Well, that was idiotic. Especially when you were told to stay back.” The blond was boiling. Enji sneaked a look at the redhead. He seemed ashamed enough, so that was good for the moment.

                “What school did you come from?” he asked out of the sudden.

                Bakugou blinked and responded while crossing his arms. “Orudera”

                “Small school in a small district. Let me guess, you had the flashiest Quirk, the strongest, everyone told you that you’ll be the greatest hero?”

                “I will be the greatest hero!”

                “No you won’t” Enji spit. Bakugou froze. “News flash for all of you” he glared them into the ground. “You might have been the strongest in your little schools, but now you are in a place where everyone is as strong if not stronger than you” he pointed at Bakugou “This kind of attitude will not be tolerated. Just because you have a strong Quirk it does not mean that everyone will bow at your feet” he looked at them once more “You are nothing more than government schooled soldiers with a shit load of publicity and propaganda to carry and the industry will eat you whole if you don’t grow up” he sat back behind the desk “The USJ was proof that you don’t know what you are doing. Proof that you are still children, still learning and you should be glad you made it at all” he looked at all of them and straightened his back “Take this as a warning. The Sports Festival will be coming and you better train and make a good impression if you want to get any offers” he looked at his watch. The class was ending.

                “Midoriya” he said and the boy stood straighter. “A word.”

                He walked towards the office Nedzu had given him to have a place to vent and not kill the kids he was supposed to teach and the boy followed him dutifully behind. He entered the room and sat at his chair.

                The boy looked at him, back straight, face laced with anxiety.

                “I noticed that you don’t have the best control over your Quirk” he started because he needed a way to start this particular conversation. The boy stilled as if held at gunpoint, and started sweating profusely.

                “Well, I’m trying to get better control at it….”

                “Well, it’s failing” he said bluntly and the boy looked down, hands trembling before he shoved them behind his back. Enji pulled out a post it note. “Meet me at ground alpha after class sharp.”

                The boy blinked. “Sir?”

                “I’ll help you figure out your Quirk.” It was the best way to keep an eye on the kid and his skills, and it might get Nedzu off his back for being anti-social.

                “Really?” the boy’s eyes widened and he almost started to glow.

                “Yes. Don’t be late and don’t be lazy. I don’t take kindly to that.”

                “Thank you thank you thank you!” he bowed deeply, head almost touching the ground in what looked like a particularly painful way to commit suicide, but Enji just took a deep breath.

                “Show me your gratitude by gaining some skills till the Sports Festival. Now get out, I have things to do.”

                “Thank you again!” the boy beamed before he dashed out of the office at what could be considered a second Quirk.


                Enji had watched the video once again to know exactly what he has been dealing with. And he didn’t like it.

                From the USJ, he had realised exactly how similar Midoriya’s Quirk was to All Mights. It was also very dangerous and the boy obviously had no training with it. He wouldn’t have had time to have training if he had gotten it before the school. But the man didn’t see why All for One would send a spy so obviously to be a spy to be a spy.

                So, since Saito wasn’t going to help, it remained his duty to see if the boy was a spy or just stupid.

                Midoriya, for all his recklessness, wasn’t tardy. He had appeared on the step of his office at the exact hour, dressed in gym clothes and positively vibrating with pent up energy.

                Enji was getting exhausted just by looking at him.

                This would be such a drag.

                Why did he agree to it? Oh. Yeah.

                The spy thing.   

                He walked towards the Alpha training grounds with the boy skipping in step behind him. He could feel the excitement and the way the boy obviously wanted to start talking, but he held his tongue for various reasons. Good. He didn’t have time to waste.

                They reached the gym and Enji walked towards one of the matts. “So” he said, eyeing the small kid up and down. “How does your Quirk work?”

                “It stockpiles energy and releases it in big chunks” the boy said.

                “All right. And what have you been doing to train it?”

                “Well” the boy moved from one foot to the other. “I managed to keep the power in one limb and in the tip of my finger” he flexed said fingers “I still can’t tone it down without  breaking anything.”

                “If you don’t tone it down, you will not get to be a hero” Enji said.

                “But if I worked hard….”

                “It doesn’t matter!” Enji barked. “You will be no use to anyone if you don’t have arms to fight.” He frowned “I watched your entrance exam and I’ve watched you at the USJ. You are reckless. You don’t care about your own safety or collateral damage” and he didn’t have the money or lawyers to deal with collateral damage. It had taken Enji a lot of work to be able to go all out on villains.

                “But I want to save people!” the boy clenched his fists and glared at Enji with a kind of determination the man saw for the first time.

                Huh. So you’re not a lost cause quite yet.

                “And what good will you be if you die on your first day?” the boy shut his mouth. Enji sighed. he recognised the type. He wouldn’t be able to get anywhere if he didn’t shatter the way of thinking the kid had. Thankfully, he seemed up for critique, unlike two other overpowered fifteen year olds he had to train. “Look kid, this is an industry. I don’t know how much propaganda you have been forced to swallow, but the idealist view you have will not run anymore. Heroes don’t save people for the sake of saving people anymore. There’s a reason this is an industry in the first place.”

                 The boy started outright glaring, giving away a pure, terrifying vibe. Enji was impressed.

                “I don’t care!” he yelled, holding his stance with the most backbone the hero had seen in a long long time. “I want to help people. This is the sole reason I want to be a hero in the first place. And if I have to die by that, so be it!”

                Conviction. This was new.

                Why the hell did it have to come with ideals?

                Enji sighed and rubbed his temples. He was wasting time. “Fine then, how many people do you want to save?”

                The boy blinked. “Ummmmm…”

                “Tell me a number” he crossed his arms. “Come on now, tell me a number of people you saved after which you will be satisfied with your work. Tell me a number of people over which you will consider good enough, tell me the number of people you want to save before you retire.”

                “I don’t have a number.” The boy glared.


                “Because I want to save as many as I can!”

                “So tell me” the man leaned forward “How many can you save if you have to retire in your first week because you crippled yourself?” he took a step forward. “How many people can you save if you die before you finish highschool?”

                The boy looked down.

                “There’s a reason I am one of the oldest heroes still in the business. Most careers last five years, a decade at most before they retire because they smashed their kneecaps or something. They make enough money so they can live in luxury. Well, most of them that is” he looked at the boy who was looking at the ground. “You have a powerful flashy Quirk. You will get high in the rankings only based on that. If your purpose is to retire early, then fine, shatter your bones, it will be enough.”

                “I don’t.” the boy clenched his fists “I don’t want to retire early. I want to save people.”

                “Then make sure to make it longer than most. If you truly want to help people, make sure you live long enough to do so.” The boy looked up. The fire wasn’t dead, only a little bit tamed. The man shook his head. “Both you and Bakugou have the same problem. You lack restraint.”

                The boy froze. He looked up, eyes wide, filled with something Enji couldn’t quite read. “What do you mean?”

                “You both go all out. You have no mind for yourself, he has no mind for anyone else” Enji rose his eyebrows. “If he doesn’t change his attitude, he’s already a lost cause. Are you?”

                “He’s awesome!” the boy jumped, fists clenching “He’s got an awesome Quirk, and ….”

                “Strong Quirks are everywhere nowadays. It’s hard to find someone who is mentally fit for heroics, and he is too far down the line.” He looked at the kid. “Can you prove that you are more than a flashy Quirk, or am I just wasting my time here?”

                Shouto and Touya had been strong, but that only gave them a shot at the top ten. He had tried to make sure they weren’t complete idiots so they could actually hold their own in the industry.

                “I am more than just a flashy Quirk!” the boy yelled. “And I will be a hero.”

                “Fine. We’ll see about that. Now prove your statement and try to think why your Quirk doesn’t work.”

                The boy fell into a stance. “Activate it” Enji said.              

                The boy focused and his arm quickly got covered in sparks. “Wait” the man said. The boy stopped. “Why do you keep it in your arm?”

                “I don’t…..?”

                “You do” the man sighed. “No wonder it breaks you, the pressure it too high!” he sighed. “Try to even it out!”

                It took one hour, but finally, the boy managed to spread it evenly.

                “Good” the man said absentmindedly and the boy beamed. “Same time tomorrow.” And, with that sparse goodbye, he left.