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Behind Closed Doors

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*Warning* This smut will involve forced sex. Do not read if you are uncomfortable with the topic.

Top: Cartoonz, Delirious, Ohm (semi), and Rilla

Bottom: Squirrel


Hazing day.

Although most colleges banned hazing, a lot of fraternities and sororities still continue with this practice. They just try to hide it better. After all, many of the members had to go through some type of hell to get in, why should the newer members get in without having something done to them. And the members of Alpha Kappa Beta had this same mindset.

So, when hazing day came around, every member was excited to see what would happen to the fresh meat. However, their advisor didn't share their excitement. Word came in that day from his girlfriend's sorority that one of their chapters had gotten shut down after they were caught hazing. This somewhat worried him. He didn't want to have Alpha Kappa Beta shut down, but he was torn because he knew that his brothers were looking forward to hazing the newbies.

As night rolled around, the advisor knew that he needed to do something to hide the fact that they were hazing and still satisfy the members. So, he called them all to the kitchen and offered all of them a weird twist on hazing. Instead of getting all of the boys to do the same thing in order to join, all of the brothers would group up and take one of the newbies somewhere else to haze them in their own ways. He sorted all of the brothers into groups of four before he called in the associates. He allowed each group to pick an associate and after they picked who they were hazing, the associates were sent back to their rooms until the brothers knew what they were going to do.

In one group were four friends, Luke, Jonathan, Ryan, and Mark, which honestly made deciding on a form of hazing a bit difficult. Luke and Jonathan threw out idea after idea of what they could do, however, Ryan and Mark kept shooting each and every single one down. If it was going to be them doing something, Ryan and Mark didn't want to hurt the newbie too much, since it would easily be linked back to them. However, Luke and Jon wanted to go for stupid and dangerous.

"You guys are being no fun," Jonathan yelled at the two as he sat down on the couch, kicking his feet up onto the coffee table being held together with duct tape.

"Jon," Mark groaned, being just as annoyed with the conversation that had been going on for almost an hour at this point. "We're not trying to be buzzkills, we are being smart."

"Nah, I think you bitches are being buzzkills," Luke replied as he leaned against the doorframe to his and Jonathan's room.

"You guys wanted to have him swim across the fucking river that has a waterfall ten miles downstream and walk across the highway, blindfolded!"

"Well we can't do what we had to go through when we were being hazed," Jonathan complained.

"That was stupid and dangerous too!"

"How? All they did was spray us with water!"

"From the high-pressure hose that made us limp around for a month and almost broke your arm!"

"We aren't trying to hurt or kill the guy," Ryan yelled out.

"Then what are we going to do to the bastard," Luke yelled back, getting more pissed off the longer this went.

Ryan thought for a minute, blocking out the arguing around him to think of something more simple they could do to the newbie. Then, an idea hits him. "I got it," he says loudly, getting the others to look over to him. "Why don't we just paddle him?"

"That's your fucking big idea," Luke yells out. "Paddling!"

"Look, hazing does mean we have to risk his life. We can embarrass him, which paddling him will do. Plus, we have that paddle in the basement that no one has used since that party before summer."

The mention of the paddle in the basement instantly puts a smile on Jonathan's face. "Oh yeah, we do have that down there still," he laughs, remembering how many people had gotten spanked with it that night, and how hot sex had gotten when he used it right.

"Isn't that paddle starting to crack," Mark asks.

"Nah, it can still go for a while."

Ryan and Mark smile at each other, knowing that Jonathan may finally be on their side on this. "As long as the paddle stays together, we can use it for however long as we want," Ryan then says, now trying to convince Luke. "Maybe we can just make it so that he can't sit down for a month."

"I don't give a fuck if he couldn't sit for a god damn year; paddling is a fucking lame-ass excuse for hazing." Luke looked over to Jonathan and saw him looking off with a weird smile on his face. Or at least, it would be weird to anyone other than Luke.

Luke and Jonathan were like brothers, only closer. They talked about everything and would tell each other absolutely everything, including their kinks. Jonathan just so happened to have a spanking fetish, and he never could control himself when he saw a bright red ass, no matter the sex. This gave Luke the perfect idea for what they could do. He just needed to get something first.

He forced out a groan and rolled his eyes, "Fine, ya assholes. We'll do the fucking paddling. You guys go get the newbie and take him down to the basement, we'll do it there. I need to go grab something from my room first."

Once Luke had given in, Rhan and Mark quickly went to grab the newbie from his room, while Luke smacked the back of Jonathan's head, bringing him back to reality. Rubbing the back of his head, Jon turned to yell at Luke, but stopped when Luke leaned in and whispered, "Want to have some fun tonight?"

This made Jonathan laugh, a twisted smile coming to his face before he looked over to Luke. With a nod of the head, Jonathan and Luke stood up and started looking around the room, gathering all they needed for a couple of hours worth of fun.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Mark made their way up to the second floor and found the room with their newbie was waiting in. When they walked in, the young man had turned in his seat to look at them. As he had waited with his friends, Joe had decided to start working on some papers for his classes that were going to be due on Monday. However, he didn't expect for it to have taken as long as it did, nor did he expect all of his friends to have been taken away before him.

While time dragged on, it made his stomach start to twist and turn like a roller coaster. Everyone knew of all of the horror stories that came from hazings gone wrong in the past, so when he noticed that everyone else had gotten taken away, he started to fear what this would mean for him. If it was taking so long because they were trying to decide what to put him through, or if setting everything up was taking longer than the others.

However, he didn't want to show his fear. So, gulping down his heart that had quickly made its way up to his throat, he stood up and crossed his arms. "What took so long?"

"Planning mostly," Mark told him before walking over and putting his arm around his shoulder. Pushing him forward, Ryan and Mark lead Joe all the way down to the basement.

As they walk down the long staircase, Joe started to feel his stomach start to turn. "What exactly did you guys have planned for me?"

"Nothing bad," Ryan reassured him, not wanting to scare the newbie. "That's sort of why it took so long. We don't want to hurt you or put you through something traumatic."

This made Joe sigh in relief. The idea of having an easy hazing would be a dream to him. He'd get into the same fraternity as his dad, and not walk around with anything in a case. It would be perfect!

However, the moment he walked into the storage room in the back of the basement and he saw Luke and Jonathan smiling at him, something inside just didn't feel right. "It's about damn time," Jonathan laughed, pushing himself off of an old pool table that was left to rot in the old room. "Let's get started!"

"Newbie," Luke ordered, making Joe jump in place. "Come over here and take off your clothes."

"What," Joe, Ryan, and Mark all yelled out, confused by the order.

"Wait a minute," Ryan then said, putting his arm in front of Joe. "Where is this coming from?! We never said anything about him having to be naked at any point in time!"

"It's more painful when it hits skin," Jon plainly stated with a shrug, trying his best to keep his excitement from showing itself too soon.

"Besides," Luke then took over, walking over and grabbing Joe by the arm. "We had to go through our hazing completely naked; only fair for him to go through that too."

"Wait, wait, wait," Joe quickly pleaded, pulling his arm away. "What even are you guys going to do to me?"

"Wait, they didn't tell you?"


"Why the fuck are y'all trying to keep this pussy ass shit a secret," Luke yelled at Ryan and Mark, making them jump.

"Well, letting him shit his pants as he waited to see what would happen was funny," Ryan argued.

Rolling his eyes, Luke looked to Joe and told him, "These pussies didn't want to "put you through too much" so we agreed on just paddling you. We only ask for you to be naked as a form of humiliation. However, if you want to be a pussy too, you can go through it with your clothes on. We're just going to have to tell the advisor and the rest of the house know, and that could affect your chances of getting into the fraternity."

"Luke," Ryan yelled, picking up on what Luke was trying to do. "Don't pressure him to do something he may not feel comfortable with!"

"How about you stop being a little bitch and you stop hiding shit from him! We all went through the same shit, and we all saw what happened to the guys that took the pussy way out. They weren't welcomed. They got kicked out, and the same thing will happen to this newbie if he doesn't know about his choices!"

"I'll do it," Joe then spoke up, taking a step towards Luke and Jonathan.

"Wait, newbie, you really don't-" Ryan started, however, before he could finish, Joe stopped him.

"I am going to go through this... it's just paddling after all. I can handle it, even if I have to be naked... in front of a bunch of guys."

"That's the spirit," Luke then exclaimed, patting Joe on the shoulder before leading him towards the table.

Ryan and Mark looked at each other, the two having a small conversation without saying a word. The two agreed that something didn't feel right after what was going on, but both agreeing that there wasn't anything they could do. Instead, they looked forward and watched helplessly as Joe began to peel off his clothes.

Once Joe was completely naked, Jonathan grabbed his clothes and moved them away from the young adult as Luke began to explain what they had planned. "As we said, for your hazing, you're about to get your ass smack with our favorite little house paddle, which has probably had more action than anyone in this fucking fraternity," as he spoke, he gestured towards Jonathan, who after moving Joe's clothes was walking back with an old wooden paddle. Faded on the face of the old block of wood were once silver and blue writing that spelled out Alpha Kappa Beta, and along the sides were clear chips and cracks, showing the age of the paddle much more clearly than the young men could tell.

This made Joe raise an eyebrow. "Is that thing even going to hold up?"

"If it breaks before it's done, we'll come up with something else to do to you," Jonathan then told him, a hint of darkness seeming to hit his eyes as he smirked at the newbie. The look felt evil in a weird way, and it made Joe gulp and want to back away. However, he didn't move. He had to go through with this.

"If y'all are done," Luke said, rolling his eyes as he started to get impatient. "Let's finish the setup," he then finish before reaching down under the pool table and pulling out a roll of tape.

"What the hell is that for," Mark yelled out, his gut screaming at him to stop whatever was happening in front of him.

"Just a little something to add to the humiliation. Now, newbie, spread your legs and put them both right next to the legs of the table. Once I'm done taping them together, I want you to lean against the table itself, and for you to put your hands along the sides of it."

Joe gulped again but did as he was told. Not allowing his nerves to show, he walked up to the table and spread his legs apart, putting his ankles against the table leg. At the command of Luke, he then stood up on his tip-toes, making him look slightly taller and bringing his hips up pass the edge of the pool table. Gripping onto the same edge for support, Joe then watched as Lyke leaned down and started wrapping the tape around him, layering it and making it tight. Part of him wanted to ask how they planned to take the tape off of him, but he stopped himself. Seeing how much Luke and Jonathan had hated the haze to begin with, he figured they planned to just rip the tape off of him, not caring if it ripped hair or skin in the process.

Once Joe saw that Luke was done taping his legs, he did as was told again and he leaned his body over the table, resting his torso on the somewhat fuzzy and dusty table. He face soon grew red as he thought about being presented to the group of men in the way he was. If he had seen a woman like this, he knew that he would have immediately been turned on and would be ready to pound into her. However, with him in that position, he couldn't help but feel vulnerable and exposed.

Once Luke had taped Joe's hands to the sides of the table, he dropped the tape and walked over to Jonathan, who already had his eyes locked on the young, bare ass in front of him. He couldn't help but admire the shape and perkiest alone, though he and Luke both knew that this was only the start. It could only get better from where they already were.

Handing over the paddle, Jon sat back and watched as Luke walked over to the two pussies that came up with the first half of the plan. Twirling the paddle in his hands, Luke walked up to Ryan and smiled at him before shoving the paddle into his chest. "You have the first couple of swings."

"What? Why me?"

"Because this was your stupid idea, so you beat his ass first. Once you're done, Mark will have a go, then me, then Jon. Now stop being a little bitch and do it already!"

Ryan took the paddle in his hands and looked down at it. Although Jon had sworn that the paddle was still good to use, part of him started wishing they had gotten a newer paddle to use, even if it was just for the night. The one in his hands not only looked like it was ready to fall apart, but it looked like it could leave splinters. However, it was too late to turn back now.

With his heart pounding in his chest, Ryan walked up to the tied-down man and moved over so take he was standing off to the side. After taking a deep breath, Ryan gently placed the paddle on Joe's cheek, getting an idea of where to aim before he pulled back a bit. In one quick motion, Ryan pulled back and swung forward, hitting Joe on his right cheek hard enough to make a sound, but barely hard enough to make Joe hiss. This seemed to have pissed off Jon and Luke.

"Come on, you can do fucking better than that," Jonathan then yelled out, his smile being replaced with a frown that looked somewhat unnatural for the normally happy man.

"Do it again," Luke then ordered Ryan before he leaned against the wall. "And this time, do it harder."

"He's going to get paddled by four guys," Ryan started to argue. "I don't think it's really necessar-"

"Ryan, either you do it harder, or we're stopping here and I'm telling the advisor that he didn't get a proper hazing because of you! And you know damn well that the guy may be being a pussy about the hazing, but he won't be when dealing with you!"

This made Ryan gulp and flinch in fear. The list of ideas of what the advisor could do to him is long and seemingly endless. Everything from dressing up as a maid and cleaning the fraternity with no underwear under the skirt to sitting on a block of ice, completely naked are two that he's already seen come into play. Neither he would want to be apart of.

So, turning to Joe, Ryan sighed and whispered a quick apology before he quickly pulled back and swung forward, hitting the newbie's ass so hard that not only was the smack audible that it somewhat echoed in the room. The second Joe felt the paddle hit him, he gripped the sides of the table and had to fight back a scream, causing him to let out a slow, loud hiss instead.

Dropping the paddle to his side, Ryan turned away again and was ready to hand off the paddle to Mark, but stopped when Luke ordered him to do it again. Ryan tried to argue with Luke, but he had quickly given up. As he aimed the paddle yet again, part of him couldn't help but think that the idea of Joe skinny dipping in the freezing cold lake might have been a better idea over this.

With each hit from the paddle, Joe's face started getting bright red. He could only imagine the sight of his ass after every smack. How red his ass might have been after Ryan was done with him, and even then he would have to go through this three more times. The idea of his ass being so bright and raw that he wouldn't be able to sit or lay on it was embarrassing enough, but to have people he barely knew seeing it all happen right in front of them was another level. To make things even more embarrassing for him, the longer he started thinking about this and the harder the smacks started to get, the more he would feel a slight tingling in between his legs.

After five straight minutes, Luke finally told Ryan to stop and to pass the paddle to Mark. By this point, Joe's ass was already bright red from the abuse from Ryan, who was already feeling guilty for what he had pushed this over so many other things.

As Mark stepped up to the pool table, he took a deep breath and pulled back, aiming for a spot that Ryan hadn't hit as much in order to not go too hard on the younger man. When he brought the paddle down, Joe bit his lip let out a whimper. He wanted to stop, but not because of the stinging pain that was shooting up his spine with each smack from the paddle. He wanted it to stop because he could feel his dick starting to press again the pool table, and he didn't want the guys to see him like this.

As Mark continued with the hazing, Luke looked over to Jonathan, wanting to see how he was holding up. A smirk slowly crept onto his face as he saw his best friend leaning up against the boxes behind him, his cheeks bright red and his icy blue eyes glued to the scene in front of him. Although Luke couldn't tell, Jonathan was in a great deal of pain. Seeing how battered Joe's ass was made him so hard that it was actually starting to hurt. However, he knew he couldn't start rubbing himself. He knew he couldn't make a move yet. He knew he had to wait, which made it so much worse for him. Yet at the same time, it would be all the better.

After several minutes, Luke finally stopped Mark and took the paddle from him. As this point, Joe was in tears. His ass was sore, his fingertips felt like they would fall off from digging into the side of the pool table, and his dick started to hurt from getting pressed against the hard table. He wanted this to be over, but as Luke pulled back for his first swing, he knew that it was only going to get worse.

Several more minutes passed, and with each smack from the paddle, Joe felt like dying from embarrassment. Despite how long the hazing had been going, his erection hadn't dropped a bit. If anything, it felt like it had gotten harder, and he could feel the precum building up on his tip. He was worried that a small pool would build under him or that when this was done that he would get laughed at and mocked for getting off to something like this.

Finally, after five long minutes, Luke decided that it was finally time to move on to the fun part. With a smirk, Luke quickly pulled his arm back and let go of the paddle. It flew back, just barely missing Ryan and Mark before it slammed into the wall, finally breaking in half. "What the hell, Luke," Mark yelled, clutching his heart.

"What," Joe yelled, trying to look back without showing his face. "What happened?"

"You act like I fucking wanted that shit to happen," Luke yelled to Mark, crossing his arms.

"I think we are going to have to call that the end of the hazing," Ryan plainly said, picking up the broken pieces of the paddle.

"So what? Jon just doesn't get to go? That doesn't exactly seem fair."

"Well, what do you want us to do?! We don't have any more paddles! I don't even think people still make these!"

"What are you talking about," Jon asked. "They literally sell them at every sex shop in every city."

"Okay, I don't even want to know how you know that," Ryan said, raising an eyebrow. "But even then, I'm pretty sure every sex shop around us is closed. There's no way for us to get one."

"Then, maybe we can switch up the hazing a bit," Jon then said with a smirk, looking over to the young man in front of them. For a second, the two locked eyes, which made Jonathan lick his lips once he saw the blush on Joe's face.

"What do you mean," Mark asked, a bit worried that they'll go too far.

"Well, in the position he's in, a few things come to mind," Jonathan then chuckles before he could finally rub his cock through his jeans. However, at this point, he just wanted to pull it out of them and shove it in between those bright red cheeks in front of him.

Ryan immediately picked up on what Jonathan was hinting towards, and he shook his head. "Hell no! You can't make him do that! That's rape!"

"We don't have to if he says no," Luke added, smirking back to Jonathan. "But, since it is so late, we're not going to have time for much of anything else. Which means we're going to have to say this hazing was incomplete."

"What," Joe yelled, his eyes grown wide.

"No way," Ryan said, shaking his head. "He's gone through enough of the hazing!"

"The agreement was for him to go through this from all four of us. As long as Jon hasn't gotten to do anything to him, it's incomplete."

Joe started to panic in his mind, worried about not getting into the fraternity over this. He couldn't fail, but after going through so much already and being so close. However, he saw the gesture. He knew what he would need to do.

Shutting his eyes, Joe spoke up, nervously. "I'll do it."

Ryan looked over, eyes wide open and his heart-stopping in fear. "Wait a second! You don't need to do this! Look, we can find something else to do for him!"

"Ryan," Luke yelled, glaring at the smaller man in front of him. "The hazings all need to be done tonight and we need to do them now! It's Jon's turn to go at the newbie, and the newbie is agreeing to it! So shut up, and just relax! It's not like the dick is going up your ass!"

He then turned to Jon and nodded his head, giving him the okay to move forward with their plan. With a smirk on his face, Jon reached into the box behind him and pulled out a half-emptied bottle of lubes before he started walking towards Joe. Ryan and Mark both tried to speak up about the item, however, Luke quickly silenced them before stepping behind them and making them both watch. Once Jon was right behind Joe, he pulled his hand back and smacked him so hard in the ass that Joe couldn't hold back his hiss from the pain. Jon's smile grew bigger before he gently started rubbing Joe's ass, trying to sooth it a little.

"Have to say, I'm impressed with how much of a beating you've taken so far," Jon then tells Joe in a hushed, husky voice, which sent shivers down his spine. "Now, I want to know, just how much more can you take before you collapse."

After telling him that, he popped open the bottle of lube and poured a generous amount on his fingers. Licking his lips, he placed the bottle next to Joe on the table and pulled his cheeks apart so he could get a good look at him. Joe started to squirm a bit under him, just wanting everything to be over with already. "God damn," Jon then laughed, narrowing his eyes at Joe. "How are you so turned on by all of this? Didn't know you were into this kinky shit too. Or are you just turned on by the fact that four guys are looking at you?"

This made Joe start to panic in his mind, while Jonathan was laughing in his own. Not really caring for an answer, Jonathan started rubbing his finger against Joe's entrance, making the young man jump at the unfamiliar feeling. The lube was cold, and the feeling of even the slightest bit of pressure against him was new to him. He didn't know if he could really go through with it, but he knew there was no going back at this point. Biting his lips, Joe shut his eyes tightly and started taking deep breaths to try to calm himself down. However, once Jon had pushed his finger into Joe, he swore he could hear glass breaking as his eyes shot open.

As his finger slid in, Jon couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of Joe's inner walls twitching and throbbing around it. With an evil chuckle, Jon told Joe to relax to make this easier for both of them before he started doing anything else. When he heard Joe taking a few deep breaths to try to calm himself, he decided to start massaging the inner walls to help them relax faster. It wasn't long after that a second and third finger was added in, stretching him out to make the next part easier, and to make his dick drip even more as he started to enjoy the feeling. So much so that when Jonathan pulls his fingers out, Joe couldn't hold back his whimper.

Biting his lip, Jonathan slowly reached down and pulled down his zipper, pulling his cock out through the small opening in his jeans. Pouring some more lube onto his dick, he pulled Joe's cheeks apart again and lined himself up with him.

"This is so wrong," Ryan whispered, shaking his head but keeping his eyes locked on the scene before him.

"Oh yeah," Luke started, his smirk still painted across his lips. "Well, it looks like your little friend is enjoying the show, so why are you complaining?" A light blush quickly spread across Ryan's face before he tried to cover his crouch with his hands. However, when Luke saw him do this, he shook his head and stepped directly behind Ryan, grabbing his arms and forcing them behind his back. "Don't be so shy about it, Ry. We're all friends here."

Ryan started to squirm, trying to get his arms away from Luke, however, he quickly stopped fighting back when he felt Luke gently kiss the back on his neck. When Mark saw this, he first wanted to jump in and pull Ryan away from Luke, but when he heard the soft moans coming out of his friend as Luke started to suck and nibble on his neck, Mark stopped and stared at them. None of this was right, he knew it. However, he knew he would be lying if he were to say that he didn't find any of the noses that came from Joe or Ryan extremely hot. So, when he saw Luke reach around Ryan and start to rub him through his jeans, Mark couldn't help but do the same thing to himself.

"This your first time with a guy," Jon asked Joe, a dark chuckle slipping its way into his words.

Joe nodded his head, looking back at the man towering over him. His heart was pounding so hard that it was practically knocking on the table under him. The tape around his wrist had started to loosen from how much Joe had been trying to pull his arms in. As for his dick, it was killing him that it was being ignored so much. He wanted to get a hand on it more than he would like to admit, and he never knew how torturous something like this would be.

Jon licked his lips as he started putting pressure on Joe's entrance, already starting to push his head through. "Don't worry; we'll make sure that this is not only going to be a night your never forget, but that this will be the best sex you're ever going to have." With those final words, he had pushed his head in completely, causing Joe to pull his arms in, finally ripping the tape off of the table as Joe screamed out in pain. He marched his back a little as Jonathan didn't slow down what he was doing, grabbing Joe's shoulder and holding him still as he pushed his dick in as deep as he could.

After that, he started rubbing Joe's back, telling him that he needed to relax again before he could pick up. Meanwhile, Luke couldn't stop smiling as he felt Ryan growing under his hand, telling him that the innocent man in his arms wasn't nearly as innocent as he played himself to be. And he wanted to ruin that image even more that night.

Looking over to Mark, he noticed that the guy was really starting to get into the heat from this moment more than he thought. This made him curious to see just how far he would go. So, he finally let Ryan go and pulled away from him, only to grab the bottom of his shirt and pull it off of him, keeping Ryan's ass pressed against his quickly growing cock as he pulled down the zipper of his jeans.

"L-Luke," Ryan moaned out, wanting to tell the man to stop, but losing his words when he felt Luke unbutton his jeans before reaching in, pulling his dick out and immediately starting to stroke it. He started moaning even louder as Luke started kissing his neck again, making his knees weak.

The sight of this has Mark dying, his dick pressed hard against his jeans, throbbing as it wanted the same treatment. For a split second, he looked over to Luke and the two locked eyes. During that split second, Luke had made it clear that he was free to join in if he wanted to. An offer Mark was all to willing to take at this point.

With a shakey deep breath, Mark walked over to the two and got an even better look at Ryan, who had to turn his head away, embarrassed. Mark swallowed a lump that had gotten caught in his throat before he finally made his first move. Grabbing Ryan by the chin, he made the shy man look back to him before he locked his lips with him. As the two started kissing, he allowed his hands to start traveling up and down Ryan's body before on of them found its way to his nipple, which he started teasing almost immediately.

Luke's cheeks quickly started to hurt as he watched the two in front of him. His and Jonathan's plan was falling into place perfectly, and he knew the night wasn't even close to being done yet. When he looked over to Jon and Joe, he quickly noticed just how into it Jonathan had quickly gotten. As soon as he felt that Joe had started to relax, Jon instantly started moving. It had started off slowly at first, but as soon as Jon wrapped his fingers around Joe's hips, he had picked up speed and refused to give him time to rest.

Tears started building up in Joe's eyes, however, it was strictly from the pain of feeling Jon smacking his already raw ass. Everything else, he was absolutely loving more than he would want to admit. The only thing he would want that Jonathan is refusing him is actually touching his throbbing dick that had been begging for attention for far too long.

Sweat was beating down Jonathan's face as he finally was feeling some relief after thirty-five minutes of teasing. However, he knew in the back of his mind that this couldn't last that much longer. Looking over his shoulder, he saw the little threesome teasing each other just in front of the only way out of the room, and he locked eyes with Luke. With a slight nod from both of them, they decided to move forward with their plan again.

"How is he, Jonny," Luke laughed, making both Ryan and Mark look back over to Jon and Joe.

"Nice and tight," Jon laughed. "Exactly how I love them! You guys want a taste," he then offered, making Joe look back at him, a blush spread across his face. Now he was being treated like a toy, being shared among friends?

How the hell is this hot, he thought.

Luke hummed a bit, pretending to think about the offer before he turned to Mark and Ryan and asked them, "What do you guys think?"

After Luke asked this, he started twisting his wrist a little as he stroked Ryan, making the man moan loudly and become putty in his hands. "Fuck," Ryan moaned out, holding onto Mark's shoulders, desperately trying to keep himself steady. He knew it would be wrong to say yes. They were taking advantage of someone who was clearly desperate to get into the frat and knew he needed the good word of all four of them. However, the longer Luke had his hand on him, the cloudier his mind started to become.

With a throaty moan, Ryan shut his eyes and started digging his nails into Mark's arm. "Let's do it," he then said. Mark looked at him, shocked, but knew that there was no point in fighting back anymore. So, he just nodded his head towards Luke, who smiled before looking back at Jon, giving him the nod to tell him to move forward with their plan.

With a groan, Jonathan pulled his cock out of Jon, who started whimpering. Biting his lip, he wanted Jon to shove his cock back into him so badly and he wanted to tell him that, but he knew nothing was really his cal anymore. Looking back, he watched as Jon leaned down and started pulling off the tape from around the leg of the table and from Joe's ankles, ripping some leg hair as he pulled. Once freed, Joe stood and was about to turn around, but stopped when Jon grabbed his hair and roughly pulled him.

Jon led the young man to the middle of the room by his hair before pushing him to the ground, telling him to get on all fours. Luke put his hands on both Mark's and Ryan's shoulders before he led them both towards the two men in front of them. Once they were in front of him, Luke patted both mens' shoulders before he stated, "I call fucking that ass first," before he walked over to the table and grabbed the bottle of lube.

Jonathan chuckled before he said, "And I want to see how good his mouth is," before he walked in front of Joe, grabbing his chin and making him look up at him.

"What are we supposed to do then," Mark ask, looking between the three.

"What the fuck do you think," Luke replied, rolling his eyes as he got onto his knees and finally pulled his cock out from his pants. "Pull your dick out and grab his hands. It's not like he's using then right now, so he can easily jerk you two off."

Luke then poured a good amount of lube on his cock before lining himself up with him. Jonathan put a bit of pressure on Joe's jaw, making him open it, before he slipped his dick into the younger man's mouth, making him suck him off. Ryan and Mark looked to each other and nodded in a silent agreement before they walked to either side of Joe and grabbed his arms, pulling them up. Ryan made Joe wrap his hand around his dick and started leading him in a slow rhythm to get him started, while Mark had him start by rubbing him a little before he too pulled his dick out from his pants so he could do the same for him.

Luke and Jonathan locked eyes and shared an evil smile, both happy to see how well everything had fallen into place before Luke slipped his dick into Joe. Joe had to pull away from Jon for a bit, not wanting to bite down as he felt needles going up his spine. Luke was a bit bigger than Jonathan, which he wasn't expecting. It was more painful, though not as painful as the slap that went across his face from Jon.

"I didn't tell you to pull away," he scolded before grabbing the younger man's hair and forcing his dick back into his mouth. Joe's mind was going wild as he tried to focus on pleasing all four men that surrounded him. After a bit, he managed to get a good rhythm going with his hands to keep Ryan and Mark occupied, and Luke had taken a hold of his hips, making it so that he didn't really need to think about what he needed to do to take care of him. This just left Jonathan, which he was thinking he was doing a good job with.

His tongue swirled around his head, he was able to take him whole, and a little light grazing of the teeth along the shaft all seemed to please him enough. However, this was the first time he was doing something like this, and his jaw had quickly gotten tired. He wanted to give it a little break, but he knew that he couldn't stop what he was doing. That's when an idea came to mind that he thought just might work. He pulled himself away, but before Jonathan could grab his hair again, he moved his head to the side and started licking along the shaft, staring up at Jon the entire time. After a few seconds to rest his jaw, he followed the shaft all the way down to the base before he pulled away again.

"Pull everything out," was all he needed to say. Jonathan smirked and chuckled a bit before he pulled down his jeans completely. Joe knew that those few seconds of rest was going to cost him, but he didn't mind too much. Licking his lips, he licked along the shaft again before he went under Jonathan and started paying attention to his nuts. It didn't take long after Joe started doing this that Jon blew his first load all over Joe's face, and this made Joe want even more.

Hours went by before the group finally finished, each one taking a fucking, getting sucked, and getting jerked off before they all finished all over Joe. By the end of the night, even Joe had finished a few times, and he was beyond exhausted. So much so that once all four mean pulled away from him, he collapsed and just laid in a pool of cum, ready to pass out. Ryan was the first to leave the room, volunteering to get towels for everyone to clean themselves up, while Mark followed after to make sure no one else was in the halls so they could get Joe back to his room without anyone seeing him.

Once the two left, Luke and Jonathan looked down at the younger man in evil smirks on their faces. Luke grabbed Joe and made him sit up and look at them, while Jonathan patted him on the back, both promising to put in a good word with the advisor for him. Which they both kept.

Soon after that night, Joe was welcomed into the fraternity and was welcomed into the little group with opened arms. He actually was soon able to call them his friends, and they the same. After a couple of weeks, Joe picked up a little nickname from them that sort of confused the others though. Squirrel wasn't exactly the manliest of names out there, but he didn't really mind getting called that. After all, why would he when even he knew why they gave him that name.

The same reason why the five kept disappearing every week to go down to the basement of the frat house.