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dead or alive, i still want you

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The club is full of people— hot, sweaty bodies dance and grind up on each other. The ceiling disco lights drown the crowd in a flurry of interchanging neon colours; red, blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow— in a tandem of blinding rainbow. The air is humid and choking, no cooling effect within it’s nature whatsoever, making it hard to catch a breath.


Jungkook takes another quick swing of his pink gin and spritz, crumpling the plastic cup in his hand right after emptying it, hazel eyes never leaving the living perfection that stands before him a few mere meters away.


Yes, Jimin really is perfection.


A top grade student, never gets anything below an A, can pull off doing a backflip almost anywhere at anytime (if asked politely) and he effortlessly looks like a model, even when he’s wearing nothing more than a pair of simple skinny jeans and a plain black hoodie. His visuals are so immaculate, so addicting to stare at, Jungkook often finds himself entranced by the boy— almost like some sort of hypnosis possesses him whenever Jimin enters the room.


It’s almost an obsession, one that Jungkook’s friends aren't particularly fond of since they don't really get the big deal about this whole ‘Jimin' guy since he’s fairly new, having joined the college along with a bunch of his friends less than two weeks ago. But, Jungkook does.


Jungkook gets the deal— and he really wants it all to himself if the chance to take it ever arose.


“Stop staring at him like that,” Namjoon takes a seat on the velvet couch next to Jungkook, a can of beer in his right hand. He leans back as he takes a sip of the bitter alcohol, “it’s even giving me the creeps, imagine how he feels.” Jungkook sighs and leans back too, letting the cool material of the leather seat chill his heated neck. He closes his eyes for a second, registering that yeah, maybe he is being awfully creepy and should probably stop. Namjoon heaves a sigh and slaps his hand down gently on Jungkook’s knee, squeezing it with encouragement as he takes another sip of his beer.


“I really am a fucking creep— s’probably why he’ll never talk to me.”


“Nah, he’s been here barely two weeks and you’re just—“ there's a pause as Namjoon scrambles for a word that isn’t as derogatory as ‘obsessed’, “—deeply infatuated.” The lilt in his voice sets an unsure tone to his suggestion which makes Jungkook chuckle lightly, knowing full well what his friend means by that.


“I mean, you’re not exactly doing anything bad. You’re just looking.”


“For a creepily long time.”


“Yeah, but nothing wrong with letting a man dream.” Jungkook chuckles again before tilting his head to face his friend. Namjoon’s cheeks are slightly rosy and his eyes are drooping— hence the slur of his words. Ah, that’s the reason why he’s being awfully nice tonight— he’s drunk. His friends have always teased him about his crush on Jimin and made their disapproval of the whole ordeal clear, except when their drunk or in a particularly good mood. You see, the reason why they’re so very against Jungkook’s ‘infatuation’ with the black haired beauty is because well, Jimin is, how can we put this…


well, a vampire.


Namjoon, who himself is a werewolf, always said to never trust a vampire. At first, Jungkook had thought it’s all nonsense and that his friend has a pre-existing stigma to do with Jimin due to the ever present rivalry against their two species. However, not too long ago, he had met Namjoon’s vampire friend Seokjin, whom he doesn't hate at all.


In fact, he's infatuated with him in the same way Jungkook is infatuated with Jimin— (talk about hypocrisy). So, after much confrontation, Namjoon admitted that the reason why he's so against Jungkook’s interest in the vampire is because he is scared the younger will get his heart broken. At that declaration, Jungkook simply burst out laughing because, well, there is simply no way in the world that Jimin could ever break Jungkook’s heart. That’s due to the fact that they will most probably, most likely, most definitely never ever even get together so, there will be no opportunity for Jimin to break his heart. Logical, right? Well, it is to Jungkook and that’s all that really matters.


Jungkook sighs and turns his head back towards the crowd, leaning forward slightly.


“I think I’ll go get another drink.” Namjoon nods as Jungkook gets up to walk towards the bar. Bodies crash into him as he steps past, the music getting louder and louder, banging incredulously within his head.


“Can I get you anything?” Jungkook fishes around his pockets for his wallet.


“Yeah, gin spritz please.”


“Sorry man,” the bartender points to his ears, “can’t hear you. Speak louder.” Jungkook leans in on the counter, covering his mouth to fade out the music.


“Gin spritz!” The bartender shakes his head and points to his ears again. Jungkook groans and rolls his eyes, taking a second to calm himself before leaning in even closer to shout the name of the beverage when— he feels a sudden coldness on his shoulder, something pulling him back from the bartender. The touch is firm but delicate, a sensory paradox which overcomes Jungkook as he registers the feeling.


“He said he wants a gin spritz Jacob,” the whisper is so small it’s almost inaudible, Jungkook himself barely hears it even though whoever is speaking is standing right next to him— and yet, the bartender nods with an apologetic smile and turns to begin making the alcoholic drink. Jungkook feels the hand slip away from his shoulder slowly, making a shiver crawl up his arm. He turns in the direction of the voice, curious to see his helper and—


he freezes.


His blood almost literally runs cold as his eyes bulge out of his skull at the sight of Park Jimin standing before him, in all his beautiful glory and shining charisma, eyeing the younger wonderfully with his ruby red eyes sparkling in the shades of the neon lights. His glistening fangs peek out through his pillow soft lips, resting on the cushioned surface. His snow pale skin almost glows in the dim lighting, showing no sign of any imperfection whatsoever.


In that moment, Jungkook reckons that there truly is nothing more perfect on this earth than Park Jimin— there couldn't be.  He gulps, frozen in place and unable to tear his gaze away, staring the vampire down like a hungry wolf. The hypnosis overtakes him yet again.


Jimin looks up at Jungkook slowly, his eyes hooding as he smiles, a feather light chuckle escaping his blood red mouth. He tilts his head to the side, his eyes never leaving the younger even for a second. Not really sure what to do and totally in shock at the event, Jungkook gulps one more time and exhales a small, hoarse, croaky ‘thanks’. Jimin giggles. Jungkook wants to eat him alive.


“You’re Jungkook, right?” His voice feels like cool silk between nimble fingers on a hot, sizzling day. It feels like a block of ice on burning skin, a bucket of freezing water during a forest fire. Jungkook feels his heart battering in his rib cage like it’s about to burst out right into his hands for Jimin to keep. Honestly, he wouldn't mind that happening in the slightest.


“So, are you Jungkook? Or are you i-just-stare-a-lot-and-don’t-talk-guy?” Jimin chuckles, lifting a hand to graze it between his black toned hair. Jungkook watches the motion intensely, having seen it many a times as it’s Jimin’s on going habit but, up close, it almost gives him a nose bleed.


“Both.” Jimin’s blood red eyes widen at Jungkook’s deadpan, before his lips curl into yet another smile.


“Hm,” he muses, “at least you’re honest. Well, Jungkook, I’ve heard a lot about you.” It’s Jungkook’s turn to startle, his eyes blowing even wider than before, expression a mixture of unsureness, fear and anxiety at what exactly has Jimin heard and from who.


Jimin, noticing the younger’s sudden shock, lifts a hand to his arm and squeezes it calmingly— well, he meant it in a calming manner however, the only thing that resulted from the kind gesture was a bubbling heat within Jungkook’s stomach that was about to erupt.


“Nothing bad, all great stuff, really. The people I’ve met think you’re a great guy, actually. A natural at sports, straight A’s, great to talk to in need— Chungha praised you especially when she told me about how you helped her get a date with Sunmi, I mean, you’re a great friend—” he pauses, letting his arm fall back to his side much to Jungkook’s dismay, “although they do reckon you could work on your style,” he proceeds to step back a little, his glowing orbs scanning Jungkook from top to bottom, making him squirm as Jimin takes him all in with his heated gaze, “I reckon you’re doing great in that department too, actually.”




“Yeah,” Jimin breathes, stepping a little closer toward the younger, “I meant to talk to you before, actually. But, whenever I got round to it, you had left the party or scurried home right after the lecture ended,” Jimin takes another step closer, invading Jungkook’s space, making him cower slightly until his back hits the bar counter, “why’s that, hm? Are you avoiding me?”


Jungkook feels a trillion nerve endings within his body tremble and explode like fireworks in a closed box, aching to get free, sending shiver after shiver to jostle his already flailing, overheated body as the burning fire in his stomach grows almost uncontainable.


“No, no— definitely not, I’d never—“


“Your drink, it’s ready.” Jungkook blinks, turns to the bartender behind him who’s holding his spritz out in front. He thanks him with a stuttered tone and digs around his pockets once again for his wallet, hastily taking a sip of the cold beverage to cool him down. He can feel Jimin’s presence behind him even as he pays. It’s a haunting feeling. Weirdly, Jungkook loves it.


“So, I know a lot about you,” Jungkook gulps as he loses count of the money in his hand yet again upon hearing Jimin’s silky voice, “do you want to get to know me better?”


At that, the younger stills, his head turning slowly to face Jimin in disbelief. The vampire stands next to him with a, much to Jungkook’s surprise, pleading look. He blinks, vision hazy due to the overwhelming feelings consuming him.


“Y—Yeah, sure. I mean, why wouldn't I—“


“Dude, are you going to pay or what? I have like twenty other customers—“ Jungkook shoves all the change he has in his hand to the bartender (a generous amount of twenty-something-dollars), and takes his drink with him before turning to fully face Jimin, giving him his full attention. The vampire tilts his head slightly, his eyes once again never leaving Jungkook.


“I don’t know,” he begins coyly, “I just seriously thought you were avoiding me for some reason. Thought you didn't want to get to know me.”


“No—“ Jungkook starts, a little too eagerly, “no, I mean, that’s not it at all.” Jungkook looks around the crowd hastily. With Namjoon nowhere to be found, he swallows thickly before locking eyes again with Jimin.


This was the one chance he could have to actually talk to the vampire, to actually get to know him for him and not for the rumours that are passed around about him and his friends, to actually create something— a friendship… or whatever— with the muse of his deep infatuation. He wasn't going to let this opportunity up, even if he has to live with months of lectures from his friends about vampires being bad and false after this. There’s no way he’s not taking advantage of this.


Jungkook takes a breath, his nerves still erupting at a high from Jimin’s stare, “do you want to get out of here?” Jimin blinks.


“I mean, not in that way,” an awkward chuckle escapes Jungkook’s lips, “I mean, to talk and— and stuff, you know? Only if you want to, obviously.” Jimin smiles warmly, his fangs visible through his lips in the light.


“Yeah, sure,” the vampire pauses before standing upright from his leaning position, looking around at the crowd surrounding them, “huh, it’s gonna be a little hard to get out.”


Jungkook follows Jimin gaze, spotting the exit right at the other end of the club, meaning they’d have to walk right through the centre of the party. He groans internally, already feeling the pain in his ribs from dancing students elbowing him from all sides.


“Jungkook,” the younger snaps away from his thoughts, “you ever tried super speed with a vampire before?”


“U—Uhm,” Jungkook stutters, perplexed by the question as yes, he had tried once before with Seokjin but felt incredibly sick right after. However, not wanting to pass up this opportunity that he’d so longed for, he shakes his head.


“Well then, just a heads up, you might feel sick after. Just close your eyes and hold my hand.” Jimin reaches out to Jungkook, a ghostly pale palm. The younger stares at it intently before raising his own hand and slowly, intertwining their fingers together. It feels heavenly, the coldness of the vampire’s skin against Jungkook’s heated nerves. If he could, Jungkook would never let go.


“Alright,” Jimin smiles sweetly, “close your eyes.”


Jungkook does as he’s told and closes his eyes just as he feels a whoosh of rapid wind hit his face. He senses the bodies of the people as they pass at an inhumane speed but, only in a brisk, fleeting touch. Jimin’s hold on his hand, the younger notes, hardens as they reach the exit, a much colder air now passing by their features. Jimin doesn't release his hold on Jungkook as he speaks, “okay, now, slowly open your eyes.”


The second Jungkook peeks an eye open, he feels his stomach churn with acid, his throat convulsing with nausea. He doubles over, squeezing Jimin’s hand as he opens his other eye, vision as hazy as if he was underwater.


“I’m so sorry Jungkook,” Jimin pats Jungkook’s back as he splurges sick onto the pavement, the younger’s eyes watering at the effort.


“N—No,” Jungkook stands upright, waving his free hand in the air, dismissing Jimin’s apologies, “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you I’ve done it before and felt totally sick.” Jimin sighs deeply but a fond look graces his heavenly features.


Reality hits Jungkook like a ton of bricks— he had just vomited right in front of Jimin — and he probably looks insanely bad.


“Shit,” he lets go off Jimin’s cold hand abruptly, leaving the latter confused with a knitted brow, “fuck, I am seriously so sorry— oh god—“ Jimin shakes his head with a short laugh as Jungkook takes several steps back whilst covering his mouth with his hand.


“It’s fine, seriously. I’ve smelled worse,” Jimin digs into his back pocket, pulling out a tab of gum, “here, but it’s not like it really bothers me. I mean, technically I myself am made of rotting flesh— being nearly a hundred years old, you know, it’s kind of the same thing.” He chuckles as he steps closer, the tab of gum in his hand.


Jungkook reaches for it timidly and takes four at the same time, hoping the sickly taste and smell of his mouth will mellow over time as he chews. He mumbles a shy, small ‘thank you’ to Jimin and they set off, walking side by side towards the college dorms.


The night air is cold and the wind is breezy but the cause of Jungkook’s shivers isn’t the weather— but rather the way Jimin’s eyes never leave him. He thought he was overdoing it by staring at Jimin from across rooms all the time in that dreamy, i-really-want-you kinda way, but Jimin doesn’t even try to hide it when his gaze is boring into Jungkook like he’s analysing his very soul. Jungkook coughs nervously, thinking maybe he has something on his face. He lifts a hand to wipe at his cheek, suddenly all too self conscious.


“You’re pretty.” Jungkook’s eyes blow wide, almost bulging out of his skull. He feels his cheeks turn rouge, his heart skipping a beat as he lets the compliment settle in his mind.


“You don’t think you are, I know you don’t, but seriously, you’re very pretty.” Jungkook gulps as he turns to Jimin. The vampire isn’t looking at him anymore, his eyes downcast at the pavement, following his footsteps with his gaze.




“There’s no need to thank me,” Jimin’s face lifts and he graces Jungkook with the most beautiful smile the world has ever seen. Jungkook feels his chest tighten at the way the vampire’s eyes turn into endearing crescents and his cheeks bunch up in happiness, “vampires are really good liars but, I’m not. I like to be honest with people and that’s not something you should be thanking me for. Honesty should just come naturally, not as a gift.”


“Wow,” Jungkook breathes, his hot breath forming trickles of steam in the cold night air, “you’re very pretty too. So pretty, very, very— pretty.” Jimin giggles and Jungkook wants nothing more than to wrap him up in a warm hug and kiss his forehead.


“Thank you,” he takes a deep breath, smiling to himself, “I’ve been around for ninety-one years and no one’s called me pretty that sincerely before.” Jungkook’s eyes widen, disbelief clear in his features.


“What? Seriously? You’re— you’re like—“ Jungkook gestures at Jimin’s being.


“Hm,” Jimin’s eyes sparkle, “I’m what?” Jungkook fumbles for a word that could even begin to describe just how beautiful Jimin is. He thinks and thinks and yet, no such word comes to him.


“You know, I’m pretty bad at lying too,” he runs a nervous hand through his black locks, “I can’t really think of a word that could even begin to describe how pretty you are.” There’s a silence that follows his confession. It leaves Jungkook feeling a little uneasy, feeling like he’s said something wrong. But when he looks up to meet Jimin’s scorching red eyes, they’re smiling up at him tenderly, delicately, totally not how a vampire should look at a human.


Jungkook feels a warm feeling in his chest.


“Yes,” Jimin sighs, “your friends really were right. You really are an angel.” Jungkook feels his cheeks go red again, a feeling of something blooming within him surges through his body. He feels light all of a sudden.


They continue walking on for another minute or so until they reach the college entrance. Jungkook opens the gate for Jimin and they make their way towards the dorm buildings. The college grounds are dark and there’s a thick mist that’s beginning to settle around them, making it hard to see where they’re stepping. Jungkook squints his eyes, doing his best to make out anything in front of him when trips up on a stone.


He’s sure he’s about to fall face flat on the pavement, probably ending up with a broken nose or something, when a strong grip wraps itself around his waist and steadies him, pulls him back up and smooths down his clothes delicately. Jimin chuckles lightly, reaching out his open palm at a flustered Jungkook.


“Hold my hand, I’ll guide you through.” Jungkook takes Jimin’s hand and that same feeling of pulsating electricity, that feeling of two puzzle pieces fitting together ever so perfectly, re-enters his impulses. Jimin guides them through the fog, making small talk with Jungkook, about school and friends, who trails behind him, heart beating like a bass drum in his chest as Jimin squeezes their hands tighter.


“Your heartbeat is so loud I can barely hear your answers to my questions.” 


“Oh,” Jungkook can literally feel his blush rise to the very tips of his ears, “I’m sorry.” Jimin squeezes their hands again, looking back at Jungkook with a smile.


“Don’t apologise. It’s nice— being surrounded by dead people all the time makes you forget how comforting the sound of a beating heart can be.” Jungkook notices how Jimin’s mouth downturns slightly as he speaks.


“Is it boring?” Jimin raises his brows at Jungkook’s question.


“I—I mean— living that long, you know, never dying. Immortality. Does it get boring?”


“Hm,” Jimin mulls over the question as they continue walking, the dorm building now in sight, “yes, sometimes. But that’s why we do stuff like this,” he gestures to the college grounds around them, “I’ve never been to college before and I heard it was fun, so we decided to go.”


“We.. as in…”


“As in me and my friends; Taehyung and Yoongi.” Something lights up in Jimin’s features as he lists the names and Jungkook feels his heart flutter. Jimin must really love his friends and Jungkook knows all about that feeling. He too loves his hyungs very dearly— he owes them a lot and they bring him endless happiness, look out for him and give him amazing advice. He’s glad Jimin has someone like that too. He deserves it, Jungkook doesn’t know how he knows this, but he just does. Jimin deserves the best.


They reach Jungkook’s dorms and climb up the stairs to the third floor. Jungkook had expected Jimin to let go of his hand but the vampire keeps holding on as they walk down the corridor towards Jungkook’s room, even tightening his grip as Jungkook digs around his pockets with his free hand for keys. He’s not sure what that means but he definitely isn’t complaining.


Eventually, Jungkook opens the door and they step inside. He quietly thanks his past self for cleaning up just before he had left for the club— the whole room was a literal tornado wreck. Jimin lets Jungkook’s hand go as he looks around the dorm, red eyes looking over the various movie posters plastered on the walls, the vintage vinyls collection sitting on the dresser, the multitude of diffusers and perfumes which are spread out on Jungkook’s desk.


“You’re sensitive to smell?”


“Uh,” Jungkook closes the door behind them and begins to peel off his jacket, “yeah, I am actually. Main reason why I was so off about, you know…”


“Throwing up on the pavement?” Jimin giggles as he takes off his jacket too and hands it to Jungkook.


“Yeah, that,” Jungkook laughs along. He takes their outdoor clothing and hangs it up before turning to his sink and hastily beginning to brush his teeth. Jimin laughs sweetly, running a hand through his hair as Jungkook finishes up. He turns back to the vampire, feeling a lot better, “so, do you want to, I don’t know, maybe watch a movie?”


“Yeah, sure, I haven’t watched one in a while.” Jungkook walks over to his laptop and gets it set up on his tv while Jimin continues looking around. He picks up some framed pictures that are placed on Jungkook’s bedside table and smiles. It’s a photo of him and Namjoon. Jimin recognises the elder from around campus.


“Your friends seem really nice.”


“They are,” Jungkook smiles fondly at the picture in Jimin’s pale hands, “the nicest ever, really.” Jimin nods, completely understanding the sentiment. He puts the photo back down after dusting it a little with his delicate fingers. It makes Jungkook’s heart flutter, the way Jimin handles the frame so tenderly. He definitely isn’t what Namjoon and Seokjin painted him out to be, not at all.


“What movie are we watching?” Jungkook turns away from Jimin hastily, noticing he’s been staring for too long.


“Uh,” he goes through Netflix looking for different movies until one catches his eye— he chuckles, “have you ever seen Twilight?” Jimin frowns.




“Yeah,” Jungkook clicks on the movie, “it’s a really cheesy movie about sparkling vampires and, like, totally not true stuff about werewolves.”


“Really?” Jimin reads the description and giggles, the sound ringing in Jungkook’s ears like heaven’s bells, “it might be funny— let’s watch it.”


Jungkook climbs onto his bed first, laptop set aside and movie ready to play, when he notices Jimin standing by awkwardly, eyes on the empty spot beside him.


“O—Oh, you can sit down,” Jimin smiles at Jungkook warmly, lowering himself down onto the sheets gracefully. His thigh brushes Jungkook’s as he curls in on himself, making himself comfortable. Jungkook gulps, feeling Jimin’s coldness right next to him and yet it sets his body ablaze.


“I—I’ll turn off the li—“ Jimin places his hand on Jungkook’s arm to pull him back down as he’s about to get up. He then raises his blood red eyes to the light in the centre of the ceiling above them and, somehow, Jungkook has no idea how, the light slowly dims and eventually turns off completely, drowning them in darkness.


“Wow,” Jungkook breathes, “that’s pretty cool.” He doesn’t know why he’s whispering but he does it anyway.


“Old trick,” Jimin sits back and makes himself comfortable again against the wall, grabbing a pillow from the side and hugging it close to his chest, “let’s watch.”


The movie plays and they watch. It’s the first film out of the series and Jungkook can’t help but laugh at the groans and dissatisfied huffs that escape Jimin throughout the first half. He clearly isn’t very fond of how his species is portrayed within the motion picture, but when Jungkook asks if he wants to watch something else, he politely declines and carries on eyeing the entities on the screen.


To be fair, Jungkook reckons Jimin isn’t really that far off from how vampires are portrayed in Twilight. He sparkles, he has beautiful eyes, he has sharp, glistening fangs, he’s graceful, eloquent, strong and unique. But he’s real. He’s living, in that paradoxical manner because technically he’s dead, but he’s alive. So alive.


He feels— tenderness and delicateness. He cares— he loves his friends and is very conscious of how people judge their little group yet he doesn’t let it get to him. He hurts— being immortal is a pain, it’s challenging and yet he puts up with it and tries new things to better himself.


Jimin is so much more than the asshole Jungkook’s friends tried to portray him as. Jungkook always knew this, he knew from the moment he looked into the vampires ruby red eyes that one day in the college cafe from across the table— that Jimin is the real deal— and oh my god, Jungkook wants this deal so bad.


“You’re staring at me again,” Jimin says mindlessly, not even taking his eyes off the screen, “you do that a lot.” Jungkook turns his head quickly, feeling a blush bloom on his cheeks and trail down to his neck.


“I don’t mind though,” Jungkook’s eyes widen, he slowly turns back to look at Jimin, “it feels nice knowing I’ve caught the attention of someone like you.”


“W—What do you mean someone like me? I’m just Jungkook.”


Jimin’s smile is lazy and warm, like that summer breeze in the heat of the season that passes through an open window, as the sun trails through the curtains and embezzles the room in yellow. He’s so warm and yet he’s cold, dead— but he has so much life in him.


“Well, just Jungkook, you’re the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen— and I’ve seen a lot of boys in my time.” Jungkook gulps. He can feel his heart pounding in his chest, the flow of his blood through his veins deafening out any other coherent sounds.


“Have you ever kissed a vampire before?” Jimin’s voice is a whisper, a hushed intonation meant for Jungkook and Jungkook only. Jungkook’s breath hitches, his eyes staring into Jimin’s, trying to find any sort of sign that he’s joking, mocking. He doesn’t find it— all he finds is earnestness, honesty and fondness. Jimin looks fond. Jungkook is about to explode.




“Would you like to?” Jungkook takes a deep breath.


“No,” Jimin’s red eyes widen for a moment, a hurt look passing his features, “I don’t want to kiss a vampire— I,” Jungkook takes a deep breath again,


“I want to kiss Jimin. Just Jimin.”


A silence ensues. Jimin sits there in front of Jungkook— eyes wide, lips parted, the lights from the tv flashing on his face, revealing his startled and yet still dazzling features. Jungkook bites his bottom lip, unsure if what he said was too cheesy, or was it offensive in any way? He had spoken honestly. He doesn’t want to kiss the vampire persona Jimin puts on— he wants to kiss and hold and cherish the Jimin he’s met tonight. The living paradox that sits in front of him, who cares about his friends, who likes trying new stuff, who has ten packs of gum with him wherever he goes. That’s the Jimin he wants to kiss.


“Okay,” it’s barely a whisper, barely audible, so vulnerable, “then kiss me, ‘just Jungkook'.”


Jungkook has to pinch himself discreetly before beginning to slowly lean in, just to make sure all of this isn’t simply one big dream— his imagination can be very vivid sometimes. When he feels the prick of his nails digging into his skin and the wonderful boy in front of him doesn’t disappear like a mirage, he sighs contently. It’s all real.


He got the deal.


He leans in delicately, careful not to go too fast. He wants to savour this moment and replay it all the time and every day in his head. Jimin places a cold hand to Jungkook’s warm cheek, his eyes trailing down his face to his lips. He licks his bottom lip and looks back up at Jungkook through fluttery lashes, waiting. Jungkook gulps.


He closes the gap between them, a soft sigh escaping him as he feels Jimin’s cold, pillow soft lips meet his own. It’s a soft peck at first, both of them testing the waters— and then they get pulled in. Jimin’s mouth lands on Jungkook’s once again in an instant, still soft but with more devotion. He places a hand under Jungkook’s chin, bringing him closer, deeper.


Jungkook can’t help the moan that escapes him as Jimin licks into his mouth. He feels a euphoria building through him. The kiss is slow and chaste, full of emotion and revealing a lot more than a million words ever could. Jungkook wants to get drunk on this feeling.


Electricity courses through him when Jimin grazes his waist, hand coming down to his leg where he pulls Jungkook onto his lap. The delicious sensation of the vampire’s tight, strong grip on his thighs has Jungkook unfolding right there in front of him. He takes the chance to lift his hands and tangles his dainty fingers into Jimin’s coal black locks.


“Mhm,” Jimin hums, leaning back and trailing kisses across Jungkook’s agile jawline. He breathes hot air against his neck, licking a long stripe up from his collarbone to near his ear lobe, making Jungkook’s breath hitch in ecstasy.


“You’re so pretty, so fucking incredible,” Jimin’s emphasis on those two last words as he works his way down Jungkook’s neck, his hands lifting the younger boy’s shirt to lightly graze his blazing skin, does something to Jungkook— a low whimper escapes his parted lips.


“Can I?” Jimin asks as his hands stop midway up Jungkook’s abdomen, t-shirt scrunched up in his fingers. Jungkook nods rapidly, lifting his arms to allow Jimin to take of the piece of clothing more easily.


Jimin leans back, eyes blowing wide as he traces Jungkook’s body with a feather light touch, as if the younger is the most expensive, most delicate piece of art in the universe.


“A—Am I pretty?” Jimin’s eyes snap to meet Jungkook’s worried gaze, a gulp passing through his throat.


“More than pretty, you’re perfect,” they come crashing together again in a wild harmony, Jimin biting on Jungkook’s lip. Jungkook holds back a broken moan when he feels the skin of his lip rip open, the metallic taste of blood tracing his mouth. Jimin hums eagerly, sucking on the wound until it stops bleeding.


Jungkook feels Jimin’s hands trail down his chest, over his collarbones and neck. Their coldness bringing a euphoric sensation in contrast to the heat of Jungkook’s body. The vampire breathes warm air onto Jungkook’s neck, trailing his hand down to his clothed cock.


Jungkook whimpers when he feels Jimin lightly nip at the soft, tender skin on the right side of his neck. He lols his head to the side, allowing the vampire to do with him as he pleases. Jimin inhales sharply at the clear display of hot skin before him. He locks gazes with Jungkook for a moment, gulping as his eyes flash redder and redder with each passing moment.


Jungkook nods willingly, pulling Jimin’s face towards his neck. Jimin mouths along the skin, his hand cupping Jungkook’s hardening cock, making the younger whimper in his grip. He licks the skin before pulling back slightly to let his fangs elongate.


Jungkook watches with delirium and haze as Jimin bites into his neck. The sting and pain is pure pleasure, the nerve endings in his body exploding at a high like contained fireworks. God, it feels like entering heaven.


Jimin begins to suck on the blood pooling out from the punctures, hand rubbing at Jungkook’s clothes cock eagerly as the younger moans loudly, his breath hitching and a trail of incoherent ‘Jimin’ whispers fall out of his mouth. Jungkook has never felt such pleasure. It completely takes over his body and he feels like he’s floating.


Jimin pulls away, licking the last beads of blood from Jungkook’s neck before moving down his jittery body, peppering soft kisses on his chest, lining them down to his stomach, stopping just millimetres from his trouser bottoms. Jungkook grabs at Jimin’s shirt, scrunching up the material in a small fist.


“Off,” he moans, “off, take it off.” Jimin can’t help but smirk as he lifts his arms up, throwing the black shirt over his head to reveal his toned body, ripped from edge to edge, crisp from side to side, every inch of him so, so bloody perfect as if he was sculpted by the goddess Aphrodite herself. Jungkook’s mouth forms a perfect ‘o’ shape as his eyes wander over the older’s posture, his fingers lightly pressing against his rack of abs.


Jimin doesn't waste anymore time and lays them down, flipping Jungkook onto his back with the simplest ease. He lets Jungkook’s hands roam over his body as if he's too much to take it, eloping their lips into another passionate, fiery kiss. Jungkook revels in the metallic taste of blood that seethes within Jimin’s mouth. It’s burning, bitter and yet the sweet sensation of nothing but pleasure seeps through his pliant body. Jimin’s hand comes up to cup Jungkook’s face, his thumb gently grazing his cheek.


“Baby,” he mouths into the heated moment, “is it okay for me to touch you?” Jungkook practically jolts at the question, his back arching as he nods with need and with a new found ecstasy enamouring his drowsy gaze.


Jimin pulls away and bites his bottom lip, reaching down to slide off Jungkook’s jeans from his honey toned legs. He mouths sweet kisses along the younger’s thighs as the soft material slides off the length of his limbs, biting and pressing his thumb into the younger’s hip bone which is sure to leave a distinct purple mark. Jimin looks up at Jungkook for a brief moment, his breath hitching at the wondrous sight before him.


His hair is disheveled— revealing his euphoric features and dazed gaze. His lips are wet with spit, red and swollen due to all the biting. The older gulps, eyes not wanting to stray from Jungkook’s expression at all.


“You’re so beautiful,” Jimin whispers, leaning down to press a soft kiss to Jungkook’s hot temple, feeling the younger shudder underneath him, “so perfect.” He continues to remark praise after praise each time he presses his blood red lips to Jungkook’s skin, making his way down his body to his lower abdomen, until he mouths at the younger’s already hard cock in his boxers.


“Fuck,” Jungkook whispers, hands finding Jimin’s hair as he tries to ground himself before he flies away with the multitude of butterflies in his stomach and the pooling, roasting heat that feels like it’s about to erupt, “please,” Jimin smirks, eyes looking up to find Jungkook worrying his bottom lip between his teeth, “please Jimin. Touch me.”


“Mmm,” Jimin’s fingers dip underneath the waistband of the younger’s boxers, making him shiver at the touch, “what a good baby you are,” he whispers sensually whilst achingly slowly sliding off Jungkook’s boxers, inch by inch, millimetre by millimetre, “asking me so, so nicely.” Jungkook whines, impatience growing within him as Jimin breathes some cool air into his throbbing member.


“Please,” Jungkook whimpers, his eyes teary and glazed as he keeps trying to jolt his hips, his cock only hardening further, “please suck me off, Jimin. I need you, please.”


Jimin grins widely before leaning down to kiss Jungkook chastely, not a second later scurrying down his body onto his knees, his mouth lapping up the already leaking precum from Jungkook’s cock before the younger can even register what’s happening.


Jungkook gasps as Jimin’s tongue works it’s way around his dripping dick, his thumb pressing into his shaft making the younger sigh contently and mumble incoherently into the thin, hot air of the room. Jimin smiles widely before finally taking Jungkook into his mouth, hand still wrapped around it’s base in order to pump in time to his bobbing head.


Jungkook’s hips almost stutter, his hands grabbing at his sheets as he moans loudly— perhaps too loudly, at the feeling of Jimin’s warm mouth around his throbbing cock. He sucks in a sharp breath and a chorus of whimpers spill from his lips like a mantra as Jimin continues to suck him off, groaning around his full mouth.


“Fuck,” Jungkook can feel himself sweating, his skin heating up bit by bit as all the nerve endings in his body come alive with the ecstasy that pumps through him from his lower abdomen into his blood stream. Jimin pulls off for a moment, licking up and around Jungkook’s cock, pumping him with increasingly faster motions.


“My pretty baby,” he moves down to the younger’s thighs, sucking hickeys wherever possible into his olive toned skin and nipping with his teeth, “my gorgeous baby boy, are you going to come for me?” Jungkook groans at Jimin’s question, suddenly wanting nothing more than to please him and make him proud. Jimin speeds up his hand motions, licking the tip of Jungkook’s cock with a wet tongue, murmuring praise after praise into the action.


“J—Jimin,” Jungkook stutters, his hands finding Jimin’s hair once more as the older swallows down on his cock again, “I’m gonna cum, fuck— oh my god—“ Jimin doesn't stop sucking him off as the words spill breathlessly from Jungkook, the younger’s fingers tightening around Jimin’s black hair as a building heat shoots up through his body, a daze of pure and utter euphoria spilling from him as he cums into the warmth of Jimin’s mouth. He groans throatily as Jimin laps up the sticky spillage into his mouth, swallowing it all down without a hint of disgust as if it were his favourite drink.


Jungkook’s chest rises and falls with his heavy breathes, his hold on Jimin’s hair relaxing as his arms drop to his sides. Jimin perks up, a grin plastered on his smiley features as he leans over Jungkook to kiss him. Jungkook closes his eyes and lets the older’s soft lips caress his own, his heart fluttering at the sensuality and delicacy of the kiss.


He then flips them over so that he’s straddling Jimin. The vampire breathes out in surprise, grinning up at Jungkook who’s beaming happily on top of him.


“Now I need to return the favour,” Jungkook leans down and kisses Jimin fervently, the vampire’s hands landing on the on waist as he grinds against him. His movements become a little erratic when Jimin bites down on his lip again— Jungkook’s hips keening down so hard Jimin can barely make out any sensation other than pleasure, pleasure and more pleasure buzzing through him.


“Fuck,” he breathes as Jungkook begins to unbutton his jeans, taking them off a lot faster than Jimin did, “eager baby, huh?” Jungkook leans down and mouths at Jimin’s cock, leaving a patch of wet spit on his boxers where he’s visibly hard.


“I just want you to feel good.” Jimin sighs and brings a hand up to cup Jungkook’s cheek. He smiles as he looks up at him, eyes pooling with heat, want and need.


“You make me feel good just by existing. You don’t have to return any favour to me.”


“I don’t have to,” Jungkook breathes, fingers slowly going under the waist band of Jimin’s boxers, making him tense with desire, “but I want to, is that okay?”


The way Jungkook looks up at him— with those round, dark, pleading eyes, glazed with something like ecstasy, as if he’s drunk off of Jimin and his touch— is what breaks the vampire apart. He moans throatily as Jungkook takes ahold of his dripping cock, nodding reverently in response to his question, “you can do whatever you like.”


Jungkook coats his red lips with spit before licking a long stripe from the bottom to the very tip of Jimin’s dick. Jimin brings his hands up to tangle them in Jungkook’s hair, pulling at the strands when he hears the younger sigh in content at the feeling of his fingers crowding his locks.


Jungkook places a hand on the base of Jimin’s member, rubbing it in an up and down motion as he swivels his tongue around the tip, before finally taking him into his warm mouth, humming at the pleasure that pulses through him at the realisation that he’s pleasing Jimin to no ends. The vampire bucks his hips up slightly, eyes caving closed as an overwhelming hit of pleasure surges through his cold body.


“Fuck, baby,” Jungkook begins to bob his head up and down, in time to the rhythm of his hand. Jimin clutches his hair tighter and tighter, the burn spurring Jungkook on, filling his mind with nothing but Jimin Jimin Jimin.


Jungkook is doing this— he’s dismembering Jimin apart like he’s a puzzle, taking off piece by piece until he is left naked and vulnerable to his own desire and pleasure. Those sensations possess him like demons, making his eyes rage a blossoming, blood red and his fangs elongate as his dead nerves even seem to begin pulsating.


“Jungkook,” Jimin breathes out, ragged, unsteady, “I’m gonna’ cum baby,” Jungkook pulls away, getting Jimin off with just his hand as he comes up to kiss him. Jimin takes his lips with a hunger of a predator. The passion that exists between them in that moment almost sets the room ablaze, nothing but the smell of fire and sex in the air.


Jungkook pulls away, his eyes hazy and dazzled with gleaming pleasure. His mouth falls open as a moan rips from his throat, “bite me,” the intonation is a breath of distilled need, “bite me, please.”


Jimin doesn’t hesitate for even a second, hand coming up from Jungkook’s waist to his neck, where he licks a long strip of sweaty, hot skin. Jungkook leans his forehead on Jimin’s cool chest, his hand continuing to twist and squeeze at Jimin’s hard cock.


He feels Jimin’s fangs graze his skin delicately, his stomach churning with anticipation, spurring his hand movement to go faster, faster and faster. Jimin groans as he bites into Jungkook’s skin, the metallic taste of blood flooding his mouth combined with the sensational feeling of pure euphoria from his crotch mix together to form a miscellany of exhilaration, an elation of all time high.


He sucks on the punctures, the warm blood filling him. Jungkook almost passes out at the sensation, moaning Jimin’s name in tight, short breathes as another tear streams down his cheek. He feels his hips jolt as he cums onto Jimin’s bare stomach and he’s followed not long after by the vampire beneath him, feeling the cum spill on his hand.


Jungkook drops down onto Jimin, cheeks wet, hair wet, body limp but fuck, it was so worth it in every way.


Jimin wraps his arms around Jungkook’s waist, hugging him close as he sees stars in his vision, reliving the orgasm he just experienced as if he was in a completely other dimension.  They lay like that for a while, catching their breathes, not wanting to let each other go. Jungkook thinks he could stay like this forever— sticky, sweaty but warm, cared for, happy. He smiles into Jimin’s shoulder.


“Was I good?” he whispers after a moment. Jimin pulls away slightly and raises his brows at Jungkook who’s eyes are looking up at him wide and hopeful, still glazed and shiny.


“Baby,” Jimin lifts his hand and cups the younger’s cheek, Jungkook nuzzling into the touch welcomely, “you were such a good boy, the best boy.” Jungkook sighs contently, closing his eyes as he feels a sudden drowsiness possess him.


Jimin smiles at him, a fondness like no other within his gaze at the pretty boy on top of him. Jungkook, in the same way, looks down at Jimin, half not being able to believe what just happened and half beyond ecstatic at what could happen in the future— or what could perhaps not…


Jungkook’s face falls. Jimin frowns.


“Are you okay?” the vampire raises a hand to Jungkook’s cheek, the soft pad of his thumb grazing his soft skin. Jungkook gulps, turning his gaze away.


“I— I just—“ he moves to sit up, grabbing his covers as a cool breeze passes over them, making him shiver. Jimin stares at him worriedly, his blazing red eyes sad and concerned.


“For me, this— this type of stuff is a big deal,” Jungkook takes a breath, “I don’t know if it is for you too but, I don’t do these things for fun. It really means something to me and—“ Jungkook stops as he feels a hand on his cheek, a soft, delicate touch. He looks up and meets Jimin’s sincere gaze. The vampire shuffles closer, pressing a chaste kiss on Jungkook’s forehead.


“This means a lot to me too,” he cups Jungkook’s cheek with his other hand too, bringing their foreheads together, “I promise. This isn’t just a fling for me. You see me in a way that no one else has for years,” he pulls away for a second, just staring into Jungkook’s wide, dark orbs.


The silence envelopes them in peace, their minds and hearts tangling together like stalks of roses. Jungkook can see Jimin is being honest. He can see he’s earnest and real.


And that’s all he needs in order to pull him in for another deep, heated, passionate kiss. The kiss feels like just the first time, as if they’ve never done it before. The same ecstasy pulses through Jungkook’s veins as Jimin sighs in content into the heat of his mouth. They don’t want to pull away.


This, however, they both know is not just a kiss. This is a symbol, a promise.


And when they pull away and Jungkook stares into Jimin’s blood red eyes in wonder, a smile forming on each of their faces in happiness and excitement, he knows he’ll never break that promise,


and Jimin won’t either.