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The Earth Belongs to the Dead

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Before Todoroki Rei had the twins, she had three children, all so very bright and different. Todoroki Enji may deemed them all as failures - and as much as that hurt her, they were all treasures to her, they were amazing in their own way.

Touya is the oldest. He is subdued in a way that made Rei worried. He’s reserved, he rarely talked, he didn’t like to stand out. But under the cracks of that surface, she could see the passionate boy that he was once.

The second son and third child, Natsuo is carefree with a smile so bright that it lights up the room, he’s stubborn and would do anything for his family. He would try to stand up to the abuse, he would try to calm his siblings down, he would do anything to keep his family safe.

And then there’s Fuyumi - kind and shy, she cares for her family so much.... too much. She cares for the reserved Toya, and listens to his passionate rants. She joins Natsuo’s games, and help with the younger boy’s attempt to make Touya play. She stays with Rei, sitting quietly next to her, shyly telling her things that she learns with a small voice.

(All three so very different, but all share the same dream.

It hurts her. How reserved Touya was, how Natsuo would protect his siblings out of fear, how quiet Fuyumi is. Because they deserved better, they deserved so much better.)

Then she gave birth to the twins - two boys.

The older - Shouto - a boy with red and white hair that was evenly split in the middle. His heterochromia eyes takes everything around him in curiosity before they settle on her, his head tilt to the side as he tried to move his hands to reach out to her.

The younger, a boy with dark red hair like his older brother Touya and red eyes with pupils in the shape of a compass that was unexpected and had both Enji and Rei confused (until the doctor explained that it could either a rendom genetic mutation or something related to his quirk) . Unlike Shouto who takes in everything and anything he could, he looked directly at her, with eyes that seemed to be confused yet understanding when he sees her, and eyes that widened when he sees his twin. Rei names him Daichi to fit his seemingly knowing gaze.

She holds the two close, because her heart bleeds for them, for the rough fate that they will endure under the hands of the man that was supposed to be their father.

The three children loves the twins. They would visit them as much as they could. They would watch as the two bundles in the crib reach out to them. Each of them would put their hands in, letting the babies grip it with their tiny fingers as they smile. They would read them stories, they would sing for them.

Todoroki Rei watches it all and takes it in and her heart breaks for them.

Daichi was the first one of the two boys to speak. In a rare moment of affection, Enji decided to visit the twin’s nursery, making the three children who were happily gazing at the twins freeze and Rei could only watch, heartbroken at how Touya pulls Fuyumi and Natsuo close to him and his body freeze. The way Fuyumi clutches to him and glances worriedly at the the other two. The way Natsuo glares fearfully at the older man as he tightened his hold on the baby’s crib.

Todoroki Rei was ready to jump in to stop whatever conflict that will break out, her body tensing as the tensions of the room suffocated her.

But any tension was gone as soon as Daichi opened his mouth, sounds coming from it as he tried to form words. He reached out, pointing to Enji, saying a quiet “-tou”, making the man puff up in pride in a moment of familial affection.

Daichi looked away from the man, looking at Rei, this time with an even quieter “-kaa” as he repeated the words before he speaks them slightly louder. And again to Natsuo and Touya, with “-nii” and a “-nee” to Fuyumi, causing Natsuo to coo over him as Fuyumi smiled so bright and Touya eyes widened in surprise before they softened.

Finally he turned to the sleeping Shouto and reached out to grab his finger. “Sh’to,” he said once, before repeating it over and over quietly until the other boy stirred.

It was such a small thing, but there were no ways for her to tell little Daichi how grateful she was.

Because the mood didn’t change, and neither did reality. But in that moment, everything seemed a little brighter.

Shouto and Daichi are inseparable.

Shouto grew to be a curious child, he would ask questions to Rei or to his older siblings and he would read a lot - even if he didn’t understand the complex words.

Daichi was subdued, just like Touya. He was like the combination of Touya and Fuyumi, he kept to himself and barely talk - and when he does, it all comes out in a soft tone.

(A small part of her mind thinks Daichi is strange. Because Daichi’s eyes are too wise for his age. He was getting too smart, he was growing too fast for someone his age.

But Daichi is still her son, even with his faults.)

The two are inseparable, yet they’re so different from each other. Where Daichi was the more gloomy twin, Shouto was more outgoing. 

Shouto likes to learn, his curiosity was insatiable. Daichi doesn’t go out of his way to learn, he just does it so he can be with Shouto - that’s not to say he’s not curious, he just seems to not like learning as Shouto does.

Shouto loves knowing about other’s quirks and he loves seeing heroes in actions. Daichi doesn’t seem to care, just surprised for a moment before returning to his usual expression.

It was natural that Shouto would ask why Daichi and Shouto are the same age and why they look so similar.

Naturally, Rei answers. She answers how they’re special, they are twins. They were born together, and they will share many milestones together. 

Right after that, the twins become even more inseparable and Rei is glad.

She might not be able to protect them, but at least they will always have each other.

In another world, Todoroki Shouto is the only one of his siblings to endure the brunt of his father’s expectations. 

In this one, he has Todoroki Daichi, and it barely changes anything- but it does change something.