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The Child and The Bone

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She sat on the cliff watching the sunset as her hair continuously obstructed her view due to the wind. It was a sight she wanted to cherish, a sight she hadn't seen in a very long time. Reset after rest allowed her to live through multiple lives. Multiple deaths... And yet in each one she always found herself forgetting this feeling. The feeling of the sun setting down past the horizon and the chill that came slowly but surely as it took the warmth with it. As she lingered on the feeling, she couldn't help but to snicker at herself. She sounded so old... It was to be expected however. She had literally lived a life time or at least that's what it felt like time after time again.

The child was only nine years old and here she was overcoming a obstacle most would have abandoned a long time ago. Most children her age rested against their mothers during the night as they settled in to sleep listening to them speak of the day that awaited them when they awakened. But that wasn't her. No, thoughts of sleep only came when she was forced to yield and rest. When she wasn't attempting to pacify the monsters who sought out her soul. When she wasn't attempting the push back the demon that forced her to strike down her loved ones with a merciless force.

That was neither here nor there however, she had finally made it through with all the lose ends fixed up into a neat bow. Chara was gone. Flowey was finally free from the underground slowly but surely changing his ways. No longer did she break the barrier and look back with a sense of uneasiness that she had failed in some way. Yet still her work wasn't over. As usual, when they emerged she looked up at Asgore and accepted his proposal to become the ambassador for monsters. When Toriel came she smiled, thoughts guilt filled, as she promised to live with the woman in a attempt to ease her. In the end living with the monster would only make the bitter end worse on her. But her resolved to do what she thought was best was solid. Still, Frisk didn't merely take off.

Over the first year, she worked hard as a link between the humans and monsters to establish some peace between the two races. She did her best to get the other monsters involved for they would need every ounce of experience she could give them. It would be hard on them. She knew this. That's majorly where her guilt stemmed from but they would be fine. They would all be alright because after everything it was finally time. Finally, the pain of repeating the same mistakes was over. Her heart broke as she wished she could have said goodbye properly but she knew that if she even uttered a sentence of what she had planned she would be placed under watch in their fear of losing her.

So she merely watched on as the events as she knew them repeated.

She took every day up until now with a open heart and when issues arose that she was unfamiliar with, her hope soared with the possibilities it meant for her monsters. This was how it should be. Frisk could honestly say that she had experienced the best time of her life in that first year. Seeing everyone happy, enjoying changes she had no part of and seeing him smile. Seeing him realize that they had never gotten that far before. He hadn't believed her at first, no, not one bit. But it was easier to prove it to him the more time flowed onward. She pressed her hands to her chest. Her biggest regret would be not apologizing to him once more. It wasn't necessary, she had apologized for her mistakes many times before but this time it would be with a true resolution behind it. She just wanted him to know. Lifting her head up, she blinked in shock before laughing besides herself. The world always had a way of doing what she wanted in the way worst way possible. So what could she do but laugh when she realized it had granted her silent wish to see him? When it had placed him right behind her.

"You can't use that teleportation trick on me," She stated softly as she looked over her shoulder. "I'm too used to it." Her voice was quiet. Over the past year she had forced herself to speak verbally, properly, but she still had her occasional slips where she would revert back to signing. The sound of his grin widening was almost deafening and her own grew at the sight.

"I don't know what you mean." His lazy drawl didn't hide his intent but she would continue to skirt around it for as long as he would.
"Sure you don't, Sans." She stated nothing more as she looked out over the forest waiting for him to speak first.
"So we made it huh? One whole year above ground." She nodded. "Will it stay this time?" For the longest time she remained silent before closing her eyes. It was time.

"Chara isn't in me anymore. She has been gone for as long as we have been free." He narrowed his eyes at the revelation but Frisk didn't give a inch.
"Is she out and about?" Frisk shook her head.
"It doesn't work like that. She needed my body to move; she was just a spirit after all. Every reset I worked to end her the best way I knew how..." Grinning she cocked her head triumphantly and at her words Sans couldn't help the slight pride that grew within. "With mercy."For a bit he merely stared at her before slouching slightly.

"I remember a time where getting you to speak one word was a victory in itself. Now look at 'cha. Soon you'll be as loud as Papyrus." She made a face at him. "It's a good thing you know sign language for those quiet moments. It's pretty handy." He wasn't sure if he had succeeded in lightening the mood as Frisk reached over, grabbed his hood and pulled it over his face. But the soft giggle told him he had.
"Really, Sans?" Pulling the hood from over his head he smirked. "What no more questions, mister Judge?" A snort left him and the skeleton moved to sit besides her on the cliff.
"You know that would be too easy, kid. Besides I always like to enjoy this moment so take the small victories." Frisk said nothing more for a second and instead closed her eyes.

"It's a big victory, Sans." She whispered after some time. "No more resets." The skeleton looked over at her and averted his eyes soon after.
"Can't promise that kid." Opening her eyes she smiled as she felt a pool of determination flow within her.
"...I can." Standing up, she stretched and allowed happy yet forlorn look to over come her. "Flowey is the last one who should be able to use the power of reset. I don't need it any more, Sans. I got the best ending. I don't need to do this anymore. Chara is gone. Flowey is changing... Everyone is free and I did what I needed to in order to make sure you all would be alright. I have no reason to reset any further. My place in this story is over." As she looked at the sun she cherished the last moments she would have to feel its rays upon her skin while she continued on. "...There is no other reason to be here." The skeleton quickly became on edge with her last words. The determination she felt radiated off of her surrounded him and he knew what ever she was up too would be no good.

"What are you talking about, kid?"
"You need to be ambassador when I'm gone, Sans. Despite everything I know there is no one more perfect for the job. You have something to hold on to now and finally it will mean more than just living til the next reset. Don't waste what you have learned from following me into those meetings with the other politicians." Grinning from ear to ear she emphasized each word as she took one step back. "Don't mess it up. I'll be watching." She took another step back and that's when he knew. She was going to just... Without even telling anyone? She...- Without hesitation, he snatched her arm and pulled her into his embrace.
"Don't you dare. Don't you dare."

He tightened his grip upon her before looking down fiercely. There was a distinct anger that came across his face but she had expected that. She knew he would be angry at her for doing such a thing even if he had found out with everyone else. But besides the visible anger, the panic and hurt he felt at the thought of possibly losing her was just as clear.

"So this is what you think will solve everything, kid? Killing yourself and canceling out the reset? Time will move but at what cost? You can't throw your life away and think everything will be okay in the end. It won't. We won't." He wouldn't. Sans wouldn't pretend that the world would be a easy place to live in ever with the knowledge that a child could take everything away in the blink of a whim. But he wouldn't pretend the world would be a better place with the child buried six feet under either. Pulling back a bit, Frisk wiggled out of his hold and spoke.

"If I remain alive there is always that risk Sans." He gave a worn smile.
"Then I guess it's good you can't spell Frisk with out risk..." But his joke fell short and she shook her head.
"It's not a risk I'm willing to take." His smile tightened and he spoke softer this time.
"If you die we will crumble." She smiled.
"No you won't. I have faith in you."

"In me or the others?" Her smile grew and she spoke confidently.
"In you." What he did to earn such faith from the child he would never know. "You're putting a lot of faith in one person kid." But she wasn't going to be dissuaded.
"You understand where they can't, Sans. Despite everything I did, you were still there for me. You can try not to care all you want Sans, but I know you do." Placing one hand over her heart, she continued to speak although her words were slower.

"I'm tired. I can't do everything, Sans. And I know you all will need someone stronger than me. I don't think I can do anything more than what I've already done..." There were many of times that the group had taken her deeds for granted. Frisk was their savior, their ambassador and their friend. She would step up with Asgore stepped down and she would be the next in line.

But she was also a child.

A thin, scrawny child with scars and scratches.

A nine year old who kept her tears and fears on the inside because she believed her role dictated it.

A little girl who just barely came past his elbow...

Frisk was a child; a child who was old in spirit (for the lessons learned in the multiple resets sought to that) but a child none the less. And he wasn't about to let this little girl suffer any more than she had already. Not alone and not anymore.

"For someone so selfless... Your incredibly selfish... You know that?" Her eyes locked on to his, clearly confused. "How do you know what will make us happy? Who are you to say that a world with out you is what we want? We want you, Frisk. We want you in our world. One with out you ain't worth treading, kid." He placed a hand on top of her head and she realized he was trembling.

"Sans..." He shook his head and leered down at her.
"This world won't mean a thing if ya not there to guide us, kid. You're the hope of Asgore and Toriel. You're the reason Undyne is willing to be friends with humans, why Alphys has the courage to stand proud. You're the reason why Papyrus has the group he always wanted..." She was the reason why the flicker of hope that was one extinguished, began to thrive once more within him. “You're so small but through everything we've completely forgotten that you are still a kid. A kid who has to learn its okay to rely on those near you. You don't have to bear this on your own, Frisk." Pulling back he smiled.

"So stop trying to be the hero, and let's go home." Frisk looked at him astounded before frowning and moving forward. Placing her arms around him, she hugged him tightly and pressed her face into his chest. For a second he sighed in relief. For just a moment, he believed he was safe from the fate she sought to bring upon herself. That moment, however, was quickly shattered. In a instant, the little girl shoved him back with force making sure he was away from her. Shocked by the violent action, he began to question her only to stop as she spoke up once more.

"You lived in fear of resets... You can say what ever you want but I know, Sans... I know you will never be able to rest as long as I live." She took a step back and smiled sadly. "I want you to be happy."
"Even if it means I'm not there... Promise me something, Sans?" He took a cautious step towards her, looking for anyway to intercept her before her foot reached the edge, and smiled warily.

"You know... I hate making promises, kid..." But she didn't respond to his remark knowing she had his full attention. The smile upon her face was true and for the first time in what seemed to be years the smile that graced her face came from pure unhinged joy.

"Be happy."

It was always strange to realize that a person you believed was fine and well was suffering the same weight that you felt. The smile upon the child's face allowed Sans to see just how the resets took their own toll upon her and, if he could, he would have kicked himself for missing what was now so obvious. The smile she wore was relaxed, it was filled with happiness and most of all relief. The same relief he felt time after time again when he would die against her knowing it would just end in a reset. Knowing those who had perished would be right back. It was a relief he never thought another would be able to understand but as he missed her final step and watched her fall back freely he realized no one could understand that relief more than Frisk. As she fell, Frisk maintained her smile taking in every sensation. And yet each one was not what she expected.

She could hear the panicked steps rushing towards her.

She could feel the wind in her hand as his barely caught hers.

She could feel the sharpness of the air around her as she plummeted head first.

But as she lost consciousness, she didn't feel the boney hands that caught her nor the arms attached that held her. She didn't feel the warmth of the blue magic that surrounded them. He was quick to take hold and place them back upon the cliff, although he made sure they were a good bit away from the edge. His nonexistent heart froze and broke all at once at the sight of the child throwing herself over the edge and when he finally registered she was alright within his arms, he pulled her close. The unconscious child lulled her head towards his chest and he looked down at her with the realization that in this line the fear of a reset wasn't the biggest lost they all could face. All this to make them happy. All this to make sure they kept the freedom they finally achieved. Remembering her words, the skeleton held her a little bit closer. Be happy...

"I will...kid." Shifting her in his arms, he removed his hoodie and wrapped it around her. After making sure she was settled, he tucked her head under his and held her close. He would be happy...but not alone. Turning from the cliff, he moved to walk towards the direction of their home.

"We both will."