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Multi-Fandom Christmas

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Kirishima had to admit, he loved the apartment he and Mina moved into. After graduation, a lot of their classmates had actually ended up doing the same, since they still technically had to make names for themselves as pro heros before making enough to be completely on their own. Kirishima even picked up a second job, but honestly he was near the point of not needing it anymore since his name was starting to take off the ground.

Wait...what was he saying again?

Oh, right. The apartment. It was great, and living with Mina was a lot of fun too. But, when he suggested throwing a Christmas party...well...he forgot how excited Mina got about parties.

All of the former 1-A class was there, and there were some from other classes as well. Needless to say, it was pretty crowded. But, Kiri was enjoying himself a lot. It had been a while since he had seen a lot of people that were here, and it was fun to catch up. But...there was one person he hadn’t seen.

Bakugou had greeted him when he walked in, hanging his jacket and saying he was going to find something to drink and handing over his Secret Santa gift to be put on the table. Come to think of it, that had been when the party started like an hour and a half ago. Where could he be?

Kiri decided to go looking for him, finding him in a matter of minutes. He was hanging out alone, sitting on the couch and sipping on a drink. True, it wasn’t fully odd to find him by himself, but it still threw Kiri off a bit. Walking over, he sat next to Bakugou and grinned as he looked over.

“Hey bro! Why the glum look?” Bakugou sighed, shaking his head.

“Didn’t know if I would show today, Ei. But I had to bring that gift.” He motioned to the table with his cup before drinking from it. Kirishima could feel his brows crease.

“You weren’t? What’s wrong?” He was surprised he had gotten such an honest answer so quickly, but studying Bakugou a bit more, he saw a bit of red to his cheeks. Seemed the hot head was tipsy. Not drunk, but enough that his tongue was looser. Noticing this, Kiri held up his hand before Bakugou could speak up. “Hang on, nevermind. You aren’t in the right mind right now, I’d rather wait until you were actually thinking.” Bakugou seems to think on this before shrugging.

“You’re acting like I give a fuck what I say to you Ei. But fine, whatever. Having fun?” Kiri smiles, nodding and sitting back.

“It’s nice to see everyone again. All of our different assignments have us busy a lot, so it’s hard. I’ve been seeing you and Mina mostly, it’s even been a bit since I saw Denki and Sero.”

“I haven’t seen any of these idiots other than you.” Kirishima nods, looking around the room.

“Makes sense. You’re probably busier than the rest of us. it almost seems like you’re always working. Do you ever even take a break?” Bakugou scoffs.

“I sleep, if that’s what you’re asking.” Kirishima shoots him a look, which Bakugou ignores.


“Save it, Ei. I got the speech from Round Face already. I’m fine, alright?” There was a pause before he sighed. “I’d actually just like to talk about it somewhere else. Not in this...fucking crowded as hell place.” Kirishima nods, understanding.

“I get it. Alright, I won’t press you on it, but just know it worries me, alright?” Bakugou nods, finishing his drink and sitting back as well. A silence fell between the two, a comfortable one that they had developed over the years. It was broken though, when they heard Mina squeal.

“Oh my god! Tsu got Ei and Bakugou too!” She pointed above them, and Kirishima froze, knowing exactly what had happened. A lot of people here were couples, and so Mina decided it would be fun if Tsu would crawl along the ceiling and hold mistletoe over them (Tsu being completely willing, of course. She was asked first). If Mina said that then…

He looks up, and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw Tsu above them, a smirk on her face as she held the mistletoe down above the two. Bakugou looked up as well, and, Kiri couldn’t be sure since it was already, but it almost seemed like it got a little redder.

Slow chants of ‘Kiss, kiss, kiss’ sprang up from their former classmates, and Kiri could feel his own face heat up. Even after these few years from graduating, he still hadn’t admitted his feelings. Part of that very much could be that even though he had gotten better, he was still pretty self conscious. Leaning over, he whispered to Bakugou.

“We don’t have to do it if you don’t want. I don’t mind disappointing them if it keeps you comfortable.” Bakugou looked at him, and Kiri really wasn’t able to tell what he was thinking. It was like even Bakugou didn’t and was trying to think through his thoughts.

“Do you want to?” He could feel his blush deepen, and quickly opened his mouth before closing it again. Bakugou chuckled at that, leaning in closer. “Come on, Ei. Let’s give these fuckers a show, eh?” His smirk alone was enough to send a shiver down his spine, but he could still feel his eyes widen as Bakugou moved his hand to Kiri’s waist, moving in even closer.

“Holy shit they are actually going to do it!” Denki, for once please please shut your fucking mouth.

Kiri could feel his heart racing and time seemed to slow down as Bakugou leaned in. It was just a kiss. Friends can kiss. No big deal. Well…no big deal other than this is the guy Kiri has had a thing for for many years, but let’s ignore that. Just two friends, kissing. That’s it.

But oh god was it amazing.

Bakugou’s lips were soft. So, so soft. Like illegally soft. And the way he handled the kiss, no hesitation, moving in sync with Kiri. It was all just so perfect. But, even perfect moments have to end as Bakugou pulled away, still smirking before giving Kiri a small wink.

“Think that was good enough to please them, Ei?” It took him a few moments to respond and...was he enjoying this?! Was Bakugou enjoying Kirishima’s reactions? Before he could think to much on it, he jumped up, clapping his hands together in a desperate attempt to move the focus and conversation another way.

“Alright, enough of that silly game, why don’t we do Secret Santa?” From the corner of his eye he could see Bakugou shift. God dammit he was way to aware of the blonde now. “Why don’t we go in order of numbers?”

Everyone agreed and one by one went to the table to find their name on a gift. Tsu dropped the mistletoe on Bakugou’s lap before moving off the ceiling to get hers, and he picked it up.

Kiri watches from the corner of his eye as Bakugou picks it up, studying it for a few seconds before moving it to hold it above Kiri’s head, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek and smirking before walking to get his gift. Kirishima just sat there, dumbfounded.

He had gotten not just one, but two mistletoe kisses from the guy he was crazy about.

Guess mistletoe isn’t all that bad.

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Mikan had to admit...she was anxious. In the few months that they have been out of the sim, it seems like everyone has partnered up in some way with the person they loved but could never admit before. Guess that’s the thing about dying in a simulation, it makes you realize how short life really can be.


So now, she was sitting at the dock of the island, watching pretty much all of her classmates board a boat in order to go celebrate Christmas at a secret party the Future Foundation was holding to thank them for their help before. A few had decided not to go, Mikan included.


She was still blaming herself.


It was hard not to honestly. She had killed many, many people and on top of that, two of her friends. All for what? A girl she could now realize never actually loved her? It made her feel so idiotic, awful.


It didn’t help that Ibuki had sunk into drinking.


It seemed to be a recurring thing, so much to the point Mikan was starting to question if Ibuki was an alcoholic. And, Mikan had heard from Hiyoko that one day she had heard Ibuki mumbling about her neck hurting before grabbing a drink.


Everything was just adding up to Mikan feeling terrible, and avoiding the person that she loved.


It took her a little while to realize it. But looking back, she felt stupid for not realizing it before. She always thought was she felt towards Ibuki was admiration, but she was able to recognize it now as love.


She sighed as she turned and started the trip back to her cabin, realizing she was the last one to leave. It was her, Teruteru, Souda and Ibuki. Teruteru wanted to recreate one of his mother’s Christmas recipes in order to honor her (and Mikan thought she heard him say he wanted to leave some as an offering to ask for forgiveness, which she could understand all too well). Souda opted out of going by giving a few reasons, but Mikan knew it was because of the one FF member hounding him, Sonia and Gundham about their relationship and he wanted to try to give the other two freedom from that. As for Ibuki...Mikan wasn’t sure. It was a bit strange for her not to want to go to a party, but when questioned she would just shrug and change the subject while sneaking a look towards Mikan.


Lost in her thoughts, it didn’t take Mikan long to get back, but just as she was reaching for the doorknob, a hand covered her eyes and another her mouth. She yelped, the sound being muffled.


“Shhhhh!” Okay, that gave absolutely no  hints on who this was. Mikan wasn’t very strong though, so the struggle she gave as she started getting dragged probably went unnoticed. After a little though, she was released and heard a door close. Blinking to adjust to the light, she noticed she was in someone else’s cabin, and her breath leave her body.


It was...beautiful. All of them had free range to decorate the cabins however they wanted since the island was never going to be used by anyone but them, and she could see that was taken advantage of here.


The walls were a mixture black, purple and pink but done so well it didn’t look like a mess. Christmas lights covered the ceiling, the walls and were strewn on the canopy of the bed. The walls also had pictures, tons of them all more than likely taken by Mahiru. Looking closer, Mikan realized something.


They were all either of her, or her and Ibuki.


Turning, she found Ibuki leaning against the closed door, a sheepish smile on her face.


“Ibuki didn’t mean to scare you, but she wanted to surprise you. Do you like it?” She rubbed the back of her neck, the faint lighting showing a blush on her cheeks. Mikan looked around again, knowing the awe was written on her face.


“It’s beautiful Ibuki. This must have taken you so long. What is it for?” Ibuki giggles, stepping forward and taking Mikan’s hand.


“Silly Mikan! For Christmas! Come on, Ibuki asked Teruteru to make us some food!” She pulled Mikan over to a table in the corner before pulling the disks off the plates to orange-ginger stir fry.


Mikan’s favorite.


Mikan looks at Ibuki to see her grinning.


“How did you know? I...I never told anyone or talk about things I like too much…”


“Ibuki knows! She could see the way your face would light up whenever Teruteru made it!” She...noticed that? Mikan blushes and quickly sits down.


“Th-thank you Ibuki. It looks amazing.” Ibuki sits down across from Mikan, picking up her glass and raising it.


“Merry Christmas, Mikan!” She giggles as Mikan can feel the smile spread across her face, raising her own to toast with Ibuki.


“Merry Christmas, Ibuki.” They drink and start eating. Mikan noticed that the drink was just sparkling juice, and was glad that the alcohol was away for the evening. After a bit, Ibuki spoke up.


“This is our first Christmas outside of the simulator, huh?” She looks up to see Ibuki grinning, and suddenly her chest felt tight. It was almost like the grin she had when she was sick with the despair disease.


Suddenly, flashes came across her mind. The rope, the bags, her hand in Ibuki’s as she lead her to the music hall, the sounds of Ibuki gasping. All of it, flashing through her mind. Breathing was becoming impossible for her, and she was lost from her surroundings. Slowly though, she found herself focusing on the Christmas lights, and she grabbed onto that with everything she had. The lights...the lights...she was safe. It wasn’t real, she was in Ibuki’s cabin and…




Looking up, Mikan could see that Ibuki was kneeling beside her and saying something, but the sounds from her memories were still blocking out anything else.


Mikan? What are you doing to her?!’


‘Mikan is the culprit.’


‘Why won’t anyone forgive me?!’


‘That’s right, the true identity of the horrifying blackened who killed two girls was Mikan Tsumiki!’




“No!” She screams, grabbing her head as her fingers dig into her scalp. “I don’t want it! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”


“MIKAN!” She jumps, looking over through tear blurred eyes to see Ibuki looking at her worriedly. “Ibuki is sorry for yelling like that, but she didn’t know what else to do. Are you okay?”


“I...I...a panic attack...I’m sorry Ibuki.” Ibuki shakes her head, sitting down next to Mikan but still keeping space.


“It’s okay. Ibuki gets those too. Do you want to talk about it?” More tears fill her eyes as she stares at the floor.


“I...I don’t understand how you can do this. Sit here with me, eat with me, celebrate Christmas with me I...I killed you Ibuki. How can you do this?”


“Because Ibuki forgives you.” She looks over in surprise to see Ibuki giving her a small smile, scooting closer and slowly putting an arm around Mikan’s shoulders. “All of us did a lot of things, and Ibuki knows you feel bad about the simulator, but she doesn’t blame you. It’s okay, Mikan.”


There was a small pause before Mikan hung her head, grabbing onto Ibuki’s shirt and pulling herself closer as she starts sobbing. She could feel Ibuki hugging her, rubbing her back and humming quietly. She let Mikan cry, and, honestly, it was something she probably needed. She doesn’t know how long she sat there, but soon enough her crying slowed to a stop and she looked up at Ibuki.


She was looking down at Mikan, and when she saw the other look up, she gave her a smile. The Christmas lights shone off her hair, making it look like she was glowing. Mikan reaches out, brushing some behind her ear. She doesn’t think Mikan had told Ibuki yet, but she loves how shorter hair looked on her. Ibuki blushes, her hands moving to Mikan’s waist.


The kiss was soft, gentle. Ibuki seemed to be acting carefully, like she was afraid Mikan was fragile. Even the way her arms were wrapped around Mikan were careful. It made her stomach flutter and she sighed into the kiss. No one had ever been so careful with her before, and she found herself enjoying it. Ibuki slowly pulled away, resting her forehead on Mikan’s and smiles.


“Merry Christmas.” Mikan nods, a small giggle bubbling up.


“Hopefully the first of many with you, Ibuki.”

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Kenny McCormick was not having a good Christmas.


Actually, he can’t remember the last time he did have a good Christmas. But he had promised this year he would make it a good one for Karen. She was six this year after all, it was the time when she REALLY looked forward to it.


Which is probably why they are out of the house, walking around and playing nonsense games. She seemed to be having fun, which is good. Kenny could tell his parents had been getting close to fighting again, so he had quickly and quietly snuck her out.


But now he didn’t really know what to do.


“Kenny? Karen? Is it the two of you?” He knew that voice. Turning, his suspensions were confirmed and he could feel the smile come across his face from under the hood.


“Butters!” He hurried over with a wave. “I haven’t seen you in weeks!”


“Aw shucks...yeah, my parents grounded me again. I stayed in the living room to long one night.” Kenny shook his head. It may have been different, but there was no way either of them were living in good home environments. “What are you two doing out here? It’s freezing!”


“Kenny brought me out to play Christmas games while mommy and daddy talk.” Karen swung her teddy bear back and forth as Butters looked at Kenny who nodded.


“Awe hamburgers, my parents talk a lot too. Well, hey, why don’t you guys come over to my place? Mom and dad are at a party tonight!” Kenny thinks about it, looking to see Karen was starting to shiver.


“You won’t get in trouble?”


“Nope! They’ll be gone all night!” He nods, grabbing Karen’s hand.


“Alright. It’ll probably be warmer there than out here.” A smile lit up Butters’ face as he leads the way back to his house. When they got in, Butters went right for the kitchen.


“You guys get comfortable, I just need to put some stuff away.” Kenny realized that Butters had been carrying a bag the whole time, which was starting to make sense why he was out.


He and Karen sat down on the couch, and after a bit Butters came walking back in but then dashed up the stairs. Karen looked at Kenny confused, but he just shrugged before Butters came back down, carrying a giant bag.


“Hey, Karen, do you like crafts?” Her face lit up and she nodded excitedly as Butters grinned, setting the bag down and pulling stuff out to reveal crafting supplies. “Neat! How about we make some Christmas ornaments? Since it is that time of year after all!”


All three gathered around the table, grabbing glitter, glue, markers, pens, anything that they could add to their creations. They goofed off as well, Karen throwing some glitter on Kenny’s and doodling some smiles onto Butter’, Kenny writing ‘Kenny waz here’ on Karen’s (only to get a face full of glitter), and Butters adding a heart to each of theirs.


When they were done, glitter and glue was everywhere, and they were all coated in it.


“Oh hamburgers, this made more of a mess than I thought.” Kenny looked around, starting to feel bad. He unzipped his jacket and pulled off the hood, looking at Karen.


“Kare-bear, do you think you could get some wet paper towels?” He slipped his jacket off, careful to place it down so the glitter wouldn’t spread. Karen nodded, running into the kitchen to get what Kenny asked. “Butters, why don’t you go wash up? Karen and I will clean up down here.”


“Aw, Ken you don’t have to do that. This is my house after all.”


“And you invited us in and let us make these crafts. It’s the least we could do.” He smiles, and after hesitating a moment, Butters nodded, walking up the stairs. Karen came back in with a giant wad of wet paper towels, and the two got to work.


By the time Butters came back down, the table and Kenny’s jacket was clean, and Kenny was working on Karen’s face.


“How did you get so much glue on your face?”


“I couldn’t tell if it was dry so I kept touching it, then brushing the hair out of my eyes.” Kenny studied her hair and nodded.


“Remind me to cut your hair later.” Looking over, he grins at Butters. “Think you could help me out? I don’t think Karen got all the glitter off my face.” He held out one of the paper towels, and Butters nodded.


“Sure Kenny! Thanks for cleaning up down here!” Kenny closed his eyes as Butters carefully started wiping the rest of the glitter from his face. He was humming as he did, and after a bit he pulled away. “Alright, you are officially glitter free!” Kenny opens his eyes to see Butters gathering up the paper towels, moving out of the room to throw them away.


“Kenny, look, the ornaments are dry!” He came over, leaning behind Karen.


“Yours is cute, just like you Kare-bear.” She giggles as he ruffled her hair, and Butters walked back in.


“They’re dry? Why don’t we hang them up then?” He walks over, grabbing his and heading over to the tree. “Look, there are a lot of open spots!” Karen scoops hers up and hurries over to join Butters, studying the tree. Kenny chuckles, noticing her gaze was landing higher than she could reach.


Taking his, he hands it to Butters before scooping Karen up on his shoulders. She squeals before giggling, looking down at Kenny before reaching out and hanging her ornament. He pointed to a spot and Butters placed his there before all three went back to the couch, staring at the tree.


“Well...they definitely stand out.” Kenny chuckles.


“You could say that again.” Kenny suddenly feels a weight on his lap, and looks to see Karen had fallen over, passed out. He smiles, and leans to grab his jacket before draping it over her. “Guess the excitement tired her out.”


“Seems like it. Let her sleep for a bit, it’ll be fine.” Butters leaned to the table, grabbing the remote and turning the tv on to some cheesy Christmas movie. As soon as Kenny found himself actually getting into it, he felt a weight on his shoulder. Looking over, he finds Butters fast asleep and snickers.


“What am I you two, a giant pillow?” He looks around, finding a blanket on the back of the couch. He grabs it, gently lifting Karen so he could put the blanket on both him and Butters before setting her back down on his lap.


He turns back to Butters, brushing a bit of hair from his face. Resting his head on the other boys, he could feel a small smile come to his face as he whispers.


“Thanks Butters, for the best Christmas ever.”

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“Come on Blakey! We’re gonna be late!” Blake was following along behind Yang...well...if you counted following as being dragged while holding hands in an iron grip that is.


“Blakey? Really? I’d much rather you go back to the cat names.” Yang looks back and grins at Blake, who just sighs, ignoring the way her heart skipped. “Remind me again what we are doing.”


“We’re going out to find an ornament for Ruby! I do it every year, it’s tradition!”


“And I’m coming because…?”


“Be cause you said you never had a holiday tradition before sooooo I figured I would bring you along! Start a tradition for you!” The blonde was almost bouncing as she walked, her hair waving behind her.


“You’re starting a tradition for me with one of yours?” Blake couldn’t help but grin. That was total Yang logic.


“YeaP! Gotta start somewhere, right?” Blake doesn’t have a chance to answer as Yang suddenly yanked her into a store. “Hmmm...I heard there was a sale here somewhere...oh! This way!” Blake lets herself get pulled to an aisle that was covered in all kinds of Christmas ornaments.


“How do you decide which one to pick?” Yang had let go of her hand, but Blake could still feel the warmth lingering. She brings her hand up to her chest and looks in awe at all the ornaments. Turning, the blonde gives her signature smirk.


“That’s the fun, kitty cat!” She ignores Blake’s groan at the cat names coming back (still better than Blakey). “We get to look through them all!”


And so started one of the longest shopping trips Blake had ever been on. But...she would be lying if she said it wasn’t the most enjoyable. She doesn’t think she ever laughed so much in her life as Yang kept grabbing ornaments and reading them off with the weirdest voices.


“Blakey? Helllllllooooo? Earth to Blakey!” Blake blinks, pulling herself out of the memory to find a pair of violet eyes blinking at her.


“Ah...sorry Yang. Guess I got lost in my thoughts.” Yang smirks, leaning in closer.


“Did I happen to be in them?” Blake snickers, playfully pushing the blonde’s shoulder.


“Of course. My wife is always in my thoughts.” She looks around and sighs. “I was actually thinking about the first time we did this, you dragging me into this same store to join you in your tradition.” She felt Yang wrap her arms around Blake’s waist, one incredibly warm and the other cold.


“It became a tradition to come here to fill out that tradition, no matter how far we were.” Blake hums, leaning back into Yang’s embrace.


“And each time equally as fun.” She looks at the ornament Yang was holding. “Is that the choice this year?” She can feel Yang press her cheek to Blake’s as she holds the ornament up.


“Yup! I think she’ll like it!” Usually Yang gets one with a pun (except for the few years Blake convinced her otherwise) but this year, she picked something different.


It was a white rose, painted to look like it had different colors of dust coating its petals and a black stem that’s thorns seemed to be made out of crescents. It encompassed Ruby and Weiss perfectly, and Blake felt Yang had made the right choice.


“You know, I still can’t believe my little sister got married AND had kids before me.” Blake chuckles, turning to press a kiss to Yang’s cheek.


“Soon Yang, soon. Then we can pass the traditions onto our kid.” She could feel Yang’s grin as she buries her face into Blake’s neck.


“And the puns!” Blake groans, wiggling her way out of Yang’s arms.


“I swear, if our kid starts cracking off bad puns, I’m going to make sure your boss sends you on a mission far away.” Yang pouts, following after Blake as she starts walking.


“Awww Blaaaaakeeeeeey! Come oooooon! Don’t do that to your wife!” A grin finds itself on Blake’s face without her meaning to. Some things never change.


Like traditions.

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“Come on! This is like...the fifth time!” Hajime cries out in frustration and flops back, groaning. Nagito can’t help but chuckle, grabbing the gift that was in front of him and wrapping it seemingly expertly.


“There, hows this?” He holds it up, smiling as Hajime picks up his head. His green and red eyes stood out against his tan skin, easily displaying his confusion and awe at how quickly Nagito could do this.


“I don’t get it, how are you so good at this?” Nagito shrugs, setting the present next to the other two that were wrapped.


“Luck?” He laughs as Hajime snickers.


“Alright wise guy. Show me how it’s done then.” Nagito grabs another gift, pulling it closer as he raises an eyebrow towards the other.


“Couldn’t you just ask him for help? I’m sure one of the talents would be helpful in this. Who even knows, maybe there was an Ultimate Gift Wrapper at one point.” Hajime opens his mouth to say something, but then he stopped, both his eyes getting a bit brighter in color but flatter emotion wise as his posture and his expression changed.


“There has. But he has stated he wishes to do this on his own.”


“Of course he has.” Nagito chuckles, leaning in to press a kiss to the other boys cheek. “Hi, Izuru.”


“Hello Nagito.” His eyes move over to the gifts that were done and he sighs. “If he wasn’t so stubborn you two may have finished by now.” Nagito shrugs.


“He did just ask me to his way at least. So I think we’ll start getting somewhere.” Izuru nods, reaching out to run his fingers through Nagito’s hair, cupping his face. Nagito leans into the touch, closing his eyes and smiling softly.


“Hopefully in more than one way.” Before Nagito could question it, he could feel Izuru’s lips press against his own. He smiles, kissing back as he reaches to put a hand on the back of the other’s neck. A bit into the kiss, it changed. It became a bit lighter, and the motions of it were a little less sure, but Nagito brushed it off.


Suddenly, the kiss was broken, and Nagito opens his eyes to see why the kiss had changed.


Hajime was sitting across from him, a blush covering his face as a hand was covering his mouth, his eyes wide. Realizing what Izuru did, Nagito blushes as well and brings his own hand up to his mouth.


“O-oh I...sorry Hajime I...I didn’t realize he would uhm…”


“It’’s fine…” Hajime clears his throat, sitting up and reaching for the gift. “Show me how to wrap this?” Nagito pauses, gathering himself before nodding, grabbing the wrapping paper.


“It’s simple really. Here, watch then try again, okay?” Nagito tilts his head, looking up at Hajime as he leans over the gift, smiling. Hajime blinks, looking at Nagito before nodding slowly. Nagito almost thought he could see a light blush across Hajime’s cheeks, but instead he just looks back down at the gift and starts wrapping it slowly.


Hajime was trying to mimic his motions with his own gift, but when Nagito looked up, hewas struggling to get his fingers unwrapped from a bunch of tape.  Nagito chuckles, reaching out and taking Hajime’s hand.


“Don’t laugh at me. It kept getting folded over itself then it just stuck to me.” Nagito looks to seeing Hajime looking away, glaring at the wall with a slight puff to his cheeks.


‘Cute…’ Nagito smiles as he keeps undoing the tape on Hajime’s fingers.


“How about this, you wrap and I tape.” Hajime looks back over, his glare softening as he gives a half smile.


“That sounds easier. Alright let’s do this.” Needless to say…


It was not easier.


“How...Hajime I left the room for two seconds.” Nagito was trying not to laugh, a hand covering his mouth and his other arm wrapped around his chest. Hajime was waving a hand in the air, trying to get a piece of wrapping paper off of it that he somehow taped on pretty good. He groans, looking at Nagito.


“I don’t know okay? I just tried to tape that one shut and some paper ripped off the roll when I leaned over…” He sighs, laying back. There was a moment of silence before he mumbled. “You probably would have been better off doing this with him.” Nagito sits down next to Hajime, carefully taking the tape and paper off his hand.


“It may have gotten done faster, but I don’t think it would have been this entertaining.” He grins as Hajime shoots him a look. “Don’t get me wrong, Izuru can have fun if he tries and if he wants, but most of the time he just wants to take the logical way out. But you jump in headfirst, and you make mistakes. Everyone does, even him.” Hajime shakes his head, snickering.


“Izuru, making mistakes? Hard to believe.” Nagito shrugs, setting the mess of paper and tape to the side.


“Ask him. He’s made plenty.” There was a pause, and Nagito could see Hajime’s eyes get a far off look in his eyes. Nagito knew that when this happened it was usually the two of them talking in some way, so he waited patiently.


“Point proven.” Hajime looks at Nagito before giving a small smile. “Alright, let’s get this done.” He sits up, but just as he did Nagito felt himself get dizzy, losing his balance. He closes his eyes, expecting to hit the floor but when he didn’t, he slowly opened them again.


Hajime has grabbed his jacket, holding him up with a worried expression on his face. He pulls Nagito back up and has him lean against his shoulder.


“Are you okay?” Nagito could feel that his face was bright red, and he took a moment to enjoy the feeling of Hajime’s arms around him before pulling away, grinning sheepishly and holding his hands up.


“Yeah, sorry about that, making you catch someone like me-.”


“Don’t even start with that. If it wasn’t for ‘someone like you’ we never would have gotten all these gifts wrapped.” He points to the pile of completed gifts. “Come on, let’s get this last one done then go grab something to eat.” Nagito could feel a smile come to his face as he nodded.


They got the last gift wrapped and walked out of Hajime’s cabin, and he stops to wait for Hajime to make sure the door closed right (Nekomaru broke it the one day when Hajime slept in).


“Hey, Nagito.” As he turned his head, he felt a pair of lips press against his cheek. He stops as Hajime brushes past, a light blush across his face. “Thanks for helping me.” He pauses, bringing a hand up to his cheek before grinning and hurrying to catch up to Hajime.


He should help wrap gifts more often apparently.

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“What’s he signing now?” Kirishima didn’t look away from Bakugou, who was furiously signing as he answered Tsuyu.


“You uh...I don’t think you want to know.” That got more angry signs thrown his way, the basic gist of what he was getting told being to ‘tell them to fuck off’ and ‘I’m not going out with these extras’. He must’ve noticed how Kiri had shook his head when responding to Tsuyu to spark his reaction like that.


“Hey, Kirishima, why isn’t he just using his hearing aids?” He looked away from Bakugou, signing to give him a second as he turned to Uraraka.


“Denki accidentally fried them during their sparring match so he can’t. He can kinda hear what you say, but he has to read your lips to understand it if that makes sense. He’s...also not happy about this idea as it is. Honestly? I think it’s because I’m the only one in this grouping that knows sign.” They all look back at him, and he flips them off.


“Yeah, I could see that.” Uraraka walks up to Bakugou, looping her arm through his. He gives her a look that she ignores. “Well, tell him to suck it up, we’re going!”


“The fuck?!” Uraraka winces as Bakugou’s voice was just a little to loud and he struggled in her grip. She refuses to let go though, putting her other hand on her hip and glaring at him. After a bit of this, he turns and looks at Kiri.


‘Sorry suki’


Kirishima gives a sheepish smile as Bakugou just groans, getting dragged off by Uraraka.


‘You owe me ei’




“He isn’t happy is he?” Kirishima shakes his head as Tsuyu comes up beside him, the two of them following behind the pair ahead of them.


“Not at all. He says I owe him.” She chuckles, shaking her head.


“Sorry my girlfriend irritates your boyfriend to this point.”


“Oh, it’s not a big deal. I don’t think he actually dislikes it. He seems to enjoy having someone to banter with, or else he wouldn’t actually bother with her anymore.” They watch as Uraraka rambles to Bakugou, him having to get her attention occasionally because she kept looking away and forgetting he had to read her lips.




Kirishima raises an eyebrow as Bakugou turns back to look at him. He then smirks and gives Kiri a wink.


‘You are mine’


His face heated up instantly and his hands falter from where he had been about to ask what was up. Bakugou always did this, as soon as he learned what it took to fluster Kiri, he took every opportunity to do so. Usually, it worked since the people who knew sign were pretty few in their class, Kiri didn’t even know sign himself until he learned it to try and be closer to Bakugou.


“I saw that, Bakugou.” Tsuyu had waved to get Bakugou’s attention and was now smirking in his direction. Bakugou’s eyes widen before his head whips back around to face front and Kirishima started laughing.


“Do you actually know what he said or are you just getting payback for me?” Tsuyu shrugs as they reach the mall.


“I’m guessing it has to do something with you two dating, but I don’t actually know what he said, no.” They grin at each other before Uraraka releases Bakugou, coming back to Tsuyu and grabbing her hand to drag her to a store window.


“Look, look! This is what I was talking about before! It would be perfect for Deku!” Bakugou looks at Kirishima and raises an eyebrow.


‘Deku gift’


He scoffs, shaking his head as he shoves a hand into his pocket, taking Kirishima’s with the other.  He could feel a smile come to his face as he pulled the blonde over to follow the girls.


“Do you guys want to go in and grab it awhile?” Uraraka turns to Kirishima and smiles.


“If you guys don’t mind, yeah!” The four walk in, Tsuyu and Uraraka heading right towards what they wanted while Bakugou and Kirishima just wasted time by walking around. At one point, Kirishima jumped as Bakugou came up behind him, holding a shirt on the redhead’s chest before turning him towards a mirror.




Bakugou pushes Kiri’s hand back down, shooting him a look before studying him in the mirror and nodding.




‘Wait what’


Bakugou pushes at Kiri’s hand again and shakes his head.


‘You owe me’


Kirishima groans and follows after Bakugou, walking so the blonde could still see him as they sign back and forth on whether or not this counted as a Christmas gift (Bakugou says no, Kiri says it should). They end up beating Uraraka and Tsuyu to the line, Uraraka on Bakugou’s side as Tsuyu just watches with an amused grin.


In the end, Kirishima wasn’t able to win and the couples walk around the mall some more. Uraraka ended up pranking Bakugou in the food court, switching out his and Kiri’s drinks and earning getting chocolate smeared across her face. The mall was even in the Christmas spirit, serving hot chocolates, sweets, and Christmas themed meals.


After eating, they decided to split up for a bit for some more personal gift shopping. Since Tsuyu was able to understand quite a bit of sign (and Bakugou wanted to get Kiri’s gift), she ended up going off with Bakugou while Kirishima stayed with Uraraka and went to the jewelry store she had seen before that had something she wanted for Tsuyu.


“Kirishima! Over here!” He looks over to where she was waving, walking over and looking at where she was pointing. It was a little frog charm, it didn’t have any fancy jewels and looked like it was hand painted.


“Oh yeah, she’ll love that for sure.” Uraraka grins and then looks a little to Kiri’s left, her face getting thoughtful.


“How does Bakugou feel about jewelry?” Kirishima shrugs.


“He never really said, but I think I heard Deku mention that he used to say he wanted several ear piercings when they were younger, why?” Uraraka turns Kiri to show him a set of earrings.


They were orange with a splatter pattern of red, made into hoops that looked like the ones people would usually wear along the sides of their ears.


“Oh, I’m getting those.” Uraraka grins as a shop clerk walks over, coming to help them. They explain that they are getting gifts for the people they were with, and the lady nods with a smile, packing their things into small, non-labeled bags. Meeting back up with Tsuyu and Bakugou, they notice they had the same idea.


“Alright! Now that that’s out of the way, how about we get gifts for our friends?” Everyone agrees, and Tsuyu and Uraraka lead the way to head to other stores. Kiri looks at Bakugou before taking his hand, smiling.




Bakugou shrugs, huffing a bit and giving a hint of a nod.




Kiri grins more, knowing in Bakugou language that meant that he was but wasn’t quite admitting it fully.


‘I love you’


He could see Bakugou get a light blush as he glares at the floor, grabbing Kiri’s hand to follow behind the girls. The redhead gives a small chuckle, letting himself be lead before he could hear Bakugou mumble quietly.


“Love you too, Shitty Hair.”

Chapter Text

“Ooooooh Saiiiiiiharaaaaaaa~!” Shuichi turned just in time to have a snowball hit him right on the cheek. He yelps, more so from how cold it was and less from the pain. It did sting a bit, but that was probably due to the temperature as well. He looks over to find Kokichi leaning against a snow pile, laughing.


Shuichi grins, quickly rolling up a snowball and throwing it at Kokichi. The shorter male yells as it hits the side of his head, and he dramatically falls to the ground.


“Oh, oh I’ve been hit! My dear Saihara-Chan has hit me with a snowball! Oh the pain! Oh the humiliation!” Shuichi rolls his eyes, chuckling as he walks over and kneels next to Kokichi.


“Alright, alright. What will make it better, hm?” Kokichi peeks out from under his arm with a smirk.


“Hmmm...perhaps a kiss from the perpetrator?” Shuichi could feel a light blush come to his cheeks, but leans down to give the kiss he was asked for. Right before he could though, he felt a handful of snow being shoved in his face as he’s pushed to the side. Kokichi laughs, sitting up and grabbing his stomach. “Oh my god, you actually fell for it! You’re still as idiotic as ever, Saihara-Chan!”


Shuichi huffs. He should’ve known it was a ploy since Kokichi was still weird about kissing in front of the others. Just like how he doesn’t call him ‘Shuichi’ in front of the others. He sits up, grabbing some snow and pressing it into Kokichi’s hair.


“Heeeeeey!” Kokichi pouts, but Shuichi could tell it was an act and watched instead as he reached behind his back. Before Kokichi could retaliate, Shuichi grabbed his wrist and smirks at Kokichi’s surprised expression before pushing his hand back into his own face.


The motion causes Kokichi to fall back, taking Shuichi with him. Both cry out as they fall, Shuichi landing on top of Kokichi and blushing instantly. Kokichi looks up at Shuichi surprised before a light blush covers his cheeks. Shuichi brings one hand up, and runs a thumb over Kokichi’s cheek, causing him to blush more.


“Shuichi,” he whispers, his eyes darting around. “The others-.”


“Don’t care as much as you think they do. They don’t hate you, Kokichi.” He moves his hand under Kokichi’s chin, turning his head just a little so he makes eye contact with Shuichi again. He smiles down at the other softly, who puffs out his cheeks and huffs.


“I could care less if they hated me or not, or what they think of us being together.” A lie, but Shuichi lets it slide, knowing calling him out on it would just turn the situation in another direction. Instead, he just leans down and kisses Kokichi’s forehead.


“Whatever you say,” he replies, making sure the sarcasm was evident in his voice. He didn’t want Kokichi to think he actually believed the lie, and Kokichi was able to tell this. His cheeks puff out again and he crosses his arms under Shuichi.


“Yeah, whatever I say. I’m the Ultimate Supreme Leader, I know what I’m-.” Shuichi huffs, leaning down to press his lips to Kokichi’s and shut the other one up. He’d heard this several times since their escape, he was honestly growing tired of it.


Kokichi tenses you at first, but slowly ends up relaxing into the kiss, moving to wrap his arms around Shuichi’s neck. The kiss was soft and sweet, and Shuichi could feel Kokichi sigh into it. Of course though, someone had to ruin the moment.


A snowball to both of their faces did that quite nicely.


“Hey! Lovebirds! We’re kinda in the middle of something here, or did you forget you dumbasses?!” Kokichi huffs, pushing Shuichi off of him to throw a snowball at Miu and flip her off.


“Oh shut up you ugly cow! You’re just jealous because you can’t get your girl!” Miu squeaks.


“C-cow?! Wait, hey you little ass, shut your trap!” She came running over as Kokichi stands up, pressing a quick kiss to Shuichi’s forehead before running off and laughing.


“Catch me if you can, whore!” Shuichi sighs, shaking his head with a small smile before falling back into the snow.